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Sex & Nudity

  • Full male frontal and rear nudity. Workers (miners) have removed their clothing due to heat and lack of air conditioning. Many male genitals and butts visible for a few minutes in one scene.
  • In the beginning of the episode soldier in public toilet appear his posterior .
  • An episode begins with a male laying in bed in his underwear, and then walking to his wife still in his underwear.
  • One short scene, where men are changing their clothes. You can see a lot of them in underwear and shirtless.
  • No female nudity in the whole series, only male nudity, also not in a sexual manner, that is mentioned.
  • Several small kisses can be seen

Violence & Gore

  • Characters are depicted suffering the painful after-effects of acute radiation syndrome, with blackened, swollen lips and eyes and leathery white skin covered in bleeding sores. Very graphic, gory, and very unpleasant to watch.
  • A man hangs himself.
  • A character coughs heavily into a handkerchief, it is shown later with blood on it.
  • A character's hand is severely burned after handling a radioactive object. Chunks of flesh are missing and he screams in agony. Quick scene but graphic, shocking, and unexpected.
  • Men begin to vomit blood and get radiation burns on their faces, blood patches also soak through their white uniforms as their skin ruptures. One's face is completely covered in blood from high radiation exposure and presumed dead.
  • Multiple men and women are seen vomiting, on stretchers, with radiation burns and wounds in a crowded building, there's crying and panic.
  • A man is seen with bad radiation burns to the face and dazed.
  • Several men are seen with radiation burns to their face and body that worsen through the episode. By the end the burns are severely graphic as their skin dies and turns pale, with many bleeding area's or lesions, purple skin and black lips/eyes. No hair. The bed sheets are yellow.
  • Wrapped corpses are seen loaded into wooden coffins, nailed shut, put into lead coffins, then into a grave loaded with cement whilst tearful onlookers watch.
  • An empty hospital is shown with a sick bowl, sheets and vomit on the floor.
  • A cow is shot off camera but seen dead. Multiple domestic animals, namely dogs are shot and killed (on and off camera) wounds can be seen, one is seen suffering. Off camera shots and whimpers are heard. A group of puppies and their mother are heard killed off camera. A flatbed full of dog carcasses is lowered into a grave where cement is dropped.
  • Guns are seen at several times and pointed at people.


  • In total there were 25 uses of the f-word , 7 uses of shit, 2 uses of hell and 1 use each of piss, asshole, tits, balls and the c-word.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are seen smoking and drinking copious amounts of vodka

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This show is based on a real-life disaster of 1986, the Chernobyl accident, which is known for being one of the worst catastrophes in mankind's history. The tone is very dark and serious.
  • The show has a frighteningly dark and disturbing atmosphere.
  • A crew is sent in to exterminate dogs and other animals. Very graphic and very upsetting.
  • Extremely dark atmosphere, very depressing and disturbing.
  • Scenes depicting radiation exposure and its aftermath are intense.
  • A helicopter hits a crane cable and crashes. This is seen from a distance.
  • Characters discuss how their lives have been shortened due to radiation exposure - it is implied they have cancer.
  • The whole atmosphere of the series is dark and aims to capture the frightening nature of a Nuclear meltdown and it's graphic effects/aftermath. One scene has men go into a dark dilapidated reactor building flooded with irradiated water, their torches start to die, their dosimeters crackle frantically due to lethal radiation levels, they panic. A similar scene is shown later on a roof.
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Violence & Gore

  • Throughout the show we see 3 firefighters who were contaminated. We later see them with missing skin, bleeding, rotted skin, and them in constant agony. They look extremely realistic and gory.
  • We see people moving throughout the buildings and one of them coughs up blood on a person. We see a man approached another man who is laying on the ground and we see close-ups of his boiled skin and severe burns. After holding a door that was to a reactor that exploded a man starts to bleed profusely from his back and side. A man who was not even near the reactor vomit on a table. Multiple men are seen getting violently sick.

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