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What makes a winning football team? Heart and family!
HrDrJones21 August 2022
An interesting look into the workings and challenges facing a semi-professional American football team located in a small town in southern Germany, who despite their lack of financial backing and media attention, find a way to remain competitive in an ever increasing ambitious German Football League (GFL).

In a country that is dominated by soccer, American football is still considered a niche and hasn't broken into the mainstream. The NFL receives more media attention than the home grown leagues and when it comes to coverage of American football in Germany, the powerhouses from the metropolitan areas receive most of the media, sponsoring and money, even being able to attract most of the imported talents out of US college football.

This film shows that talent on paper and financial backing is not all that it takes to succeed. The Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns are largely made of amateurs and volunteers - from the coaching staff to the players - who all have families and jobs of their own. Yet each and every one of them dedicate their free time to keep the team running and winning. Backed by the people of small town Schwäbisch Hall (population 40,000) this movie shows what is really at the center of competitive sports: heart! The entire town and team are one huge family. The support and admiration for the town's Unicorns resemble that of a small town out of the American heartland who supports their local high school football team to the core.
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It's all about the U!
kuhpunkt21 August 2022
Disclaimer: I'm a long time watcher and fan of the director's vlog series on YouTube and thus a bit biased - my impressions should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

I think I can nonetheless say that this is a great documentary that works on several levels and achieves many goals all at once.

It is a personal story of discovery. It's an inspiring underdog story and it's a monument to a person, who achieved greatness through passion and hard work.

While there is nothing new or groundbreaking to see here as far as it comes to sports documentaries, it shines (mostly) in execution and heart - and there is a lot of heart to be found, on screen and behind the screen.

And without spoiling too much - the last act is one of the more exciting things I've seen in recent times, even though I knew the outcome beforehand. It's an achievment in itself to ehm... achieve that.

Sometimes it's just life that tells the best stories.
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I couldn't stop watching!!!
xvxcd24 August 2022
This story is compelling and masterfully presented! Regardless of whether you are a sports fan, you will love this story of triumph over adversity. You never lose sight that the central character is the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns while being engrossed in the individual journeys of the people who make up the Unicorn family. Well done!
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An absolute love story if there ever was one!
dalewinke22 August 2022
My wife and I watched the movie and loved it!

Sigi is a true hero and giant...absolutely wonderful Nick!

As for the title, I would suggest: Unicorn Town, a love story So very many love stories!

A love of the game.

A love of team.

A love of family & individuals.

A love of heroes and of role models.

A love of place.

A love of the possible.

And an appreciation of that love woven into an amazing visual and literal narrative!

Thank you for your creativity and wonderfully crafted storytelling.

Two thumbs up 5 out of five stars!

A #1 top ten! (Is that a thing?)
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garrettwbutler26 August 2022
WOW! An absolute masterpiece with something for everyone! An incredibly diverse documentary that isn't "just football"...but a peak inside a captivating community! Multiple storylines to latch on to, taking you through the full spectrum of emotions, as you get a front row ticket to life ...in UNICORN TOWN! 🦄
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A movie like no other! Brilliant! Captivating! Encouraging........!!!!
hendrenconstruction23 August 2022
This is a brilliant movie by Nick and his talented crew! Not only is this a film for football fans, but this is a real human story about people, the love of people and how embracing one another, going through tough times and working hard with positivity and determination to stand tall. By the end of the movie, not only will you love the story, you will have fallen in love with the cast, the town, the people of the town and the beautiful scenery! Great job Nick Alfieri and crew!
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Absolutely amazing!
juergenbinder13 October 2022
I enjoyed every second. One of the best documentaries I've seen so far. Nick Alfieri did a great job. The passion of Sigi and of all players is amazing! In my opinion, the ending could have been longer, but then it might have become too long-winded. It's fortunate that Nick Alfieri is both a football player and a filmmaker. This gives great insights into this extraordinary team that would otherwise not be possible. Anyone who likes stories about underdogs and doesn't hate football must have seen this film. I hope that the film will also appear on the German market. I'm looking forward to Nick's next film.
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The U; the U! It's all about the U!
jim-612241 September 2022
I just watched Unicorn Town again for the second time. It's wonderful. It tells the story of a bunch of small town American and German boys, fighting their way to the top of the American football world in Germany during one hectic season. Director Nick Alfieri has put together a gripping and insightful story. He shows not only the excitement of the football action, but also delves into the philosophy of the Unicorns organization, with their three guiding principles of winning, family and future. He skillfully showcases the brotherhood of this group of young warriors. Even if you're not a fan of football, the fight of men who truly give their all against teams supported by corporate money will thrill you.
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Pretty well done saga, journey
michaelwplde22 August 2022
Evidently NA has some pull with the IC, given some of the names, resources, assets, drawn together in the back office of the effort. Pretty decently compiled from home spun footage, from what I can tell, and official club and league footage, as documented in the trailing credits. Told a pretty decent, rich story, front, middle and rear. Teased you with a bittersweet pill to swallow, but did not leave you there in the end. But to be fair, if you look up the SHU, they have been strong contenders, not taking that away from them whatsoever, but the NY Lions have also been there as their northern arch rivals. Both pretty strong teams in their own rite. Worth the watch? Sure, I did not mind it.
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