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Disney Imagineers Unveil Robot Capable of Aerial Stunts

  • Deadline
Disney Imagineers who 55 years ago introduced the world to the concept of audio animatronics, in the form of singing birds in the Polynesian-themed Tiki Room at Disneyland, again are looking to the heavens for inspiration in the latest evolution of the technology.

The company unveiled what its calling “Stuntronics figures,” robots who perform aerial maneuvers with precision. The Imagineers’ objective was to create a robot with an acrobat’s timing and reflexes. It’s all part of an effort by Disney to create autonomous characters for its theme parks that appear more flexible and interactive and less, well, robotic and anchored to a diorama, reciting the same lines over and over again.

The result is a 90-pound humanoid figure packed with enough onboard sensors to make decisions in real time, literally on the fly.

“It knows when to tuck its knees to perform a somersault, when to pull its arms
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[Exclusive] Trailer Teases the Arrival of Syfy’s ‘Stickman’

[Exclusive] Trailer Teases the Arrival of Syfy’s ‘Stickman’
The Stickman comes to those who sleep. This month, Syfy is premiering two new horror films as part of their annual 31 Days of Halloween marathon, both directed by Sheldon Wilson (The Hollow). We showed you the trailer for NeverKnock earlier today, premiering on the network Sunday, October 15, and now we’ve got your first look at Wilson’s […]
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