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justinc-8829122 January 2018
The story is clear and emotional. The CGI is really exciting and Jung-woo Ha did a great performances.The ending makes me want to cry. Great movie.
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A touching film
Gordon-1117 January 2018
This film tells the story of a firefighter who dies while saving a girl in a fire in a skyscraper. He is led by three grim reapers who guide him through the seven trials in the Afterlife.

The story initially is predictable, as he breezes though the initial trials. Then the film gets increasingly engaging and captivating. The final trials are not predictable anymore, and there is much suspense. The visuals are great, and there is clearly a lot of thought going into the visuals. The ending is very touching, particularly when viewers understand the Oriental culture about filial duties. Lots of tissues were used in the cinema!
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Better than Last Jedi...
IMDBreview201729 December 2017
The CGI can be really mind-blowing at times and some strong performances by the guardians, but what really holds it together is the family drama under the fantasy elements. Definitely worth watching.
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Superb entertainment that will make you reflect upon your life
ctowyi17 January 2018
I like putting movies into Venn diagrams and I have special categories always swimming in my head like "movies with a great final shot" and "movies that showcase traits I would like in my future partner". Then there is that one category that doesn't have many movies - "movies that can make you reflect upon one's life". Along with The Gods: The Two Worlds slips in there ever so surreptitiously.

I didn't figure the Korean blockbuster to be a tearjerker, but it most certainly was. All through the screening, I could hear people around me sniffling and wiping their tears away unabashedly, me included. The movie doesn't even try to be subtle in this aspect and I must say every rivulet of my tears was earned.

Yet the story is also fashioned as a fast-paced pulsating adventure ride and it scores top marks in this aspect too. My eyes blinked in disbelief and my mind boggled in awe as the twists and turns become wilder and twistier, but never losing its grasp on the audience. This is high concept done well, every far-fetched notion perfectly digestible. There is superb verve in its storytelling. Nothing is truly what it seems.

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds is a film that is solidly cast. I don't get the Korean names very well, but I watch a lot of Korean cinema and TV dramas and instantly recognised all the familiar faces. Cha Tae Hyun is perfectly cast as the good-natured Paragon with a well of secrets that threaten to derail his chances at reincarnation at every trial. The casting of the 3 grim reapers is also spot-on with differing dynamics that lend propulsion to the story.

There is some amazing world building here, every level of hell is well-rendered and nothing for this reviewer feels repetitive. The CGI work here is top-notch, considering 90% of the movie is probably done to a green screen. IMHO CGI is just a means to an end and the end must always be to serve the story. The story is so strong here that the CGI disappears into the background.

Exposition is always a tricky business in storytelling and Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds is practically all exposition. But the intrigue and suspense build-up through character motivations constantly draws one deeper into the proceedings. My senses hinged closely on the afterlife guardians' explanations at every turn as I got ready for the next trial. Even with the advance preparation the trial still puts me in a tailspin with some shocking revelations. Director Kim Yong Hwa even takes a 2-pronged narrative trek midway with both narrative trajectories dovetailing in the final act effectively.

The story resonates on God levels here. It is a rip-roaring adventure action film, but it also scores as an examination of the complexities of life lived in whatever station you are in. I shuddered in my seat as the end credits ran, wondering if I will see another movie that is as thrilling and heartfelt as this or can I even pass the seven trials right at that moment. Movies should do this - move you and make you want to become a better person. In a year you can count on the fingers of one hand, movies that can perform this feat successfully.

PS - a cameo during the ending threw me into a loop. I only found out later that this is the first of a 2-part epic, the concluding chapter will open in the summer of this year. Oh yeah! I am ready.
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A must-watch movie
hoangquandn9 March 2018
I rarely cry while watching a movie but this one is really amazing. It made me cry two times or maybe more, in the middle and at the end of film, it also taught me a lot and I have to review my lifestyle after watching this film, about the truth, betrayal, deception. Such things I should be away in my life. Furthermore, the most important thing should be respect for our parents, who always love us and give us everything without taking back. Lots of tissues were used in the cinema (copy from the last reviews)
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A film to make you review your own life...
paulclaassen4 June 2018
Hmmm, this was interesting on an entertainment, psychological and spiritual level. This is one of those films you're either going to love or hate. I loved it, and the Koreans obviously did, as well, as this film is currently the second highest grossing Korean film in history. I found the story a bit lame comedy-ish at first, but as the film progressed, it became much deeper to the point where it became very emotional. This film will make you dig deep into your inner soul, analyzing your own life in the process. I loved the underlying themes and how the protagonist's life unfolded through back flashes. Blasphemy issues will no doubt be raised by some religious people, but I found it all very relevant.

The visual effects were interesting, as well. Some scenes were very obvious blue screen imagery, while other scenes were absolutely incredible. I really enjoyed the protagonist's brother's back story, who was buried alive (believed to be dead) and then becoming a vengeful spirit. He wrecks the most amazing mayhem during the fantastic climax scene and the visuals here are simply awesome! This is a film I'll watch again and again.
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The Seven Trials
claudio_carvalho11 April 2018
When the fireman Kim Ja-hong (Tae-hyun Cha) dies during a rescue operation in a fire in a building, his guardians Kangrim (Jung-woo Ha), Haewonmaek (Ji-hun Ju) and Dukchoon (Hyang-gi Kim) guide him to the afterlife. They explain that they will defend him in seven trials with seven gods in seven hells along forty-nine days to disclose how he spent his life. Ja-hong, who is considered a model citizen, will reincarnate if his guardians are well-succeeded in their defense. However, there are disturbances in the afterlife caused by a Revengeful Spirit and Kangrim goes to the World of the Living to investigate what is happening. Meanwhile the prosecutors find problems in the relationship of Ja-hong and his mother and brother and Haewonmaek and Dukchoon are surprised by the discoveries. Will Ja-hong´s soul be saved?

"Singwa hamgge", a.k.a. "Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds", is a delightful fantasy about reincarnation with funny and melodramatic moments. Jung-woo Ha steals the movie with a great performance but the cast also shines. The top-notch special effects is another attraction. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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sungminseancho28 December 2017
The film focuses on the inner story and the scenery of the protagonist who is transformed through seven trials. When a moment supports the ordinary character, at a certain moment, audiences put themsleves on the life of each person. As a result, this vast fantasy that transcends the boundaries of life and death between the world and hell, takes a leap into the tectonics of human life and death, the meaning of life and death, and the value of a given life.
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an amazing plot meets an amazing CGI, Bravo
Aktham_Tashtush9 April 2018
The cinematography is amaaazing, it is what made me watch the movie in the first place,, but then got to engage with the plot which was tight, organized and well distributed over the whole two hours of fantasy.

The story is just emotional in all levels , the guy has to pass through the 7 judgments to decide whether he's guilty of sins or not,, but over each one of these heartwarming memories they present they add a sprinkle of light comedy ,, this made the movie look even more appealing.

The cast were all perfect,, it's not the first movie i watch for Tae-hyun Cha ,, i saw him before in Hello Ghost and My Sassy Girl , and he was hilarious,, here they tuned down the comedy to make the character look more miserable and "dead" ;D and of course Jung-woo Ha was amazing too.

Final thought,, the movie is really good,, the screenplay is definitely a 10 and the story leads to a "confirmed" sequel probably coming by the end of this year.. so start watching.
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The worthest movie I ever seen
win-3008814 January 2018
This film has great story line which is the emotional connection between main character and his family.In addition, It contains strong feeling to touch audience's heart from every character.I look forward to seeing the next episode on this summer.After movie,I suddenly realized that we should treasure relative and friendship,do something want to do before too late.
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Take it as it is, don't focus on length.
nikhilraj199025 April 2018
Screenplay is great, really, the way it unfolds. Performances are also good. Watch it, I bet it'll be worth your time.
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A fireman has to undergo several trials in the afterlife before reincarnating, but a disturbance in the human world threatens to wreak havoc to his journey.
pal0505200316 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This is an entertaining piece of modern-day fiction that features great CGI, comedy, and drama. The acting is decent. Tae-hyun Ja plays the protagonist and provides the core to the story. Jung-woo Ha as Captain Kangrim, leader of the guardians entrusted to protect and defend Tae-hyun's character is the real hero. He is charismatic, and his talent is not wasted in the movie. Ji-hun Ju's role as the sarcastic Haewonmek is not as effective. While his sarcasm is supposed to provide the humorous foil to Jung-woo Ha's straight character, it makes him come as cold and callous. Hyang-gi Kim is the most sympathetic of characters, and chews every scenery she is in. She portrays her character with the most depth, even if she is not given too much to do. What makes the story interesting is how the life of the protagonist is unfolded as he progresses through each trial, and every detail uncovered is unexpected. This is the strength of Korean storytelling. They come up with many unexpected twists. The fantasy creatures look decent, but it is no Lord of the Rings, and the characters portraying deities look farcical. But probably the movie does not intend to take itself so seriously but it interestingly discusses issues such as life choices, and handles the drama extremely well. There are spectacular fights, and chases reminiscent of The Matrix: with the coat and all but in the end, the movie will leave you satisfied and feel good. I wonder if they have a sequel in the plan.
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9/10 excellent Asian movie that Hollywood can't copy!!
laurenschung15 July 2018
Well...i saw the recent trailers of the 2nd film, so i was intrigued to watch this first...and was i surprise time well spent! Great CGIs, but did not take away the story telling, unlike most films...Very emotional film, and rarely a film could make me think about my own life after it ended (no I am not comparing it to Matrix!). Reincarnation isn't something Hollywood could swallow, neither can they modify for this context. Just leave the best film alone!
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Two times and still counting
mshssjsnsd18 January 2018
I watched it two times already and I still want to watch it. It is not only for my idol being a cast in this movie but the rest casts' acting really amazed me. The only reason i don't like about this movie is that made me cried like a lot. (JK) I gonna watch it again in this Saturday. Along with the gods!! Fighting!!
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Along with the Gods Review: A heartwarming and thought-provoking action-fantasy film from South Korea!
Prashast_Singh25 February 2018
Movie: Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds (12): Action/Fantasy - Korean


  • The film's screenplay is excellent: it grips you from the very first frame.
  • The performances of Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Ye Soo-jung and Lee Jung-jae are highly impressive.
  • The CGI of the film is splendid and is a major reason why the film should be seen in the highest available quality.
  • The action sequences are excellently choreographed and very well filmed as well.
  • The film has a perfect balance between drama and humour as well. The emotions are excellently brought up and are bound to leave anyone teary-eyed.
  • The climax is very powerful and the ending is highly energetic.
  • The story is very relatable and is definitely thought-provoking as well.
  • Excellent dialogues.
  • No vulgarity or obscenity, and totally worth watching with family. Kids will love it!



Repeat value: Infinite

On the whole, ALONG WITH THE GODS: THE TWO WORLDS is a highly entertaining, heartwarming and thought provoking action-fantasy film from South Korea which proves that filmmakers there have the art to master almost every known genre.
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Go for it.. You'll definitely going to like it..
sarathmr1 April 2018
It a really wonderful movie i have to say. The concept of afterlife and the evaluation of a human life... The stories unfolds during the journey.. Its really really nice...

I am not spoiling it for you guys.. Go for it..

Don't know the language, i watched it after downloading subtitles of it... Not going to give away any spoilers... Go for it...
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Was not expecting to like this movie at all.
vazgav6 March 2018
The CGI is pretty decent and the acting is quite good, watched the movie is Korean and as the story progressed it gets too emotional.

All characters placed are well done and there is no need to understand any religion to soak up the plot. As this is based on reincarnation and many don't believe or accept it, the way the plot moves with that theme makes it good.

If you are a movie going person this will be very predictable and still its entertaining. I like they went with the emotional route instead of the action and continuous comedy, do not get me wrong there is action and comedy but distributed evenly across the movie.

All in all its quite a decent movie to watch with family and close ones.
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oussamaahmed1 May 2018
One of the best movies I've ever seen, you know the feeling when you watch a heartwarming Thai commercial then you cry till you can't breath, that's what this movie is about, he is dead... 07 trials to judge if he really has a good soul, I won't say much, you have to see it.
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It will make u cry
drhajermohdd18 April 2018
It will make u cry .. Koreans makes some of the best movies with a different story and touch even better than Hollywood and Kollywood..
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worth to wotch once
kusalmaduranga12 May 2018
I think this whole 7 trial story based on Mahayana Buddisum . i havent much experience about that . but film say for every action we make in this life has consequence in afterlife . that is strong word .

worth to watch at least once in life
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fascinating aspect of the after life.
kibbikibbi2 March 2018
Really inspiring from all those hells and the soldiers I have never seen or imagined before. I know it may sound weird but this movie does not try to be serious nor too dramatic yet impactful with several tacky tweaks which takes the movie to the next level. Over all very exciting movie. waiting for the next one coming soon.
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Awesome movie
twistsoul-6611628 February 2019
This movie is really awesome what a acting and storyline with visual effects. I enjoyed with English subtitles as I am not Koren speaker. Going to watch next series soon! Best movie of all koren I have watched till now...
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Very thought provoking!
jvwarren-683110 November 2018
This movie is visually stunning in a subdued way, but more importantly, it is impossible not to reflect on how you are living your life and the possibility, or reality, of life after death. And that is an awesome accomplishment!
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Nice movie
kumar_delish11 April 2018
Popcorn movie- different gods different punishment for Sins made in life, recall every movement before the trial and confessions done good and worst in life.

I like ha jung-woo the head grim reaper who escorts the hero cha tae-hyun and cute public defender innocent girl Kim Hyang and ju ji-Hoon done very well In the movie. Some dialogues in the movie are touchable the her who try to save Mom from illness and what he done bad on past but he saves life risk his own life to save people. Just watch it just a entertainment.
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A Hollywood blockbuster with Korean actors
kluseba20 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds is a fantasy movie with so many special effects that it could be a Hollywood production. However, that isn't meant to be a compliment. Korean cinema has a quite emotional, intense and vivid vibe that makes it stand out but that vibe isn't present here at all. In addition to that, this film is the first part of a new franchise like many Western fantasy movies as well but I don't plan watching the sequel that is scheduled for this summer. To be fair, Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds is rather entertaining and some of the flashbacks create an emotional connection with the main characters but it's too little and too late.

The first and biggest issue I have with this film is the shallow story. A firefighter dies, arrives in the afterworld and is told that he is an honorable paragon that needs to pass seven trials in order to get reincarnated. One never truly gets told what a paragon is and what makes this particular firefighter so honorable. The trials are announced being in order of the sins of the deceased, starting with the least important and ending with the most important ones. However, several trials in the middle are skipped because this paragon is considered particularly honorable which contradicts what was told right from the start. A recurring element of suspense is that the firefighter's brother died soon after his own death and menaces the balance of the afterworld since he is a vengeful spirit. While it's understandable why the brother wants to take his revenge, it doesn't make any sense how this is related to his brother's trials and the entire afterworld altogether. The cherry atop the cake is that this vengeful spirit later on becomes a paragon himself. The most cringe-worthy moment however is the firefighter's final trial. It turns out he planned killing his own mother as well as his brother before committing suicide when he was a teenager because his family was so poor and his mother really sick. Everybody expects the firefighter to lose the final trial but his mother is visited by his brother's spirit and she takes the blame, calling herself a bad mother and forgiving her son for thinking about killing her. This moral isn't only controversial, it's quite nonsensical as well.

Another issue with this movie are the characters. The firefighter seems like a good guy in the beginning but the more we learn about him, the less likable he gets and it's quite tough to sympathize with him. The three assistants that help him with the trials are also lacking depth. They are only interested in helping the firefighter to get reincarnated themselves and hide the truth about his brother's fate from him for a while before one of them makes a stupid mistake. The different gods that are in charge of the different trials look quite interesting but they only appear for a few minutes and disappear soon after like cameo appearances.

The special effects are overused in this movie. The trials take place in different places like a big cave, a vast desert or a river next to a waterfall. The locations look gorgeous but the transitions between them seem to be random. They change so drastically and often that they can't develop any type of atmosphere. The potential of these locations is often wasted.

On the positive side, the movie has great pace and is entertaining and epic from start to finish. The exposition doesn't waste any time, the trials progress smoothly and the final thirty minutes are a true climax and quite intense. You won't see the two hours and twenty minutes go by. This is great popcorn cinema.

The flashbacks add some depth to the firefighter's background story and tell us a lot about his mother, his brother and himself. These are also the most emotional moments in the movie. Seeing his brother die under tragic circumstances is quite gloomy. Observing the heartbroken mother who has lost her two children in a few weeks and who tries to find out what happened to the firefighter's brother by any means necessary is truly gripping. The best scenes are actually related to the firefighter's brother who tries to appease his mother in her dreams, avenge the person who covered up his murder and save the life of his suicidal colleague.

One can't deny that a lot of budget went into this film that looks quite well. The special effects might be overused but most people will find them exciting. The camera work is focused and avoids the contemporary chic of shaky passages. Lighting techniques are used very efficiently. The soundtrack is quite immersive without being outstanding.

If you like fantasy or science-fiction blockbusters for the whole family, Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds will give you everything you're craving for and can be watched between the latest The Maze Runner and Star Wars movies. If you were expecting a typically Korean movie with many emotional twists, you might find this flick somewhat bland. In my opinion, it's definitely entertaining enough to be watched once but overall rather forgettable popcorn cinema.
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