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Shea Whigham: Detective Burke



  • Detective Garrity : Mr. Fleck. Sorry to bother you. I'm Detective Garrity this is my partner, Detective Burke. We have a few questions for you, but you weren't home. So we spoke with your mother.

    Arthur Fleck : Oh. What did you say to her? Did you do this?

    Detective Garrity : What? No.

    Detective Burke : No, no, no. We just asked her some questions. She got hysterical. Hyperventilating, collapsed...

    Arthur Fleck : Yeah, but the doctor said she had a stroke.

    Detective Garrity : We're sorry to hear about that. But like I said, I still have some questions for you. They're about to subway killings that happened last week. You've heard about them right?

    Arthur Fleck : Yeah. It's horrible.

    Detective Garrity : Right.

    Detective Garrity : So we spoke with your boss, over at Ha-Ha's. He said you were fired for bringing a gun into the children's hospital. Is that true, Mr. Fleck?

    Arthur Fleck : It's a prop. It's part of my act. I'm a party clown.

    Detective Burke : All right, so why were you fired?

    Arthur Fleck : They said I wasn't funny enough. Can you imagine that? Now if you don't mind, I have to go take care of my mother.

    Detective Burke : Your boss also gave us one of your cards. This condition of yours, The laughing, is it real, or some sort of clown thing?

    Arthur Fleck : A clown thing?

    Detective Garrity : Yeah. I mean, part of your act?

    Arthur Fleck : What do you think?

    [Arthur turns and starts walking towards the hospital doors, but walks into the glass door] 

    Detective Garrity : It's exit only.

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