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This is embarrassing to watch
panther_husky15 June 2021
Well, well, well. I was unfortunate to see this and this garbage was a waste of my time. I know of other film directors who create well crafted films with actors who can "act" and show their abilities. This film gives nothing! I cringe at the way these actors portray their character - they are no actors and you can actually hear how they had rehearsed their lines. The acting is false! This is an embarrassment to film making. Even the plot needed to be re-thought. What the hell were you thinking?

There is no humour, it is not monstrously horrific and what is so epic about it. This film must have been self funded because I can't see how this "trash" would have been funded by film houses.
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tokkie23515 June 2021
Can't believe why movies likes this are being made. Nobody likes it. Everything about it is horrific. I always wonder if the actors are proud of themselves. Utter garbage.
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Ugh, well no. Just no...
paul_haakonsen31 July 2021
Sure, when I sat down to watch the 2021 movie "The Horrific Evil Monsters" I didn't really have much of any expectations or hopes for the movie. Why? Well, given the movie's cover/poster, its synopsis and the whole vibe that the title was giving.

Yet, I did sit down to watch writers Adam R. Steigert and Kristin Steigert's 2021 movie, as I hadn't already seen it, nor actually heard about it. And who knew, it might actually be one of those low budget movies that are so bad in every aspect that they become great fun and entertaining to watch.

But that wasn't the case with "The Horrific Evil Monsters". It was just horrible.

The script was lousy and felt like it had been written by a teenager given a homework assignment of writing some fantasy fiction. Not good fantasy fiction, mind you.

The acting in the movie was wooden, rigid and fairly much without conviction or emotion. A lot of the times, the dialogue and acting performances become cringeworthy.

The characters in the movie were, well, let's just say colorful. At least the writers were trying to go out of their way with having a variety of characters in the movie, even going as far as blatantly copying "Halloween".

This movie is listed as a action horror comedy. Well, I suppose technically the movie does encompass those genres. But it doesn't mean that it provides good examples of those genres.

I am rating "The Horrific Evil Monsters" a generous two out of ten stars. The movie was not overly interesting or entertaining, but at least they tried.
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the worse movie ever made ( no exaggeration )
stehartley15 June 2021
Theres not a single good thing to be said about this. Epically fails across the board. Felt like i was being pranked when i watched it. Avoid at all costs.
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Not a waste of time
jeremy_steines19 June 2021
This is The Legion of Monsters on no budget. Some of the writing and acting was terrible but some of the actors were great in their roles. The combination of Bishop and Ogji was very entertaining. The effects were practical and mostly passable. The story was decent and the after credits and during credits scenes leave sequels on the table. I would watch another one for sure.
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Good premise, failed execution
PaxD7524 September 2021
This feels like some kid's weekend project: where s/he gets a bunch of friends together (who have never acted) and put something together to upload to youtube. Mom would have been proud.

Unfortunately, for the rest of us, Mom (and the kid's friends) are the only ones who will enjoy this film.

If there is one positive, it's the premise: "A secret government agency who recruits the most hazardous horror icons to battle a biblical force." There is serious potential to a premise like this and it's also what drew us reviewers to this film.

If you want to imagine what it would be like to produce your first film with a bunch of friends, this could be fun(ny) to watch. Otherwise... skip it.
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Plan 9 from Outer Space this ain't!
airdave-6933624 September 2021
I forced myself to sit through the first half of this...I fast forwarded thru the second half...There should be a system of Penalties and Fines levied against anyone who puts out a film like this. Wait...I take it back...calling it a "film" is unfair. Lets just call it trash. Tommy Wiseau called and said "the acting is so really bad". I honestly tried to find one redeeming thing in this trash and couldn't. I have goldfish that come up with better screenplays daily.
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From the Director- Adam Steigert
asteigert-840-95824113 September 2021
The story of the Horrific Evil Monsters is spread out over multiple years. Originally a project that started in 2014 that ultimately was unable to be funded, the script was torn apart and spread out over several films. The name remained with no script attached. I wanted to find the way to tell the definitive series story by using that title for the premise of a feature film. The Horrific Evil Monsters... what could it mean? What ELSE could it be?

Scripted in 2017 and shot in 2018/2019 for a 2020 release the film faced several setbacks due to the COVID 19 Pandemic pushing the entire project back to 2021. You'll know the story as something much different, but I will remember the film as spending time in a camper with my best friend, in the middle of the woods, spending the entire weekend under the influence and having the time of my youth writing.

The attention to detail in every scene is what makes this concept work. Thank you for taking interest in our film and if you enjoyed this story be sure to check out its sister films, as this is a universe building series, A Grim Becoming, Gore, Ombis: Alien Invasion, and FANG streaming on all your favorite platforms.

Test yourself and watch The Horrific Evil Monsters from EVERY character's point of view. I dare you.

Stay Scared, Adam.
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Highly Hilarious , Monstrously Horrific , & Indisputably Epic !!!
timodo11 June 2021
From the Mind of Diligent & Dedicated Film-Maker Adam Steigert & brought to Fascinating Fruition , this Apocalyptic Tale delves into Demons , Monsters , Biblical Forewarnings , & the upcoming Armageddon , all with a tongue-in-cheek & laid-back style , allowing this Extremely Talented crew of actors to bring out their special & unique qualities of portraying their Roles ; & the result is luminous Genius !

This Epic Begins with Introducing Us to the Stars of this Grand Tale : Jennie Russo cloaks her unblemished beauty & seethes her voice as 'OLCAY' aka 'Conquest' , the Terrifying Leader & the Meanest of the Prophetic '4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse' . No One on this Planet could possibly bring more life to this comprehensive role ! Clad as a Spartan Warrior , Jason John Beebe portrays the vengeful 'Marcos' aka 'War' to perfection . Michael Zsiros nails his role as the bedecked in formal attire : 'Death' ; & Gregory Blair weaves his magic as the Mummified Reptilian-like 'Famine' . Gregory Slithers & Slides through his performance like a Serpentine-God !

Heading up the Good Guys is Christopher Brechtel as the once living 'Mick' , who enlists Brawny Bishop Stevens as 'Alex Creed' , who makes his appearance alongside Dawna Lee Heising on a Cooking Show . Dawna is 'Winney Swinney' , who looks like Suzi-Homemaker but sounds like a combination of Joan Rivers & a Screeching Train ; & that Laugh ..... Ugggh .... You've gotta see Bishops Reactions to Dawna .... Priceless & Hilarious ! Kaylee Williams shines as a lab-Created Flesh Eating Zombie named 'Anna' ; Will Nemi is the other-worldly bookworm 'Obji' ; Dearly Departed Michael O'Hear is the mostly human 'William Sanders' , Wolf Courtesy of Keith Lukowski ; Norman Queeno is the murderous & somewhat human 'Gore' ; Lovely Xia Orozco is the Mysterious 'Mrs. Unknown' ; & Sean C. Sanders is the Ultimate 'Grim Reaper' .

Look for Adam Steigert as the 'Shadow' of 'Father David' , Kristen Steigert in assorted roles , Young Haley Grogan , Sheri Fairchild & Frank Nicosia as members of the Stage Crew Cooking Show & 'Georgina' & 'George' , who encounter Marcos' Wrath ; & Melodie Roehrig & Chris Barbis as the Young Lovers : 'Samantha' & 'Greg' .

Stick Around During the Credits to catch some other Gems & see Beautiful Jamie Miller in what appears to be a Coming attraction of Adam Steigert's Up-Coming Series : " A Grim Mini Series : Final Fracture " , Starring Jamie , Melodie Roehrig , Sean C. Sanders , & Haley Grogan !

I was lucky enough to see this at a Special Premier , so as of right now it's not readily available ; but hopefully soon it will be released on the Big Screen , where it can be seen in all its Glory , while I await my DVD ! .... Don't Miss It !!!
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