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An entertaining film, but please question it's bias and agenda
juzzyshop3 October 2019
I watched the film and for all it's slickness and hollywood budget, after every sequence I found myself researching the evidence the film was claiming and was shocked that as much as the film can be correct, it can also be wrong.

I don't have an agenda against veganism or being an omnivore (people who choose meat and plant based diet) and I'm fine with people choosing a plant-based diet, but I think it's important to ask questions about the people chosen to participate in the film and the agendas they have and how the edit has been skewed to convince people into thinking that they should do this, when they haven't been asking the questions.

I'm aware this review will upset people and I'll get jumped on for calling out the truth but I recommend anyone to go out and do the research after they've watched the film to see if it matches up to what you've seen.
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Antiscientific BS
dieterpisarewski7 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I find it frightening that propaganda expanded from politics to our daily lives and those manipulators(film producers which also produce vegan products) hurt people's health to grab their money into own pockets. This movie is based on personal "experience" of some famous athlets, which pretend their performance was increased by switching to vegan diet. But in fact many of them retired before they switched, some of them got worse performance after that. They use pseudo-scientific arguments like appeal to traditions, eg. look what our ancestors ate(which lived 30 years max), and even there with tons of fake information, eg. about tooth structure and bowel length(both are fully and crearly adequate to omnivores). They reference some outdated scientific papers which have been since publication rejected, eg. "meat causes cancer". They misinterpret scientific knowledge, eg. plant proteins can fully substitute animal proteins(no normal person can do it right, because you have to combine many kinds of plant proteins every day to consume the full set of amino acids). They lie about vitamin B12 deficiency among omnivores. Actually vegans mostly dont get vitamin B12 or people with specific sicknesses. And of course they won't tell you about any drawbacks of a vegan diet, which are numerous. Just ask a professional nutritionist. I think this kind of movies must be illegal and the producers should be punished for damaging health of uneducated people who would believe in all they say.
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Must not be missed
itaylor-506651 March 2018
Saw a preview version (the movie is still undergoing modifications) at a private showing in late February. This will shock men whose standard mantra is "real men must eat meat" and those family meal planners who think that eating meat is essential for proving protein to their families, especially youngsters (both girls and boys) who have desires for improving their physical performance.. The reality is the reverse. It is dramatic, powerful and amazing and should not be missed.
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What matters is min twice a week fasting, good oral health, a combination of weight lifting n aerobic exercises, low carb n avoidance of sugar.
Fella_shibby23 October 2019
I am a professional nutritionist n gym instructor n the makers of this film themselves put up a disclaimer that this documentary is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice.

Truth about the documentary:

The documentary has only anecdotal evidence (personal experiences, mostly unscientific). The documentary starts with a disclaimer adding the term "however" contrasting their own claims. They acknowledge that this documentary is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. They hav focussed on successful vegan athletes but has shun away from meat eating successful athletes. Executive producer James Cameron's company Verdient Foods Inc. has teamed up with Ingredion to accelerate the plant-based protein market by investing $ 140 million. The other producers, Roddenberry foundation gave 250000 $ to Green Monday for converting 1.6 million Hong Kong residents to veganism. Arnold is a good friend of Cameron.

My opinion:

I am cool and I respect people's choice of eating but I oppose when vegans n vegetarians claim that they r more healthier than meat eaters. I was not keen on watching this as I was aware about the propaganda but one of my client requested me to see n pass my opinion on the film.

Some interesting facts on evolution, science n existing facts:

Long before human ancestors began hunting large mammals for meat, a fatty diet (marrow) provided them with the nutrition to develop bigger brains, posits a new paper in Current Anthropology.

The brain requires 20 percent of a human's energy when resting; by comparison, an ape's brain requires only 8 percent. This means that from the time of H. erectus, the human body has depended on a diet of energy-dense food-especially meat.

The Kyrgyz of the Pamir Mountains in northern Afghanistan live at a high altitude where no crops grow. Survival depends on the animals that they milk, butcher, and barter.

A study from Oxford University found that vegans have a 30 percent higher risk of bone fracture, possibly as a result of lower calcium levels in their diet.

Increasing dietary protein intake promotes weight loss through several mechanisms. On an average, dietary protein requires 20-30% of its usable energy to be expended for metabolism and/or storage as compared to 5-10% and 0-3% required by carbohydrates and dietary fats respectively. Diets high in protein promote energy expenditure through increased postprandial thermogenesis and increase total daily expenditure while preventing decline in resting energy expenditure during weight loss. Interventional studies with dietary protein have shown to promote weight loss by increasing satiety as compared to carbohydrates demonstrated an increase in satiety among participants following a high protein diet.

Carbs too is required along with good fats. But the carbs shud be from bananas n potatoes. Not from grains. In fact the proportion of carbs n proteins after workouts is 2:1 respectively. The only time apart from morning breakfast when a person can consume sugar in the form of fructose (juice n dates) is post gym.

The key is balance. Lean n unprocessed meat, low carbs, lil fats n avoidance of sugar.

Streptococcus mutans and streptococcus sobrinus responsible for plaque on teeth n responsible for heart inflammation, loves sugar.

Egg n meat proteins has the highest biological value n they consist of all the amino acids, especially Creatine Monohydrate. Milk has whey n whey provide BCAA's, best for strength n to ward off catabolism. Plant proteins lack Creatine Monohydrate n BCAA's.

When dietary intake of cholesterol goes down, liver makes more. When dietary intake of cholesterol goes up, liver makes less. And its a proven fact that the cholesterol produced by liver has bad effect on arteries n heart. So pls don't exclude eggs from our diet, especially the yolk. Yolk also has lutein n zeaxanthin, antioxidants for the health of eyes.

Sugar n excess carbs (grains) r the public enemy no. 1.

Plz watch Nigel Latta's documentary, Is Sugar the New Fat. It will take only 45 mins to showcase the horrors of excess carbs n sugar.
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Based on personal experience
bronchoped31 October 2019
Get the top athletes, not average athletes in certain sports. Try to put patrick against top strongmen, he would fail terribly. This is very biased, no scientific evidence.
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Biased propaganda
aris-104-2474059 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
They used mediocre athletes to claim plant based diet works. arnold doesn't count. he wouldn't be mr olympia if he was vegan. all the elite athletes in the upper echelon of sport are not vegans. they eat a balanced diet. the mcgregor-diaz case is a terrible example because mcgregor won the rematch anyway.. a better example would be the pacquiao-bradley boxing trilogy. the first 2 fights, bradley was on plant based diet and he gassed out after 3 rounds. the 3rd fight he ditched the plant based diet. he had more energy and was more competitive, but still lost. it really comes down to skills, training, preparation and a balanced diet.. too much of something is bad. it's all about balance!
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arossi-665632 November 2019
As a 27 year old man who loves his fried chicken and has never given a thought to being vegan this documentary has made me decide For the first time in my life about going vegan
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An insult to intelligence
vincentoonet_du1 November 2019
This is certainly the worst documentary ever made. I usually do not write reviews but when I saw this is rated 8.5 I could not resist to put 1 star and hopefully this movie will reach this grade where it belongs. Everything is wrong and biased, only the weak mind will get convinced by this pile of s### where everything is made to make you believe plant-based diet will solve all your problems in a month. They are taking the rare and few example where a vegan once won something and make it a general statement to say "veganism gives you superpower", the funny fact being that every other (and famous, at least that you know some of x) ) champions in every other sports in the world eat meat, but this they won't mention it. Oh yeah they will also show you some bodybuilder obviously taking steroids and explain to you that they are strong and shredded like this because they eat lentils and broccolis. The narrator is a big joke , like "oh my god" , he eats vegan for 1 month and he goes on the rope exercice from 8min to more than 1 hours, not even sweating, yea yea hum hum. Oh yea if you eat a burrito beans before going to bed (just ONE huh, you can eat whatever s### you want before in the day does not matter) you d### will get super hard according to the guy wearing a lab coat, certainly because it makes it more true when you wear a lab coat explaining some stuff. This movie should be switched from documentary to comedy, because all I got from this is a good laugh.
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Game changers? Give me a break
nmnnpj25 November 2019
Bias movie that references known stereoid users sport performance and success to be due to diet instead of PEDs. How simple do you think the public is?

Stop making these nonscientific, propaganda movies that has nothing to do with improving health!
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Great Doc that got bombarded by Joe Rogan mob
felix-krel12 December 2019
Just wanted to inform that the rush in 1 star ratings came from a recent joe rogan ep.

The producer of this doc since came to a debate on joe rogan and defended his claims, to my opinion very calmly
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Some Good Science Drowning in Garbage
viceregentweasel17 September 2019
This is what you would get if Michael Moore wanted to make you go vegan. I think I now count as an endurance athlete, as I made it through this slog, and without even switching to a plant-based diet. There is some really interesting data at the core of this movie, but it's so wrapped up in garbage, misinformation and hyperbole that it entirely undermines itself. First, while they were clearly doing everything possible to avoid the word Vegetarian, having every single person in every supposed interview use the exact same phrasing of "a plant-based diet" kind of undermines the authenticity. The cherry-picking is painful. It goes into how the Roman Gladiators were vegetarian... But not the why (barley helped build up a layer of fat over muscle, which matters a lot if you get hit by bladed weapons professionally. Personally, I'm not training for that). Nope, instead it's breezing past scientific journals that cross-fade past us with only a few words highlighted and then we're on to absurd claims. "Two months as a vegan got my battle ropes time from under eight minutes to over an hour!" Uh-huh. Your strength endurance went up more than six times due to giving up meat over a couple months. Sure. Right. If the claims here were true then the world of professional athletes would be 100% vegetarian, as the filthy meat-eaters could never compete against their vegan superiors. Explains our narrator's triumphant return to MMA after he recovered from his injury, followed by all those championships. Oh, wait. If you want some interesting reading about sports nutrition, check out the studies referenced in this movie. Some really cool stuff there! If you want dramatic music, cherry-picked examples that consider non-vegetarian, low-carb and ketogenic diets interchangeable (whichever looks worst against vegetarianism!), and a whole lot of you might enjoy this. I sure didn't.
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I really wanted to like this documentary
Hazu2918 October 2019
It has an amazing production, great pictures, some good people talking about their experiences but... It all sound like a big propaganda or political commercial. I would like it if they just naturally talked about their experiences, the pros and cons, the effects, the life changing stuff. But they just edit all the parts and created a kind of brainwashing film basically telling you that meat is bad and plants are good and that all the stuff we heard before is fake and gladiators somehow didn't eat any meat after all and then they put some girl acting like some big shot scientist teaching us that now they are discovering that our ancestors were vegan lol. I mean, cmon... This documentary should be so much better without the bias. I respect everyone who is able to have a healthy diet, plant base or not, but people who eat meat are not the devil, as far as I'm aware.
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Well Researched
deepthirao056 March 2019
This is a very well researched movie about plant-based athletes. It completely changes the perception that vegan/plant based eating is not for athletes/body builders. Has very insightful interviews with real life olympian vegan athletes and body builders about how their life turned around after they turned plant based. This is a great film that I would recommend anyone interested in improving their health and life style to watch.
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Phenomenal - Will Rattle Perceptions
buxy-moviecritic20 August 2019
Walked into this movie with curious expectations. I walked out shook to my core. Film refuses to lay off the gas as it systematically dismantles your predisposed perceptions of diet/masculinity/vegan lifestyle from one scene to the next.

This is not a "kill floor" film that shames viewers for their dietary choices, rather an education on negatives/positives from one choice to the other backed up by science that is actually SHOWN and discussed. It takes a peek behind the curtain of the marketing tactics and manipulations of the meat industry in a genuinely tasteful way-no pun intended. The Gamechangers will change the public perception of plant based diets of being "protein deficient and weak" - to badass and undeniably optimal for strength and endurance. Don't believe me? thats fine, take it from Schwarzenegger or any of the other celebrities or top form professional athletes featured in this film. They don't care about the "Tell" they are all about the "Show."

Enjoyed this film from the Top to the Bottom. If it was a book I would buy the hard copy. If it was a podcast I'd hit subscribe. If it was a stock, I'd liquidate existing stocks and hammer down.

Congratulations for all involved in the making of the film.

Buxy-MovieCritic (I don't hand out 10s)
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Cherry picking Giant Waste of Time
mdmjones-6248818 October 2019
Yet another 'documentary' claiming plant based is superior on all levels. Just another vegan/vegetarian fan movie - just look that the reviews - all 10/10 blathering on about the same rehashed as before. I barely made it through this movie - didn't start well when he compared 'Protein' based energy to 'Plant' based energy. If on a keto/low carb diet, the most basic concept is where you receive your energy from. You change from getting energy from carbohydrates (sugar) to energy from fat. Not 'energy from protein', dude! And forget about nutritional deficiencies on a plant based diet - back then supplementation wasn't as easy as hitting the supplement aisle. Mainly carb diets are now showing to be the base cause of Diabetes (the most obvious), Alzheimer's, heart disease, and pretty much every other chronic condition in existence. Every wonder why diabetes has increase 90% over the past decade? Just check out the US Dietary Guidelines from the 80s - eat that pasta! Everyone loves to cherry-pick their stats, but come on, wake up. And gladiators were "mainly prisoners of war, slaves and condemned offenders" - they were fed the cheapest food, carbs. Gladiators were big business, and they were fed a plant based diet not because it was best, but because it was the most cost-effective. Most died before the age of 30, so as far as the long-term consequences of their diet, we'll never know - a solid guess would be rampant diabetes.
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Finally, a big budget for vegans!
phelana0117 September 2019
This movie was entertaining, informative (if you've never studies plant based diets that is, otherwise no real new thoughts here) and reconfirmed what most vegans already know. Interesting that the move only looked at plant based diets from the perspective of the human. A little from the perspective of the planet but none from the perspective of the animal!! Trust me, animals want you to be vegan!! For most vegans I know the cruelty free aspect is a huge reason they are vegan!! The way animals are treated, processed and slaughtered is a horror beyond most of our imaginations. Paul Mc Cartney says "if slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian". Driving alongside a truck hauling livestock to slaughter is the saddest thing you can run across on the open road. There were a few comments about this along the way in the film but just as side notes. It mostly focuses on the health benefits of a plant based diet. Probably they didn't want to alienate our meat eating brethren but to gently nudge them just to even thinking about being vegan. Even if only one day a week - like meatless Mondays. They also didn't even acknowledge the amount of chemicals in meat nowadays. The hormones, antibiotics, mysterious carcinogens etc make our meat pretty much toxic just because of that! Why do so many young men develop breasts these days?? Or young girls of 12 or 15 have enormous breasts?? Yeah, meat is full of all these chemicals. Based on that alone I wouldn't eat it. My breasts are big enough thank you. That aspect of meat was not even mentioned. It's as if they wanted to keep the narrative positive, human focused, not fanatic but enthusiastic. Kind of like a high end 2 hour commercial for vegans. My only issue really was that everyone in the theater was probably vegan already. This movie should be shown in elementary schools to kids who already are grossed out by meat and meat products. But are forced to eat it because it's 'good for you'.
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Only uses the facts it wants
michael-massafra24 October 2019
This guy only gives the facts he wants you to hear and not studies from both sides... horrible documents
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x_givemenovacaine_x16 September 2019
This is everything that the health and fitness industry needs and more.
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Extremely disappointed, massive vegan propaganda
pawelol3 November 2019
As expected this documentary is totally biased towards vegan ideology. I was hoping to discover proper scientific approach to it, but only seen one sided anectodal story with selected people who achieved success on plant based diet. Those people were omnivorous and changed their diet to plant based so they didn't grow up on plant based diet. Secondly, animals have gut bacteria that can digest plant based diet, only small section of human population can actually survive in the long term on plant based diet. There are no long study +20 years on people who are on vegan diet, as majority of them will probably die. As being ex vegan, I know from first hand experience how vegan diet damaged my health beyond repair. All of my vegan friends are no longer vegans as they suffered terrible health complications. Its a shame they didn't show the other side of the story, therefore for me this documentary is totally discredited. I recommend watch channel on YouTube about ex vegans and their past experiences on plant based diet. It is eye opening, so truthful.
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A must see!
mukunvelu17 September 2019
It had takes on the effects of meat consumption from angles that I had never come across before. To answer some of the negative reviews, the movie does feature a body builder who started out vegan, Nimai Delgado.
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A Must See
caseylloyd-net17 September 2019
All men should watch this film! It explains real science in an entertaining way combined with great stories. I've been living this lifestyle for almost two years now and if you try it for just a month you'll know the science is sound. A must see film that debunks the "Men must eat meat" marketing lie.
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Compare the negative with the positive reviews and there's your answer
RtotheS28 October 2019
Ive watched the movie. It makes some valid points but most of it is clear propaganda.

Just read the negative reviews and compare them with the positives - the negative reviews use proper examples and science backed facts to make their case while the positive reviews (99.9 % of which seem written by vegans) just go oh my God a must watch life changer.

It's one thing to follow logic in a movie, it's totally another to look around you and see the truth for yourselves. Women I know are mostly turning vegan because it's an easy way to lose weight (they don't care whether it's fat or muscle). The best of the best athletes have world class nutritionists who are expected to be on point with modern food science.

How many champion athletes do you know are vegan? Lewis Hamilton? He's in a focus sport, not one that requires power and strength. How many people who finish at the top of the world's strongest man are vegan? Zilch

Ask a vegan to build you a diet with 0 supplementation.. Then ask them to follow it themselves and test their vitamin B and Iron levels after a few months.

We've been thousands of years longer than modern farming has.. How is it that magically we now need a plant based diet to survive? There's indigenous tribes that live in areas where not a single plant grows. What are they supposed to eat?

If you want to be a vegan go ahead. Just remember your body loses a pound of muscle every year after you turn 40. You're seriously risking expediting that process by following a vegan diet.

Plus vegan food tastes like absolute dogsheet. If it didn't why would chains market vegan food as tastes like beef or tastes like chicken?
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chrischapallaz16 September 2019
Wow! I thought it was going to be B grade from the ads but I was entertained throughout the whole movie!
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Nonsensical vegan propaganda.
dreamthenext21 October 2019
This "documentary" documents nothing and is obviously just dogmatic and anti-scientific vegan propaganda. In this promotional film there are only doctrinal statements based on factoids and "studies" that, scientifically, prove absolutely nothing. A few strong sportsmen are (allegedly) vegan, so what? How about the other 99% of top-notch, elite athletes who are not? Someone paid Arnold to show his face and say a few pro-vegan words, so what? This so-called "documentary", made by blatant science-deniers, strongly leverages the Dunning-Kruger effect to deliver a doctrinaire message and "prove" a preconception.
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Total vegan propaganda
heather_lynn_brown2116 October 2019
I'm sure many biased vegan will disregard this review, but here it goes... First of all this movie took so many years to finish because so many athletes dropped out and went back to animal foods. Not surprising since 80%, or something like that, of vegans go back to animal foods. It reminds me of what the health. The main character pretends to only just now be discovering and converting over to veganism, when in reality he's been vegan for a long time. What a joke. Also James Cameron has a major conflict of interest as he owns a huge company producing pea protein. There's lots of cherry picked data. Lots of hyping up athletes that really aren't that great, athletes who's performance went downhill after veganism, or athletes who built their careers by eating meat and just recently went vegan. This absolute propaganda, like every other vegan doc.
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