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MPAA Rated R for strong crude sexual content, drug use and language throughout

Sex & Nudity

  • There are strong sex references throughout
  • The film opens with Nick and Caitlin having sex; his buttocks and the side of her breasts are visible. She then tells him not to 'cum inside her' and they discuss were he should ejaculate however during the conversation he reaches orgasm and accidentally ejaculates onto his clothing; a brief shot of semen landing on the clothing is shown
  • In a later scene, Nick's mother confuses the semen stain for a toothpaste stain and rubs it off with her finger; she then places her finger inside her mouth and appears disgusted
  • Nick masturbates under his bedsheets briefly
  • DJ Hammerhead is shown in bed with multiple women; sex is implied
  • Robin advises Nick and Shane to wash their foreskins during the festival; telling them the cautionary tale of how his friend caught septicaemia and his penis had to be removed
  • In order to avoid a ticket inspector; Shane, Nick and Lucy pretend to have sex in the toilets - strong sexual language is used.
  • Nick and Caitlin discover some sex toys owned by another character
  • While attempting to retrieve a character's phone; Nick is urinated on by a stranger in a crowd - the man's penis is somewhat visible
  • Caitlin and the Pirate have sex; she moves her head down toward his crotch before bobbing her head up and down implying oral sex; he then moves her onto her back and begins to thrust into her from behind. The sex is interrupted before anything further happens.
  • Shane and Lucy find themselves at a Druid marriage ceremony between a man and a goat; it is then implied that the man has sex with the goat in front of them - however there is no strong detail of this and the scene is relatively discreet in nature
  • Nick and Smurf Girl have sex inside a car; there is some moaning and partial breast nudity as she rides on top of him
  • Nick discovers a large tattoo on his buttocks; which are visible
  • In an attempt to find Smurf Girl's location Nick and Shane agree to perform a public striptease for them; we see shirts and trousers being removed before the police intervene. A chase then ensues which results in Nick's underwear coming off although a conveniently placed Ice Cream cone masks his genitals.
  • Nick imagines his potential future with Smurf Girl in a dream-like sequence which turns depressing; we see a suggestive Minion picture and sight of them beginning to have sex in a courtroom the scene ends before anything further happens.
  • Despite some partial shots there is no female nudity show in this movie.

Violence & Gore

  • Nick catches his nipple on a fence and accidentally tears it off causing a large bloody wound to appear on his chest
  • Some characters scuffle
  • A character suffers a severe allergic reaction; his head swells up and he begins to have difficulty breathing


  • There is strong language, which includes a single use of 'c**t' alongside frequent uses of 'f**k', 'dick', 'twat', 'piss', 'shit', 'prick' and 'bitch'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character is known for consuming large amounts of drugs, in one scene he is shown snorting six lines of white powder which is revealed to be ketamine. He is shown in a state of high throughout the film.
  • Two characters take an MDMA pill.
  • Adult characters consume alcohol

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