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Lampooning the Rich
evanston_dad25 October 2022
The triangle of sadness is that space right above the nose and between the eyebrows that can get all bunched up when someone is worried, or angry, or confused. We're told this in the opening moments of "Triangle of Sadness" when a male model is asked to relax his during an audition. That model, Carl, played by Harris Dickinson, is dating Yaya (the late Charlbi Dean), a social media influencer, and the first chapter of this film, titled "Carl and Yaya," consists almost entirely of the two of them bickering. Carl is vaguely frustrated by the dynamic in their relationship and feels manipulated by Yaya, but in ways he can never clearly articulate. He thinks they fall too quickly into stereotyped gender norms, but every time Yaya tries to correct the situation, he gets angry and tells her she's not getting the point. Does Carl have a valid beef with Yaya, or is he just being a jerk? Yaya admits that she's manipulative and confesses to feeling contrite about it, but is she really? And in any case, do I care about the not super important tribulations of these vapid people, and do I want to spend two and a half hours watching them?

But don't worry. Chapter 2 comes along, and Carl and Yaya's relationship quickly becomes secondary. This part is titled "The Yacht," and puts us on a luxury cruise with Carl and Yaya and a bunch of other people who will reveal themselves to be insufferable representatives of the rich and.....if not famous, then....well.....really, really rich.

The big set piece of this chapter is the captain's dinner, presided over by Woody Harrelson, who eats a hamburger and fries while everyone else eats squiggly sea creatures and disturbingly colorless jellies. He'll be glad he made that choice, because the seas get rocky. Things go quickly down the toilet from there. Except for the things that don't make it to the toilet in time. And the things that come up from the toilet in all of their liquid and ghastly detail. Seriously, this section of the movie made me queasy for a whole day afterwards every time I even looked at food.

You wouldn't think it could get much worse, but it does. We eventually get to chapter 3, "The Island," which finds a handful of survivors who've escaped an exploding yacht (long story) establishing a new social order until help arrives. This is where the movie kicks into full gear, and we start to understand better everything that came before. This is also where the actress Dolly De Leon emerges almost literally out of nowhere to steal the movie out from under everyone else. She plays Abigail, "toilet manager" on the cruise, but now queen bee, because she's the only one who has any practical skills. She can catch fish with her bare hands, make fires, cook. What happens when the social order is entirely upended? Abigail gives us a glimpse. What good are your Rolex watches when the most desired commodity becomes a bag of pretzel sticks? As Abigail establishes herself as matriarchal leader of this ragtag civilization, all of those navel gazing conversations about gender roles that Carl and Yaya were having way back at the beginning start to have more meaning, and their fraught relationship directly affects the direction things take.

This is all capped off by one of those ambiguous endings that some people will love and that will send others across the internet into a froth of rage.

"Triangle of Sadness" is not especially profound satire. It doesn't have anything to say about rich people that a million other movies haven't already said, and what it does say it says obviously and heavy handedly. But give me any movie about privileged, entitled people being made aware of their helplessness and I'm on board. And this film is right on the nose about what happens when the lower classes get a taste of the power they wield. I mean, during the pandemic, when people in service jobs couldn't work or decided not to, we saw a whole population of affluent Americans lose their minds at the thought of not having enough toilet paper. Just imagine if there had been a shortage of pretzel sticks.

This is a fiendishly entertaining movie and makes up in gumption what it lacks in subtlety.

Grade: A.
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Horror movie of a different sort
californiahummus9 October 2022
This is why I used to go to theaters - to watch thought provoking entertaining movies. While there may be little to no blood - this movie is brutal. No stone is left unturned as you move through society's expectations of class, money and sexual politics. This is not light breezy fun and is sure to turn your stomach just watching it at times. This is a return to an original script not based on some comic book or sequel of some long drawn out franchise. I mean you could watch another DC/Marvel movie but is there a point to that anymore? This is in my humble opinion the best movie of 2022 (so far).
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From Satire to Grotesque
bertrandma2 December 2022
The film starts very strong, with a series of excruciating vignettes commenting on anything from dark marketing in high fashion to restaurant post-feminism. While thoroughly detestable, the Yaya character has some density (i.e. The hotel scene where she admits being manipulative) which Carl lacks (he remain a 'clothe horse' throughout: a blank screen on which others project their emotions). This culminates on the boat, with the harrowing scene of the staff's bath, which made me cringe so hard I had to look away.

The wealthy guests and already the boat staff are somewhat less finely observed than the prologue, and soon enough sharp satire makes way for the grotesque: the apocalyptic middle-section is not without merit (and did elicit some Schadenfreu) but is too drawn out. The excess fails to make up for the lack of wit, and many scenes (i.e. The battle of quotes) seem to fall short of their own ambitions.

The third and final section is a somewhat drab robinsonade: it is hard to do or say anything new or remarkable in such an overused setting, and much of it is expected and unremarkable (i.e. The hunting). The Abigail character is really its raison d'être, and while she is certainly interesting, I feel a different setting might have served her better.

On the whole this a rather disparate movie, with its three sections connected by its least interesting characters. It has its moments of glory, and is on the whole well acted and well shot, but neither in its story nor in its message does it really really stick out. That its social dimension would get so much attention says more about our epoch than about the film: this is not a particularly political movie. It certainly laughs at wealthy eccentrics, in a Zoolander kind of way. It does depict inequalities and class conflict on screen, which perhaps to a provincial American audience (raised on a fully-sanitized Hollywoodian diet) constitutes a reckless transgression in itself, but for European standards this hardly stands out. Beyond a few gestures and monologues, there is actually no hint that social change would do anything more than displace the problem.
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What people who don't watch art movies think art movies are like
Lockout_Salties29 October 2022
There has been a lot of buzz about Triangle of Sadness, especially given that it won the prestigious Palm D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Generally, however, reviews have been divided, with some calling it a hilarious anti-rich romp, and some criticizing it for being shallow in its satire.

But the problem with Triangle of Sadness has nothing to do with whether or not it is good dark comedy. The problem is that it's a complete mess. Annoying, disjointed, and appallingly slow, this is one of the most unpleasant cinemagoing experiences I've had all year. However, I can't deny that it is very well-made and acted, which saves the movie from outright badness.

The film starts off on the wrong foot with a long, long argument between its two protagonists. It's clearly supposed to show how shallow rich people are, but the scene should be around two minutes and instead takes up what feels like twenty. Both characters are intensely irritating: again, not on its own an issue, but it's not justified sufficiently to make it worthwhile.

Initially, you think to yourself "no matter. A lot of movies don't start great. This is bound to get better." But, unfortunately, the opposite is true. Triangle of Sadness doesn't just have an overly long and slow beginning section, it's an overly long and slow movie. You find out that it scarcely has anything that resembles a plot or any real structure, and almost every single one of the characters are designed to be extremely unlikable. This leads to scene after scene of no consequence and little entertainment value, interspersed with only the occasional mildly amusing gag. Any through line established in the opening is completely dropped for no apparent reason. Even when the boat is finally left behind, the plot does not pick up whatsoever and still refuses to engage the audience.

What's most frustrating is that the elements for a great movie are right there. The acting is executed well and the movie is styled in a unique yet restrained way. Some of the humour even elicits laughs, a rare trait for a modern comedy. But none of this is enough to fully salvage the film and make it worth watching. Triangle of Sadness is a movie that has the trappings of great cinema, but it's all in service of a wretched, vacuous hole at its center.

Finally Score: 46/100.
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Triangle of Unbearable Boredome
cahidi28 November 2022
Look, I get why people are giving high ratings for this movie. It's a satire and has a strong message and whatnot. But the thing is, it can be done with much less screen time. You don't have to drag it out for more than 2 hours. There's so many useless scenes in this movie. I kept fast forwarding while watching, yet I still get the gist of it. And while it's interesting to see how the social ladder gets turned upside down, it's not interesting seeing dragged for so long. It gets boring and dull. Plus there wasn't any admirable character in this movie that the audience would want to root for. They're all just lowlifes. I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy watching immoral people doing the dirty. So for me, this movie is a big NOPE. For you who enjoy this kind of stuff, good for you. Enjoy it. I'd rather find something with more morality in it. Cause this world is already bleak without more bleak messages like this one. I'd rather not see more of these.
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Sad comedy
mr-altex26 November 2022
Got a tip from my buddy that this is brilliant and perhaps the best movie of this year. Well, I don't have the same taste.

I get that this is critique aimed towards the shallow and useless world of modern society where the wealthy can do what ever they want just because they have money. Being greedy all and all and the server cast who exist just to please them.

It is probably the intention to leave up to the viewer to decide if character is being serious, unintentionally funny or absurdly self-deprecating. Unfortunately once you realize the style, all scenes become predictable to the point of just being boring.
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Absolutely amazing sharp satire.
suuronenmiro24 September 2022
Palme D'or winner at Cannes this year from Ruben Östlund.

I surely didn't know what to expect.

Because this was something really absurd and wild.

Absolutely hilarious satire about rich peoples.

No boring points at all.

So interesting and somehow really unique story split in three quite different parts.

First one is like intro to two main characters and comedy was more subtle.

Second one definitely was the craziest one that made me laugh hysterically so many times.

Third chapter did continue do that same with also bringing more character study in story.

So interesting to see how power dynamics are changing constantly in this film.

Overall this film had so many great characters with unique personalities.

Nobody is that likable at all, but that definitely is the point.

Great performances from everyone.

Not that many bigger actors other than Woody Harrelson who was fantastic.

So sharp comedy.

This film was so wild ride.

Absolutely amazing.
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Entertainingly thoughtful - just the right balance
lepahin3 September 2022
We watched it just a few days after we learned the death of Charlbi Dean, so I expected an awakward experience, but the film pulled me in from the first minutes. It was much lighter and much more fun than I expected - the title is misleading as "sadness" is absolutely not a topic in the film. However, it deals with quite a lot of topics such as richness, power, capitalism/socialism, and so much more... without preaching or suggesting anything. And it is funny and entertaining from start to finish, sometimes even going into satire. A definitely must watch where you don't feel at all that the runtime is over 2 hours. A very European, very international, very likable movie with stellar performances and a very funny but believably absurd story.
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You know why this won't get any rewards?
FilmFlowCritics13 October 2022
Pretty much like "The Square", Östlund delivers again so much in between the lines of social criticism, while also not shying away from pretty much on the nose satire in its most vulgar form. While being creative and very anti-consumerism with the message here, this is a movie that might be to "critical" of the high society lifestyle, to reap rewards for the cleverly written satire it really is. It has a clear structure but also many flaws, that won't spoil the enjoyment though.

This movie is unfortunately 40mins to long and has an ending that is not satisfying in my personal opinion, but that's a matter of taste.

P. S. - Don't eat during act 2 and thank me later.
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Eat the Rich
berndgeiling22 October 2022
I had high expectations on Östlund's latest movie. I loved his former films very much, but this time I left the theatre a bit disappointed.

I appreciate that a contemporary auteur film maker gives his strong commentary on social injustice, stupidity and emptiness, but this time his latest achievement is simply lacking the subtleness and ambivalence his former movies provoked.

Here we have a kind of sledgehammer satire: the rich and beautiful are so disgusting that vomit and shit is flying in streams all around. Got the message. This boat called society is definitely sinking and we will all go down with it for sure. But to know that, I really didn't need that movie. At least it's entertaining in the first two parts, third part simply doesn't work.
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Sub-par, style-over-substance postmodern satirical film without much bite
thesmythley1 November 2022
Unfortunately I had high expectations for this film, which makes it all the more painful to have to write this review. It was unfortunate to watch a film in which the targets, a group of the elite, could have been attacked in such a more effective and witter fashion. Instead you have some pretty cheap slapstick, gross-out humoured attempts at comedy which is overdone. If you were expecting any witty dialogue then forget it. The audience will get the obvious symbolism littered carelessly throughout the film, but apart from that it comes across as a very formulaic, falling pretty flat in the kinds of mechanisms it employs. The latter third of Triangle of Sadness becomes completely predictable and doesn't really come across as satirical comedy. It seems to bafflingly mark a transition away from satire to more of a castaway sort of situation that appears to be a trashy postmodern recreation of the old film, "The Admirable Crichton." The exception is that it lacks any depth and could've been so much better, even when it does try desperately hard to come across as furnishing the audience with deep political or philosophical themes. Was it supposed to be funny, a progressive feminist take or sophisticated subversive turn in watching one of the wealthy characters become manipulated into having sex with one of the workers in a wholly predictable "exploited turned exploiter" character role reversal? In short, it is a postmodern farce that lacks any real substance and far too heavily on style - appearing to be more prosaic than it actually is.
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A bit of a let down
klwalthour14 October 2022
I came into this movie with high expectations. I've seen the preview about 10 times now, and it made me laugh each time. Unfortunately, the trailer picks the funniest bits and edits out all of the fodder-of which there was a lot. There were many stretched out, choppy scenes of dialogue that felt awkward. The first half was hilarious. The drama of the cruise was very funny and obviously rising to a peak that paid off. The latter half, with a very limited cast, lost a lot of its satirical ability. No doubt, it was still humorous but a lot of the essence of a satirical, class-upheaval film was lost.
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Long, tedious and unoriginal
scandinavianmail25 November 2022
I really like the Square so I was expecting Triangle of Sadness to be similarly brilliant take on wealth. Didn't quite get what I expected.

Triangle of Sadness never really finds its own voice as it first introduces a lot of oblivious characters, who all come across as thin stereotypes we have seen many times over in countless movies, and then puts them into situations that are what you'd expect them to get into. There is the dumb and jealous male model and his flirtatious girlfriend. There is the rich and loud Russian. There is the drunk captain. There is the prim head of ship staff. There is the lovely British couple who got rich selling grenades.

Making matters worse, there isn't much plot which Director Östlund tries to make up by stretching each scene to extreme lengths. The epitome of this approach is the seasickness interlude that had everyone throwing up for over 10 minute. None of it matters, just like the characters don't matter.

After what feels like an eternity, the story drifts to a dead end that is lifted straight from an old Amanda Bynes comedy. At least that poor teenage vehicle knew how to tie its own loose ends whereas Östlund abruptly abandons his characters as if having got enough of everyone.
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Arthouse lovers will love it. For everyone else, pretentious beyond belief
stevelivesey6728 November 2022
Set in 3 parts, it's a movie about despicable, unlikeable people, some rich, some not, in a 'Lord of the Flies' type situation.

It doesn't have a real ending, so it's not a narrative telling of a story.

So what's the message? Arms dealers are bad? Duh.

A cleaner has more social value than an Instagram influencer? Double Duh.

The running time is two and a half hours. Why? It would be easy to get the same message across with an hours less run time.

So what makes it worth watching? Well, some of the segments are quite intriguing but none of them give you a pay off.

In the end it's message is all you are left with, and it's a pretty stupidly simple one.
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On the nose, wished it was wasn't
DominosthroughAgrate12 November 2022
Having adored Ruben's first film and admired his second, I had high hopes for Triangle of Sadness.

Unfortunately, whilst there were some strong moments (mostly in the trailer) and I enjoyed many of the performances, it felt overly long and rather self-satisfied.

Lampooning the lives of the hyper rich, the ugliness, the greed, should come from a place of neutrality and I feel, MUCH more challenging and nuanced than this rather basic farce full of cheap stereotypes.

At no point did I feel that Ruben and the writers felt for a second that they were also part of an elite, as a creation of a privileged bunch of Western European creatives, I'm surprised there's been not much to question this.

Was there any introspection as to the hypocrisy of their position? The cinematic equivalent of a western teenager wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt to their private school.

Not surprisingly the disconnected Cannes audience ate it up. Awarding it, celebrating it and then popping back to their yachts in the harbour to demand cold champagne and hot massages from "the staff".
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Satire, oh so I missed you
wernedal12 October 2022
Let's face it. I haven't had so many good laughs in a while. I'm a big fan of all kinds of comedy but I just realised after seeing this one that I've been mostly giggling the last couple of years. I left the cinema with a big grin on my face and rushed home to tell all a my friends. So if you're a fan of laughter and not afraid of awkwardness and uncomfortable situations, you should go and see this one. I'm not gonna tell you what the film is about, nor will I say something about the craft about this film. I will just say it felt good, laughed like never before and I was feeling elevated as I left the cinema.
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And we are all sinking with them
ichsachmalso17 October 2022
This was thoroughly enjoyable. Packed densely with neon metaphors, commentary and humour, honestly I couldn't have been more entertained.

The power imbalances were often hard to watch (all on purpose obviously) and Abigail's comeuppance and the reveal in the end felt like the right moment to stop.

All in all I felt like it was a great interplay of entertainment and clear commentary about what we're (as rich nations in general and billionaires/capitalism in particular) are doing to the environment and everyone around us. Humanity came through in its small facets like the Captain and the Russian bonding over their nihilistic quote-off.

The pacing was snappy and I never noticed that over 2 hours had even passed.
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Seasick Shipwreck Swedish Satire
Blue-Grotto27 September 2022
Yaya and Carl are aspiring, empty headed models who bicker over who pays for dinner in a fancy restaurant, who the other is flirting with on a luxury cruise, and who eats the most pretzel sticks after becoming shipwrecked on a remote island.

Characters vie with each other as well as rough seas and food poisoning to see who is the most ridiculous in the latest satire by Cannes darling Ruben Ostlund. The scenes are personal for Ostland, who had one of the same arguments with his wife. Woody Harrelson makes an outlandish appearance as the Marx-loving captain of the luxury liner.

I prefer Ostlund's earlier and more serious work. It is more meaningful to me, but I appreciate his humor here and his personal takes on why it is so hard to talk about money, and the venalities of the rich, arrogant, and well sculpted models who are so admired. The film is dedicated to Charlbi Dean (Yaya) who died of an unrevealed and surprise illness after the film was made. Palme d'Or winner at Cannes. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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Trailer has all the best parts.
wisemanfromtowne26 November 2022
After watching the trailer I was so excited about downloading and watching this dark comedy which I proceeded and did. It's starts off great with the scene of the male models being interviewed and then young couples dialog over who pays for the dinner at the restaurant and then the story jumped to the story of the passengers on the yacht with Woody as their captain. But after they are shipwrecked (no spoilers on the how and why) the story takes a serious nose dive and starts falling completely apart in the process. The build up to the ending scene was totally nonsensical and you realize that the trailer has the best parts for entire film. A underwhelmingly recommended one time watch. Heads up.... Woody Harrelson's role is short and brief.
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simply a masterpiece of absurdity and provocations
antoniotierno8 November 2022
The film, perfectly directed by the Swedish director Ruben Östlund, works perfectly well when it sticks to the absurdist comedy tone that it sets up in the first half of the story. It is about an absurdist comedy, also known as surreal humour, concerned with building up expectations and then knocking them down by the unexpected turns, in order to show the funniest reaction, and doing this all for the viewer's amusement. We get characters so bloody rich, that they totally are disconnected from reality, with their outlandish requests and demands. Their behaviour is only further enabled by the cruise crew, who always say yes to their crazy and outrageous demands, regardless of how disruptive it may be.
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Heavy handed satire by Ostlund
gortx25 October 2022
Writer-Director Ruben Ostlund fancies himself as a filmmaker specializing in social satires. As the title hints at, his heavy-handed TRIANGLE OF SADNESS is broken up into three chapters. What connects the three are a fashion modeling pair, Carl (Harris Dickson) and Yaya (Charlbi Dean; in her final role).

The conceited couple end up on a luxury cruise ship which includes a contingent of Russian oligarchs. It's captained by an erratic commander in Woody Harrelson, leaving much of the crew discipline up to Paula (Vicki Berlin). As in FORCE MAJEURE and THE SQUARE, Ostlund is fond of having a big set piece at the center: the avalanche in FORCE, the ape man at the fundraiser in SQUARE. In TRIANGLE OF SADNESS it's a Captain's Dinner set during a storm. Anybody who's seen Marco Ferrari's LA GRAND BOUFFE or Monty Python's MEANING OF LIFE will be prepared for the aftermath of the combo of fine dining and sea-sickness that follows. And, then things get even worse for Carl, Yaya and the rest of the guests and crew.

Ostlund has never been a subtle filmmaker, but, even by his standards, TRIANGLE OF SADNESS hits its targets too directly and on point from the very start with an over-extended prologue showing how superficial the fashion world is - stop the presses! Ostlund is too talented for the movie to be totally bereft of humor, but, he beats his targets over the head so firmly that whatever insights or laughs get drowned out in the process.

The final act, the aftermath of the cruise ship's calamities, has a certain effectiveness even if it's too drawn out. Dolly De Leon as Abigail, a cleaning woman, comes to the fore in this section and gives the movie a genuine spark or two. The rest of the cast do what they can with the the script (Ostland's first primarily in the English language - maybe the nuances got lost in the translation). Zlatko Buric is particularly effective as a boorish Russian passenger. Production-wise, TRIANGLE is well made with good use of the locations, including the main setting on the Cristina O yacht; But in the end, it's the failure of Ostlund to have anything to say -- let alone with wit and wisdom - that sinks this production.
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The Truth & The Absurd - Really, How Far Apart Are They?
TheAnimalMother1 November 2022
Oct 31st 2022

There's a reason most Hollywood critics and the Oscars will mostly try to dismiss this film, likely as silly or similar. This is a divisive film for certain, and anyway it's somewhat silly on purpose. However for those with their minds actually open, those not overly clouded by personal biases will likely see that there's far more truth in this satire than most humans would care to admit. I wouldn't doubt if the Academy nominates this for Oscars, but it definitely won't win anything but perhaps a technical award.

I expect this films rating to continue to fall on here, it's at 7.9/10 right now. Mark my words, most people care about their fake selves and money far too much to care for this film a whole lot. For those who've not fallen for that spell, you'll more than likely appreciate this film. Also, for the most part this is not a fun comedy like many will go into it expecting. It's much more in the vein of a satire/dark comedy.

We've seen many similar kinds of very classic stories in the past, Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm for instance. This is definitely Animal Farm type territory, but it really does seem almost entirely like a reversion of The Admirable Crichton, a 1902 play by J. M. Barrie. A play which has had many adapted versions and reversions over the years in various formats. In fact the 1974 film Swept Away is also another very similar story that doesn't give any writing credit to the 1902 play. Capitalists I tell you, hahaha!

The film is definitely a rating of between a 7 or an 8 for me. I'll put it in the middle for now, at least until I see it a second time.

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Deeper than it seems
Nplus129 September 2022
At its top layer, "Triangle of sadness" is a skillfully harsh comedy/parody, proudly absurd with a good dose of "cringe" in each of its 3 parts. Yes, it's funny and yes it's rude and over the top, but how else could it be since it tries to point a finger at our contemporary society?

If you follow the path that Östlund opens up for you, you might notice that beneath the strangely entertaining package the director tires to bring to light weakness found in aparent strength and not only this, but he also implies that no matter how much you try to "strip" people of their social shell, deep inside they can never really change.

Absolutely recommended and definitely worth the Palme d'Or it got this year!
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Well there's two and a half hours of my life I'll never get back...
atischoo23 November 2022
Kept watching thinking, any minute now it's going to get better ..there'll be a huge plot twist I didn't see coming and it'll be all worth it in the end, so kept pinching myself to make sure that I was still awake as it unfolded..

It was all there, the duelling quotes, the storm, the projectile vomiting, the pirates, the lady rolling around on toilet floor (best scene in the film, left me in hysterics ..yes we've all been there) and then a cheap directors method to get to an Island where a cut price Lord of the Flies was re-enacted with a totally nonsensical ending..oh how disappointing that I didn't turn it off two hours earlier! Serves me right...
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Mostly boring
dzeilstra25 November 2022
This is one of those movies that you watch, and want to watch because of all the acclaim it received, but in the meantime check the clock all the time to see how many minutes more to go. It is one of those movies where I wonder what I don't see what is so obvious to others. It is like being in a modern art museum and watching this huge painting which is just a white surface with one red and blue line running over it. It eludes me what people see in it and I always suspect the maker to be hiding behind some column laughing at all of us. The emperors clothes.

As for the story, the first part begins with a very boring fashion contest, then there is this couple bickering about who will pay the bill for the restaurant. Then we are on a luxury yacht with rich people amusing themselves and later getting into trouble in bad weather. I failed to see anything funny. And finally some of the rich passengers and a cleaning lady are on an island where the cleaning lady is the only one with skills to survive catching fish and making a fire. She requires some intimate services from the man of the couple. And that's it. What am I missing?
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