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An Hour of Narcissism
stefstars23 November 2017
I really wanted to like this one, but it's just impossible to do so. It was heartwarming to know the story that inspired "Joanne", but as a review above mentions, she manages to even make that story about herself. It is very true, that's exactly what she does. I feel like she was trying really hard to be relateable and have people feel sorry for her. I'm relieved that I wasn't the only one that caught on to this notion, gives me hope for the world. There's a scene where she meets with a fan who says that Gaga's music saved her life, but she seemed very dismissive of the young lady even in that scene. When the girl leaves, she mentions to get her tickets to her show but it came out like an after-thought. At least that's the vibe it gave me. Mark Ronson looks annoyed of her in the scenes they have together, which I found pretty funny. I know a lot of artists want to to work with him cos he's excellent at what he does, but this seemed like another sad attempt at emulating Amy Winehouse on her part. The wal-mart scene was pathetic to see, if people don't pick up on her narcissism there, I don't know how else they will. She moves other artists' records aside or places hers on top of theirs; talk about "me, me, ME!" I like Gaga's music, I can't deny that. I also like her philanthropy but as a person, I always suspected her of being too egotistical and trying too hard; this "documentary" confirmed that.
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Not sure why this was made
sarah-927-7282422 October 2017
A reviewer above said this:

"What I AM impressed with is how Gaga manages to talk about herself for the entire 2 hour duration, yet by the and of it you have learned absolutely nothing about her other than a vague fact about breaking her hip 3 years ago and that she's reinventing herself since she's decided the world is tired of seeing her being so glamorous. Seriously."

This is 100% correct. Even when she's talking about how her 'best friend' is dying, her commentary is basically "Everyone keeps leaving me!" instead of "I feel so bad for my friend" or "I wonder how my friend's family is feeling" or even "I can't imagine how she must feel."

(And afterwards I looked it up, and discovered that Gaga's 'eulogy' when her friend ultimately died was basically "When she died she took all the memories of my early career with her - poor me!")

I guess you have to be pretty narcissistic and self-absorbed in order to be a pop megastar (otherwise how on earth would you have the drive or courage to get on a stage in front of 50,000 people?) but usually we can forgive this because the person is An Artist. The Gaga we see here isn't much of an artist: Her songs aren't musically or lyrically ground-breaking; she's not making some kind of political or social point or changing the world; her stage production is about the same as everyone else's (P!nk's Grammy performance was every bit as good - or better - than Gaga's much-hyped Superbowl show, for example).

It was also staggering to see the record and production company people nodding and smiling at Gaga's ideas ("I need to do something different, you know?") as though they were pearls of wisdom, even though every junior marketing assistant could tell you that pop stars need to do 'something different' with each new album. These weren't exactly Deep Thoughts.

This didn't make me hate Gaga - it just left me feeling that she was sort of all-around average and kind of boring. Which I think is probably worse.
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From Gaga to GagGag
free-6449825 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I get the feeling that Gaga was trying really hard to take us on an emotional journey in this documentary and that she did. I rode the roller-coaster of disbelief, frustration, anger, hysteria and disgust as I was spoon fed dribs and drabs of this "pop star's most intimate moments".

If this were a parody, I'd be more forgiving because at least there was an attempt at humour but sadly, this "documentary" is just a long winded commercial for her album and "brand".

What I AM impressed with is how Gaga manages to talk about herself for the entire 2 hour duration, yet by the and of it you have learnt absolutely nothing about her other than a vague fact about breaking her hip 3 years ago and that she's reinventing herself since she's decided the world is tired of seeing her being so glamorous. Seriously.

It becomes obvious very early on in the film that what we are witnessing is nothing more than home footage created by a narcissistic, self indulgent grub who is desperate to remain "current".

Gaga is unable to hold conversations with other people. She simply talks AT people. There was one particular part of the movie however, that Gaga appeared to be genuinely able to think about someone other than herself. She shares some insight into her album's title, Joanne, named after her Aunt Joanne who had passed on before her time having contracted Lupus. She shares the sad, heart wretching story of her Aunt and her incredible sufferings, which involved having her hands amputated and then death. But even in this moment, she is unable to grasp someone else's pain and misery and instead, strangely proclaims "THAT'S ME, I AM HER. I AM JOANNE"

As if that wasn't enough, Gaga then tries to milk tears out of her dear old Granny by taking the cameras to her house and playing her a song she's written about Joanne. Its at this point in the movie that it becomes all too clear how low Gaga will go to seem "profound" and "deep" to us mere mortals watching. Holding an iphone to her Granny's face, Gaga kneels in front of her almost begging her to weep.its incredibility distasteful and hard to watch. But luckily, Granny doesn't take the bait (much to the frustration of Gaga) and reminds her that Joanne's passing occurred over 40 years ago. In a last ditch effort to capture some "feels" for the documentary, the camera focuses on Gaga's father, sitting in the background. Still no reaction. Eventually, Dad walks out the room and we are made to think its because he is being stoic, but its more likely he is just tired of seeing his daughter exploit his dead sister's name.

Did I mention that Gaga broke her hip? Well, she did. And she'll remind you about it several dozen times yet strangely never offers any Insight into the incident. We are never told how it happened or what the actual problem is now, only that "it really hurts". I get the feeling its just thrown out there to justify why she is constantly being massaged for hours at a time while watching TV and talking about how much weed she smokes.

In another wishy washy conversation, Gaga's creative team attempt to sit down with her to gain some direction from her but again, there questions are met with vague, stoner-like responses. When they push her to be more specific, she tells them not to worry and takes off her shirt instead. There she sits with her nips out for no reason other than to seem interesting for the camera and to throw up a distraction to avoid having to converse with another human in a normal, adult fashion.

Just when you think this crap can't possibly get any worse, Gaga hits the local Walmart to show how 'not glamorous' she is these days. Dressed in a bra and handkerchief, I felt scared for the Walmart employees when Gaga discovered her album hadn't been displayed to her satisfaction. It was a laugh out loud moment for all the wrong reasons. I had to watch it through my fingers. Honestly, more horrific than the IT movie.

For anyone that has dealt with someone with an overwhelming interest in themselves, you'll recognise the theme of "I'm a victim, poor me. Poor me" throughout this documentary. She is a walking contradiction and wants so badly for you to know that she is REALLY INTERESTINGLY! It oozes of insecurities.

When Florence Welch asks her how she can post to 18 million people so flippantly, Gaga is confused. Florence explains how if she were in that situation, she would feel so scared (recognizing the importance and responsibility of having access to such a wide audience) yet Gaga remains stunned and offers no response, again proving she is incapable of understanding anything from another's point of view.

If you can't see this for what it really is, you need to dig deeper within yourself instead of looking to these soulless psychos.
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Nothing personal
SomeGuyName2 October 2017
I don't know what went wrong. I'm not a huge fan of her music, but any documentary that involves artists and music usually pass as "good" to me. People have criticized Gaga's personality, mentioning how she comes across as self-absorbed, and how this documentary is just an act of self-indulgence. For me, the biggest issue was how this documentary seemed to promise real "intimacy" with a world-famous superstar, and gave none of that.

How can you judge someone's personality on this material? I know she just compared making music with having open heart surgery,(??) and she does seem to be oblivious to other people - but maybe it was just an attempt to get enough material about her, so that she could finish the damn documentary. She didn't seem into it at all.

The intense music, the artsy slow-motion camera, Gaga being massaged, Gaga with her family, Gaga feeding her dogs; it seems as if though every single person on the crew tried their very best to suggest something deep, but it all amounts to nothing. It is probably the most forced documentary I have ever seen.

Early on, Gaga complains about sexism in the industry, and how she's forced to always be sexualized; and that, in order to not go crazy, she'd always manage to "twist" things just a bit - add an obscure element on her shows, like blood - in order to feel like she was in control. Did she not feel in control when she made this documentary? Because all you get from her, is a few blanket statements, repeated over and over again with different choices of words. Yes, you'll get to see her exhibit authentic state fright, and you'll see her in physical pain, but most of all, you will see her talking about deep stuff in a shallow way, or watch her dance around in skimpy Instagram outfits, with brows to match.

Maybe she really does have nothing else to offer - I have seen people's brains and empathy slowly melt away before, simply because they couldn't smoke weed in moderation. And everyone knows what fame does to one's sense of self. But maybe Gaga just didn't feel like giving what it takes for a documentary like this to be good. Maybe she thought that if she just talked about women's issues in front of her stoned friends - who are either bad actors, bad friends, or simply hated how staged it was - and maybe if she had enough conversations about nothing,(but they all end with a hug!) it would come across as if she actually let us in close.

Well, she didn't. It just comes across as a failed experiment.
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A deep path through a decade of Gaga's emotional journey...
georgesette23 September 2017
Gaga, "Five Foot Two" My Review, There was great anticipation for this Netflix release, and for those that understand & appreciate Gaga's path over the last decade, it was an inviting hour & 40 minutes as it took you deeper than behind the scenes, sharing more than just Gaga performances, Numerous occasions totally unplugged, at home with family, sharing the emotion of special moments, inclusive with family hugs looking back to whom they have lost & the warmth of a baptism, There was lots of footage with her family, especially her dad, this capturing many of Gaga's emotional highs & lows, it took you beyond her celebrity & fame, it brought you to her struggles & pain, & the discomfort inclusively through health & relationships. There were many scenes capturing her warmth & sensitivity ( as expected) as well as her exhaustion & dedication in rehearsal & to her fans. Gaga shared her fears & insecurities, and showed that the life of a superstar is very much like the common woman. We all cry, we all hurt, and we all need time alone... I laughed a few times & cried as well, there was an amazing piano rendition of 'Bad Romance' which was performed at Tony Bennett's 90th birthday party, that simply gave me goose bumps It was ridiculously awesome.... I found the scenes at Wall Mart to be crazy funny as Gaga herself asked a clerk "Where can i find the Lady Gaga CD's" and the guy didn't even know who she was, nor did the security guy. Ha! Many people do not understand that Gaga's latest album "Joanne" was a full track of emotion & change, and significantly different from all the songs she had written on the previous 4 albums. It's about growth, learning, healing, being you & true to your emotions. This documentary takes you through a decade of Gaga's growth, up close & into her dressing rooms, her personal care & her travels. Her tattoos & showing her often not wearing any makeup. Oh and there's a scene where she's poolside speaking with fashion consultants, and yeah topless....that was interesting... In closing, for obvious reasons, an absolute must for those that appreciate Gaga, but then again, if you do, you've seen countless clips of Gaga's path over the years, and pretty much have a great understanding of her passion, energy & ridiculous gift to the music industry, and as always, the sensitive warmth that exudes out of her skin, straight from her heart. & for those that have never had any interest, perhaps they will find it interesting to see how 'Real' a superstar can actually be.... Have a great day, Peace to all ~Geo
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It and she are no 'Amy'
bigbadbassface4 October 2017
I remember watching 'Amy' about Amy Winehouse, and thinking, "Now THAT is a documentary about a gifted artist". She was talented, hard- working and cared about everyone around her. Lady Gaga seems to be basically the opposite. She was always crying, completely self-absorbed (and I mean NEVER stopped talking about herself and her "problems", even when discussing her close friend dying of cancer), and at least in this never showed much musical talent.

She can obviously play the piano, but a lot of the featured songs seemed to come from her producer and musicians. Besides that nothing she played really made me feel. Every time Amy Winehouse sang in her documentary my friends and I always seemed to involuntarily stop talking and listen, all nodding are heads to whatever she was saying. During "Five Foot Two", however, it seemed like we kept making jokes about what we were seeing. I think a big part of my problem with it was that I never felt for her because she already feels only for herself, and therefore I never cared about her music. At least now I know this is someone I don't care to know much at all.
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Absolutely brilliant! A Must-Watch!
veiacava23 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Netflix have stepped up their game on documentaries with this one. Filmed from a very private point of view, you'll find yourself in Gaga's world; from her health, to the recordings and producing of "Joanne", her family, but mostly, you'll understand why she is an icon and a role model for the younger generations. She has transformed the pop and the show business, and now we get to go inside her life and her mind. When it comes to technical specifications, don't expect to be watching the ultimate stabilized, tripod filmed, perfectly exposed film: it's not. On the contrary, you'll find yourself kind of dizzy at some points and you'll be squinting to see something before the camera guy will expose it correctly. And that's why it's so perfect and so personal. The edition is amazing and really gets you in Gaga's mindset with the paparazzi, at the recording sessions of the album, and at super bowl rehearsals... Really, a must watch for everyone that enjoys documentaries, for anyone that's a fan of Lady Gaga, for everyone in the Music Industry and for every feminist out there: Gaga shows us that it's OK to be vulnerable as a leading woman in an industry ruled by men and how to go around to ultimately do only what you're comfortable with. The cherry on top of the movie, for me, was understanding and seeing how a leaked album affects the person behind the artist. Bottom-line: Stop reading this and go watch this movie. Watch it with no distractions, no cell phone, no nothing, just the old school way, and enjoy getting into the life of a major pop icon, with none of the Kardashian razzle dazzle.
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My Real Intro to Lady Gaga
Miles-1025 September 2017
I knew unbelievably little about Lady Gaga before seeing this documentary.

I knew that she wears elaborate costumes that sometimes make her look equal parts regal and ridiculous and that she has a gorgeous singing voice. I did not even know that she is an American (from New York City) and an earthy person in her private life. The first scene in this movie shows her as she looks when she gets out of bed and feeds her dogs. She is more how I would have imagined that her personal assistant might look.

Basically, a camera crew follows her around for possibly longer than we know. It is a good thing not to feel as if we are with her in real time because this doc may have followed her for many months.

The word exhibitionist might be a bit strong, but little of Gaga's anatomy is left to the viewer's imagination. We also meet the inner Lady Gaga (nee Stefani Germanotta) learning that she is affectionate with her friends, generous with her fans, and lonely at the end of every day. She is often insecure and is perhaps something of a snowflake. Her combination of provocativeness yet wariness about men is not explained, but is presented as is.

Gaga is conscious that she has turned thirty. The fact that her latest boyfriend has not worked out is only part of her misery. We learn that Gaga has an old pain in her hip that contributes to her worries. Keeping up with her backup dancers requires frequent sessions with physical therapists. She would like to have children, but she anticipates that her hip could make that prohibitively painful.

In one scene, her mother (?) suggests that she not be maudlin. It is a suggestion made in kindness, but might profitably be taken in a firmer sense. The heart of the movie – if there is a plot to this slice of life – is that Gaga is putting together an album (ultimately a successful one) dedicated to her aunt Joanne who died at age 19. This is not difficult to understand. Joanne was a promising writer and artist. Gaga clearly identifies with her almost as if she herself had died at a younger age. (Joanne is one of Gaga's middle names, I have since learned.)

For technical reasons, we do not get to see much of her concerts. This is not a filmed concert. We get to hear her sing, but not enough. The movie cuts away at the beginning of huge concerts. It is a little like being left on the launch pad at the end of "The Right Stuff," just as Gordo Cooper is about to take off on one of the most exciting and harrowing flights of the entire Mercury Space Program, but we don't get to see it.

Therein lies the problem that most viewers might have. If you want to see the diva, warts and all, then this is the documentary for you, but if you want to see her in action – or more importantly hear her – then you should hold out for one of her concert films.
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A Disappointment
redtiger-7481526 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Not a fan of her music, but after hearing her on Howard Stern and viewing the Tony Bennett doc, I was very impressed with her talent and found her interesting.

So I was eagerly anticipating this doc on netflix and convinced my DH to watch it with me.

Now I owe him, big time.

Suffering succotash, but this was the most boring doc of all time. It did not do justice the woman or the artist. I dutifully sat through the whole thing, what a waste of time.

If you want to see music cocoon Netflix done right, check out the Tom Petty.
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Inspired on Madonna's Truth or Dare but lacking it's authenticity
intercambioderemixes22 September 2017
As a regular Gaga fan that still remembers her 2009/2011 hits I couldn't wait for this documentary to premiere, especially since it had been labelled as a new "Truth or Dare" but I was thoroughly disappointed.

Everything she says is "me me me". She shows that she severely lacks a sense of humour and hardly cracks a joke or barely laughs. She's seems to be surrounded by a bunch of yes men and women who pander to everything she says.

In Truth of Dare Madonna was humorous, fun, intelligent and actually had in-depth conversations with her dancers and the people who surrounded her, she cared about them and what they had to say. Gaga on the other hand, doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself.

The whole movie seems contrived and portrays Gaga as a joyless, attention seeking woman that lacks empathy or true rockstar authenticity.
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I wish the doc had been made better for such a great artist
mr_bickle_the_pickle24 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I feel like this doc didn't really hit its stride until towards the end. I feel like at first it was struggling to find its narrative and felt more like a bunch of random clips strewn together. The main focus is really the making of Joanne. You get a little bit of the moments leading up to Super Bowl and there is also a bit of backstory with her pain. But obviously the overall focus is the album Joanne. And so, some parts felt random. There's one point where she attends a baptism for one of her family members. But it adds nothing to the movie. There's no lead up to it and it's not like you get any interviews with the family or even see her interact much with her family. You see her take some family photos and then later on walk around the reception as some music plays over (added in post) and then it cuts right back to her in a recording studio. I sat there and just thought "What was the point of that"? And there was another moment that bugged me where Gaga is on the phone with a friend who just came back from the doctor and her Tumor had not shrunk/gone away. It's a pretty serious moment and Gaga gets all teary and she tells her friend she'll see her soon. But then nothing comes out of it. I mean who knows, maybe her friend didn't want to be filmed, but you never see Gaga address it or her friend again until the last 5 min when she shows up at the super bowl. It felt like it was forgotten about. I'm not saying Gaga is a terrible friend in real life but from a narrative point of view it felt like another random bit to thrown in since there wasn't any follow up to it. All that being said though, I don't think it was awful. There was some interesting things to learn about Gaga and to see her be vulnerable. There was also a really humorous scene with her in a Target. If you're a fan of a Gaga, I do think there will be something in this for you.
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Gaga Rocks!
bettycjung23 September 2017
9/23/17. This is the way to do a music biopic! Non-fawning, warts and all look at one of the biggest stars of today. Beneath all the glitter, meat dress included, she is a down-home NYC girl. She has her moments and she has her pain, but so far she has managed to balance her life, expressing herself in her music and outrageous fashion statements. She does appear to have some mental health issues that hopefully will not overwhelm her. As for her feud with Madonna? Lady Gaga is by far the better person and much more talented than Madonna. (Like she actually plays instruments!) Madonna thrived on shock value. While Madonna was a good concert performer, as a person she was condescending, petty and overbearing. Just watch Truth and Dare. Keep in mind that most artists start off imitating their heroes as homage than intentionally ripping off the works of people they admire. This is what Madonna accused Lady Gaga of doing. Well, Gaga has found her voice early on and it's a beautiful one.
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Sweet Dee's success
tomasadrown12 January 2018
Gaga: Five foot two reminds me of that time in 'It's Alway's Sunny In Philadelphia' where Sweet Dee imagined her own success, she was extremely narcissistic and full of herself.

Granted if you have ever watch a Lady Gaga interview you would understand that she has developed the 'center of the world' complex. Where she has no idea what to say unless it pertains to herself.

After the first few minutes of this documentary you could tell everybody was going to constantly agree and suck up to her. One lady did start to say something that could be constructive criticism, but Gaga was suddenly topless and you could see the poor girl losing her train of thought.

There is even a scene where Gaga's car hits one of her friends and as she goes to confront the guy all you can subconsciously think is "Oh god, this guy's going to end up apologizing for to her for her mistake isn't he?"

I love Lady Gaga's music, her music videos are absolutely brilliant, but whatever this was, it shuts your brain down. I mean it's a good show if you want to spend it playing on your phone, even then the sounds of narcissism might make you break it. Better off avoiding toad squash all together. If you have to watch something you're better off watching This is Spinal tap.
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Maybe a "coming of age" film for Gaga?
jwassdesign8 October 2017
It's like she's a 70 year old career woman in a 30 year old body with the humility of a 20 year old. Confusing, I know.

I would have liked to seen the aftermath of her super bowl performance. I think the film really missed an opportunity there, unless Gaga didn't sign off on it. Does she maintain her "I don't give a f*** about what people think of me." mentality?

At the end of this film you will come to see how lonely she is and not okay with herself. I actually drew inspiration from that fact alone.

She's meticulous, she's usually in pain, she DOES care for her craft and has passion. If she didn't have fans and people to perform for she would likely shrivel up.

This film showed me that performing really is her calling card and she's going to have to be comfortable with being lonely at the end of the day---for a while. I have a different kind of respect for Gaga but I haven't quite figured out what that may be.
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Lady Gaga shows her real self - Unimaginably boring
shine_tv25 September 2017
1 hour and little over 30 minutes of boredom. I always knew that Stephany is not a big character, but I could never imagine how boring she really is. Dcumentary follows the singer around, and most of the time she is crying. Whether do to a pain ( she suffers by Fibromyalgia, which is a condition, through history was seemed as mental disorder, characterised by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure.), or by loss of her friends, or for no reason what so ever. There is not even one fun moment in the film that is not followed by snoozing. Being so, well kind of short, it's even more shocking how can anyone direct such dull movie about, at some point, such popular singer. But as the times goes you realize that it is not director's fault. The photography is nice, artistically very well done, narrative is good but that is all.In 1:30 she even managed to squeeze a made up feud with another pop singer, and claims that she called her reductive, and as I was searching for the facts on line , I realized that it's a false claim, and that the singer was only referring to one song that really resembles a lot of her own.There is a touching moment when Gaga visits her grandma letting her hear the song she wrote about Joanne, her deceased daughter ( Gaga's aunt) who died from lupus – a chronic disease of the immune system that Gaga also suffers from. Gaga never met her. The worst part for me personally was that the song wasn't really good, but i am not music critic. Going through her old stuff, Gaga was reading her poem, showing us her paintings, but the whole situation seemed a little staged with the lack of emotions on her grandma when she heard the song for the first time about her dead daughter.All in all incredible boring documentary that shows the star humble almost to the grotesque point, I wish I could recommend it, but I simply can't. Only for a die hard fan.
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not so hot
cdcrb26 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know much about lady ga ga , other than what I read or hear on the news. this documentary follows lady up to her super bowl appearance in 2016. she seems to have a lot of money, hangers on, assistants, what have you. she also appears to be in pain quite a lot, but some how manages to perform. she cries for reasons we don't know and the pain is never explained. she seems to be really bothered because Madonna called her reductive. why should she care what Madonna says about her? I can't imagine. lady ga ga wasn't even born when Madonna was a big star. she also seems unhappy. I know this sounds mean spirited, but I guess being rich and famous is tough to deal with. I also wanted to mention she sings good. not much, though.
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A Big Disappointment Just Like Her Album Joanne
platinumuterus22 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The whole thing was so depressing and boring. The Gagavision episodes she used to upload to YouTube was more interesting. And nothing is really "intimate" in this film. The only personal stuff is her going through physical pain. Everything else was already on YouTube.

Also everyone around her looked so fake. They lied to her when they said the fans would love this album.
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Made Me Respect Her More
akilianetc-2327728 June 2018
If you want someone being 'real' and 'authentic' then definitely watch this film. I thought it was worth watching and I got to learn her work ethic. She seems to really know what she wants and she goes for it. I thought the behind-the-scenes of her music video shoots were great to show that even though she's in pain - the show must go on! It shows that she is an artist and she will continue to stand the test of time with her music, artistry and talent. She put her all into this project as she does in all her projects and that was my key takeaway from this film.
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Best thing that I've ever seen
alaliboy14 June 2018
It's one of the best thing that I ever watched , y'all have to watch it
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An unadulterated, pristine lens to see a superstar's private life
aranilabelardojr24 September 2017
After watching "Gaga: Five Foot Two" (a Netflix Original documentary), I have found new respect for Lady Gaga. It gives us a glimpse of the vulnerable, human side of the gigantic pop provocateur we all knew. How she deals with pain. With trauma. With heartaches. And climbing her way back up. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Even though some non- Gaga fans who do not have an ample knowledge about her struggles from the past 5 years will become somewhat emotionally unattached, this documentary is still a must-watch. Not to pity her or anything but to take a second to see that 'Joanne' deep inside her. That human inside her. A human who's surprisingly relatable. Who feels pain, who feels defeated, who feels left out like many of us. Heart-tugging. Moving. A must-watch.
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Another chestpumping crappy documentary about a "made"brainless pop idol.
sergioschout4 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Following the narcissistic gaga on her chest thumping tour in a " look at me mom" esque manner is one of the worst kinds of documentaries/fantasies there are. It lacks depth, has a horrible bias and is absolutely an Utopian dream. In reality gaga doesn't write her own songs but is given the songs that are written by the music corporations themselves. Same goes for all pop idols today as well as the rappers/hiphoppers and other people like that. This is why scores of people flee the pop culture and the rap culture ( aka gangsta culture) toward other genres likes heavy metal, jazz, hardcore music, trance to name a few.

This is a feeble attempt to imitate Madonna. This "docu/movie/narcissistic drivel" is not worth seeing because it is build on lies upon lies. If you like to see yet another hollyweed style lie this is the one for you. I however did not like this crap at all. I am going to label crappy movies/documentaries as crap. No more tipping around the edge anymore. If people are hellbent on creating crap i will call them out on it. So this "movie"/docu is crap. Do not watch. Do something useful with said time you would have spent watching this utter drivel.
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My first ever review. Completely worth the watch if you're a creative type. Even if you're not....
rjc933626 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I've never reviewed anything on IMDb before. Let's gets that out of the way. This documentary was absolutely amazing. I can't say I have particularly loved Lady Gaga but after viewing this, I see her in a completely different light. I cried at least 3 times throughout. When she was singing at the Tony Bennet event, her voice was so full of emotion that I couldn't help but tear up. I didn't realize how much pain she is in either. Every artist makes music for a certain reason. Most make it out of necessity just to stay sane and feel alive. The amount of emotion in her voice can't be described in words, only music. And yes I realize that lyrics are words but the timbre of her voice says sooooo much. I can't imagine having a spotlight such as hers either. Seeing how much she cares about her fans is unreal as well. There's one scene with a young girl who was interviewed as saying how Lady Gaga has saved her and seeing how Gaga reacts to the fan is priceless. Like I said before, i haven't teared up as much in a movie since Marley and Me. I hope you take as much emotion away from this as I did.
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An investigation into ego
faxanadonts18 November 2017
This documentary is interesting but seemingly not for the intended reasons. I love documentaries because it allows one to people watch without feeling bad about staring. Even when a documentary feels ham handed and like it might have an agenda, the truth of a person comes through by watching their interactions and mannerisms. There is the narrative that is attempted to be told, and then there is the truth of the person underneath the narrative. I suppose being a rock star and being a narcissist kind of go hand and hand, but some rock star narcissists are humorous and some are god awful annoying. Gaga is annoying. Her talent is impressive, whereas the person she is, is not. Her narcissism poisons any likability potential. This becomes so obvious to me in the scene with Florence Welch of Florence of the machine. The scene only lasts a minute or two but immediately one can see Florence is down to Earth, awesome, talented and a person who is a person. All her mannerisms and the way she holds herself point to Florence's awesomeness. She seems to be a person one would want to hang out with and ask questions to ... a person one can learn from and be impressed by. On the other hand, Gaga is all ego. The more ego the less impressive someone becomes. Too much ego makes a person a vampire. A person with a huge ego takes from any person they interact with. Gaga gives the world amazing music but after watching this documentary it makes one think she does it for the benefits she reaps ... to feed the ego. Her talent creates and gives us all so much, yes, but this doc makes one think Gaga's intent is to feed her ego as opposed to feed humanity. It made me feel sorry for Gaga, but also in the end mostly just be annoyed by her. Who knows if this is really how she is. But this documentary definitely made me think so.
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Out of touch
phojar21 October 2017
This is terrible storytelling. It literally goes nowhere. I am not a big gaga fan - but I thought watching her documentary would help me relate with her or understand her more. This is literally just her rambling and you learn nothing about her or her life. If you would like to waste an hour and a half by watching her get massages, sit by the pool naked, not wear bras anywhere, and pick outfits - then this is just the show for you.
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adjieanggara19 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched #GagaFiveFootTwo and it's very touching and it such a pleasure for myself to see Lady Gaga behind the aura, Lady Gaga behind the prejudice, an artist and a hard working soul behind the meat-dress and all of that things and bling that always covered you up and make the whole public forget that you're a rock-star. you're an amazing artist, singer and an amazing person too.

it's really break my heart to knowing that you suffer from an illness such as #fibromyalgia . the connection and your relationship with your fans, your team and your family is just amazing and beyond. You put so much passion in your works, the way you handled your trouble and talking to your team has shown me what the true leadership and professionalism really is.

p.s: recommended 😉 it's so emotional and raw and realistic and simply incredible.
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