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  • It's only in 2d as this movie was shot in 2d. It's also in Dolby 2d as well as regular 2d. Edit

  • The actor who portrays Pennywise Bill Skarsgard has a walled eye meaning that he can move one eye independently than the other in a certain direction. Edit

  • Pennywise has cast a spell on the entire town of Derry. People who live there only see what Pennywise allows them to see. Even those people who leave Derry are still under the spell. They forget all the horrible things they saw, but they are still "marked" and are cursed to die young. When Mike calls each of the group, to tell them that It has come back, they are flooded with memories. Even the scars have on the palm of their hands re-appear.

    This plays out more clearly in the novel. When adult Mike calls each of the other Losers, not only do they not recognize him, they do not remember growing up in Derry at all (to the extreme that adult Bill has lost his stutter and even forgotten that he had a younger brother). The adult Losers very slowly recover pieces of their memories as the book progresses, until they finally remember how they defeated Pennywise as children, and are then able to fight and defeat IT as adults. In the novel, after defeating IT and once again leaving Derry, they begin to lose their memories again. Edit

  • Not clearly shown in the movie, nor stated in the original book. But in the book, there were some hints that It may not have an Earthly origin. More specifically, It is an "inter-dimensional" being - not necessarily an alien, but from another plane of existence. In the movie, during the drug-induced flashback, while Mike is narrating and Bill has his vision, it is strongly implied that It was a space traveler that crashed to Earth in the long distant past. Edit

  • Not clearly shown in the movie version. But according to the original book, Pennywise was really never a mortal being. It is not a ghost, but perhaps closer to the demon, and perhaps originating from the outside of the planet. It is a supernatural 'phenomenon' that haunts the entire city. It took the characteristic clown form, after realizing that children were fond of clowns and taking the clown form helped It easily lure children. Edit



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