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Season 2

12 May 2018
When Love Begins
Couples recount the twists and turns that started their relationships, proving that meeting your soulmate is rarely a fairy tale. Discover the unique challenges and triumphs couples experienced as their true love developed into successful, long-lasting marriage.
19 May 2018
Getting Down the Aisle
How do you know for sure that your significant other is "the one"? Couples discuss their personal journeys to committing to one another for life.
26 May 2018
Infidelity can forever change a marriage. The aftermath is different for every couple. Black Love couples discuss the circumstances that led to cheating, and how their marriages endured, and ultimately prevailed.
2 Jun. 2018
Life After Baby
Having children adds new, unforeseen dimensions to a marriage. Black Love couples discuss the many ways in which kids have affected, changed and deepened their marriage bonds.
2 Oct. 2018
Second Time Around
Niecy felt she would marry again. Michael says, "It wasn't chemistry that brought us together, it was competition." Richard and Tina had been platonic friends for decades. Jo-An was a 21 year old student when Glynn approached her at a restaurant. Bobby and Danelle were each other's first love as teenagers. Michael and Gillian were friends for years, secretly curious about the other's affections.
7 Oct. 2018
Picking Your Battles
Grant and Tamia Hill stress that there is no time-out when you coexist with someone. Tina thinks it's a smoother road for couples who don't engage in power plays. The biggest source of fighting early on in Ryan and Sterling's relationship is that her family did not approve of him. Justine believes it's basic manners to never argue in public, but Rev doesn't care what strangers think about them.
13 Oct. 2018
In Sickness and In Health
Grant had an ankle injury and missed four seasons. Tamia was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Jamie was airlifted to the hospital and told that he was paralyzed, and should expect to regain only 30% mobility in his legs. Wynette was diagnosed with a rare Auto Immune Disease that affects mobility and flexibility. Styles P and Adjua expereinced tragedy, their daughter committed suicide.

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