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First 10min fantastic, the last 5min pretty good, the rest meh...
namob-436737 August 2022
I was laughing almost constantly for the first minutes, lovely stuff. The finale of the show was fun, loveable and had a good point. The problem is all the stuff in-between. It get very quickly convoluted, convenient and sure it is a cartoon but what are the rules of this world/s? This also has a pacing problem, which is not often you say about a cartoon..

The main character is great and despite me not being a huge fan of this movie I can still see the good and this is by no means bad. I also think that kids might like this a lot more than I did.

At the end of the day I had a decently good time. This was just not that good and entertaining in the middle parts (they should have made the movie 15min shorter) but overall not bad, and I will recommend this to parents and kids - I am fairly certain children will like this.

For me I give this a 6/10. Worth the watch but as an adult I recommend having a few glasses of wine ready for the boring middle parts.
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Great animation, convuluted story later.
Horror_Flick_Fanatic6 August 2022
I thought the first act was good. The main character is very likeable and relatable. An orphan that grew out of an orphanage and cast into the cold adult world. The story had me hooked. The comedy with Murply's law is extremely relatable lol. Unfortunately, the film seemed to lose its way into a convoluted mess by the second half. The main thesis could still be understood, that of making your own way through life instead of being a victim of circumstances. But they complicated the whole good luck, bad luck screenplay too much that I think children will get lost in it too.

The animations are top notch even if it has a Disney princess vibe to it. I noticed little things like the water droplets falling on the puddles on the New York City streets in the background as the animated characters performed their roles. I think the animators did a fab job with details. It was just the screenplay later in the film was made unnecessary complicated and convuluted.
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These kind of movies are important.
jonastp6 August 2022
It is in my opinion, that we need more of these movies.

To show, that either bad luck or something negative, is not always bad.

To live with harmony across both sides of the ying and yang.

I really enjoyed this one. Well made, exciting and a nice little "lesson".
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This is a great animated movie...
paul_haakonsen9 August 2022
I sat down to watch the 2022 animated movie "Luck" with my 12 year old son. I hadn't heard about this particular animated movie prior to getting to watch it. So I didn't know what we were getting in for here.

However, I will say that "Luck" is without a doubt an animated movie that is well-worth taking the time to watch. The storyline was very enjoyable and had lots of good laughs to it. And it was something that appealed to both me and my son, so writers Kiel Murray, Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger managed to put together a script and storyline that had equal appeal to kids and adults alike.

The character gallery in "Luck" was good, with lots of likeable characters and memorable characters as well. Especially the cat Bob, he was just the star of the show. And with "Luck" being an animated movie, then having a good voice act ensemble is a must, and they definitely had that here, with the likes of Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, John Ratzenberger and even Grey Griffin.

The art style and animation in "Luck" was good, so the CGI animation team definitely churned out a great product with this particular animated movie.

"Luck" was very watchable and enjoyable from start to end, and it is a great combination of good storytelling, funny characters, great locations and just an abundance of great details in every single scene.

If you have the chance and opportunity to sit down and watch director Peggy Holmes' 2022 animated movie "Luck", you should do so. I was genuinely entertained by this animated movie, and it is something I can and will warmly recommend.

My rating of "Luck" lands on a seven out of ten stars.
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Luckily I saw this
Tactrix7 August 2022
This is a great little movie about a girl who's an orphan who just aged out of the orphanage but all she wants to do is help the one other little girl that's there be adopted by a forever family. Sadly she also happens to have dreadful luck, but it looks like her luck might turn around with the discovery of a lucky cat.

I think this is a great movie, with very good humor and a fantastic cast, it's put together just perfectly to make you love everything about it and also learn a few life lessons along the way. 10/10 masterful!
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Cute family movie
ryanc-499736 August 2022
This was well done! I enjoyed the whole movie. Was it a bit cliche in some regards? Yes! But it's okay and the whole family from 7-42 liked it a a lot! My only gripe: why is there always an orphan or single parent involved?
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"No one can see my screen"
daisukereds5 August 2022
A simple and rather childish story about an unlucky lady, trying to make things better for others.

With a good emotional core, and a catchy song that came out of nowhere. It's also visually stunning. From Architecturally, to character design and models.. to lively luck-related cat animations, and unlucky-girl moments (the best part of the movie).

But I must say, I was quite disappointed at the stiffness and lack of good facial expressions.. specially during the delivery of emotional lines! It's like the models don't move, and just their mouths were articulated and animated. Something you wouldn't see in something like Turning Red, where it might even go overboard! But is that added energy that makes watching an animated movie so fun.

Does not fail to entertain and pass the time, but it doesn't linger.
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Fun, quirky and uplifting
pingalingo6 August 2022
A really enjoyable film for both adults and children. Lots of funny moments but also many heart warming moments just what you want from a great animation.
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Loved it !
thugwyfe8 August 2022
I'm 31 and loved this movie. Yes I have kids but they are a little too young still. It was so cute and entertaining. Sometimes I get sick of kid movies and stop watching halfway. Not with this film. I love all the characters and voices they chose for them. The plot kept me interested and the ending was incredible. Its very wholesome and clean. I recommend for any age.
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the first from Skydance Animation
ferguson-65 August 2022
Greetings again from the darkness. "Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck." That's how the old saying goes, and it plays a prominent part in this first animated feature film from Skydance Animation. Directed by former Disney animation choreographer Peggy Holmes, and co-written by Kiel Murray (CARS, 2006) and writing partners Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, who teamed on the "Kung Fu Panda" franchise (as well as other projects), the film's approach shifted when Skydance hired John Lasseter as head of animation. You may know Mr. Lasseter as the creative force behind Pixar and such groundbreaking films as TOY STORY (1995), but he's also the guy that faced multiple accusations of workplace sexual impropriety and left Disney Pixar in late 2017. His Skydance hiring brought a change of director to the project, and was the reason Oscar winner Emma Thompson recused herself, replaced by Oscar winner Jane Fonda, who evidently had no such qualms about working for Lasseter.

Sam Greenfield (voiced by Eva Noblezada) is a klutzy 18-year-old who has 'aged out' of the foster home where she has lived. Never experiencing a 'forever family', Sam has maintained a positive outlook on life, despite what she sees as a never-ending streak of mishaps, accidents, unfortunate coincidences, and overall bad luck. She's been very supportive of her younger friend Hazel (Adalyn Spoon), who holds out hope for adoption and is a collector of good luck charms ... missing only a lucky penny. While bumbling through her first days as an independent woman, Sam finds a lucky penny, only to have bad luck strike (in the form of an automatic toilet) before she can deliver it to Hazel. And soon, Sam is chatting up a talking black cat (Simon Pegg) before they both enter a portal that whisks them to the Land of Luck.

It might seem odd that a black cat brough Sam her first taste of good luck, but as the story develops, so does their friendship. The Land of Luck is run by a dragon (Jane Fonda), and it's her Captain (Whoopi Goldberg) that has it out for Bob ... and the shenanigans that Sam brings to this new world certainly don't help. The Land of Luck consists of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, rabbits (none missing a foot), and pigs (never knew they were considered lucky). Down below the Land of Luck is the land of Bad Luck, and it's Jeff the Unicorn (a terrific Flula Borg) who is charged with keeping the 'right' mixture of good luck and bad that gets sent to the land of humans. Yes, it's all a bit convoluted, but what the movie gets right are the colorful visuals and the fun characters. Sam, Bob, the Dragon, and Jeff are all memorable in their own way.

It seems pretty clear that John Lasseter's fingerprints are on the final film, as influences from INSIDE OUT and SOUL are quite evident ... although those films are far superior. Where this one falls short is in memorable and pointed storytelling, always a strength of Pixar. We are left a bit befuddled on the takeaway message. Are our lives determined by a mixture of good and bad luck? What about making our own luck and forging our own path? Taking responsibility for our own actions and building our own network of friends and acquaintances seems every bit as important as whether the toast lands jelly-side up or down. Despite all that, it's a pretty solid first animated feature from a studio likely to continue to improve as more projects are released - assuming they have the best of luck!

In select theaters and on AppleTV+ on August 5, 2022.
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Only Here For Pegg
gab-675995 August 2022
As a fan of animation movies I could not wait to see this one. But afterwards it was not as I expected. I only laughed once or twice in the beginning, the rest of the story just played out. The story was cute, but not for kids to follow along with much. As an adult I am still not sure where Bob came from originally. Our word or BL world? Desite facts, this was just a bit too long for any child to stay in their seats and watch. The animation was good, big heads, even bigger eyes to match them. This felt more like a 6 star for me, but I added one star for Pegg. This should have been much funnier, but sadly no.
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Slow start, good ending
jason-jordan-id6 August 2022
The beginning of the movie felt like your common flat children's movie. Which didn't having anything for adult to watch and enjoy. The second part adding more depth and in the end and have lessons for adults and children. I felt better about myself, after watching.
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Humorous and Enjoyable Family Film
chaakar5 August 2022
It's no Zootopia, but not every animated film is going to entertain all ages perfectly -- that said, the choreographed sequences in the film are all really well done and well scripted: kids will love them, adults, you'll see it and smile. I really enjoyed it though, and am thrilled that we have a new nicely made, original, entertaining animation for families AND there was no out of left field subliminal -"let's model cultural change for children"- messaging to need to work with -- just a simple message about how lucky we are to have people who care for us in our lives.

Looking forward to more from Skydance!
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If my daughter likes it that's a huge win
larmstr21 August 2022
Not often can I find a movie that both my daughter and I can enjoy. This movie was enjoyable for both of us and that is huge. Between a funny unicorn and a black cat done by one of my fave actors, Simon Pegg, I find this enjoyable enough to watch more than once (which all parents know is the hallmark of a true movie winner). She likes it and I enjoy it enough to watch it with her. And as someone who leans heavily into the bad luck column I can relate to Sam.
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sweet and sad...
ops-5253516 August 2022
And belongs in the tenner bin in the grumpy old mans shop of imaginarie animation feature movies, at times i took of like a roaring concord of laughter, in others just blissed like a child due to the colours... so i will be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky to announce my recommendations to everyone, this is being kid in the candy store yet again visually...
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Not horrible, just disappointing
nfpirr5 August 2022
For a movie that had so much promising talent, it really doesn't want to use its potential to its full extent. It's just a bland, boring, and all around forgettable movie that doesn't give me much hope for Skydance Animation, and this is coming from someone who defends John Lasseter.
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michaelsiphone7 August 2022
Luck is a 2022 computer-animated fantasy comedy film directed by Peggy Holmes

It's ok, but I feel mixed about this one 😉 I'd recommend it if you like this genre, but if not then probably give it a miss 👍🏼👎🏼

I enjoyed the opening section on Earth but the lengthy screenplay got a bit lost and convoluted after that

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So cute!
massage-887-9550395 August 2022
Take away...... make your own destiny and deal with life in a positive way.

Apple TV+'s Luck! Is lucky to be so fun to watch. The story and magical luck that's portrayed is what gives it an original thoughtful air about it.

Is it destiny or is it how you deal with life.

Well done.
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Charming and heartwarming
lilyholmie6 August 2022
I'm so impressed with the quality that Skydance Animation has shown in its first feature film- I felt like I was watching a comfort movie that I grew up with! The animation is colorful, the characters are hilarious, and the found-family theme brought tears to my eyes. I think the representation is going to be so special for so many folks and it's even more impressive that this movie was made almost entirely over Zoom!!!

And come on... hazmat bunnies!
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Apple's got a lot to learn!
SoumikBanerjee257 August 2022
The guys working in Apple studios might have had naive ambitions in their hearts and while I do appreciate them trying to find their footing in the animation industry, the hard reality is; that they are not quite up there, not yet! It took more than two decades of consistent success for somebody like Pixar to reach the level they are at this moment! Even the big players in this business, the likes of Sony, and DreamWorks are just playing catch-up.

Therefore, it would take more than an earnest attempt to announce their arrival onto the big stage! "Luck" could have been that, their shot, their entryway to something greater, something far significant! Yet, an inferior write-up, which is so heavy on dialogues and expositions that the all-around experience often becomes too tiring, too burdensome for a casual viewer. Not to mention, the carelessly crafted characters who are seemingly devoid of any emotional availability worsened an already dire situation!
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Not much of a luck with this one
pranayjalvi7 August 2022
Luck is a somewhat confounding blend of past, present, and future. The plot was good, but a number of stories convuluted together and it messed up.

The characters were good, however the story felt a drag, with 60 minutes of repetitive Good Luck/Bad Luck sob. The funny moments didn't felt funny and there was no emotional depth on the scenes that were supposed to be.

Possibly the biggest surprise to Luck is just how generic and uninspired it feels, despite how many ideas are crammed into this story. There's no wonder, no excitement, no jokes that land. Only a few scenes were interesting enough to this otherwise flat animated movie.

My Rating : 5/10.
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The Skydance's lucky black cat is good to watch
monuthube6 August 2022
That's really a good animated movie. Yes, it feels like this was inspired by Disney or Pixar but the luck is that this is truly Skydance's first feature film, as John Lasseter is now the new head of this animation studio. That green color really makes this odd out, the color itself means neutral. The movie tries to tell about that both good & bad exists, and that's what makes life more interesting. Well, it also tells the story through little complex things like using the concept of gravity and two opposite mirror worlds, at some point, it feels boring but few things get right in the way to grab attention. The color tone makes it perfectly stand out from usual Disney-Pixar content, giving it a totally new different vibe while explaining about having good-bad things is needed or not.

Worth watching if you like Pixar-type stories that tell complex parts of life in the simple way possible.
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hookedonyou-5726911 August 2022
Finally a new kids movie without pushing social justice issues onto children. So sick of that!

Just an all around feel good movie for kids and parents alike.
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nimitz5416 August 2022
Cgi looks plasticy and fake, story was boring and dry.

Just not up to par for todays standards. Almost seemed like it was written by an AI or someone on mushrooms.
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Missing the Pixar magic
zmqyydns6 August 2022
The animation quality is good, but everything else about Luck seems forced and falls flat. The script for the main character especially is so dry.

Other animated films such as Coco and Encanto have a certain flow. Even though the world is 'magical', things that happen make sense and keeps you engaged, whereas Luck has none of that. Too much happens at once and is not explained well. Feels like they took elements from other films (Shrek, Minions, Zootopia etc) and thought it would work.

You'll also get sick of the word 'Luck' about 15 minutes in.

Very average first attempt from Apple.
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