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kosmasp18 February 2020
Why would certain individuals act in a certain way and why would they even do certain things? Revenge or other feelings against certain people. We get a beginning that lays quite a bit out for us. But it is step by step that other things get revealed.

It's a thriller drama that has a few things going for it. The acting is good and the movie is decent overall. There's better movies out there, but this isn't bad at all
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Political thriller
hof-426 September 2019
The Spanish title "Animales Sin Collar" means iterally animals without a collar or leash, which may mean stray animals and/or free animals.

The subject of this movie (which is very loosely based on, or rather related to Ibsen's A Doll's House) is an Andalusian politician about to enter the public arena with good progressive intentions but with a large skeleton in his closet. We are given a hint at the beginning and the pieces fall in place gradually, with enough left unexplained to stimulate the viewer's imagination. I was slightly disappointed with the way the ending is treated, but this is just a question of taste.

This is the first feature film by director and scriptwriter Jota Linares. His script is clever and taut and he puts it on screen with unflagging pace; not a scene is superfluous. Acting is excellent and cinematography by Junior Díaz captures the feeling of the arid summer landscapes of rural Andalusia. The Spanish spoken in this movie is the colorful and musical Andalusian version. A film to recommend.
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A Movie That Requires More Understanding Of It's Foundation Than The Viewer Gets
dwp194827 July 2020
07/26/2020 Much of the movie plays out without the viewer understanding where it's going? The only clarity for me was the final moments as the wife is waiting, all alone at a bus stop. It's apparent that she feels relief, her burden behind her and future unknown. I too have experienced the push/pull of separation/unknown change and final relief of the long carried load of life's stress carried for years. There are tears of sadness for what was and exhilaration for what the future might hold? I hope that you get much more out of this movie than I did. Bon Appetit'
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