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Sex & Nudity

  • Demonstrations of oral sex on objects; oral sex scene; sex scene; no nudity
  • Sexual themes are shown between a teenage boy and girl. No graphic nudity ia shown in the movie. A teenage girl's cleavage is seen throughout the movie.
  • Oral Sex scene occurs twice very noticeable. Sex scene where thrusting is implied, and girl moaning occurs once, no nudity. Girls nipple is seen when cleavage leaves her clothing. Man gropes a girl when they are kissing.
  • Girl searches for "Porn" on an internet search engine. Nothing is shown.
  • Woman tells a young boy that he is a homosexual and needs to get fixed. Young boy mentions it a few times throughout the movie.
  • A girl fantasies about having sex with a guy. He is seen taken his clothes off and taken the girls clothes off. No nudity is shown, however the girl is seen enjoying the pleasure.
  • Girls shown wearing bi-kinis in multiple scenes, a few males are showing topless. Girl is shown wearing revealing clothing in some scenes. One scene shows a girl wearing a low cut top and she leans over to speak to someone showing full cleavage.
  • Teenage girl shown washing herself in the shower. No front full nudity is shown, however the tops of her cleavage is clearly shown from a certain camera angle. Girls panties are dropped at the shower door whilst she is showering. Girls cleavage are clearly seen very briefly as she goes under water in the sea when she merges to the surface of the water, she is wearing a bi-kini however her cleavage is very noticeable when she comes up.
  • A teenage boy and girl are having sex outdoors, when the boy stops to put a condom on. No nudity is shown, yet it is heavily implied.

Violence & Gore

  • A girl punches a man in the face full pelt.
  • Girl breaks her arm - no blood or gore is shown but arm is shown as stiff and girl shows painful reactions when arm is jostled or touched


  • High content swearing throughout: F-Word x37, B**W-J*B 11x, D**K 2x, S**t 12x, C**t 1x, Damn 1x, Hell 1x, B***h 2x, A/H**E 1x, P**S 1x. Girl sticks two fingers up in a expletive manner once. A lot of sexual references made in conversations.
  • Blasphemy: Gods name misused 26x, Jesus' name misused 4x, Anti-Semitic slurs occur 6x

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Teenagers are seen drinking at a party three times in the movie. A few people are seen getting drunk a couple of times. Beer is drank from bottles. Wine is drunk from bottles and glasses occasionally. Smoking from pipes to get high is shown in one scene.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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