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I think everyone should watch it
maxcstyle27 May 2018
To preface, I rarely trust reviews that have 10/10, just because usually people who do them are biased towards genre, theme, actor, etc. in the way that they are fans of those and it automatically bumps up the score of a film for them to a few points above what it really deserves. It might be the case for me here too, although I must say that I am not a huge fun of anime in general. I like certain titles a lot, but I'm not really following the genre. So yesterday I felt like watching anime on a big screen, and in the city I currently reside at this anime was the only one out there. So I said to myself why not, the trailer seemed neat, and so I went. To say that I was astounded by it is not to give it a fare credit. I was expecting sort of typical 'goofiness' that we all see in anime pretty often, but there was none. It was a serious film, with a philosophical connotation, beautiful visuals, on lock dialogs. Like all the check boxes for a great anime were checked for me. In the end I was really close to shedding a few tears. To give you a frame of reference, the only time I did it watching a movie was thanks to Hachiko. Just go and watch it, there is a high chance you'll like it.
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We all die eventually
ExpNoob1929 July 2018
A-plot 10/10, B-plot 10/10, Characterization 10/10, Pacing 7/10, World Building 7/10, Voice Acting 9/10, Soundtrack 8/10, Animation 10/10,

Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms is one of the best anime films to release in the last few years. Almost everything about this film is perfect, from the well defined characters and the compelling plot to the beautiful animation and soundtrack. The only problems I had with this film are for things that didn't really matter like the minimal world building and a few unnecessary characters. Although one real problem I think the film had was the pacing especially in the first half. There are several time jumps in the film which skips over quite a bit of time and several moments that are hinted at but skipped over that I would have liked to have seen and I think would have made the ending more impactful. Because of this I think this story would have also worked really well as a 8-12 episode series. Despite these problems, the plot and characters were more than enough to keep me invested. I highly recommend you take any opportunity you have to check out this film.
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rxdiantfaith4 July 2019
I ended up finding this on a random anime website and thought the art style was pretty so I decided to look it up. I barely read anything about the movie though since I didn't want spoilers, so I went in pretty much blind tonight watching this. Because I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone else looking to watch this, I won't go into too much detail. I just felt the need to review this as soon as I finished watching because I was in tears the entire time!! This movie has such a bittersweet ending, but at the same time closes the story off in such a perfect way (again, don't want to spoil, so I won't say why/how). Please just watch this for yourself! Everything's amazing about this: the plot, the pacing, the artstyle, the music, the character development. I wish this was hyped up just as much as Your Name or A Silent Voice because if I hadn't found this movie on that website, I would've never had the chance to watch this. Again, please watch this if you have the chance. You won't regret it!!!! I'm editing this because I just found out this was Mari Okada's directorial debut??? BLESS THIS WOMAN.
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Great Debut anime movie
lachlan-344118 June 2018
I saw this movie during its limited theatre release in Australia. Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms is the directorial debut by Mari Okada. She also wrote the film. The writing, voice acting and animation is great. The main characters Maquia and Erial are realistic and convey the relationships between Children and their parents. The film also explores themes of motherhood. The film however is dragged down by some of the side characters and several flashback scenes which I thought were unnecessary. Overall I thought this was a great movie and it was only held back by some minor flaws.
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You will definitely find your self in this movie.
minhhd22 March 2018
Mari Okada have already mastered the storytelling technique. Every words every name in this movie is so meaningful. I hope that the English version can translate at least 80% of the word's meaning.
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Really beautiful and deserves a second watching
ibrahimz-322289 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Really beautiful i really enjoyed it and wants to watch it again. The redemption scene is awesome (about 96 min) when Maquia and Leilia are escaping on back of a white dragon. You only watch this scene and hear it's fantastic music to understand what i means. It is really great and makes you want to cry. The end is great too when Maquia is return for her son who is now old and is on his death bed. Overally a good Anime movie and deserves an Oscar nomination for best animation of the year. For sure it is very better than the Boss Baby.
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Dare to be sentimental
largu8 January 2019
I had the pleasure to see a preview of Maquia without any previous knowledge of it. This is something that I recommend. That being said, Maquia start off quite dense with different warring factions and odd bits of vocabulary. No worries though, because even though every detail is not fully explained the word building and slow pacing eases you into the story. And it IS quite detailed, both story vise and visually. The protagonist Maquia from the title, is born in village where the inhabitants record and keep history by weaving long tapestries. Her people are a legendary elf-like lot who can live for hundreds of years and stop aging in their teens. Now, this trope could easily turn quite nasty, but Maquia steers tastefully far from most potential threats. In all, Maquia is a story about family and relations. It's poignant and serious in an oddly down-to-earth way regardless of it's fantasy setting.The animations are a high-budget marvel to see. My only gripe is that the movie kind of ends multiple times, and the last 30 minutes or so feels like one ending after another. Apart from that it also made me cry quite profusely. So, go see it.
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kalasanayam2 November 2018
No matter how you love or how you hate anime, you must watch this anime movie. Why? Because you can take a lesson or maybe some lessons of life in this anime. The plot is so good and this story has their own uniqueness. Furthermore the animation is so good and fantastic.
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A truly beautiful and wonderful film
Cliffhanger949 February 2019
I didn't know much about this film when I found it at Walmart and just bought it on impulse, and boy am I glad I did. This has to be one of the best films I've seen recently as well as one of the best anime films I've ever seen period.

Beautifully animated with a well crafted story that made a 24 year old man cry. I highly recommend watching it.

If I was gonna complain about something, the CGI can at times be a little spotty but that doesn't effect my enjoyment of the film.
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A really gorgeous movie :)
RoysR12326 November 2018
We often have so many question in our life and reality isn't as easy as it seems , and that is what Mari okada tried to depict through gorgeous animation, soundtrack, although there are flaws in the plot, a lot of things which left untold. character developments were lacking, the pacing was bit off and second half can be bit surprising. Despite of that, it's still a thought provoking movie.

What is like to be a mother?what is love?what is like to live forever?is there any limit to human's greed?How far will you go for the love one?and what is it to die?

PLOT Literally, the whole movie is like a roller coaster ride, here our little immortal maquia is a loner, leaving her kingdom after invasion by the king men, how will she fetch with a new born baby she just found?being a mother to her, the consequences to be followed, how the relation between them will turn out as the mortal kid grows up. The pacing is bit inconsistent tho.

CHARACTERS There are lot of characters who can have their own back stories, with different motives, the reason for their action and when I said they lack development, it's mainly because of the so little time frame to fit in.

ANIMATION Top tier animation, no doubt about that. 10/10 for that, you can set wallpaper for each frame.

This film is really so underrated, hope for more people watches and appreciate it :)
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It's full of live and It's have a very strong emotional scence.
puracheach-8734630 June 2018
Well written and good quality animation. this can easily be one of the best animation out there. The stroy start and go on not too slow but it's skipped some scence but dont worry it's wont make you angry or confused and it's easy to follow.

It's just full of live.
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Should have won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars...
thecrowing-3642415 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Had Spider-man Into the Spider-verse not have such inventive animation, I think this movie should have taken home the gold for Best Animated Feature. Not just because of it's stunning animation, but also for it's incredibly moving story. Every frame of this movie could be a desktop background and hell, some of the locales look downright photo-realistic and yet the characters till blend in well with the surroundings, not looking out of place or like they're just floating on some invisible plane. It's a gorgeous film that at the very least should be seen simply for it's gorgeous art. However, if you were to only view this masterpiece for it's art, you'd be missing out on some of the hardest hitting emotional gut-punches I've ever sat through in a movie. The movie slowly builds Ariel and Maquia's relationship, making you sympathize with Maquia and love Ariel almost as much as maquia does. The film establishes their relationship through vignettes spread across Ariel's life, showing their best times and even their worst times, culminating in Ariel leaving Maquia to make it on his own so that his presence no longer burdened her. All of this then leads to the movie's bittersweet ending with the heartbreaking line "I'm sorry, Ariel, but your mother is going to break her promise" And if that call back to her promise not to cry doesn't make you weep, I'm not sure what will. Ultimately, this movie is an emotional rollercoaster that should be experienced by everyone not just because of it's impeccable animation but for it's messages about love, life, motherhood, and mortality. Incredible film that should be considered classic viewing for anyone. 10/10
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Beautiful Meanings... Behind a Piece of "Artwork?"
kvang1452 November 2018
A masterful creation of what is a mother's love. This movie carries action and drama from the viewpoints of struggling people. Time flies by quickly in the plot, but the ends justifies everything, so on that note, yes, it has a complete ending that fullfills satisfaction. Definitely a good classic or child-memory lane movie to watch. Good artwork and music, with only one bad CGI (within anime?) scene.

Now to the negatives, which should not be a deterrent to watching, but understand why it's not the best: 1. Theme of the movie is motherhood, but what you ended up with is teen pregnancy... yeah. What some people strongly feel is not empathy but pity. 2. A lot of character brush-offs. Each character development is very limited, scenes are spread to multiple characters, meaning there is no main character focus on. 3. Lots of unknown background. The story has a strong history, which is the action and adventure side, but what the movie focused on is the side-story of Maquila. 4. Action and drama not a good mix. Action fans want a little drama, but drama fans won't appreciate action... wierd huh?

Final note: 7/10 - it's like a Shakespeare's play/book. You "can" or "have to" emphasize on each and every action in order to enjoy the work... like a painted art. If you watch it, you didn't waste your time. If you didn't watch it, you're not missing out on anything.
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Good and worth to watch!
yongxi-9271611 November 2018
Lots of people said they cried but I didn't. The jp anime always know how to make the detail so touched . It is definitely a good one and inspired me so much that I feel I have a ton to say afterwards! It about 1hr45min long, still some people may thing the plot is confusing/jumping... but this is not an series so we have to think what it implied! And what is behind the implied! Furthermore, I think there are few themes no need to spent the extra seconds on it. Overall it definitely worth to watch!
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It's heartwarming, you should watch it
rasalyssakayeife31 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Everything was wonderful, the animation was done amazingly.Every little detail from the characters to the backgrounds were done greatly. It definitely shows that it was a big production. The music was great, it perfectly fits every scene. I'm a very sensitive person, so with all honesty, I cried like a baby after watching the film. Man, the music hyped up my tears ducts bohoo~ The plot was incredible, it isn't a linear story. I don't know if it's the right term but nye~. The plot had a lot of timeskip. It wasn't bad though. It actually created that feeling of drastic change that we experience in real life, and it was kinda sad with every timeskip cause Erial grew up. He, like any typical child, grew up to be independent and somewhat distant to his mom. The story makes you feel nostalgic of your childhood. You'll remember those little things that made you happy with your family. And heck yeah, I cried a lot. I got really sensitive y'know. It reminded me of how life is short and how I should treat my mother better. Actually in every timeskip,it'll make you understand how our parents' feel when they say, "You grow up so fast". Maquia was a great mother. She might not represent every mother out there but she has loved her son dearly until the end and he became her source of strength like any other mother out there. The film did great in conveying that as well as adding a different element in the story, social issues and a fantasy-based origin of the world. Let me just remind you that I'm a super sensitive kid and I'm strongly empathetic so pardon me if I sounded a bit exaggerated. But definitely, it is worth watching. You'll feel all sorts of emotions and you'll definitely think of your mother as you watch<3
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Loved it
WeAreLive15 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Before you read my review I request you watch the movie because there maybe be heavy spoilers in my review and I don't want to get the blame for it.

His movie is about a young beautiful teenage girl called Maquia who comes from a land where her and all the people that live their can always look young and youth full. But a day came when there is an attack in their village and the young girl flees she then finds a young baby crying because his mother is killed so she takes him in at a young age and looks after him and this is how the story begins.

Story wise it is good and plot wise it could have had a few tweaks but nothing too much.

Voice acting wise it is good doesn't matter if you watch it dubbed or subbed you might just get the same experience. I watched it dubbed cause I am not a fan of the dub vs sub argument and I have problems keeping up with subtitles for a long period of time or stand to listen to japanese cause I find them irritating to listen. Dubbing wise it was good but there was a bit too much over reacting during dialogues but you might get that in either version. However, GKIDs did a solid job with the dub.

Animation and art style was good and it had very beautiful visuals to look at and you can tell the guys worked so hard on it.

Timing and pacing is good but it could have had a bit less on the actual time movie as I found it a little so pace to the point where they miss out certain things.

But overall despite a faults I have mentioned it is still the best anime movie I have watched this year so far.
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A beautifull story about love and family in a world full of myths and fantasies
jashvantsewmangal3 November 2018
This movie has such great character developments and emotions that you'll just fall in love with it and tear up when the end credits roll
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Beautiful but lacking
kalevi-r20 December 2018
The backgrounds and scenery shots are jarringly beautifully drawn almost from start to finnish, but the characters often pop out too much and their movements are a bit stiff and unnatural.

The story is similarly beautiful but especially towards the end feels like it's made for one purpose only: to make people cry no matter what. This makes it feel less credible. To achieve that, the ending has been stretched out unnecessarily in contrast to many scenes mid way that feel rushed. Nevertheless the plot is decent enough to keep you interested and such a classic fantasy story that it fits the artwork perfectly.

The acting is for the most part fine and believable, but the main character's voice is just jarringly high-pitched even on anime standards. When she's crying (which happens A LOT) or shouting it just hurts your ears and causes headache. The purpose is to make the character seem young, but it just makes her annoying to listen to, which is a big problem since she is the main character. Other voice actors, sound design and music were just fine, though nothing amazing.

All in all, you will get the most out of this movie by viewing it in the highest quality possible, in cinemas, blu-ray, 1080p etc. Don't waste your time watching it in 720p or on DVD. It is a beautiful work of art and should be viewed as such.
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Animation good - story is a mess
nodlimax3 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
First part is spoilerfree: On the positive side I really have no complaints related to the animation. It's really well done. The art style they used is not one I like, but this is more related to taste and doesn't impact the rating for me.

What does impact the rating though are the story and characters. The story is extremely messy in how it is put together and edited. There are a lot and huge time jumps throughout the movie also causing sudden changes in character behavior and apparent motivation. The problem is also that the movie is not showing any real development of the characters. It often just tells us through exposition on why a character supposedly does something which in general is bad story telling.

Also due to the time jumps there are various characters that fall extremely short. There are various scenes that are supposedly "beautiful" and "positive" where I was just thinking "that character in this situation is a freaking ****".

In my opinion the story would have needed a 24 episode anime show to fully utilize its potential.

***Spoilers*** ahead now: My main problems with the story are related to various questions that popped up while I was watching the movie which where never really answered:

1. What's up with Medmel? We see two scenes with her. She wants to see her mother and is not allowed to while her mother Leilia apparently has only one purpose in life which is to also see her daughter. She only has that purpose because she thinks all of her people are dead.

Then when she sees her daughter for the first time in years (supposedly) there is no real interaction and she just jumps of the castle and flies away with Maquia leaving her daughter behind supposedly never seeing her again. As the daughter i would be "a little bit disappointed".

And why did one of the soldiers have such apparent hatred against Medmel? The movie neither showed or told what was going on there.

2. What's up with the dragons? There were a lot and they suddenly die due to some illness? There was no real explanation behind that whole part of the story.

3. Why is Ariel suddenly so invested in fighting for the kingdom? To defend his family? But the kingdom loses (at least it looks that way) and there are no repercussions for him or several other surviving soldiers. What is going on here?

4. How was that idea to get a new male heir with a long live supposed to help prolong the kingdom anyway if the main military advantage (the dragons) are dying? There was no explanation whatsoever.

5. How did Ariel get together with Mido? One scene he leaves Maquia to join the military and the next he says he's becoming a father and then we see him together with Mido. What the heck is going on here?

6. What's with the various Iorph people? At the start they supposedly capture most of the women. Where are they? Are they all enslaved? Are they dead? What happened to the elder? It sounded like she was dead but we never really saw or hear anything specific about her fate.

7. Some of the guys were trying to free Leilia (shown in a flashback) but supposedly killed but then they apparently survived? How and what was going on there?

8. What happened to the king? Was he killed by the enemy? Did his own soldiers kill him? Did he surrender? What about the prince that supposedly fathered Medmel? I think we saw him once during a parade on a dragon. What happened to him?

There are a lot more issues with the story, but these are some of the main questions that popped up.
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Nice animation, truly horrible writing
Bones72930 November 2019
OMG I was like, "Please, when is this going to end already? Please end!" It's very sappy. Incredibly corny. Certain themes were repeated over and over and over, like motherhood and not crying. Flat characters. I didn't care about any of the characters. Characters getting SO worked up over nothing, as if the writer is just DESPERATE to get a reaction out of the audience. FORCING it upon us with no actual substance. Emotional manipulation without even succeeding! I'm actual a really emotional person but I felt nothing except wonder at how the writing could be so bad. But anyway... The animation was often very nice. Good use of sunlight, creative backdrops with details. That's the only reason I'm voting a 2 instead of a 1.
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A great story about selfless love.
poralhannah28 October 2019
This is a very powerful story of how somebody could express selfless love. Kudos to Mari Okada for this great storytelling. This made me shed a lot of tears
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Ghibli with more tears
iguth19 June 2019
Maquia is a wonderful anime that obviously did not get much attention in America. The themes of family and love and death are all wonderful and dramatic. This movie is so moving and dramatic that it brought tears to my eyes. It has a fantastical theme to it while not feeling like any sort of weird rpg world. It transitions from fantasy to reality but still in a fantastical steampunk esc. Style. Definitely similar to a Ghibli film in style but not in setting as much. Orchestral/piano soundtrack is both dramatic and calming. Beautiful in story and pretty darn good in every other aspect.
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Great movie!
intouchables-569564 June 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Thanks for the movie, I'll more treasure the time with my family.
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Nice story and soundtrack.
IerarKos12 April 2020
Nice story, nice soundtrack but dragons are really bad!
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knl65414 December 2019
One sentence - its a beautiful movie. I hope there are other movies out there to fill the void.
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