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Sex & Nudity

  • Includes depictions of a sexual activity in the context of a sex cult. Scenes include glimpses of sexual activity with female nudity visible on several occasions. Oral sex performed both on male and female characters is the focal point of several scenes although no nudity below the waist is shown. Women's breasts and backsides are glimpsed briefly in a sexual context.
  • A man refers to "plans" he has for the evening, another man asks for her name.
  • A man makes a metaphor for pregnancy.
  • A woman reads an article that references sexual perversion.
  • A woman makes a remark regarding sharing a bed with a man.
  • A man talks to another man about sexual frustration.
  • A man and woman kiss.
  • A man puts his hand over a clothed woman's womb.
  • A woman makes a comment on a virgin bride and a harem.
  • A man and woman talk about the man having sexual desires with other women.
  • A man implies to a woman that her husband could be cheating on her, and he implies that she could be cheating on the husband.
  • A woman tells a man that she and her husband are taking "precautions" referring to pregnancy.
  • A man makes an innuendo about a teenage girl having boys over.
  • A man jokes to another man in front of a woman about him trying to have sex with a woman.
  • Two girls talk to each other with innuendos, asking if the other has had sexual relationships with certain men.
  • A man zips up a dress a woman is wearing, her bare back is exposed.
  • A woman sits nude in a bathtub (her breasts and genitalia are not visible).
  • A woman is shown showering, the camera angle is from the upper-chest upward. She is then shown out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her.
  • A man is in robes and a women finishes dressing, it is heavily implied that they had sex. The man is an authority in the organization that they are both in, and it is implied that he had sex with a disciple. She also remarks that he was not "careful" with her.
  • A women tells a man over the phone that she "won't be able to behave herself" refers to sex.
  • A female prostitute makes a remark about a man's sexuality.
  • A woman unbuttons her shirt and undoes her bra (seen from behind), then puts a night-gown like cloth on.
  • A man references sodomy.
  • A woman is loosely clothed in robes.
  • A woman wears a ritual gown that is slightly see-through (her bare nipples can be seen).
  • A woman vaguely offers to a man that they have sex, but he declines.
  • A man watches performers in revealing clothing dance in what appears to be an early 1900s strip club.
  • A group of prostitutes wearing see-through clothing stand against a wall.
  • A woman moans heavily in a sexual way during a ritual (she is not having sex though).
  • During a ritual a woman moans and orgasms.
  • A teenage girl and what appears to be a teenage boy make out, he is obscurely seen reaching under her dress.
  • A woman is shown wearing a light nightgown, her nipples can be seen through it.
  • A woman reaches under her nightgown and pleasures herself, she breathes heavily.
  • A woman lays on a bed and lowers her robe revealing a bare breast, it is implied that she and the man she is with have sex.
  • In a fantasy world a man is pleasured by a harem, he and the women are nude, but sheets cover genitalia and breasts. A woman in an elaborate headdress is shown on top of him thrusting.
  • A man and two women have sex on a couch. They are clothed, but one woman's bare buttocks is visible and she gyrates on the man and the two women moan lightly.
  • A man and woman have sex, his bare chest is visible and her bare back and outline of her breasts and nipples can be seen (lights are off). She rides him and they both moan.
  • A man and woman kiss, they then lay on a bed, and the man pulls up her dress and removes her briefs then, proceeds to perform Cunnilingus on her, but she stops him.
  • A man and two women engage in a threesome, he watches as the two women kiss and one of them undresses the other (bare breasts exposed). She then kisses the man.
  • In a religious ceremony a nude woman (bare breasts exposed) receives Cunnilingus from a man in robes. She moans loudly. (graphic)
  • A prostitute unzips a man's pants and begins to perform fellatio on him (no nudity). Another man having the same done to him watches the first man.
  • A man and woman have sex in a bed, she wears a light nightgown while he is shirtless. They kiss and breath heavily with thrusting motions (only shown torso up). The man is depicted pulling out and ejaculating beside her, he moans.
  • A nude woman wears a small piece of cloth covering her genitalia and holds a goblet in front of her breasts during a ceremony, in another episode the same ceremony occurs again and her bare breasts are exposed.

Violence & Gore

  • Trespassing is depicted.
  • A woman suddenly drops a plate on the floor and it shatters.
  • A ground of boys throw things (looks like eggs) at a house.
  • In a fantasy world a warrior shoots a bow and arrow.
  • A man shows another man how to shoot a rifle and shoots it at an empty beer bottle.
  • A man is shown with a cast on his foot and crutches.
  • Two characters talk about a test rocket that exploded and how a piece of shrapnel almost hit a man. A character makes a remark on how he wishes the shrapnel hit the man.
  • A large alien machine walks up to a building, the people inside are seen running out in panic, and the machine crushes the building and rubble falls on a man (not graphic).
  • A large alien machine pulverizes a man with a projectile (not graphic).
  • During a hallucination a man gets in a car crash, a cut with minor blood can be seen on his face.
  • During a hallucination a man punches a cactus/tree twice, he is hurt and some blood on his knuckles is shown.
  • A man falls off a roof and hits the ground roughly, though he is fine.
  • During a ceremony a man holds a dagger and stabs a curtain in front of a woman.
  • A small test rocket explodes and a piece of shrapnel flies towards a man's head, though another man quickly knocks him down and he does not get hit.
  • A man is shown with bloodied wounds (not too graphic).
  • During a hallucination a man sees a large mound of corpses (not graphic) with an astronaut with a Nazi flag.
  • A man aggressively slaps a woman across the face.
  • A man angrily asks a prostitute about a remark she made of his sexuality, he grabs at her aggressively, she presses an alarm and two men barge into the room. The man punches the other men and they punch back, he is then shown being held by his arms and dragged out of the room.
  • A woman finds a knife attached to a piece of paper stabbed in the door of her home.
  • A man punches a man in the face and then pushes him.
  • A man's bare chest is shown branded (burn scar) with a symbol, (it is in the form of a scar, and the branding is not shown).
  • A man grabs a knife and storms into another man's home. He points a knife at the home owner's face. He then proceeds to go through his stuff in a disruptive manner.
  • A man smashes things and throws down shelves violently.
  • A man smashes a glass on another man's head.
  • A man builds a large bonfire to destroy things.
  • A man pulls out a knife during a ritual and is depicted about to stab a woman.
  • A man gets in a fight with three other men, he smashes a glass on one man's head (there is some blood) and he gets punched (some blood), he then gets beaten severely by the other men with batons (somewhat graphic).
  • During a ceremony a woman grabs a knife and cuts herself and pours blood into a goblet.
  • In a fantasy world a warrior comes across a tiger-like monster who can be heard eating something (flesh eating sounds), the warrior shoots and arrow which pierces the monster, it growls, and leaps at the warrior who takes out a knife.
  • A man grabs a teenage girl by the arm aggresively and hits a boy across the face with gardening shears (graphic, there is blood from impact but not a cut wound).
  • A man tackles another man to the ground, there is some punching, and bites his ear (he screams, no blood).
  • A woman licks a knife during a ritual and kisses it (no blood shown).
  • During a ritual, a man slits his arm with a knife. He then drips blood in a circle and draws a symbol out of the blood on the floor (graphic).
  • A man holds a lighter under his hand and burns himself (he is shown with a pained look on his face). His hand is shown wounded and smoldering.


  • Occasional use of "fuck".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Men drink alcoholic beverages in many episodes.
  • Characters smoke cigarettes in many scenes.
  • Men take swigs of wine.
  • A woman pours alcohol into lemonade and is shown drinking large amounts of it.
  • Men smoke cigars in multiple scenes.
  • There is a scene in a bar with a lot of alcohol and men drinking.
  • A character makes absinthe and characters drink it.
  • A character becomes drunk in one scene.
  • Two men take a hallucinogen (Peyote) and have a hallucinations.
  • A man takes a psychedelic and hallucinates.
  • A man uses a lighter to liquefy a powdered drug in a spoon, and then places it in a syringe and injects it into his arm.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Two men come across a wild mountain lion and stand it down, this may feel intense to viewers who have been in similar circumstances.
  • A Cerberus-like monster charges at a man and knocks him on the ground.
  • A character dives after a man who is motionless underwater in a pool, the man then shoves the character underwater. He is held underwater momentarily. Viewers who have fears of being underwater and drowning may find this scene intense.
  • A man spies on a woman doing laundry.
  • A neighbor of a woman breaks into her house and goes through things, the woman encounters him inside and they talk. This scene is tense and the woman is uncomfortable.
  • A married couple arrive home and hear noises (non-sexual) coming from their bedroom, the man grabs a metal rod from the fireplace to investigate. (tense).
  • There are two intense fight scenes involving punching.
  • A man looks in a mirror and sees a reflection of himself with a demon-like mask on. Some viewers might find the mask scary.
  • Several scenes depict a man starting to transform into a Werewolf. In one, a hair appears on his cheek and he pulls it out (graphic), then many others (whisker-like) appear. In another scene he is shown growling and turns into a full Werewolf.
  • Early 1900s halloween is depicted with many children wearing masks, (some viewers may find the masks scary).
  • During a therapy-like session a woman lays on a table while a man pulls a cloth over her. He hammers nails into the table pinning down the cloth over her while he interrogates her about flashbacks she is having. She is shown in discomfort.
  • A women is grooming in front of a mirror when in the mirror's reflection a shadowy figure appears and scares her, she turns around and the figure vanishes.
  • A man violently throws things into a bonfire, the fire spreads while some sort of beast's footprints walk towards a man in the fire. A Cerberus-like monster appears and growls, then vanishes.
  • A girl surprises a woman, the girl smiles with an orange peel in her mouth. The girl then vanishes as part of an illusion.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A teenage girl's stepfather shoves an orange peel in her mouth and rapes her (the rape is not shown).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A teenage girl's stepfather shoves an orange peel in her mouth and rapes her (the rape is not shown).

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