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Sex & Nudity

  • A blonde woman unbuttons her shirt to reveal her bra and showcase cleavage in front of a man.
  • As a blonde woman leans on the floor, erected nipple of her right breast is clearly visible out of her nightgown.
  • A man and a woman engages in a make out situation. No nudity.
  • A man lying on his front on a bed showcases his uncovered buttocks. Full rear nudity.
  • In a laptop, there is a video playing which shows a topless man and a fully nude blonde woman are having sex. This video is shown several times.
  • In a video inside a laptop, a blonde woman shows erected nipple through her nightgown while being with a man. No nudity
  • A blonde woman passionately tries to touch a man's hand inside a bar.
  • A topless blonde woman shows both of her breasts while waking up on a bed and having a pill.
  • There is a scene, where two guys look at 4 different pictures each containing a fully frontal nude woman, showcasing breasts, they are shown in a close camera shot. This is rather short, and each picture is only on screen for about a second each
  • In a video on a laptop screen, A blonde woman is shown removing her bathrobe, revealing her buttocks then her breasts while getting inside a bathtub.

Violence & Gore

  • A blonde woman wearing a nightgown, collapses on the floor, breaking the wine glass, after vomiting.
  • A woman sitting against a wall, collapses sideways suddenly, knocking the wine glass near her.
  • A woman is poisoned.
  • A man is badly injured after his leg got stuck in a bear trap.
  • A man is drowned along with a house on ice.
  • A man shoots another man with a cross bow, pinning his leg to a wall.
  • A man pinned against a wall tricks another man on a bear trap
  • A man violently hits another man with an ice-rover while driving it.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a scene where a man is stuck inside a house on ice as another man cuts through the ice around with boat with a chainsaw to sink the house. It's intense.

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