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whaaaaw !
Kirpianuscus2 May 2020
Whaaaaw ! seems be the reasonable reaction after the final credis end. First, it is a huge surprise. If you know Scandinavian hard rock realities, it can be a gift, I suppose. But the film is an energetic , fascinating comedy. A real montagne russe , great in each detail, honest in profound sense, reflecting parenthood reactins, love stories, huge ambitions and unconventional baths , remembering Kusturica universe and being so...human. Short, adorable.
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Not just for the heads
kosmasp6 March 2019
But as another reviewer wrote this seems to get the mindset of metalheads pretty nicely. And it is funny as hell - no pun intended. And while I am not a metal head by a far stretch, I also had the best time watching this. It is not for the faint hearted and you cannot be offended easily (otherwise do not watch the movie at all for your own sake).

But if you are open minded and like comedies that are not political correct and really do go places - again no pun intended - than you could do a lot worse than this. That is quite an understatement of course. But while this has violence in it and is crude, it is also very sweet too. Something not everyone might expect from it. Not to mention really emotional ... what a journey ... You have to root for the underdog(s) don't you?
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Very enjoyable movie...
paul_haakonsen17 November 2021
The 2018 Finnish comedy "Heavy Trip" (aka "Hevi Reissu") somehow managed to elude me until now late in 2021. I had the opportunity, finally, to get to sit down and watch it, and of course I did, since I have been listening to metal for more than 35 years myself.

Actually I hadn't even heard about "Heavy Trip" had it not been because of an acquaintance mentioning the movie. So I sought it out and tracked it down, managing to get my hands on it shortly thereafter. And I will say that I was immediately sold on the cover alone.

The storyline told in "Heavy Trip", as written by writers Juuso Laatio, Aleksi Puranen and Jari Olavi Rantala was definitely an enjoyable and entertaining one. "Heavy Trip" was rather unique, and it does a great job mixing different genres of movies into a single entertaining one. So thumbs up to the writers on that accomplishment. And I will say that the whole concept of a brutal metal band and their aspiration for their first gig as portrayed in the movie here was fun to watch.

I am by no means familiar with Finnish cinema, so all the performers in the movie here were unfamiliar faces to me. But I will say that they definitely had a good ensemble of skilled actors and actresses in the movie. And the movie was definitely nicely carried by the performances of Johannes Holopainen, Samuli Jaskio, Antti Heikkinen and Max Ovaska.

The character gallery in "Heavy Trip" was interesting and enjoyable. The characters were well-written and given good, suitable and believable dialogue. And I will say that the characters were definitely multi-faceted aspects and personalities. And the movie gave room for some nice character development along the way.

With "Heavy Trip" being a movie about a brutal death metal band, of course you have music in the movie. And the music that was being used to personify the band was just spot on. And it added so much atmosphere to the movie.

If you enjoy metal music, then you should certainly sit down to watch "Heavy Trip".

My rating of "Heavy Trip" lands on a well-deserved seven out of ten stars.
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jack_o_hasanov_imdb28 August 2021
It was my first time watching Finnish comedy.

As Metalhead I didn't really enjoy the movie. But as a general audience it was fun. Watch once and pass.
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Fun in a Weird Way
westsideschl25 December 2018
Death heavy metal is actually big in Finland. Supposedly "based on mythology, occultism, Satanism or crappy fantasy literature". So, small town band of four having gone nowhere for a dozen years other than the basement of one of their parents decide to give it a bigger stage in a Norway festival. What follows is a lot of humor & slapstick (I guess) such as naming themselves w/disgusting body functions as strong possibilities (e.g. Impaled Rektum); grinding up a dead reindeer carcass for it's blood which is inspiration for a song. The acting & music were so good I couldn't tell if they were just actors or actual playing musicians. Puzzled by one scene - paying for a bouquet of three flowers cost 20 Euros ($22) - really?
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"It is better to crap yourself than to be forever constipated."
Bored_Dragon18 October 2018
This sentence perfectly summarizes the Finnish comedy "Heavy Trip". In some backwoods in Finland, four metalheads have been practicing other people's songs for twelve years, without having one of their own, nor have they ever performed before the audience. By chance, they encounter one of the organizers of the biggest Norwegian metal festival and give him their demo tape. On one occasion, it was convenient to frontman to lie that they were invited to participate in the festival, but then the lie spread and situation got completely out of control. The band decides to write an original song and appear at the festival uninvited, come what may. Of course, anything that can go wrong will go wrong and the guys will find themselves in the wildest adventure of their lives.

I can not say that the movie is objectively particularly good, but as a metalhead myself, I really enjoyed the ride. The story is original, and adventure is, although totally over-the-top, essentially very realistic and full of life. The humor is mostly mediocre, but there are some hilarious moments, and there's some touching drama too. The acting is good and dialogues I can not judge because I do not speak Finnish and I do not trust subtitles nearly enough to evaluate based solely on them. And of course, the metal sound is something I'm always happy to hear in the movie, even if it's a subgenre that I do not normally listen to. If you do not have too high expectations, you will surely have good fun.

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great metal comedy
ops-5253510 November 2019
Well i didnt expect this to be a fun movie, but i was wrong. its one of the greatest character comedy ive seen lately, so dont come say that finns cant make good comedy, as i usually think, having grown up with vodka thirsty finnish drama and sauna cabarets on the norwegian broadcaster's tv-theater every darn tuesday in my childhood, hoping for a bare tit here and there, and that made me learn one word in finnish , namely perkellae.

the grumpy old man and his grumpy old better half had a hilarious view, and we both think that its a good 8. do watch it wether or not you like death metal-music. its a recommend
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Great flick, not just for metalheads
rooprect2 October 2019
"Heavy Trip" joins my list of movies about a specific genre of music that everyone can enjoy even if you don't know, or even hate, the genre. Other films include the Japanese "Swing Girls" (swing & old school jazz), the American indie "Patti Cake$" (rap) and of course the ones that started them all, the Christopher Guest music mockumentaries "A Mighty Wind" (folk) and "This Is Spinal Tap" (hard rock). How do these films work so well? It's because foremost they introduce funny, quirky, loveable losers whom we can all associate with, regardless of musical taste, cultural origin or language. When done right, the story of the artistic underdog is universal.

Here we are introduced to 4 of the loveable-est, loser-est underdogs who ever cranked their amps to 11. The main character "Turo" is a long-haired metalhead who can't seem to get on stage without vomiting like a possessed demon girl. He is joined by his bandmates "Pasi" a freakish bass genius who's 1 pocket protector short of Einstein, "Jynkky" a drummer who's so hardcore he keeps the beat even during heart failure, and the guitarist "Lotvonen" who draws inspiration from the sounds of reindeer carcasses being ground into hamburger.

(Quick note about reindeer mutilations and the sort. All animal action is hilariously fake, including one wrestling scene with a crazed wolverine that is quite obviously a stuffed prop. No animals were sacrificed, nor actual reindeer blood spilled, in the making of this film. I hope.)

What follows is a cute, quirky, quasi-surreal unfolding of events surrounding the efforts of their band "IMPALED REKTUM" to make it to a metal festival in Norway, including but not limited to, attacks by rival lounge singers, questionable cops, a few rocket launchers, sword wielding Vikings, and perhaps even death itself. Do they ever make it to the show? Tune in and find out.
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Has its moments, but where's the metal?
TdSmth515 August 2021
A group of friends in a small town in Finland has a metal band that has been playing nothing but covers for 15 years. One day they decide to write their own song and come up with a song that's pretty great. They run into the promoter of a Norwegian metal festival and give him their demo tape.

For reasons unknown the singer makes up the story that the promoter invited them to play at his festival. From being treated like a bunch of losers they become the town's heroes.

When they're supposed to play in front the the town folk it turns into a disaster and they end up admitting that they won't play in Norway. Still, the friends decide to travel to Norway and play in the parking lot if necessary.

In the end they make it to the festival and their determination gives them a spot on stage.

Heavy Trip is a fairly good-natured, low-key, light comedy about kids living routine lives and who for a moment get to pursue their dream of making it big in metal. There's something here especially for folks who are into extreme metal: coming up with a band name, developing a logo, producing promo shots with no budget, finding transportation, a casket crowdsurfing and more. Then there's your usual romance story involving the lovely Minka Kuustonen. There's some unlikely scenarios which are funny nonetheless like the whole border terrorism skit.

Missing though is the music...in a movie centered around metal music. There's the one song the kids come up with, which is fantastic. There are some low-volume songs in between scenes. But for the most part extreme metal is mostly absent in this movie no doubt as to not offend the audience. But that way the production only manages to alienate the crowd who is most likely to see this movie to being with: metalheads.

This movie then is ok for what it is, but it could have been more.
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Heavy Metal, Finnish Style
alisonc-131 July 2018
Turo (Johannes Holopainen) and his buddies Lutvonen (Samuli Jaskio), Jynkky (Antti Heikkinen) and Pasi (Max Ouaska) have been friends since childhood in their remote Northern Finnish village, but they're all misfits; they bond over creating a heavy metal band in which they do great covers of other bands' songs and which never, ever plays before a live audience. You see, Turo has crippling stage fright, though he tries to hide it from his friends. He's also in love with Mila (Minka Kuustonen), but she's taken the eye of relatively successful lounge singer Jouni (Ville Tihonen) and Turo is just too shy to say a word. Until, that is, the opportunity arises for the band to play a heavy metal festival in Norway - if they can only get there in one piece....Here you've got a head-banging road trip comedy in which everything is against our heroes but still they strive to overcome. It's in equal parts deafeningly loud, hilariously funny and actively madcap with respect to the adventures these young men find themselves stumbling into. There's even a Spinal-Tappish scene that practically outdoes Spinal Tap, which is *really* saying something. Great noisy fun!
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Spinal Tap for a new generation
DeadMansTrousers5 December 2018
This movie had me laughing hysterically the entire time. It plays on every single "metal head" stereotype and it does so successfully which is what makes it so funny. This movie will easily looked back on as a cult classic years from now.
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simoncmoore14 December 2020
A genuinely funny film. This is not, by any means, a masterclass. It is, however, hilarious. It is helped if you know a little of Finnish culture, but it is not essential. The acting is easily good enough. The story is ridiculous. It centres on a heavy metal band that has never played live. They live in rural Finland and capture some of the idiosyncrasies of that way of life. Everyone knows everyone else and they celebrate each others' success, which provides the motivation for the road trip. And then they go on a road trip to a fabled heavy metal concert with the hope of playing there, even though they are not on the bill. And that is that. Thoroughly enjoyable. Very silly.
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Expected worst, got best
AnusPresley4 May 2019
This is simply wonderful, charming and joyous. Yes it has grave robbing, but hey, it's in _context_...

Finland. Land of the dour and those that understate everything. The opposite of Hollywood. Bunch of metal heads talk themselves up and then have to live up to it. Believe it or not, the result is a sweet and subtle comedy that does not offend the over sensitive metal subcult as can be seen from reviews here.

I liken it to _Bad Santa_. While you watch it, your mouth is open and you are confused. Only when it's finished and you reflect, you realise you just watched something special and need to watch it again. This is a gem amongst the cowpats. It is a treasure.
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Fun with Finnish Black Metal roadtrip
HairyMart120 April 2019
A struggling Finish Black Metal Band may seem to be not the best choice for a heartwarming comedy, but surprisingly here it works really well. Impaled Rektum (yes that's the name of the band) have been practicing for a long time - 12 years and not one gig. A chance, and bloody encounter, with a metal promoter changes things, and the band galvanized by the opportunity to appear at a festival begin their epic saga. Hints of Spinal Tap and Blues Brothers are understandable, but for the most part film creates it's own, mostly slapstick based humour - including the worst choice for a stag do fancy dress, and a lot of Scandinavian humour, which translates really well. Not sophisticated in anyway but very funny, and always taking its music seriously, quite accessible for those of a non- black metal disposition.
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We're on a mission from Satan
selfdestructo6 January 2022
I think people who are really into metal, or are just passionate about music, will appreciate this movie most. Heavy Trip was unquestionably made by metalheads. The actors in the band look the part, act the part, and play real death metal. The one original Impaled Rektum song is super heavy!

An underground (literally, they practice in the basement of a slaughterhouse) metal band toils away for 12 years, never experiencing a real gig. Hell, they haven't even written a song! Inspiration strikes when a reindeer carcass gets jammed in a meat grinder (I thought this was hilarious). The band gives their demo to a guy putting on a festival in Norway, word gets around the village, the guys are treated like local heroes, but things don't go quite as planned.

Honestly, this is one of the funniest music-related comedies I've ever seen, and what's great about it is its authenticity. What it's like to struggle with creativity, getting yourself heard, getting yourself out there, replacing your dead drummer with a certified lunatic, as well as reaching for success. Oh yeah, there's a love story in here, too (FTR, chicks are not drawn to extreme death metal).
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Hilarious Finnish Comedy
tmartin-7872113 October 2018
A funny and extremely clever satire of the Finnish and Norwegian death metal scene. You of course don't have to know anything about metal to enjoy this little gem of a movie, but if you do it's icing on the cake. If your a fan of the show metalocalypse definitely check this out. Also check it out if you are just a fan on fun indie comedies and don't mind subtitles. I don't mind subtitles, but I do feel they can hurt comedies as so much of the genre relies on the success and wittiness of the dialogue. Translations don't always carry through, and unfortunately I do feel the translations hurt this film slightly for those of us that don't speak Finnish. But the acting, and rememberable situations do speak for themselves. 7.5/10 (which is a high score for me.)
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loved it
stefan_papp16 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
They were playing with a lot of metal stereotypes, especial ideas from the late eighties and 90ties, but in a way it was hilarious. Really loved it.

A must for every metal fan.
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A reindeer grinding cult classic
gemfesty25 September 2019
A must see, plenty of laugh out loud comedy. Glad the soundtrack is well balanced with pop rock if your hesitant about the amount of death metal. This will surely become a cult classic! See it before your friends tell you about it.
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Funny and surprising!
ommik26 December 2018
I'm a Finn but not a metalhead... that being said, I enjoyed this movie immensly! It's funny, touching and surprising.

One of the best Finnish movies I've seen in years!
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oh, dear
kriszti-8394928 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I had probably to high expectations because I didn't like this movie at all. It was most of the time boring. Yes, there were little funny scenes, but nothing that would have made the whole film experience any better. I don't know why the vomiting scene had to be done twice. It was discusting enough the first time. It was also a bit unbelievable that one of their band mates died after he avoided a collision with a reindeer and had a bit of a rough stop with his van and the same time when the rest of the team jumps off a cliff a and lands on another cliff, no injuries or harm is done to any of them. Not that it had many realistic scenes. For me it was a waste of time.
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vampirelusts18 August 2019
Best Metal band movie since Air Heads. Be ashamed Hollywood. You've been shown up by Finland.
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Not bad at all!
myny-jeffrey19 April 2019
Although the trailer and the language scared me off at the Ensors (movie prizes at the film festival of Ostend, Belgium), I simply watch it with zero expectations. To keep it short, it was way, way, way better than expected.

Great comedy mixed with music that most people tend to keep away.
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Near perfect comedy gold!
lindarctica30 June 2019
I love metal and i'm in a band myself. I was bound to find some relatable subjects in this movie and the movie delivered! Heavy Trip follows a young group of Finnish extreme metal heads in their journey to make it to a metal festival in Norway, come hell or high water. Beside the comedy, the story is't afraid to become realistic and even touching on some moments too. In my humbe opinion, that is how comedy's are supposed to be. A good laugh but also with some good emotions to carry the story. The movie is jam-packed with delightfuly offensive and crude humor, as long as you find extreme vomiting, jokes on terrorism and the mental handicapped, and digging up graves a funny thing. And as far as metalheads go, that is usualy the case. All four of the bandmembers that form the main cast are their own, special little personality. My favourite remaining drummer Jynkky. A not too bright of a lad with big dreams and a good heart. Reminds me a lot of my ow guitarplayer!

Finns always have had a rich metal culture and it translated well into the movie. It is ridiculous but in a good way. It doesn't poke fun of the genre, but rather showcases the over-the-top fun of it. All in all, i think i tore a muscle while laughing at this movie and i advise it to every metalhead to watch this treasure! Horns up! \m/
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They're On A Mission From Satan
misfitone3828 November 2019
This is "The Blues Brothers" for fans of Black Metal. Metalheads are going to enjoy it more than those who aren't fans of the genre. Its still good for a few laughs even if you aren't familiar with the instantly recognizable opening of Pantera's "Walk."

At the very least, it injects humor and shows a lighter side of a musical scene that's notorious for church burnings in the 90's, or that one of these bands once used a photo of the corpse of a former bandmate (after committing suicide) as an album cover.
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What a fantastic spoof
wezel21 April 2019
To be honest, subtitles are often a bit of a drag, however there was no problem with them in this movie.

We loved this crazy spoof of heavy metal.

It was fun from start to finish. The actors stayed in character all the way through.

The story was hilarious and knowing a lot of musicians, as we do, we felt they did a fantastic job of capturing the way some of those musicians can be. So, we thought the characterizations were great. That also applies to the big music promotor type. He was PERFECT, I know guys like that.

The cinematography was well done, the countryside is of course wonderful, and was the perfect backdrop for the crazed metal sound. It was fun that they had the occasional Reindeer wander through.

The sight gags were great. We laughed pretty much through the whole thing, to the point where we probably missed stuff and will have to see it again.

We felt that it was a real homage to Metal and also to several other music spoofs. We saw some influences from Spinal Tap (which the director admits to) but we also felt there was a nod to another Finnish movie "Leningrad Cowboys go America". If you saw that one you will know what I am talking about. I shall not put in a spoiler here!

This was the best fun we've had watching a movie for weeks.
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