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Sweet, funny, smart and engaging
bkearson-8549610 November 2019
This is a nice look at Los Angeles few people notice. Neighborhoods and secret fun places. More than that, it is a very honest look at the struggle to live life with some sort of honesty admitting the confusion we all go through day by day. The writers angst over confronting the blank page and the personal terror involved. I laughed and cried and was engaged fully by the quirkiness of the main character. It is a romantic touching film and the music is wonderful. Worth watching for sure.,
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Best romantic comedy I've seen in years.
noraegarrett11 November 2019
Rarely does a movie come along with such careful, incisive exploration of the tragedies of life, love, talent, and how success too soon can harm us as much as the failure of potential. What makes "The Passing Parade" all the more remarkable is that the story never loses its dogged commitment to optimism--to the fullness and worthiness of life in the face of sure disappointment and broken promises. It's a magical film that refuses to lie to you about how difficult being a human being can be, but also refuses to let you give up on living. A jewel box, a gem, a rare piece of perfection, with seamless writing, direction, and bravura performances. I loved it.
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