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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Just before that, Khomyuk saw Ludya helping Vasya petting her abdomen. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The scene as depicted is destined to cause controversy between among the series' viewers. In real life, the helicopter crash happened nearly six months after the disaster, on October 2nd of 1986, whereas in the show it happens a few days after the explosion. It was likely included by the writers in this fashion to make the scene more dramatic.

    After looking more closely at the scene in the miniseries, it's clear that the top rotor of the chopper does make contact with and sever the crane's main cable -- you can plainly see the hook at the end of the cable fall. The writers were probably trying to show that the pilot(s), having flown through the cloud of smoke and debris, lost their sense of direction and proximity to the crane, causing the crash. However, it's easy to assume -- with the dramatic nature of the scene and the buildup by Legasov (Jared Harris) about the extreme danger of flying directly over the core -- that it was the ionizing radiation from the core that caused the chopper to crash. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • An "Esquire" article (June 7, 2019) makes the following points: 1. Legasov was not actually present at the final court scene in the final episode. The trial was "inspired by factual circumstances" and "compressed". 2. That everybody on the "Bridge of Death" died (??? is not stated as a fact in the series - in line with the "urban myth" status) is highly disputed, there is a report of one survivor being interviewed recently. 3. The helicopter crash actually occurred months later, was caused by rotors hitting crane wires. 4. Use of "Comrade" was highly exaggerated in show. 5. The plastic dividers at hospital were for keeping germs out, not for keeping radiation in. 6. Ulana Khomyuk wasn't a real person; was an almalgamation of hundreds of scientists (??? as is clearly stated in the series). 7. Summary execution threats, "fly this helicopter over the reactor or I'll have you shot", went out with Stalin in the 1930s (??? citation needed). 8. It is disputed that a foetus can actually absorb radiation to protect the mother, the story in the show is taken strictly from the mother's reminiscence. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Most likely yes, but the extent of the spying is debatable among Soviet Union and Chernobyl researchers. The general consensus is that the Soviet Union kept an eye on him every now and then, but did not interfere with his daily life as the show portrays. It is true that Legasov was censored by the Soviet government out of fear that he would criticise them and their seeming lack of care over the safety of their citizens, but this censorship was done through the same channels of bureaucracy and fear present across the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union, even after the extent of Chernobyl became more widely known, was extremely protective over their nuclear reputation and political pressure was put on Legasov to keep quiet over the flaws present at Chernobyl. They didn't really need to spy on him because he was in a constant state of fear over what would happen if he acted in a way the government would not like.

    Legasov's suicide was the culmination of a few things; mostly his health, but Legasov was also extremely depressed and disillusioned with the failure of authorities to rectify the problems persistent in the Soviet nuclear industry. The tapes Legasov recorded before his suicide were real however, and they were discovered after his death and passed around the Soviet scientific community who turned Legasov into somewhat of an underground martyr for an anti-nuclear/pro-safety movement due to the previously undisclosed information present on them. Following the spreading of the tapes, the problems present with RBMK reactors were addressed once they could no longer be denied and, across the Soviet Union, they were refitted to be safer. Thanks to Legasov's research and revelations on the tapes, it is now a requirement of any country wishing to join the European Union that they must remove all RBMK reactors and replace them with safer alternatives. Edit (Coming Soon)

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