Joker (2019) Poster


Douglas Hodge: Alfred Pennyworth


  • Arthur Fleck : [Arthur goes to Wayne Manor where he sees young Bruce and does a clown rooting form before talking to him through the gates]  Hi. What's your name?

    Bruce Wayne : I'm Bruce.

    Arthur Fleck : Bruce. I'm Arthur.

    [He sticks his hands through the gate, puts his fingers on Bruce's face lifting the corners of his mouth as if to make him smile] 

    Alfred Pennyworth : Bruce! Bruce! Get away from that man.

    Arthur Fleck : It's okay. I'm a good guy.

    Alfred Pennyworth : How do you do? Who are you?

    Arthur Fleck : I'm here to see Mr. Wayne.

    Alfred Pennyworth : Well, you shouldn't be speaking to his son

    [Giving back the fake flowers Arthur gave Bruce] 

    Alfred Pennyworth : Why did you give him these flowers?

    Arthur Fleck : No, they're not real. It's magic. I was just trying to make Bruce smile.

    Alfred Pennyworth : Well, it's not funny, is it? Do I need to call the police?

    Arthur Fleck : No, please. My mother's name is Penny. Penny Fleck. She used to work here years ago. Can you please tell Mr. Wayne I need to see him?

    Alfred Pennyworth : You are her son?

    Arthur Fleck : Yeah. Did you know her? I know about the two of them. She told me everything.

    Alfred Pennyworth : There's nothing to know. There is no "them." Your mother was delusional. She was a sick woman.

    Arthur Fleck : Don't say that.

    Alfred Pennyworth : Just go. Before you make a fool of yourself.

    Arthur Fleck : Thomas Wayne is my father.

    Alfred Pennyworth : [Alfred starts laughing, causing Arthur in anger to put his hand through the gates around Alfred's neck and starts to choke him]  Let go of me! Let go! Let go of me!

    [Arthur looks at Bruce watching with fear, he turns and runs off] 

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