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Odette Annable: Samantha Arias



  • Soccer Mom : Which one's yours?

    Samantha Arias : Oh, uh... she's the forward, right there. I swear to god, I don't know how she's so coordinated. I struggle to think and chew at the same time. What about you? Which one's yours?

    Soccer Mom : Ruby is special.

    Samantha Arias : Yeah, she is. Wait, I don't... I don't think I told you her name.

    Soccer Mom : She's chosen. So are you.

    Samantha Arias : [she's handed a pamphlet]  I'm sorry, who did you say you were?

    Soccer Mom : A follower. Please, bring Ruby to our community so that she may learn her path.

  • Lena Luthor : So, how do you plan on celebrating your first big merger as my CFO?

    Kara Danvers : We're having a girls' night at my place tonight. Do you want to come?

    Samantha Arias : No. I... couldn't intrude.

    Kara Danvers : You do realize that Lena's not gonna take "no" for an answer, right?

    Lena Luthor : That's accurate.

  • Kara Danvers : [noticing Sam's pamphlet]  Where did you get this?

    Samantha Arias : Oh. Some weirdo at Ruby's soccer game. She came up to me and tried to enlist me in some self-help meeting.

    Lena Luthor : I hate those things. They're like a waste of trees and of our time.

    Kara Danvers : You mind if I keep this?

    Samantha Arias : No. Go ahead.

  • Lena Luthor : What's the matter?

    Samantha Arias : I'm just screwing up. I'm... not with work. With Ruby. All she wanted to do was to practice her song with me, and I kept saying "No, later" and "Later, later", and... I mean, look at her. I just feel like the worst mother.

    [Lena grins] 

    Samantha Arias : Why are you smiling?

    Lena Luthor : Because I actually had the worst mother, objectively speaking. So I find your self-appraisal a little funny.

    Samantha Arias : I mean, my kid fell asleep on my couch in my office. It's not great.

    Lena Luthor : She fell asleep watching her mom work hard. She may not understand the ins and outs, but she knows it's important and you're the only one who can fix it. That is how you raise a girl to be a badass.

    Samantha Arias : Yeah. She already is a badass.

    Lena Luthor : Yeah, 'cause she's loved. And she knows it.

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