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It's alright if you don't think.
penarozamatthew10 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The 1st half was pretty good, but there are some serious plot holes.

How exactly would carnivorous bats survive underground for millions of years?

The writers also seriously expect us to believe that people would be starting crazy murder cults after just a few days? I cringed when the priest said "she is fertile".

How is the power still on? Aren't power plants loud?

It also seems completely implausible that this would be a completely world ending event. Can't you just blast loud sirens in the cities which would prevent the bats from homing in on small noises? It's also not like the bats can get through concrete.
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What the....
cavecornershop13 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What was the great Tucci doing in this film???

Just had to get off my chest - why would a house which is protected like Fort knox military compound have an obvious open tube / tunnel leading into it? Why would the owner of said house, who is obviously alert to her surroundings come out screaming with a gun so she is instantly attacked by the swarms of killer vespas who react to the slightest sound? Why if thousands of vespas swarm willingly into a wood chipper just because it's noisy - are these creatures not actually quite easy to kill? Use multiple massive mass vespa killing wood chipper type scenario? while shooting them and attacking with flamethrowers? God help us if completely blind stupid birds is what sends us back to the dark ages... Why does the deaf girl keep the sound on while face timing her boyfriend? Why that cheesy end like the girl and just morphed into Katniss and Gale???

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Utterly Woeful.
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Netflix Series Crossover
jesscalleen12 April 2019
After a spell goes awry, Aunt Zelda & Sabrina are forced to reenact A Quiet Place with an 80s B movie creature feature budget, comparatively speaking.
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sgcroes10 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
There is no logic reasoning in the storyline. I can't see anyone choosing to leave under those circumstances by car and on top of it leaving without a plan! Maybe staying home where there is water and food and where you can choose to not make noise would make more sense. If they would have left to get supplies for boarding the house or stock up on food, okay I get it. But nooooo let's get in the car and drive somewhere without a plan ughhh...
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The Silence Review
jeanmarcvdlinden10 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You only need a blender to kill these creatures, yet they take over the world?

Stupid movie, there's no reason to fear those creatures as they are easy to trap and destroy!

Come on guys, this is ridiculous! Those critters are blind and hunt on sound only, a simple thing like a noisy blender would attract them and kill them easily and in great numbers, just as shown in one scene where they massively fly into a wood chipper machine and are chopped to pieces by the hundreds. Hey, a meat grinder or even a document shredder would do the job! Yet everybody has to move north to colder zones in order to survive because those little monsters can't stand the cold!

Also noise can easily be used to manipulate them, whether to attract them or to lure them away, also shown in another scene, so there are so many easy ways to get rid of them that the whole movie makes no sense at all!

These creatures come in great numbers, but depend on their ears to locate their prey and on their teeth to attack them. This is such a great weakness that they pose only a threat for really stupid and careless people. The army? The police? Just ran away? Got killed perhaps?

The movie could have been more fun with some more realism or at least more logic, showing some creative methods to fend of a light threat resulting in a happy ending. For example a barking dog wearing a spiky armor, complete with helmet, it would attract vesps and have them killed by empaling themselves on the spikes of the armor. Also chainmail is effective against bites, especially from smaller creatures, so come on, where's the one eyed guy that is supposed to be king in the world of the blind?

This movie could have been a very good one, but as usual original ideas tend to turn into completely worthless movies. This is one of them.

The Tremors franchise is a lot better, at least they don't take themselves too seriously and there's less inconsistencies.

The Silence is an absolute failure. Not worth your time.
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There are many, many things wrong with this movie. Where to start?
thniels11 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
1) The vespas are simply not very frightening. Yes, they look like a scary monster from a children's book, but surely most people get scared by things that pose a real threat, not just bad looks. 2) The characters make one poor and uneducated judgement after another. 3) What idea is it that 'dad' supposedly has, when he opts to leave the car? Surely not just throwing a wrench about to prove a point that has been made several times already? 4) Why does 'daughter' have the sound on when chatting with Rob, her being deaf? 5) Checkov's Gun. Anyone? The movie is riddled with objects that are hinted at but never used. Even guns. 6) Why is there a drain pipe where there is no dike and why is it barred? 7) Why is the farm house fenced like a fortress? 8) If the country is collapsing, who runs telecom infrastructure? They seem to have internet absolutely everywhere. 9) Apart from them knowing sign language, what exactly is it that is supposed to make a deaf girl better at being silent? 10) Considering the vespas supposedly navigate by ear, their hearing is remarkably poor. They are able to locate power lines to perch on, but not detect screaming food. 11) For a city slicker, 'dad' is remarkably quick at starting the wood chipper. And why does he not let it keep running? As someone else noted; he could have saved the planet long before it ran out of power. 12) What's with the 'the girl is fertile' thing? Humanity hasn't grown barren. It has become food. 13) Who in their right mind would allow their deaf daughter to walk the dog, alone, in the midst of an apocalypse?

This list can be expanded to much higher digits than this, however, there are many movies that suffer from these traits and still work. Why? Because they have redeeming features. What does this one have against it, then?

1) Poor or even close to no acting. 'Dad' seems to say 'okay' *a lot*. 'They crusified a man in Mississippi' -'okay'. 2) Amateurish CGI (admittedly the slow motion scene in the rain, is very cool, though). Especially the Range Rover rolling down the slope is tear wrenchingly horrible, closely followed by the explosion shortly after. 3) Scene transitions seem purposeless. Nothing carries a momentum. Things appear to happen out of the blue. 4) The score is... well I don't even remember if there even was one. More like a series of sounds attempting to present some level of eerieness.

So, what did it show in terms of redemption? A new take on the suicide belt cliché. A cool slow-mo CGI scene.
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Predator-prey ratio
lucketttm24 April 2019
Basic biology would have it that in their natural environment deep underground, these voracious carnivores must have been feeding on a population of herbivores with at least ten times their biomass. I'm not sure what the underground herbivores feed on, but presumably there's a whole underground flora that gets by without photosynthesis. These herbivores must be pretty ferocious themselves, since they have forced the egg-laying bats to evolve such deadly teeth and talons. Though slower than the bat-things, eventually they too will figure out how to crawl through the same hole to the surface.

So I'm thinking sequel: "The Bleat," in which a race of killer sheep invade the eastern U.S., and every action scene begins with a terrifying "Baaaaa!" At first the desperate humans just try to kill them, for instance by tying cowbells around their necks to attract the killer bats, but eventually our heroes learn to shear them and use the wool to make bat-resistant winter garments.
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Stanley Tucci versus dwarf pterodactyls
petra_ste23 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The cinematic equivalent of tofu, this movie is bearable but bland; a bargain bin version of A Quiet Place with another family hunted by noise-sensitive monsters and a deaf daughter whose knowledge of sign language proves useful.

I really liked A Quiet Place, plot holes and all. The first half was a masterclass in building up suspense and dread, with phenomenal tension and great use of sound. The Silence, while not amateurish, falls really short by comparison; it's a lot more "Oh no here come the beasties! Phew phew! Run!".

This is a pet peeve of mine but I'm really tired of post-apocalyptic/disaster/zombie stories with a group of evil survivors replacing the monsters as the antagonists (see The Walking Dead). I understand actors are cheaper than CGI but still, I think I've had enough of "Bwah-ha-ha!" evil cults/gangs for a lifetime.

Thankfully, the evil survivors in The Silence do *not* actually go "Bwah-ha-ha!", mostly because they have cut off their own tongues. There is a truly hilarious moment where their leader sneers at the protagonists after they have refused to join his cult (a scene Tucci plays as if he is hurrying away from a smelly hobo asking for money). Tucci and his daughter leave the bad guy standing alone in the middle of the road and he opens his mouth with a disgusted grimace, like a cat who has smelled something bad. It's meant to show us he is nuts and has removed his own tongue, but I was howling with laughter.

Another funny bit comes in the middle of an otherwise decent set-piece, as Tucci's family is crawling through a tunnel and the creatures have found them. Tucci turns on a woodchipper and all the beasts just dive into it, mangled into sprays of blood within a few seconds. And these things brought mankind to the verge of extinction? Seriously?

Overall, not terrible but mediocre. If you missed A Quiet Place, watch that one instead.

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A mediocre movie that could have been so much more.
lord-blade10 April 2019
Overall this is a decent enough time killer. It's got a good cast, and some wonderful music and scenes. The problem is the story as a whole.

The "monsters" made little sense in terms of the threat the movie wanted to make them portray. Not much thought was put into them other than "we need a monster". While they might be decent as a "Pitch Black" style swarm monster on a small scale, they do not work for what the movie intended. There's just so many things wrong with them.

Add to that the incredibly bad ending, that was clearly a rush job and honestly added nothing to the movie. It was clearly a case of the writers trying to sound wise and simply failing horribly.

This is a movie you can waste a bored afternoon watching, but there's far better ones out there.
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Ridiculous premise with a ridiculous story line
stantims214 June 2019
The only good things are that they use sign language and the budget is much higher than a typical Syfy channel movie. Ridiculous premise because there is no reason to believe that the creatures would evolve to be carnivorous or crave something that they haven't been living on. Ridiculous story line, because there are all kinds of ways that the humans could wipe them out faster than this movie runs. There are loads of goofs, but a good game might be to have a group of people watch it again and have a competition as to who could find the most. What a waste of Tucci's talent, so an extra minus-one for that. Nets two stars.
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Don't waste your time
Aging_salt19 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Poor acting, bad script writing, numerous plot holes.

1. Why does the main character, who's severely hearing impaired, talk for 90% of the show? Why does she video call her love interest when clearly video calling makes more sound than simply messaging?

2. Hearing impaired character uses less sign language than the rest of the cast, and seems to hold conversations very well purely using vocal communication.

3. Whole family decides to move out of their home with no food, medication, or water? No preparation whatsoever. I guess they were lucky they found a house stalked with food and medicine.

4. Why didn't they just eradicate the species instead of finding refuge up north?

5. IPad had a lifespan of a Nokia phone

6. They never explained what was wrong with the grandma, what was wrong with the relationship between the parents, what happened in the uncle's van that caused the little boy to go back to his parents, what happened the Rob's parents, etc etc etc

7. Lots of unnecessary scenes and unnecessary dialogue.

8. What was the plot??

9. How north was "The North"? How long did it take the family to get there?

I won't even mention the random cult that formed and their need to find fertile young women. Don't waste your time.
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This story came before A Quiet Place
jfirebug14 April 2019
A lot of people are saying this is a rip off of A Quiet Place... that is totally incorrect actually. If anything A Quiet Place and Birdbox ripped off the premise from the 2015 book The Silence by Tim Lebbon. Do some research people, there have been numerous articles that state as much.

As far as the movie... a middle of the road decent time killer, it held my interest. It could have been much more in the right hands. I thought the acting was on par with the material the actors had to work with. CGI was lax and the situations the family found themselves in could have been orchestrated to be much more complex and dramatized. This is why A Quiet Place excelled.

People try entirely too hard to figure out what's wrong with a movie rather than just enjoy it. Don't go into every movie expecting it to be the best movie ever and perhaps you won't be so disappointed. Few movies deserve a 1 or 2 rating, just as few as deserve a 9 or 10.
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One thing works... inadvertently
marydm-434704 May 2019
They've got to be kidding! This is a movie produced by the vast resources of Netflix? Then why is it so empty of all dramatic tension, why are the "creatures" so laughably amateurish, why is one if the most interesting characters killed near the start, and what on earth is Stanley Tucci doing here? How much could they possibly have paid him? A horror story without the slightest horror. Except for a note near the end. That priest looking guy who opens his mouth wide open but can make no human speech noises and writes his messages in a notebook. The guy creeped me out more than Alien, Dinosaurs, The Thing etc. Now there's a whole movie about silence begging to be developed if the producers and writers were not looking in the wrong direction. One star because the rating system does not provide for a zero rating.
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Unrealistic creatures, poor acting, slow plot
imlindaheart10 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I did not enjoy this movie much, as it simply didn't make much sense. A bunch of superbats are found in a closed up cave (not sure how they survived, what they ate, etc) These are creatures that can hear, but not see and obviously not smell either. Even their hearing isn't really good since they can't hear people walking or speaking in a low voice. The only thing they are good at is reproduction, in just a few days, a cave full of rabid bats managed to take over the entire east cost and more. Also, in just a few days, a crazy cult is formed that cuts their tongues and kidnaps fertile young girls. After most of the people have been eaten or used as nests for creature eggs, somehow the internet still works and so do phones. And a very common ending to a similar apocalyptic story, some faraway refugee camp where our "heroes" can start rebuilding the human race.

Add poor acting, characters that are left underdeveloped and the overall slow pace and lack of surprises or anything original, you get a disappointing movie for sure.
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Absolutely terrible
davidtaylor8412 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As alot of people have been saying it is a movie with alot of plot holes. Found my self questioning the reasons for the family making decisions from why did they leave the house in the first place, also asking "hasn't it only been a few days" and there's already murdering cults with tongues cut out... absolute nonsense this film wouldn't reccomend it at all.
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what a stupid idea of a movie
natanelshif11 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers

What a stupid idea of a movie. The monsters are attracted to sound, solution would be to attract them all into one noisy place and bomb it, even the father had a similar idea turning on a loud, shredding machine which killed a bunch of them. So why is it hard for the government to do so?
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Not good,
foto-0756621 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The idea of a story where they dig up a new/old species is good. The idea that they hit sounds and can not see is also good. And then one of the head actors is deaf is also cleaver. The trailer felt like an update version of Alfred Hitchcock´s The Birds.

However, this movie is not what I expected. The story falls and it turn out to be a bad version of the walking dead. I did not understand the idea of this priest who wanted to kidnap the deaf daughter? I guess something was needed, another treat in the story? And what made me really surprised is that the good idea of an ending was wasted away.

When the grandmother was attacked inside the tunnel by those ancient birds, the father of this deaf girl turned on a farming machine that took the attention by it´s sound. All the birds flied away into this machine and became meat sauce, excellent! After this, this stupid priest came into the picture and this idea was all gone. Instead they came up with a new idea (walking dead), to move on to a free town in the north where the birds could not live. The ending was also feeling like a bad version of the walking dead. It would have been more interesting if all the farmers just turned on their machines and grind all the birds across the nation. A perfect solution to save the world, instead to create an ending that was not an ending. I don´t think I will watch part 2 of this story...
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Typical Modern Underachiever
Tweetienator11 April 2019
The machine must be fed - The Silence is an okay movie made for a mass audience, and as all those pay-channels and whatever channels need "stuff" to air, the need for an endless stream of new shows and movies is great. This simply results to that immense output of mediocre to underachieving movies/shows: quantity rules our days and not quality.

Anyway, with the same cast and the same production but a better and more careful composed script and directing, this movie could have been a really good one.

The Silence: only recommendable for the aficionado of the genre (post-apocalypse with alien/monsters), and only if you really got nothing else on the plate.
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Not Silent Enough
This, far and away, has to be one of the worst films made. When I think of Netflix upping their rates and in the last 2 movies I have seen, I am beginning to wish for an apocalypse to happen. (Fortunate Man was the other.)

There is no explanation what-so-ever about that cult that suddenly appears, and why weren't THEY devoured by the Pterodactyls? (Hey Pee Wee)

The ending had all the moments of listening to your vacuum when you snag a pair of undies. It SUCKED!

Mr. Tucci, the only conclusion I can come to is that you must really needed to make a house payment.
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I pushed myself to finish the movie and...
huastanicole20 April 2019
I can not.

A quiet place -meets- bird box -meets- the hunger games -meets- the birds...

A mashup gone terribly wrong.

Cheers to the cast though because I still love most of you
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aliaznchs2 May 2019
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Enjoyed this flick but the real reason for the review
ccollins94110 April 2019
I enjoyed the movie and I knew it wouldn't be ground breaking, but for those out there like that mook Chris-pacca calling it a rip off of a quiet place, this was based off a novel published in 2015. A Quiet Place screenplay was after that, so if anything John Krasinski borrowed from this movies work.
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Makes no sense
simonedmercer25 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Other than knowing sign language how is a deaf girl the best option for leading you anywhere? She cannot tell if she is making noise - deaf people can be very loud because they cannot hear! I cannot wrap my head around this one!

Also, they literally do not stop talking. They even talk while they sign. Why? For a group of people whose survival depends on silence they are terrible at it!

The 'bats' literally hit a few days before this movie starts and already there is a whole silent cult formed that have their tongues cut out??? Where did they come from? Why do they exist? Very odd.

I could keep going.... so many questions that need answering with this one.
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tkyaow10 April 2019
Consists solely of a succession of apocalyptic cinema tropes like some B movie checklist. The dialogue and character portrayals are so hollow that either could be confused for the dark source of the horror this film attempts to convey. The only scary thing here is that this movie was actually made. Absolute dreck.
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an offense
johnnymo900020 April 2019
I still can't believe i watched it to the end. 10 minutes into the film and i knew i would have rated it a 2.
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