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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some violent content and disturbing images

Sex & Nudity

  • a male and female kiss
  • a male rests his head on a females lap
  • A verbal reference is made to rape.

Violence & Gore

  • People are burnt alive as human torches.
  • A woman's family is slaughtered off-camera, but she is covered in their blood.
  • Some people are beaten, and the bloody lashings inflicted by a whip are shown on a man's back.
  • People are killed in the Roman games (not actually shown).
  • A man is beheaded, but the camera tilts skywards to avoid seeing the moment.
  • In Paul, Apostle of Christ, many Christians are persecuted for their faith.
  • As the rating suggests, violence is really the only real parental consideration for this movie.
  • In one scene we see man screaming while he's burned alive (we do not actually see fire on him we just see his screaming face)
  • Paul has flashbacks and in his flashbacks we see Steven "the first martyr" gets stone to death we see blood drip down from his face, but we don't actually see him die.
  • In another one of Pauls flashbacks we see him bash a females head on a rock (we do not actually see her head splitting open, the camera moves up so we just see blood splatter). Right after this we see Paul walk over to a little girl who is praying it is suggested that he kills her because she is a Christian.
  • We get several flashbacks where Paul's hands are covered in blood
  • We see a Roman soldier who is praying to his gods, he pours animal blood all over himself.
  • We see a dead boys body who's face is covered in blood, it is said he was beaten to death. (This boy is seen in the beginning of the story so viewers might fill sad after this scene)
  • A Roman soldier is stabbed in the back (dies)


  • Luke calls the prison cell a "hell hole"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the movie shows a lot of intense violence and persecution against Christians, with a lot of emotional scenes with death and even more scenes showing people already having been killed. Overall it's a very intense and sobering movie.

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