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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and brief sexual images

Sex & Nudity

  • Naked women are briefly shown in a mans notebook when he flips the pages. Breasts and pubic hair are shown extremely quickly.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot by a police officer on the subway. No blood seen..
  • Violence is a theme throughout most of this film, people are shot in the head on a few occasions, with blood splattering. It's not quite horror film levels, but some scenes are particularly shocking.
  • No gore, but some blood with most of the kills, as violence is a vocal point in the movie.
  • This movie is not that visually violent. Its dark tone should be the concern for most people.
  • The films violence isn't as intense or graphic as it is shocking. Not much more violent than The Dark Knight films, just with a bit more blood.
  • The film contains a few shootings and stabbings with brief injury detail. While it's not excessively bloody or gory, it's in your face when it happens and mostly used for impact.


  • 21 uses of "fuck" and 10 uses of "shit". A few other milder terms.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Arthur Fleck smokes frequently throughout the film.
  • Three men are shown drunk in the subway.
  • The main character smokes a lot and takes medication. However, neither are used in violent or abusive ways.
  • Some very brief drinking in the backround at a stand up comedy performance. A bottle of alcohol is shown in a bag but isn't drunken on screen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This is an incredibly dark, serious movie. It revolves around a man who is mentally ill and has a condition where he laughs uncontrollably, even in serious situations. Throughout the movie, he gains a sick twisted sense of humor that revolves around death and chaos.
  • Throughout the movie the main character is constantly tormented by society and mistreated by pretty much everyone he comes into contact with. He is punched in the face, kicked at while being helpless on the ground, and called names. All of this inspires him to dress up as a clown and become a criminal.
  • This movie is undoubtedly the darkest film in the DC film franchise, even more than The Dark Knight, and has a dystopian-like tone that will make some viewers uncomfortable. The Joker commits several violent crimes throughout the film, and although the violence is not too frequent, all of the scenes in which The Joker commits the crimes are particularly shocking although not too gruesome.
  • This movie may be too disturbing and scary for younger kids, but teenagers should be fine.
  • This movie is very similar to Taxi Driver in that it shows a depressed and lonely man who starts to become mentally unstable and eventually snaps. If you were able to handle that movie than you should be able to handle this too. Taxi Driver is also much more violent than this movie is.
  • It's up to parents to decide how old there kids are to see this movie, but generally speaking it is not recommended for those of a very young age.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Arthur stabs Randall twice, once in the neck and then in the eye, then rapidly slams his head against the wall 11 times, leaving a massive blood splatter. This is without a doubt the most violent part in the movie, although it still isn't too graphic due to the quick editing. This movie would probably be a moderate without this scene.
  • A man falls on the floor and is kicked repeatedly by three men until he pulls out a handgun and shoots one man twice in the chest (we see some blood spray on the walls), another man in the head, and the third man in the leg, before following him to shoot him another three times.
  • Arthur's mother is smothered with a pillow (out of frame).
  • Arthur walks away from a room with bloody footprints, implying that he may have murdered a person in the room.
  • Two officers are beaten by a mob of rioters on the subway.
  • Near the end of the film, another vehicle crashes into the police car Arthur is in. The crash happens quickly; when Arthur is taken out of the car, his nose is bloody. The two officers in the front seats aren't moving (it's unclear if they are dead or just unconscious).
  • Arthur shoots Murray twice during a live talk show, blood sprays onto a wall behind the victim; people scream and run.
  • A gunman approaches the Wayne family and shoots Thomas and Martha Wayne. Blood is seen briefly. Then he shoots the mother and blood lands on the child
  • A man suddenly stabs another man in the throat with a pair of scissors, withdraws them and quickly stabs the same man in the eye before repeatedly slamming his head against the wall (some, but not all, of the impacts are off-screen), killing him. There is a noticeable blood spurt after the first stab, but after the wall-slamming we do see the victim's heavily-bloodied head with the scissors still poking out of his eye, as well as quite a bit of blood on the wall.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Arthur learns that his mother suffered from delusions and that she allowed him to be physically abused by her boyfriends. It is mentioned briefly that one time as a child he was found tied to a radiator. Undoubtedly the most emotional scene in the film.

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