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If god was one of us
FrenchEddieFelson24 June 2019
The actress Vicky Knight was 8-year old when her body was burned to 30% consecutively to an arson. She has hidden her body for years and this film, suddenly, shows it tenfold. Thus, Dirty God (2019) is realized without any Computer-Generated Imagery and Vicky Knight shines and even radiates despite her environment devoid of empathy and full of morons. As for God, we're still looking for him...
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Lots of squandered potential for a great movie...
paul_haakonsen12 July 2019
Admittedly, then I had somewhat expected more from a movie such as the 2019 movie "Dirty God" by director writer and director Sacha Polak.

"Dirty God" turned out to be rather slow paced, and very little was actually happening throughout the majority of the movie. And that was making it somewhat difficulty to sit through the entire movie and not have your attention on the screen start to fail and wander.

It should be said that the acting performances in the movie were quite good, and Vicky Knight - playing Jade - was actually putting on a very strong and memorable performance. It was just a shame that the movie's storyline was less than mediocre and the pacing of the movie was so monotonous.

While Vicky Knight was performing nicely, the Jade character just wasn't really fully written to a satisfactory level for me. The character seemed shallow and more of a rough draft at the character, than it was a properly fleshed out - pardon the pun - character that you could relate to.

I managed to sit through the entire movie, but I wasn't particularly entertained, nor did I find "Dirty God" to be an overly enjoyable movie. It was simply too mundane and slow for my liking. Hence the four out of ten star rating I am giving it.

While I did manage to sit through "Dirty God", this is by no means a movie that I will ever pick up and watch for a second time. The movie just simply had very little replay value to it.
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a wound hard to heal
ops-5253513 July 2019
Being acidated by a cruel friend, the story is sparse on the matter, its more the tough psychological fight it is to look different at a young age . the burn scars sticks deep, and even deeper than people around her can understand. choosing to wear a burka to avoid people to see the scars, and doing the sex online on the internet doesnt make matters easier.

its a film about being made estranged to your surroundings, and the lack of real support is like a major acidosis. the acting are plain, but not developing, and just stays sad and at times extreme childish. the make up deartment has done a good job on the wound parts, and the score makes this film afloat.

but allover it is a very sad and gloomy story, with a raw british realism attached to it, so the grumpy old man recommends it to all that can stay in for 100 mins of heavy psychosocial realism. its not a rewind for me though.
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Finding God can be hard...
erwingeo2 May 2019
... especially if you're a young mother in suburbian UK, whose emotional damage is even more substantial than her physical damage. Nice acting performances in an documentary-like drama. And even though the plot is not very surprising, the eye for detail and overwhelming soundtrack make up for it.
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Raw and beautiful
ikillick13 June 2019
A wonderfully crafted film featuring a captivating performance from newcomer Vicky Knight. Strong direction and an assured hand throughout made this a rewarding, forgiving and cathartic examination of a victim readjusting to their new life
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Gritty and fly on the wall style
mickmcneill28 July 2019
This film really hits home as it gets inside the head of the main character and takes us on a rollercoaster emotional experience. We are never quite sure where the film is heading, it really works on a more docu-drama level than any film I have watched since "Amores Perros". It has a very gritty approach to British subculture and the only violence occuring has preceeded the start of the film. Casting an actual burned actress in the main roll adds a dynamic that would be hard to achieve otherwise. Acting is first class, the film never lets up and really has neither a good or bad ending, it is just what it is - a snapshot of a beautiful young girl tragically maimed and trying to come to terms with a future, any future.
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