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kerem-sogukpinar14 September 2019
This was a good watch. It has its color and tone, casting and acting is consistent with these. Witty and entertaining, had fun watching it. To give this one a 1 to 3 is taking it and oneself too seriously ... to the point of a bit pathetic.
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USSR technology in 1987
edgy-827-48696523 June 2019
They even don't make basic research before create THIS schlock. How about notebooks in USSR? I am pretty sure even Gorby don't have one, but simple thug - yes, why not? Even with internet and wi-fi. And then we have at 1988 in Moscow bunch of cell phones! When actually first cell net was launch in 1991, and like in 1990 maybe was some personal cell towers. And this is just beginning. We have import cars like in 1993 or something. I mean you think - its not a big deal. But for USSR it WAS big deal. And even in Paris I don't think that in 1988 in even rich hotel they store video data on hard drives looks like my 10 mb hard drive from IBM 286. And its not that Anna can't feel some paper forms... why she even need notebook? Or why they so need to take not less then cell phone from a gangster in Glavpivtorg, when just paper telephone book was okay? Luc Besson have marasmus or something? He don't remember how 1988 year look? And they have bunch of russian actors two, who probably laugh out of their asses, but don't say a word to the creators of film. It could be not bad Black Widow eurojank mockbuster, but with all of this pure fantasy stuff its not.
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Nikita - the Russian version
corbett-hoxland28 June 2019
Not a reboot, but a redo. The script is too similar as are the characters and the story. You have seen it before with little to no surprises. Why the story was set in the past is an interesting choice.

The one , yes one, highlight is the right scene seen in the trailer. That's it.

The acting and character growth is disappointing. Surprising considering some of the actors involved. Things happen too quickly and for no reason at all.

Biggest gripe about the movie is the confusing timeline. The story keeps jumping forward and backward in time so that you are totally lost when the story is happening.

All in all, go watch Nikita again , this is a poor clone of a classic
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Same story different actress
lizshotter-194011 July 2019
First off..cue the fake reviews with headlines such as: "DONT LISTEN TO THE CRITICS!!!" OR "WATCH IT AND MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP!!!". It was pretty dire, and I've had a stomach full of stoic, Poe faced Russian/american 90 lb super models having the capacity to kill 15 men, whilst armed only with crockery. The wizzing back and fourth of timelines was hugely distracting, and became laughable around the fifth time it happened. It was only when I came on here that I learned this was supposed to be set in the 80's?! Well, you could have fooled me. Perfect cameras and remarkable surveillance footage were obviously available in Russia at that time. This has been done a million times but in the case of Hanna, was done a million times better. This is so similar to that mess that Jennifer Lawrence was in, husky voiced sultry sulky Russian babes that outsmart men, because the ladies can do stuff now. It's a shame as "Lucy" was one of my favourite films and that female representation was so much more respectful.
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kaspersz9 July 2019
If use Russia, be a little authentic! I can't believe, it's Luc Beson. Absolutely crap!
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"Anna" doesn't stand a chance in this day and age of action films.
SnobReviews24 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In a generation of films like "John Wick" and "Atomic Blonde", "Anna" doesn't stand a chance. Repetitive, unfocused, and boring.

In this action film, a woman with a troubled past becomes one of the KGB's most feared assassins.

If writer/director Luc Besson ("The Professional", "The Fifth Element") wants to continue making action films of this caliber, he'll have to kick it up many notches. Besson's issue is that we continues to make the same film over and over again but with slightly alternate storyline. It's old, been done before and ultimately boring. Who's the star of this film? Helen Mirren; who is incredible in every scene she's in. "Anna" has a one or two solid action sequences but beyond that it's nothing special.
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I walked out...
romeovillarreal22 June 2019
Very bad acting. The girl is a noodle and she kills everyone. It was the same thing over and over. The story was far from original and seriously the movie was just so predictable and they kept trying to do twist after twist! It became annoying and so I didn't even bother to see the end. It is so bad!
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SAaDBinMohammed6 July 2019
Simply AWFUL, I had a major disappointment in Luc Besson, he used to be one of the best European commercial director/writer/producer. Not any more. (One star for some action scenes, the other for Hellen Mirren performance) Even the lead is not pretty nor sexy. What a waste.
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I usually like most movies, I'm easily impressed. But this blew.
cassidydmitchell28 June 2019
I usually like most movies. Especially like these. But I thought Anna was so boring and confusing. The action was great, but there was no action. It was like 5 minutes of the whole movie. I dunno. I usually don't write reviews, but I couldn't stand this movie.
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Why bother to remake a great movie?
meisterstein24 June 2019
About 20 minutes into it, I figured wait a second this is Nikita. The fight scenes were good. John Wick could learn something off this baby. But all in all just a remake.. This time set in Russia/Paris. To be honest, why bother? If you haven't seen the original movie. I guess it's okay. If you are into tall and starving women. Then this is your movie.
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garbled and pointless
geodesic_eye1 July 2019
This movie was a completely laughable outing by a director who was trying too hard to be clever and slick but only managed to make a garbled and pointless load of old rubish!
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Luc Besson thinks you are dumb, here is why you (maybe) are.
gonzofaratro23 June 2019
This film takes place between 1985 and 1990, a period that anyone that is not dumb should know about the very basic things,

Luc should have selected a credible environment and a more credible borderline anorexic female assassin that leaves Rambo in the dust.

Everyone had a mobile phone in Moscow. Oh boy.

USB flash drives, hello! what's wrong with you Luc?

Supermarkets, Banks and ATM machines in 1985's Moscow. Of course.

Removable hard drives from server rooms full of fiber optics and micro servers that didn't exist in 1988

Laptops in Moscow in 1985, first they didn't exist and second in the hands of a John Doe and with internet access!

Magnificent clubs and restaurants in Moscow in 1985

And it goes on and on.

The story and the character are less credible than a flash drive years before they we invented.

Among Luc's worst films ever.
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Luc Besson, REALLY!?!? Should retire.
Guenniminator24 July 2019
The trailer looks good, the movie itself turns into one of the worst I've ever seen. I had there options: to fall asleep (I nearly did!), to walk out or beeing tortured until the End.

There is NO female John Wick (and never will be). A movie full of annoying reviews, rediculous mistakes (USB in the late 80's/earlier 90's, Wi-Fi connections and good mobile connections!? 😂😂) This list goes on and on.

Too many twists and turns and the Russian Elite is too stupid to shoot a girl with automatic mashine guns from close range.

Not even the Action-Sequences were good enough to save this film.

Like "Atomic Blonde" - this is one of the worst I've ever seen. Absolute crap!!!
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love the story line, lack of action, too much dialog and sex:)
yolandafairuz30 June 2019
The story actually interesting, but.... too much talking, lack of action, and too much sex. Its just...... ruin everything-_-
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Ultimately Unsatisfying
bigbadbassface23 June 2019
Movie never gives you a reason to care about any of the characters. Good action scenes but pretty devoid of substance
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Solid Shoot Out
Tweetienator16 September 2019
Well, I don't get all those harsh critics about the lack of realism, for example regarding the fight scenes, I mean, common, of course a killing machine like Anna is an impossibilty, but does anyone complain about the killing capacities of guys like James Bond, John McClane or John Wick!? Those movies any more realistic!? Anna is simple a nice entertaining action flick with some good fights, a beautiful and well performing actress, but for certain one of the more conventional and simpler movies made by Mr. Besson. All in all a good movie with some twists and fun moments but no masterpiece.
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Chaotic Mess
sala1511835 July 2019
I'm with the critics and not the voters on here for this one. The first 30 minutes or so felt so rushed and put together so quick I just couldn't find my groove watching it. I got to a point within this film where I simply wasn't liking what I was seeing but I stayed and kept watching in hope it would somehow improve, it didn't. I'm really trying to find a positive within the film but I'm struggling. the Great Helen Mirren is fine but her character is not. Unfortunately Luc Beeson hasn't made a good film since The Fifth Element.
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Anna opinion
henryfab10 July 2019
Very boring and confusing and didn't care about any of characters
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Deary Me,So Many SAD and Serious People Leaving Neg Reviews!
DucDeRichleau14 September 2019
Negative reviewers banging on about,"This wasn't around in Russia at that time,that wasn't invented,blah blah,de blah". Odds are these people are followers of the "Jedi" religion. Jedi religion? Come on,get a grip. Films for the most part are pure fantasy,leave your brain at the door type moments. EVERY film has moments/scenes which,if happened in real life just wouldn't happen!!! Get a grip and enjoy this flick for what it is and that's pure entertainment. I'm sure Luc Besson has a healthy enough bank account not to worry about these so called critics. Jeez.
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Atomic Bland
DrewzQuickReviewz21 June 2019
The titular character, our protagonist, is a mystery to everyone in this film and unfortunately to the audience as well. We follow her through scattered time and location jumps that push her through to the end of the film but at no point does the film introduce any personality or meaningful character traits besides the fact that she is good looking. She even at a point becomes a very unlikeable character that's difficult to get behind for the remainder of the story. Her important relationships (if you can call them that) are never actually given proper development besides a line or short sex montage to suggest they've grown close offscreen. What little action there is (two sequences) is bland and boring. Also, the film wastes Helen Mirren and Cillian Murphy. In the end this one is overlong, unfocused and follows an utterly charmless (besides being a great beauty) protagonist through a barebones plot and it lacks the fun and style you want from a proper spy/action film. You can skip this one.
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This movie is actually very good!
matthildurlouise16 August 2019
I think this movie is very good! I don't know why people don't like this movie but of course we are allowed to write our own opinion but i see so many bad reviews. It's a good action movie and i like how it was written!
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Nikita revisited after 29 years by its prodigy author/director
cemil-turun21 June 2019
I have watched Anna on the first day of screening in a cool Istanbul cinema. I am a big fan of Luc Besson, knowing full well his great as well as some disastrous works. However, Nikita, Leon also Subway, Big Blue, Fifth Element are among my all time favorite films. Also "Taken" character is a creation of Besson! He is very original, a real European prodigy.

Anna is a kind of 2019 remake of La Femme Nikita-(1990) with a new and original face (Sasha Luss) who does a decent job of fooling the viewer into different roads during the film. She has a female poker face and smile. I think Besson noticed her ability to deceive viewers earlier in her motion capture role during Valerian (2017) shooting and decided to remake Nikita with her. (Did he also fall in love with her as happened before with Anne Parillaud and Milla Jovovich? I am curious.)

Some younger viewers may have a problem with the action scenes: A female lead doing fast action scenes is not so original they would say: Atomic Blonde and Kill Bill for example, had them. However, my younger viewer friends should know that these films owe big time to Nikita and Leon. Maybe for that reason, in Anna, Besson makes fun of both Atomic Blonde and Kill Bill! Her black leather fight costume is a salute to Atomic Blonde and tens of black suited body guards that she kills in a restaurant is a smile to Tarantino. The earliest female hitman, sorry, hitperson was Nikita! She was a very big shock to viewers in 1990 (I had watched it also on the first day). So was Leon. Americans almost couldn't watch that great film due to censorship.

Anna the character is: 60% Nikita, 20% Leeloo of Fifth Element and 20% Leon's girl. Character Alex is = 100% Bob (of Nikita).

I recommend everyone to go and see Luc Besson's latest ideas and without giving away spoilers it is impossible to write more about this film. I liked it and enjoyed it. 9/10.
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turalizz21 June 2019
Just another lifeless Luc Besson action film with poor plot and unsatisfactory action scenes.
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Incredible Goofs
adrian-martin-am26 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As others reviewers have mentioned, Dame Hellen Mirren is trying as Sisyphus to push up the movie up the steep slope of quality... but the burden of the multiple failures within is overwhelming... so we must contend ourselves with the scenes where she is in, a delight for us all... I wanted to point out the lack of professionalism in the scenes' setting: A. When Anna enters the bathroom of the hotel suite, where she is with her Russian target, we notice the bathrobes with 'Le Bristol' crests; B. When the US agent (well played by C.M.) is questioning her - the name of the hotel is Meurice least 2 times this name is mentioned; C. When the blond double exits the very same hotel, in the surveillance pictures the name Shangri La Paris appears.... It appears that they shot this sub-par movie (euphemistically put) and hastidly kicked it out in the cinemas, without at least a review of the contents? The only explanation for a hotel having three names simultaneously is over-lapping universes, so a SCI FI thriller... this would explain not only the technology leap of communication, storage, etc. devices - but the deadly fighting skilks of an anorexic model, who after 1-2 years training (!) was able to maim and off cohorts of skilled bodyguards... and the cherry on the top: how is that in French that 'Anna M' means luck, fortune, etc. as the fashion assistant baptises her in the begining... I cannot find any etymological support to this... I suggest the name of the movie to be "Anna and the King Besson the 1st - walk of shame Moscow to Paris" Add on - I usually agree with freedom of choice, but I am sorry to say that those reviewers who noted this move with marks above 8 - are very loose with their exigence, to say the least. Please read all the reviews noted 1 to 4 - there are pertinent observations, which cannot be discarted easily! C'mmon, guys, if you really want to review movies, put some brain matter to work! It's soooo easy to be trippin' - some of you high notes posters are only a logical fracture away from marrying Anna with Citizen Kane while Luc Besson is the godfather... 8, 9, 10 ?!?to paraphrase Phil Collins: But Seriously?
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Pizza and Ice Cream
view_and_review1 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In 2017, there was Atomic Blond. In 2018, there was Red Sparrow. 2019 brings you Anna. Anna was essentially a blend of Atomic Blond and Red Sparrow with a heavier dose of Red Sparrow.

Mixing two good things together doesn't guarantee a better concoction. I like pizza and I like ice cream--mixing the two together doesn't yield a tastier food. In fact, it'd be a disaster. Anna was pizza and ice cream together.

Like Atomic Blond, Anna was blond (easy), slept with a foreign woman, and she could handle herself in a fight. Truthfully, she was better than Atomic Blond, she was more like a blond female version of John Wick. She took on dozens of well-trained men. Lorraine (Atomic Blond) fought two, maybe three guys at a time.

Listen, Anna could be the strongest 6 foot, 135 pound woman in the world: she's still 135 pounds. 135 pounds of muscle just doesn't add up to give her the strength to do what she was doing. But this is Hollywood so belief suspended.

Like Red Sparrow, Anna was Russian, worked for the KGB out of force, got mixed up with the CIA, and wanted out.

What Anna lacked that the two aforementioned movies had was uniqueness. Anna was a worse version of both, especially Red Sparrow.

You want to know what the real point of the movie was? Men suck.

The KGB was run by a dictatorial male. Anna's first KGB handler was a male. Anna's CIA handler was a male. She undid all of them mainly with her beauty and feminine wiles. Basically, both organizations are horribly represented in this movie because they can both be compromised by a beautiful woman. She was sexing up both her handlers which gave her access to things she wouldn't ordinarily be able to access. If it weren't for these horny, uber-masculine men then this would never have happened.

But, from the beginning it was about male shortcomings. Her boyfriend was a loser that abused her. The photographers in all her photo shoots were bossy demanding men (one she had to beat up because he took a phone call while telling her to hold her pose. Surely, he deserved it?). Every target she had was some man that was doing something illegal and was vulnerable because of his lust. Then there were the handlers. It was like all (straight) men will be brought down by their penis.

Anna, in the end was the smartest and the strongest. She was able to one up them all: the KGB, the CIA, and the KGB again. It's all very fairy tale and nothing unique.
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