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Sex & Nudity

  • A man kisses another abruptly.
  • Mild Shakespearean sexual innuendo from one character.
  • A man wishes that his daughter's fertility 'dries up' as such so that she cannot produce any children after being angered by her.
  • A man bends down to his daughter and places his head against her crotch area.
  • A man kisses his daughter suddenly. She backs away abruptly in distaste.
  • A man and married woman kiss.
  • A man and married woman are about to kiss but are interrupted.

Violence & Gore

  • Animals carcasses are briefly shown.
  • Men beat a man thrown to the ground whilst others laugh (not graphic at all and hardly shown).
  • A man grabs another abruptly with much force.
  • A man grabs his daughter's waist in an angry outburst.
  • A man imitates stabbing his daughter with his hand.
  • A man cuts his own arm with a knife - blood is shown.
  • A man launches at another man.
  • A man holds out a triggered gun to another's head.
  • A man upon bending it, almost smacks his daughter with a horseshoe in a fit of rage.
  • A man suddenly comes out from a tent - he is covered in what looks like blood (but this is not too visible because of the storm).
  • A woman ferociously grabs a man's beard and plucks hair from it, whilst the man is in pain.
  • A man's eyes are gouged out - this is by far the most violent of scenes. It is graphic, gory and drawn-out.
  • We see this man later with no eyes and bloody remnants.
  • A man and woman get into a brief brawl.
  • Violent brawls between characters occur towards the end - blood is shown and results in the death of characters.
  • Some dialogue throughout the play mentions violent acts (particularly Lear's).


  • Frequent uses of 'bastard' (mostly as a literal/factual term rather than a derogatory one).
  • Use of the term 'whoreson'
  • Plenty of Shakespearean derogatory terms (mild in nature).
  • Use of 'ass'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Brief alcohol consumption.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Lear's angry outbursts throughout the play are intense.
  • There is a somewhat intense chase sequence.
  • The sudden appearance of a madman apparently somewhat drenched in blood (or mud?) is unsettling.
  • The eye gouging scene is intense, graphic, gory and horrendous in nature.
  • Violent brawls at the end are intense and the deaths as a result of these are saddening.
  • Certain visions of the man having had his eyes gouged out are unsettling.

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