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Season 1

20 Oct. 2017
Calvin Hastings returns home to reconnect with his family, but the reunion is cut short by a string of killings instigated by a supernatural villain only Calvin and his family can take down.
27 Oct. 2017
The Dredge
The Hastings Funeral Home is infiltrated by a Trojan horse sent by the Dredge. Calvin and Isaac subdue the intruder but no victory is without its cost.
3 Nov. 2017
Half Truths & Half Breeds
Calvin receives help from a mysterious half human/half infernal, sent by his father, Isaac; Bea, Tilly, and Garvey wrestle with how to properly bury a known racist.
10 Nov. 2017
Through the Looking Glass
May gets sucked into a mysterious mirror world and it is up to the Hastings to save her before the mirror witch escapes using May's body.
17 Nov. 2017
Tangled Web
The Hastings are visited by a mystic (Aunt Nancy) who believes she has the answer to defeating The Dredge.
1 Dec. 2017
Dr. Dredge M.D.
The Dredge returns, but this time he inhabits the body of May's old flame, Dr. Kim; Calvin trains; Garvey grapples with her parents' rekindled romance.
14 Dec. 2017
Echoes of My Mind
The Dredge captures Calvin and tries to torture him into releasing the evil demons imprisoned in his ring.
21 Dec. 2017
You're Not My Momma
When a demonic doll plots revenge for her surrogate mother, it's up to Calvin and the gang to stop her. Isaac forms an uneasy alliance with the mayor.
28 Dec. 2017
Uncle Bubba
Garvey and Russ explore an old house created by a mysterious clock demon. Once they are trapped inside, it is up to Calvin, Isaac, May and Leon to free them.
4 Jan. 2018
Calvin investigates mysterious disappearances at a nearby military base. Garvey helps Russ explore his power. Tilly has to bury her mother.
11 Jan. 2018
Back to One
The Hastings family get stuck in a time loop and they have to search for a way to break the spell.
18 Jan. 2018
Calvin is possessed by The Dredge as he tries to break free of the Ring of Solomon.
25 Jan. 2018
Jackie the Ripper
Garvey is up to her "Secret recipes" as Calvin tries to balance being a father for the first time in his life. Tilly and Be a realize something they both do not like to admit.

 Season 1 

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