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Alex van Warmerdam did it again
semgraaf1 October 2021
Goede Nederlandse film, goede plots en veranderingen. Het wordt absurd, maar GA. DIT. ZIEN! Donkere humor en goede dialogen met een hoop verrassingen.
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Don't read this all...
BandSAboutMovies25 September 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Alex van Warmerdam, who also made Borgman and Schneider vs. Bax, has really made one of the strangest films I've seen at Fantastic Fest, which is a real testament. That's because it starts like some sort of highbrow art film, as a director worries about the opening night of his new play. One of the actors has a dying wife and can't keep his mind on his lines. And speaking of wives, the director's wife is currently having an affair with Günter, the lead actor, whose daughter Lizzy has just discovered that she has a rare disease. And oh yeah - he thinks that the world is against him.

And then everything changes on a level that doesn't just change the story of the film, it fundementally changes the way that everyone on Earth views the entire universe.

If you want to be as surprised as I was stop reading right now.

When Günter was four years old, he was found alone in a German forest. Raised by a foster couple, he's never wondered about his past until a man walks up to him in the street and utters the phrase "kamaihí." Now, he wants to know exactly who his mother is. And he wants to know what that word means. And he wants to know why so many Catholic priests are following him.

Seriously, this movie does beyond a rug pull. It changes not only the story but the viewer. I know that sounds like pure hyperbole, but that's what this movie deserves. I watched the last scene several times and blown away by just how audacious it is.

While Nr. 10 has just debuted at Fantastic Fest, this is a movie that you need to mark down on your watch list and get ready for when it's released. I really don't want to say much more, because I feel like you owe it to yourself to be surprised.
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A drama/mystery that transitions into science fiction
starfishb18 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
The best thing Nr. 10 has going for it is that it's a completely original story. Günter is an actor in rehearsals for a stage play. The initial mystery has to do with his strange origin, having been found as a toddler in a forest. Then his daughter Lizzy tells him she learned she has a medical condition nobody has ever seen. She only has one lung, and the doctors want to examine him. Then we learn the Catholic church is having him followed and is sabotaging his life, trying to keep him off balance for some unknown reason. They know something about Günter that the other major religions don't know, and consider him vital to their plans. All very intriguing.

Günter is having an affair with the wife of the play's director, who is tipped off about the affair by the church. When the director takes revenge, changing Günter's role in the play to humiliate him, Günter commits a shocking act of violence. He has presumably destroyed his career and is wanted by the law, and this makes the church happy.

Don't read further unless you want to know how this is science fiction.

It's not until near the end that we learn the church's true motives, and it's a doozy. Günter is told that he was born on planet Lunabor, and was left on earth with other alien children in 1975, as an experiment to learn if they could assimilate. Forty years later the aliens returned, and with help from the church, had located Günter and Lizzy and wanted them to come with them to Lunabor. "We can't force you" they tell him, but it's never explained why. They tell him his mother is still alive, and show him a video of them together, just before he was taken to Earth, and another video of her speaking to the camera, telling Günter she'll be a lot older when he returns, but she's waiting for him.

Günter meets with Lizzy and tells her he was born on another planet, and that he plans to return on the same ship that brought him to Earth. She goes with him to the ship and sees the video of her grandmother and father, filmed outside on Lunabor.

So why did the Catholic church help the aliens? What was in it for them? Well...they were promised the opportunity to try and spread Catholicism on the alien world, which had no religion at all. Günter is upset when he learns this, making the point that in order to spread the message that Jesus saves, they must first convince the people of Lunabor that the lives they are leading is wrong, that they are lost souls. He's is frustrated that the aliens, his people, seem unconcerned by this.

The ship rises out of its underground hiding place and leaves Earth. Lizzy wanders the corridors and is stunned to discover a big room with stage scenery and costumes that was clearly where the video had been shot. It had all been a lie. The video had been staged just to convince Günter and Lizzy to voluntarily return. But why they would go to such lengths to deceive and not simply abduct the pair is never explained. Günter can sense that something is wrong, but Lizzie doesn't tell him about the room. Her reason is also not explained.

The Catholic priests gather in the spaceship's cargo hold to examine the treasure of religious statues, crosses and icons they had collected to help convert the heathens of Lunabor. There are two aliens observing from a control booth. One of them smiles faintly, nods, then pushes a button that opens the cargo bay door. The priests, and everything they brought with them, are swept out into space.

There are too many unanswered questions but the story kept me engaged.
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What an ending !
volcaniccustard-3691413 April 2022
For me, the first half of the movie was light, mildly intriguing soap opera fayre. Thankfully, it completely changed direction, for those seeking something a little "fresher" and challenging. I went into this with just the description given at the top of the IMDB page. I strongly suggest you do the same - the less you know the better. However, the ending will definitely split the audience depending on your sensibility. I actually made a single loud clap at the final "surprise", which I never do. But others may find my reaction "disappointing", to say the least. You have been warned !
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Big disappointment for me
ron-van-wieringen20 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying that I'm one of the biggest Van Warmerdam fans out there. I saw all his films, most of them many times. The reason I love his films so much is that in all their absurdity they are totally believable.

Partially that's due to splendid acting, but also because the strange twists and crazy behaviour makes sense within the movie construct. Let me explain this: take for instance The Last Days Of Emma Blank, where Van Warmerdam plays the dog. Or in The Dress, where an old man pays a hooker, just to get a kiss. This seems absurd, but when you find out why he does that, it makes total sense.

So the movie follows a set of rules, which creates a world that is mad, but logical.

This is the biggest problem that I had with Nr.10.

The movie has only one plot twist, which is a big one. From that point, the leading roles suddenly switch to other people, the scenery changes, the story appears to be a totally different story than you thought, etc. It's more than the level of absurdity that you expect from Van Warmerdam. Which is great!

But there are a lot of elements that remain absurd and unacceptable within this world. To name a few:
  • why is Gunther's daughter Lizzy secretly filming him?

  • why doesn't anybody notice Lizzy when she's filming?

  • in what way is the fact that Gunther is born in Germany, contributing to the story?

  • The Germans in this movie speak German amongst themselves (just like we expect from Germans), but why are the Germans talking English to everyone else?

  • The Germans seem to have an interest in Gunther's life. It's unclear why, but I can guess (he's one of "them").

-The Germans also start interfering in Marius' life, which doesn't seem to have a reason or any added value. After all, Marius is not one of them. And if their intervention has any effect on Gunther's position, it's negative.

  • Gunther appears to be from Germany originally and now living in Holland. Then where did he get his Flemish accent?

  • When Gunther arrives in Germany, it becomes clear that he speaks fluent German (which is not strange for someone who is originally from Germany). Then why does he speak English with some of the Germans?

  • Gunther is shown a video recording of his mother. Later, Lizzy discovers that the video probably is fake. Why doesn't anyone do anything with this information?

  • Gunther is told that he is the only remaining sould from the original group of twelve. Nevertheless, when their journey begins, we see a larger group of people. Who are they?

Apart from this, the final scene is a total failure. It insults the Catholic church and doesn't serve any purpose in the story.

My verdict for this film: Van Warmerdam got carried away with all the special effects and forgot to fix a serious number of plotholes.

The multi-dimensional characters, the interesting sub-plots and the great acting all result in a just-adequate rating, but can't save the movie, in my opinion. The plot holes are just too deep.
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Another Van Warmerdam worth seeing
lakroon20 March 2022
If you (also) like unusual non Hollywood films, then you should give this one a chance. The film starts in one genre and ends in a different one. Van Warmerdam films have a distinct style, just like Wes Anderson films have a distinct style. If you like this one, then there are nine more to see.
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Blows up in your face...
DzzyPuppet17 October 2021
One of the worst movies I've seen in a decade. The acting and writing of the first part is actually really good and believeable. The second part is what makes you forget the great acting from talents such as Bokma and Kesting. The second part is bad in every sense of the word. It's never creative and/or well worked out. It felt like jumping into a swimming pool covered with a thick layer of ice. Why this movie ever got funded beats me... the fact that it scores decently here on IMDB is something I just don't understand, but I can guess how that happened...
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Oh oh oh
brcbayrak12 October 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I do not know how one can make a more ridiculous movie. The guy says to his daughter i am from a different planet and the girl says cool so i have relatives on a different planet. Seriously?
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I Don't Know What I Think
rickspung14 April 2022
Warning: Spoilers
So many questions. Don't read further if you don't want explicit plot reveals.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What the significance of the new painting shown to the priests in the spaceship?

Why did the daughter not care about finding the filming set?

Why so much attention to unimportant plot lines in the first half of the film?

Why would they travel to Earth, release children, wait a few decades and then bring them (or the ones they could find) back home?
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Not worthy
mnonahal26 October 2021
Absolute worst, most pathetic and unworthy film i have ever seen!

I cant believe the rating of this movie. Dont waste your money or time!!!!

Nothing in this film made any sense.
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