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tears and joy
SnoopyStyle27 February 2020
Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie Wagner (Rose Byrne) are a husband and wife house-flipping team. The childless couple decides to be foster parents. They attend class led by social workers, Karen (Octavia Spencer) and Sharon (Tig Notaro). They are taken by outspoken teenager Lizzy at an awkward adoption fair. They decide to take in Lizzy and her two younger siblings, Juan and Lita. Their mother is in prison from her drug use.

I like this version of Marky Mark with a dialed down testosterone. Rose Byrne continues to show her comedic side. The two of them form an appealing middle class couple. The kids are simply amazing. Octavia and Tig are a great comedic side duo. The subject matter is touching. It has real tears and real joy. It's a movie of beautiful emotions. I would cut back a little of Joan Cusack and the final ending. By the four months later, the movie is itching to end and it could do so quicker. This is a really good movie.
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Instant Family
Prismark105 January 2020
Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) are a married couple who make a good living renovating houses. They decide to become foster parents.

They enrol on courses on foster care headed by two social workers Karen (Octavia Spencer) Sharon (Tig Notaro.) Soon they bring home three kids whose mother was a crack addict. Lizzy (Isabela Moner) is a rebellious teenager who had to look after her younger brother Juan who is accident prone and sister Lita who is a little brat.

Of course being foster parents is harder than they imagined. After all the three children are from a broken home. Just as Pete and Ellie think they have made a breakthrough, the kids natural mother comes on the scene.

This comedy is from the same team that made the Daddy's Home movies. It has a few funny moments and plenty of contrived scenarios. It is too slapdash with a tone that is all over the place ranging from crude to sentimentality.

The film wants to highlight the issues faced by kids in the American care system. However the focus is too much on Pete and Ellie who really seem to be unprepared as foster parents.
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They're teenagers!
nogodnomasters4 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Elle (Rose Byrne) enter the California foster care system in hopes of adopting. They opt to take in three Hispanic siblings with issues. The young girl only eats potato chips. The boy is afraid of everything. And then there is is a teenage girl who doesn't connect. It is a heartwarming story that starts off with Paul McCartney and ends with Jefferson Starship. Octavia Spencer rocks. Bring your tissues.

Guide: 1 F-word. No sex or nudity.
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A few very annoying characters, but overall a nice story.
TxMike24 March 2019
My wife and I watched this movie at home on DVD from our public library. Aside from a few overly annoying characters, including the "mom" played by Rose Byrne, and a few in the support group, it is a worthwhile story of a childless couple deciding to foster then perhaps adopt a set of three siblings. I was put off by many of the attempts at humor but some of it works, it seemed they often tried too hard to inject humor.

Mark Wahlberg plays it pretty straight as Pete and Rose Byrne is a bit overly ditzy as his wife Ellie. She is the catalyst for their interest in possibly adopting.

In a featured role as the 15-yr-old sister of two younger children, Isabela Moner is really good as Lizzy. She is smart but difficult and since she was essentially acting as mother of her brother and sister since their mom was incarcerated, she naturally related negatively to some of the "mothering" that Ellie was trying on the kids.

But ultimately in this PG-13 movie that pushes the boundaries a bit with language heads for redemption for all. It is a serious issue, the thousands, perhaps even millions, of underage children without suitable parents. This is a great subject for this kind of movie, I just wish they had done a better job overall. The script and characters are very uneven.
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This was a very beautiful and enjoyable movie...
paul_haakonsen8 June 2019
Alright, well granted I hadn't really expected much from a movie such as "Instant Family", believing it to be just another quick run-of-the-mill comedy with pseudo-action star Mark Wahlberg. But still, I decided to sit down and watch this 2018 movie.

It turns out that this was actually one of the better movies with Mark Wahlberg in the lead for some time, and I honestly can say that I prefer him better in the comedy genre than I do in the action genre. But naturally he wasn't the sole force carrying this movie. He had some great help by the rest of the cast, and also the fact that the storyline was so warm and heartfelt.

This is the story of Pete (played by Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (played by Rose Byrne) whom decide to adopt three children, Lizzy (played by Isabela Moner), Juan (played by Gustavo Escobar) and Lita (played by Julianna Gamiz). And it turns out that adopting three children might be a bit more than what the couple thought they were in for and bargained for. Of which there comes some great funny moments and so clashes of heads.

While the story is indeed mostly driven by the comedy, there is also a more serious aspect to it, the part of adopting children and the role adopted children have in a foster family. And I think that director and writer Sean Anders really handled that quite well, managing to mix comedy and grave seriousness together in a very nice combination.

The movie also had some great support appearances from Tig Notaro and Octavia Spencer, whom each individually brought something wonderful to the story, and they had really great on-screen chemistry.

"Instant Family" might actually have you in tears towards the end. Why? Well, I will not spoil that, although it is quite easy to guess why, given the synopsis of the story and the concept of the storyline. But still, it was a warm and heartfelt story and a very uplifting ending to the movie, although you saw it coming from the moment you started watching the movie.

If you haven't already seen "Instant Family", then I can warmly recommend that you do so if you are given the chance, because it is a beautiful story, and one that will stick with you for some time.
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A heartwarming comedy
Gordon-1120 April 2019
This film tells the story of a couple who decides to adopt three children.

The story is funny, heartwarming and just makes you want to watch it. Things can be a bit exaggerated at times, and yet it still manages to be believable. Hopefully this film encourages people to share their love with children who needs a home.
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Calicodreamin25 November 2019
Instant family is funny and heartwarming. Based on a true story it sheds real light on the foster/adoption system. The acting was great from the whole cast and the storyline had a good pace and flow. There were many touching moments and also a lot of funny moments. An easy watch.
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Charming, touching, but a bit obvious
neil-4765 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Pete and Ellie are house flippers, doing comfortably, but childless. For reasons they don't fully understand, they foster, with a view to adoption, 3 latin siblings, sweet little Lita who will only eat potato chips, accident-prone Juan who constantly apologises, and 15-year old Lizzy, smart but with attitude.

You can feel your emotions being manipulated from frame one in this comedy, which is based on some truth. It is often amusing and gently touching through most of its length. Most of the drama comes from Lizzie, who wants the three siblings to be taken back by their mother, a recovering addict freshly out of jail. She also falls foul of an adult who is harassing her for nude selfies. Otherwise, the problems are as gentle as the rest of the tale and, without wishing to be over critical, possibly a little glib in their resolution.

The film is nonetheless entertaining and feelgood. Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne are sympathetic as Pete and Ellie, Julie Hagerty, Octavia Spencer and Margo Martindale all have fun in support, and the kids are good.

And Isabela Moner as Lizzy delivers a performance which is so good that it belongs in another film (she is also gorgeous). That is now two films, Sicario 2 being the other, in which she has been outstanding. She is definitely a talent to keep an eye out for.
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bombersflyup22 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Instant Family is almost a good film, with terrific lead performances by Wahlberg and Byrne.

A bit too soppy, cutesy and silly in my opinion, with stereotypes and pandering. The two leads make it watchable and likable, but when they're not at the fore, it really struggles to stay above water. Trailer purposely avoids showing any of these things.
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Very funny and enjoyable
phd_travel23 February 2019
Really enjoyable movie about a couple who flip houses and foster 3 kids. Almost every scene in this movie is funny or touching. And the jokes are spontaneous and laugh out loud with witty dialogue.

Rose Byrne is a good comedienne. Sweet and funny. Mark Wahlberg delivers his goofball lines well. Isabel Moner is a likeable rebellious teen. The group and foster guides including Octavia Spencer are great too.

Highly recommended.
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Entertaining and a good commercial for not having kids.
deloudelouvain9 August 2021
For a person that doesn't really like kids I was wondering if this could be a movie for me. To my surprise I was entertained for the entire movie. There are some funny moments that made it worth a watch. There are of course a lot of cheesy moments, I didn't expect anything less to be honest, as the subject is fostering, lonely petulant children and hopeful wannabe parents. You can guess the entire story before it even happens. The cast did a good job playing all those characters, even the kids. In short, Instant Family is entertaining, a feelgood movie for a lot of people, and a perfect commercial for not having kids if you were still hesitating. Best decision of my life, being childless, but a lot of people won't agree with that, something I don't care about to be honest. Nothing beats doing what you want whenever you want and that for your entire lifetime, something that just can't be done when you have kids. If I want to see the stress you get when having kids I'll just watch this movie and it makes me feel instantly much better.
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Adoption: A Strange Topic for a Film Comedy
lavatch8 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Instant Family" is caught between a weak attempt at sit com and an effort to shed light on the serious topic of adoption. There is very little that seemed credible in the film, and the occasional attempts at humor fell flat.

For anyone who knows anything about the rigorous process of adopting a child, this film is a travesty. Yet it claims that it was inspired by true events, and it even gives a website link at the end for those who may wish to follow in the footsteps of the married couple Pete and Ellie Wagner in adopting a brood in order fill up their unfulfilled lives.

The film gives no hint of the enormous administrative process of filing the paper work, meeting with psychologists, and, above all, the strenuous waiting period for an adoption. Rather, "instant" family appears in the most fantastic tradition of the Hollywood dream factory.

In the film's dialogue, the lines sounded scripted, and it appeared as if the actors were coached to deliver their lines at such a rapid pace that the film lost even more credibility. The reaction of the three foster children moving into the Wagner home was especially troubling. Those three children would have loved having individual rooms of their own, yet they seemed to take the new living accommodations for granted.

The most interesting character was the teenage adopted daughter named Lizzy, who wishes to leave Pete and Ellie and reunite with her birth mother. Once again, the character interpretation was not believable. The actress chose to play a savvy character with streetsmarts. She can see through shallowness and lies. Yet, she somehow fails to recognize that her birth mother is incapable of managing a family.

"Instant Family" sought to be a love letter to the contemporary nontraditional nuclear family, a twenty-first-century version of "Father Knows Best." But it failed to produce either laughs or tears as a heartwarming comedy-drama. One only has to think of how the judge and the courtroom were portrayed in this film to recognized how far removed "Instant Family" was from reality.
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A genuinely funny, feelgood movie.
MOscarbradley27 April 2021
A comedy about a thirty something couple who foster three siblings is going to be sickeningly sentimental, right? Wrong! "Instant Family" is sentimental but also has the courage to poke fun at that very sentimentality and is genuinely funny thanks mainly to two first-rate performances from Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as the couple and an excellent supporting cast that includes Octavia Spencer, Julie Haggerty and the great Margo Martendale. The kids, too, are just dandy and if the comedy is at times predictably broad it balances very nicely with the inevitable saccarine moment. In fact, this might be the perfect movie about kids for people who don't like movies about kids.
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An Absolute Joy
ThomasDrufke1 December 2018
This was really the perfect movie to go see with your family over the Thanksgiving holiday, and if it holds at the box office, a great one to see around Christmas as well. Bolstered by two earnest performances from Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, and a lovely script, Instant Family may be an instant family classic. I can't believe I'm saying that considering how bad those trailers were, but there's something about watching a genuinely well done family drama that really hits home with me. It had shades of Gifted and The Intern in all the best ways. Is it melodramatic and cheesy at times? Oh absolutely. Would I watch this again and recommend it to any family? 100%. When a film knows what it is and succeeds at what it sets out to do, it's truly a beautiful thing.

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Just add Wahlberg.
Pjtaylor-96-13804418 February 2019
For me, 'Instant Family (2018)' works much more as a family drama than as a comedy, with its successful humour coming from, but always being second to, the relationship that forms between its focal foster parents and their newfound family. It's a well-conceived and relatively realistic central dynamic that's actually very satisfying when it comes full circle, even if it's somewhat rushed in places, quite sappy in others and generally pretty predictable. Indeed, it's easy to see why this piece shouldn't work. It takes a serious subject matter and, in some ways, waters in down so that it's as commercial as possible. Plus, it's oddly preachy at points - not least of which being when it promotes a movie tie-in 'learn more' website as its third credit - and manages to cram that serious stuff into a formula that's, at this point, incredibly generic. Sill, its intentions are good and its execution is undeniably effective. It may be fluff, and that's unfortunate given what it tries to tackle, but it's fun fluff, nevertheless. It's also emotionally affecting enough that I can easily see it having an impact on someone's decision to at least think about fostering a child. Whether or not the picture shows the process in it's true, unfiltered and, frankly, sometimes ugly light is a different matter, which does lead one to consider whether the possible uptake in maybe misled foster parents is necessarily all that helpful if they all meet a situation they aren't truly prepared for. This is a responsibility that I don't think is entirely on the film itself, though, even if it actively, and somewhat nobly, encourages its viewers to consider the real-life ramifications of its central conceit. Raising awareness is a valid mission-statement, regardless of how effective the final product is. In the end, this is an enjoyable and occasionally affecting family drama that isn't necessarily funny but doesn't necessarily need to be. It's generic and predictable, for sure, but it's an entertaining time and, for me, that's what really counts. 7/10
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I was surprised by how funny and poignant this film is
cricketbat11 February 2019
Having never been a foster parent, I don't know how accurate Instant Family is. However, as someone who didn't expect much from it, I was surprised by how funny and poignant this film is. It shows the ups and downs of foster care in a way that feels realistic. Rose Byrne is an absolute delight and newcomer Isabela Moner has acting chops. Aside from a few minor missteps, I enjoyed this family comedy.
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Don't wait an instant to see it, a funny and touching film!
inkblot1126 November 2018
Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) are a childless couple who renovate and flip houses. When Ellie's sister announces she and her husband are trying to get pregnant, Pete starts a conversation with Ellie about why they never had children. They don't quite know the answer. Soon after, the couple takes a look at foster children who are on the verge of being adoptable. Sharon (Octavia Spencer) and Karen (Tig Nitaro) are two likeable, truthful social workers who teach foster parent classes and hold adoption events. P and E take the classes, go to spy out a good-fit foster child. As they approach a group of teens, an outspoken foster girl, Lizzie (Isabela Monar) tells them they don't need to look them over, the teens know no one wants them. Oh, but now they do! Amazingly, Lizzie has two younger siblings, Juan and Lita, so Pete and Ellie agree to take all three. What a challenge for the family, including loveable dog Meatball. Lita only wants to eat potato chips, Juan is accident prone, and Lizzie is gradually more and more defiant to rules. Then, just as things get slightly better, the natural mother comes back in the picture and may want the trio returned to her. Can you say heartbreak? This lovely funny tale of trials and joys of adopting older children is wonderful. Wahlberg and Byrne are quite fine as the realistic couple with love in their hearts and fumbles in their parenting skills. Monar is fabulous as the rebellious teen while the rest of the cast, including sensational Margo Martindale, are likewise priceless. The settings, costumes, script and direction contribute to the final result of one grand movie. Don't wait an instant, movie lovers! This one is a timeless tale of love springing from tragic circumstances.
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The Vidiot Reviews...
capone6666 March 2019
Instant Family

Nowadays, no matter the type of child you adopt you can surgically altered them to look like you.

However, the couple in this dramedy has decided to allow their kids to keep their appearances.

Spurred on by her family's doubt in her, Ellie (Rose Byrne) and her husband Pete (Mark Wahlberg) move forward on adoption. With help from a foster parent group headed by quirky social workers (Octavia Spencer, Tig Notaro), Ellie and Pete welcome three Mexican-American siblings into their home. But they soon learn that raising kids, especially a teenager, isn't as easy as they thought.

Although it offers some insight into the arduous adoption process that hopefuls must endure, this modern family folly is also filled with so much potty humour that it's hard to take the darker moments all that serious.

Incidentally, adopting another nationality is the best way to show the world you're not a racist. Red Light
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Blissful experience
UniqueParticle23 January 2020
Absolutely loved Instant Family quite heartwarming story and well written! Very adorable caring story about a foster parents that are new to it and become fond with 3 lovely kids. Great soundtrack, many sweet scenes, delightful parent moments, so much fun I'm glad it's got high ratings. Solid movie, nice that it's available on Amazon.
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Heartwarming, funny, and a charming story about family.
cruise017 March 2019
Instant Family (4.5 out of 5 stars).

Instant Family is a heartwarming, emotionally feel good comedy film that delivered with the laughs, has a heart to the story and characters. Yes, it is predictable with this type of story. But it delivers all heart and makes you appreciate everything about family and love.

The plot is a relatable feel good story about a married couple Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) who never have kids and are busy with fixing up homes. They decide to adopt a teenager Lizzy (Isabela Moner) and her two young siblings Juan and Lita. They try to get along with some regular arguments and feeling like they cant take care of each other. All while, they are waiting for the court day to make the adoption final.

The plot is predictable. Yes, when some dramatic moments with Lizzy being rebellious and breaking rules that Pete and Ellie set out for her. She is that rebellious teen that will hang out with friends when grounded, secretly dating an older guy, and trying to play sweet to the grandparents. Juan being a sensitive boy who is afraid of making mistakes and injury prone. Lita having anger outbursts when she does not get what she wants.

Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne were great playing their characters. They are lovable and funny. They may not be great parents but hey it all takes time and learning to gain the experience of being better. It is difficult to not love them when they are on screen. They try to spoil the kids with everything but the kids are not used to it. It is heartbreaking seeing when the kids visit their real mother and they are torn up with being afraid they may lose the kids.

The film does have a lot of laughs and fun humor throughout. It was one joke after another thrown in the script. And the film does take a dramatic emotional turn were it tries to be relatable with real family drama. And slip in some humor to break the serious emotional direction.

Overall, Instant Family is a really good comedy film. The plot is predictable and relatable. It has a lot of heartwarming moments that will make you emotional and smile. The cast was great and Isabela Moner performance was also good as well. It has some strong drama and comedy to make this a great feel good film.
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Delivers on its intentions
Floated23 September 2019
Very few family films seem to be coming out nowadays (not including animation films) that are worthwhile. Instant Family is as expected, though somewhat more heartfelt, emotional and drama filled than initially thought of. Some trailers made it seem as a silly comedy, but there is more heart and a strong message than that. This film didn't make too much at the box office but wasn't exactly a complete flop either.

The acting from the leads were good, as were the supporting performances. The film definitely had a very real-like atmosphere to it, as is which are lead to its positive reviews and strong praise. Overall, Instant Family is as expected and more. Overlooked movie if anything. Recommend for those wanting an entertaining family film.
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To much cheese not enough goodness
eddie_baggins7 July 2019
Instant Family is the very definition of a Hollywood crowd-pleaser.

Based on a true story, which pretty much means about 1% of this movie is true, Sean Anders film is glossy and shiny thanks to it being lathered in a liberal dosing of schmaltzy, manufactured and often irksome so called heart and soul, cooked up in the kitchens of the Hollywood machine but while it's in some ways inoffensive and easy to watch, it doesn't help make Family a very good film.

Expecting a good film from the man responsible for directing such cinematic delicacies as That's My Boy, Horrible Bosses 2 and not one but two Daddy's Home films would be akin to expecting politicians to tell us the truth or for Uwe Boll to win an Oscar but thankfully Family isn't "as" bad as some of Anders other efforts thanks to a hint of a beating heart and a nice message about family at its core.

The heart and soul of Family is the only thing saving it from becoming too much to bare, and co-lead Rose Byrne has that ability to always be engaging but for most of the time Family is so generic, predictable and genuinely not that hilarious that it's hard to recommend a viewer spending 2 hours of their life witnessing such a pedestrian and by the numbers affair.

Sometimes these type of run of the mill films can be pleasing and tolerable and its never a bad thing to get what you expect but Anders and his stars struggle to make the most of the potential of this story to instead focus on over the top scenarios (school ground beatings) and annoying children (yelling about potato chips or constantly hurting themselves) and often losses sight of the simple things that would've endeared it to a much higher level.

Another big issue with the film is the presence of Mark Wahlberg.

A frequent collaborator with Anders thanks to the Daddy's Home franchise, Wahlberg has once more with this performance as handyman father and husband Pete, found himself delivering another fast talking, wise cracking caricature that has been plaguing his career over the last 5 or so years.

We all know Wahlberg can act, we all know he can make a decent film but of late it feels as though the well-liked performer has resigned himself to easy wins, appearing in far too many films like Family that fail to raise much of a sweat for the well-paid star.

Final Say -

Sure to please many seeking light-hearted and even potentially heart-warming entertainment, Instant Family has its moments but a majority of its runtime is spent on generic, uninspired and eye-rolling material that's been done countless times before.

2 music loving judges out of 5
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Good Enough
pennyelenabooks7 March 2019
Instant Family wasn't bad. I expected a boring story, but they managed to create a sweet, emotional story after all. It was a nice, not over the top, presentation of a how a family is created. Plus, the performances were good.
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Surprisingly Enjoyable! 6/10
leonblackwood27 January 2020
Review: I was in two minds about watching this movie because I thought that it was going to be another one of those typical corny comedies, with Mark Wahlberg trying to be funny, but I actually enjoyed it, from the fostering point of view. The emotional scenes were quite touching, and it was good to have an insight into the whole fostering process, even though it wasn't as deep as it could have been. The chemistry between Karen (Octavia Spencer) and Sharon (Tig Notaro) was brilliant, and the kids, Lizzy (Isabela Merced), Juan (Gustavo Escobar) and Lita (Julianna Gamiz), all put in a good performance, but Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) acted the same as they have done in other movies. The storyline was based on a true story, so I found it quite interesting throughout, but I doubt that the true parents were so naive. To take on 3 children at once must have been a daunting experience, which is why their whole bonding journey was entertaining. I would like to see this concept from a serious point of view because it's a subject that needs addressing in this day and age. Anyway, the film is about a married couple called Pete & Ellie Wagner, who are taunted by relatives who think they will never have children, so they consider adoption. They enrol in Foster Care, led by social workers Karen and Sharon. At a fair to meet foster children, Ellie voices her reluctance to adopt a teen and is confronted by 15-year-old Lizzy, who impresses Pete and Ellie. Karen and Sharon reveal that Lizzy has two siblings, 10-year-old Juan and 6-year-old Lita, and their mother is a drug addict currently in prison. The Wagners meeting with Lizzy and her siblings does not result in an immediate "cosmic connection", leading them to reconsider. At Thanksgiving dinner with Ellie's family, Pete and Ellie explain they have decided not to adopt. The family admits that no one really believed they should adopt, which spurs Ellie to go through with fostering the siblings. Lizzy, Juan and Lita move in with the Wagners, whose lives become hectic. Lita refuses to eat anything but potato chips, Juan is overly emotional, and Lizzy resents Ellie's attempts to parent her. The Wagners turn to a support group of their fellow foster parents. Pete's mother Sandy wins the siblings over by taking them to Six Flags, but Lizzy disappears with friends and returns late, prompting Pete to ground her. When Pete and Ellie confront Lizzy as she leaves the house, Juan accidentally shoots a nail into his foot. Seeing Pete and Ellie rush Juan to the hospital and comfort, Lita, Lizzy begins to warm to them, and Pete invites her to vent her frustrations by demolishing a house he is renovating. Lita calls Pete "daddy" after he fixes her doll, and Juan tells Ellie "Good night, mommy" when she comforts him after a nightmare. Pete and Ellie meet Carla, the sibling's mother, who has been released from prison and wants to reunite with her children. The Wagners express their feelings to the support group, but the social workers explain the system's main goal is to keep families together, and the children might return to their biological mother. Carla's meetings with her children disrupt the Wagner household. The children become more unruly, leaving Pete and Ellie demotivated and frustrated. They are horrified to discover Lizzy taking naked pictures of herself to send to someone at school named Jacob, who sends her a naked photo of himself. Whilst taking the children to school the next day, Pete and Ellie confront a student named Charlie, mistaking him for Jacob. Discovering Jacob is actually the school's 22-year-old janitor, they beat him up and he is arrested, as are Pete and Ellie, leaving Juan and Lita in the car. Returning home after posting bail, Pete and Ellie are told by Sandy that they need to reassure Lizzy that they love her. At the children's court hearing, the judge reads a statement from Lizzy, detailing Pete and Ellie's actions in a negative light. He refuses to let Ellie read her own statement, and the children are returned to Carla's care. Juan and Lita do not want to leave the Wagners, but Lizzy is ready. Will Carla finally get her kids back, or will the Wagners keep the family that they have always wanted? I'm sure there are different aspects of the storyline that many people can relate to, which is why I think that it needed actors with a wider range, playing the lead. With that aside, it's still worth a watch because I can't remember a movie that touches on this subject matter. Although it didn't smash the box office, it still went down well with critics, and I personally found it a fun watch. Enjoyable!

Round-Up: This movie was written and directed by Sean Anders, who also brought you Never Been Thawed in 2005, Sex Drive, That's My Boy, Horrible Bosses 2 and Daddy's Home 1 & 2. Judging by his previous projects, he's obviously known for his comedic work, but this film was close to his heart, as it is based on his experience, fostering 3 children with his wife. As he has worked with Mark Wahlberg before, and Mark Wahlberg starred alongside Isabela Merced in Transformers: The Last Knight, the cast was a no-brainer, but I think that he should have taken a chance with someone else in the lead. It's definitely worth making a sequel, just to see how the family grow throughout the years, but there isn't one planned as of yet.

Budget: $48million Worldwide Gross: $120.5million

Genre: Comedy, Drama Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Octavia Spencer, Tig Notaro, Tom Segura, Allyn Rachel, Margo Martindale, Julie Hagerty, Michael O'Keefe, Joan Cusack, Gary Weeks and Andrea Anders. 6/10
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THIS is how all comedies should be!
Top_Dawg_Critic16 January 2019
Loved everything about this film. Non stop laughs and outstanding performances, directing and crazy writing! A must see! A well deserved 9/10 from me!
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