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Season 5

17 Oct. 2021
Cake Week
The ten contestants for season 5 are walking into the unfamiliar, namely the tent for the first time, but have some aspects that should be familiar to them: the recognizable faces, at least on television, of the returning hosts and judges; that they, while on site, will need to maintain COVID-19 protocols as they do in everyday life; that this, the first week of any season, is cake week; and that they, as their first, challenge, are each asked to make something that is a classic, namely a pound cake, they allowed to put their own person spin on whatever they bake. ...
24 Oct. 2021
Cookie Week
It's cookie week, where the bakers will have to put modern spins on classic cookies. For the signature, they are asked to make icebox sandwich cookies. Icebox cookies historically have been refrigerated dough in a log for those sweet treat emergencies to slice off and bake as needed. Beyond the time restriction limiting how long they can chill their dough, the bakers will have the challenge of having a multi-colored dough to exhibit a "picture" in the cookie. They also have to ensure their sandwich filling is firm enough so as not to ooze out when biting into the ...
31 Oct. 2021
Celebration Week
The bakers are moving away from a theme centered around a bakery item, to a more general theme as it is the first ever Celebration Week, meaning everything they produce must be in celebration of something. For the signature challenge, they are each to make a dozen éclairs in celebration of an event of their choosing using flavors of their choosing. The celebration is more defined in the technical, where they are each asked to make a Halloween spider web cake. The challenge with the technical is the multi-component nature of the product, which includes a cake sponge, a...
7 Nov. 2021
Bread Week
It's bread week, and for the signature, the bakers are going to have to impress especially Kyla who grew up eating what they are asked to make, namely babka. They can use whatever flavors they want for their babka, but should incorporate the braids and twists revealing the filling, this look for which babka is known. The bakers are figuratively traveling further east in each being asked to make twelve bolo baos - six sandwiched with a homemade butter - for the technical. In being told that the Chinese to English translation is pineapple buns, they may be perplexed if ...
14 Nov. 2021
Pie and Tart Week
For the signature in this, pie and tart week, the bakers are each asked to make a sweet pie representing some aspect of one of the Canadian provinces. The judges want to see the provincial representation not only in the flavors, but also the design and even the type of crust. The bakers, for the technical, are moving to the smaller tarts in being asked to make fourteen pastéis de nata, more commonly known in English as Portuguese egg tarts. The challenge as with any custard based tart or pie is that the already finicky crust, which in this case is a laminated dough, ...
21 Nov. 2021
Caramel Week
It's the quarter-finals, and the five remaining bakers will be partaking in the show's first ever Caramel Week, with the bakes either inherently caramel or a caramel version of what is requested. Regardless, the caramel must shine through respective of what other flavors the they choose to incorporate. They are each asked to make twelve each of two different versions, both in flavor and design, of Florentine cookies, which use caramel as their structural base. Beyond the finicky baking times, the challenge may be to make a version that stands out from the crowd while ...
28 Nov. 2021
Patisserie Week
It's the semi-finals, when the four remaining bakers will have to demonstrate that they can be delicate in making patisseries worthy of a French pastry shop window. For the signature, they each will be making sixteen vol-au-vonts with two different fillings. The difficulty with the signature may be adapting their recipe, especially the puff pastry, to complete it within the short time given for the challenge. For the technical, they will each be making a baba au rhum, a yeast risen cake. In addition to not being given a mixer in needing to make all the components by ...
5 Dec. 2021
The finale has arrived, and the final three standing are Vincent Chan, Aimee DeCruyenaere, and Steve Levitt. They realize that as the finale, the judges could throw anything at them, but whatever they produce has to be spectacular in every way. They are each asked to make a mousse tart for the signature, the multi-component bake which should also include a gelée. The tart's layers should be distinctive with the flavors combining into a cohesive whole. The technical is another multi-component bake in they each being asked to make ten delizia al limone apiece, the domed desserts which include a sponge, a lemon ...
12 Dec. 2021
The Great Canadian Holiday Baking Show
Four friends of the tent return to compete in a one weekend only holiday baking competition. All four former finalists, they each want to accomplish what they didn't quite achieve their first times in the tent, namely to take home the winner's cake tray. For the signature, the judges ask each to prepare a festive treat tray with at least two types of baked goods, one which should be a cookie. While taste and texture are always important components, festive may be the key in it being the holidays. Kyla sets the technical, which is for each to make what none have ...

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