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The most entertaining Spanish series I've ever seen
bosoxrudy20 May 2019
This is more a review of the first season than the second. First, a bit of background: a cop Andrés Vargas is killed by a sadistic serial killer and we see him go to the Passage, the transition to the afterlife. While processing Vargas, oops, it seems a little mistake was made. He actually shouldn't have died. When he demands to return to his life on Earth, to his wife, two daughters, and his elderly father, the Passage informs him that is impossible because time on Earth moves much more quickly. Five years have already passed since his (non-)death, and Andrés Vargas is long dead & buried. The best they can do is to return him to Earth in another body, Manuel Márquez

As it so turns out, his new body looks nothing like his old self, but Vargas does get to return to his old job in his old precinct. The catch is that his new assigned partner is his daughter, who has grown up & become a cop during his absence. The other catch is that if he tells anyone his true identity, he really will die, for good this time. He figures that being near his family, even if he must hide his true identity, is better than nothing at all.

With his daughter as his partner and a rather odd companion from the Passage named Iago, Márquez chases down the serial killer responsible for his death and the murders of a number of young women. Estoy vivo is hardly your typical cop show, however. It's also a supernatural thriller, with elements of family drama, romance, and goofball humor all thrown into the mix.

Honestly, I watched every episode of the first season at least three times. I must have watched the Season 1 finale a half-dozen times. From one minute to the next, I am doubled over laughing, then terrified, then on the brink of tears. Believe it or not, the show manages to navigate through the comedy, drama, suspense, and police action as if such nuttiness were totally normal.

The second season wasn't nearly as good. While still a great series, a single viewing of every episode sufficed. That said, I am literally counting the days until the Season 3 premiere.
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Unexpected surprise
ernirulez20 January 2019
I didn't know what to expect since I hadn't heard anything about this serie. I just fell in love with it. It combines a good police plot with fantasy/science fiction. Outstanding performance of Javier Gutierrez
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Doesn't take itself too seriously
dalescotbates24 December 2018
I saw this by accident, thanks to a sleepless night. I like the main actor as I had seen him in the wonderful Isla Minima and, being a lover of cop shows, gave it a go. Well, I didn't read the plot summary properly so had no idea what to expect and absolutely loved it. A tad ridiculous in places but clearly having fun with the idea. It kind of reminds me of Randal and Hopkirk in places but the story is very well done and the characters are oddly believable, so far. The only thing that annoys me is the insistence on Spanish TV of giving a visual summary of the story from the previous episode and at the end of the next episode which completely spoils the story. Which is why I never watch Spanish TV live, except the news or sport. A big pat on the back for the makers of this program though. Let's hope they don't ruin it. Way better than Money Heist.
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