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Not as expected
pawanpunjabithewriter13 October 2018
I was expecting it to be one of the biggest releases this year. However, it didn't stand as per the expectations. Acting, no doubt, was good. We always like to watch struggle and emotional stories and this was one of it. Although it has a message and motivation, it lacks entertainment. First half was good. However, the climax disappointed. Concept was good, but overall the movie wasn't that good. The couple's relationship is the centre point which is too good to watch. It's a complete family movie. Positve is it may make some relationships stronger.
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Despite its minor flaws the movie is an engaging watch..!
Tejas_Vinda_AITS28 September 2018
Varun, Anushka will warm your heart.

A movie that you want to watch with entire family.

Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma) are a married couple in a small town in India. With Mamta stuck between the daily chores and her kitchen, the couple doesn't spend much time with each other. In the beginning, they communicate with each other only through their family members and haven't even shared a meal together since their wedding.

Varun Dhawan is soul of the film & Anushka sharma is backbone Special mention to Varun's father played in this film Raghuveer yadav & his mother they are simply outstanding.

Bollywood comes up with some thing fresh & realistic 1st part is awesome 2nd was average...

Its a very motivating and inspiring movie! These type of social movies should be made more and more in Bollywood.

One time watch..flick!
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Movie wonderfully depicts 'Innocence, Emotions and Hard work'
shivjirwankar18 November 2018
Just like 'Dum Laga Ke Haisha', 'Sui Dhaaga' is also based in small town of UP. After loving the former so much I was very much eager to watch the latter. And I was not disappointed. Loved the direction, acting by the whole cast, background score and music. Movie wonderfully depicts the value of hard work and patience which can one day bring glory to one's life. Anushka's innocence in the movie won my heart. And Varun's simplicity was a treat to watch. This is truly Made In India. Absolutely loved the movie.
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Sui Dhaaga was a good attempt spoiled by bad climax
ketgup8329 September 2018
Small town stories seems to be have come back in Bollywood - Main Meri Patni Aur Woh, Manorama Six Feet Under, Bareily Ki Barfi, Stree, Batti Gul Meter Chalu and now Sui Dhaaga. Audience love to watch the simplicity of these places, the culture followed by locals with no flashy and grandeur sets. Sui Dhaaga was almost there but few glitches turned against the film.

Sui Dhaaga tells the story of Mauji (played by Varun Dhawan) who plays a bootlicker in a stable job until his wife Mamta (played by Anushka Sharma) makes him to realize to think big in his life and start something on his own.

Directed by Sharat Katariya, who earlier made the brilliant Dum Laga Ke Haisha and 10 ML Love , Sui Dhaaga is yet another fine attempt. He succeeds in tell the story of a simple, ordinary and middle-class family which will remind of classic movies by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee. The movie is intrinsic to its core right from the beginning with hilarious moments enough to tickle your funny-bone during the first half. The initial reel will definitely bring down the house especially the hospital scene where Mauji and his father argues and all of sudden, nurse shouts at them to get out and fight some where else. Even the scene where Mauji's mother ask Mamta to make sure to fill up the bucket full of water, even she is recovering from a heart attack is funny. Hats off to the director and script writer for making the best out of it. Unfortunately, the movie starts dying in the later part of the film where Sharat infuses too much of melodrama and makes it a mess. The fashion show was too much to digest and spoils the mood of the film.

Sui Dhaga might remind you of Will Smith's Pursuit Of Happyness as it has similar touch to the background score and yet is convincing. Cinematography is nice while art direction is very good. Dialogues are good. Music is by Anu Malik is fine. Sui Dhaaga boast some of the fine performances in recent times. Raghuveer Yadav as a frustrated father is marvelous. Varun Dhawan does a fabulous job as a push-over, loyal son. Anushka Sharma is astounding. She is calm and sober and yet powerful from inside who believes in her husband.

Overall, Sui Dhaaga, with few short comings, can be watched once for some good moments. Good 3/5
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It's all good.
Azanspy23 November 2018
Sui Dhaaga starts off very well. It ends well too but is very much different from the starting. Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma did a great job. Watch Sui Dhaaga for some smile in our face.
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A simple man's tale.
nakulgupta19931 October 2018
Beautiful movie, with brilliant performances. Loved the way Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma have portrayed their characters.
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Sui Dhaaga has got its heart at the right place but with flaws
anupkranal3 October 2018
It is always said that film making is all about details, once you miss something you are out of the game as audience will not miss it in the theatre. Sui Dhaaga is a perfect example of this. With some splendid acting, authentic sets, costume and makeup, this movie feels very real and has got its heart at the right place. But it is also true that whatever you do, you should not throw the logic out of the movie. That is what the director and writer Sharat Katariya should have been mindful of in the second half of the movie. The first half of Sui Dhaaga will win you all over with the emotions and chemistry between Mauji and Mamta, whereas the second half became victim of trying to be over melodramatic. Sharat made fatal screenplay mistakes in the second half which will erode away the emotional connect the audience has established with Mauji and Mamta. The best thing about the movie is that the performances of the cast have never been compromised. Varun Dhawan has given his life's best performances and hasn't given any hint of his glamorous image which he has got among his fans. Anushka Sharma like always lived the role of Mamta as it was designed for her only. The credit for making this movie watchable despite its flaws has to be also given to its supporting cast. Raghuvir Yadav is again in form after Newton. After Varun Dhawan and Anushka, the performance that made the movie look so real and close to the heart is the performance of Yamini Das as Mauji's mother. Overall the movie would have been a very satisfying watch but unfortunately loses its track in the second half.
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Success story, that wins heart.
MuviFan7328 September 2018
An introduced trailer and direction coming from Sharat Kataria, the director who directed Dum Laga ke haisha were more than enough of a reason to watch this movie this weekend. I would say first half of movie loses but the second half makes up for it.

Tone, Script & Story: It is a success story of a family which comes by manufacturing garments.

The first half that made me go awe were the script supporting the idea of immediate mood change and factors like selling garments in hospital.

The second half makes up for it. It has got that Indian tadka, feel good element which excels. They introduce something I term as non-restricted size models which is ideal case in real world. It comes along with the desiness that wins hearts.

Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography: The graph sadly goes down for director (due to first half). Other areas stand justified.

Music: It was average. Acting: Varun is worth mentioning. Others were good too.

Final Verdict: It is a success story of a family that wins heart. If you have time and money and looking for some entertainment do watch it. You won't be disappointed.
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Nice movie. but the ending could have been more entertaining and appealing.
adityau-137692 October 2018
Nice movie. but the ending could have been more entertaining and appealing.
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such a beautiful movie based in struggle and hope!
Abbas_Muhammad_cfc28 September 2018
Sui Dhaga is one of the beautiful movie of 2018. based on a love story of husband and wife and their struggle for the food and daily life expenses.

The character of varun dhawan completely fit for the role of Mauji and the acting of Anushka is also good. The struggle of a wife to see her Husband a successful man. a beautiful story a beautiful movie.

such a great story
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Definitely worth the price of the ticket...
fillerruth28 September 2018
Director Sharat Katariya does take a few cinematic liberties, but there are enough real moments to move you. In a winning first half, he successfully establishes his main characters and their problems. Smart usage of humour in dialogues ups the entertainment quotient, even when the going gets tough for the characters. While the narrative doesn't get too preachy or predictable, the second half is simply convenient. Also, while Mauji's struggle for self-employment finds ample mention, there isn't much to justify his excellence in the craft, except his failed legacy. However, these are minor patches in the overall fabric of the film that is cut for entertainment. Sui Dhaaga is sewn together with strong performances and moments that tell a convincing story.

Sui Dhaaga falls well short of perfection, but it never comes unstuck. It passes muster as a wholesome entertainer embellished with humour, warmth, authentic emotional trappings and actors adept at going seamlessly along with the flow. Definitely worth the price of the ticket, if not more.

While the first half is filled with feel-good moments, the second half gets slightly indulgent as the plot veers towards suspension of disbelief, especially considering the grim economic climate.Sui Dhaaga is a wholesome entertainer which demands that you don't over-analyse it by pulling at its weak threads. It has its sparkling moments - mainly due to the performances of the actors and the nuggets of humour that are thrown in. So why not pin your hopes on Sui Dhaaga?

Director Sharat Kataria's last film, 'Dum Laga Ke Haisha' was appreciated for his knack of capturing the small-town love story between a misfit couple. He brings similar authenticity to 'Sui Dhaaga'. With his writing, he crafts his characters with care and gives us a story that is heartwarming.The film brings back the combination of Sharat Kataria, Anu Malik and lyricist Varun Grover. Songs like 'Chaav Laga', 'Sui Dhaaga' to the foot tapping 'Sab Badhiya Hai' are high on melody and add to the texture of the film. Despite its minor flaws the movie is an engaging
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Heart warming simple family drama.
anurkashpi28 September 2018
Sui dhaaga .

Its heart warming , touching , inspiring drama. Movie has realistic substance. Director sharat katatiya has given best . Movie is well narrated without streching and predictable scences. Where as screenplay , dialogues , cinematography and story - plot having good feel factor. The movie is very connected to common and medicore existence. As movie has grown simplicity facets of facts and emotions. Director already known for "dum laga ke haisha." Has made his new venture more skillfull and brillant. While background score and music are good upto the mark. But surely performance level by anushka sharma is outstanding brillant , as character justification of the both lead actors are remarkable. Varun dhawan appeared totally unique as his hardwok for character appealing has easily showcase him as perfect and splendid actor. While other characters are enduring ,adorable and very honest performance delivered. So SUI DHAAGA.. is convincing movie with strong performances with humour and realistic quotient. So it comeouts as delightful family entertainer.

The Observer 🎬📽🎞
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z-ermansyah30 September 2018
Varun and anushka never disappoints me with their acting. This movie very inspiring teach us how to struggle and stand with out feet. i love it!!
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A must watch film
chetanbehere29 September 2018
I am not great fan of anushka and varun but i must say that Sui Dhaaga is must watch film. Mauji and Mamata are the best form of Sui Dhaaga.
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Simple, light and good
rehmankhilji5 December 2018
A very nice movie, with message of hard work paying off. Its simplest of Bollywood cinema with no nonsense. Top in it is the acting of Varun Dhawan has acted too good in the movie, way better than Anushka, who has given a wonderful support to the cast. Clean and neatly made and worth watching.
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Feel good film
maulin529 September 2018
#SuiDhaaga : Sharat Katariya and team is back after the most unusual film as well as very successful film called Dum Laga Ke Haisha. This time they are coming with another unique topic.

Mauji (Varun Dhawan) is an uneducated man, who works for a shop. The owner treats him like a dog. One day his wife Mamta (Anushka Sharma) finds out this and feels bad and insulted. Mauji leaves that job and starts his grandfather's business and love, that is tailoring. Although, he is too good in this thing, his father is unhappy with this profession because it is not a trustworthy profession. How they are being treated after creating unique gowns for patients at Hospital is where the change takes place.

Varun Dhawan is good as Mauji. Many men of India can be able to relate to him. I personally feel that Varun could have performed much better than this. Anushka Sharma shines in her new look in saree. Her emotions are pitch perfect. She has done a great job very nicely. Raghubir Yadav has played his part finely. Other supporting cast is superb, too. Namit Das as Guddu is item bomb. I mean, he comes and blasts and audience too get connected with him from the very first second.

Music is given by Anu Malik and lyrics have been penned by Varun Grover. Songs are good in the mood of film. I know, there are no hit songs here. But each song is soulful for sure. Papon's voice decorates the beautiful song Chaav Laga. The title song by Divya Kumar at the ramp walk is the song of the film. After getting ended, it stays with you for a long time.

Sharat Katariya is a good director. He knows how to deal with soft subjects with great emotions and that too with proper Indie touch. This film is going to be a hit for sure. Even the marketing team of this film have done extremely good things of promoting tailors across India. Sui-Dhaaga is definitely a must watch film with family.

Liked the way it is being edited. There are no boring scenes at all. It has humour, emotions and a very good thought. Indian should use products made in India. We are capable of producing, in fact we are producing, it is just that we have to start using and accepting our products. Feel proud to use Indian products.

Dreams are cool, but dreamer is a fool. This is what we feel about any young thinker. Let's give them a chance to work on their dreams, it may happen that some best work will come out that will give pride to them as well as whole country. Go for Sui Dhaaga, Made in India.
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One time watch
rahul-rdthecool-das24 February 2020
This is a film where the director tried to portray a simple story with a touch of rare simplicity but managed to end it with a horrible and really unrealistic idea. The unrealistic ending of the movie easily damaged the essence of whole movie in last 10 mins of it's runtime. Average performances from the leads. Average music.
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Please watch this movie
imdb_girl902 December 2018
Watch this (family) movie and get inspired. The never give up, all is good attitude is such a necessity to keep the belief in oneself, to keep up the good work. Please watch.
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Long Review: Sui Dhaaga (8 Stars)
nairtejas29 September 2018
When a pessimist like me watches a film about an eternally optimistic lead character, the consequent review is bound to be one that asks you to stop what you're doing and run for the nearest theater. Sui Dhaaga takes you back to those fine old days when the word "Usha" was used interchangeably with sewing machines in India and when the world was a lot less hostile. It then paralyses you with its dramatic setting and a semi-realistic motivational story that might invite a tear or two. You can read the rest of the review on your way.

Varun Dhawan, in a character that remind me of his on-screen alter ego - previously seen in Shoojit Sircar's October earlier this year and Sriram Raghavan's 2015 crime drama Badlapur, sheds his horseplaying games and puts up a mature air here as Mauji, a servile worker at a sewing machine selling shop where he also doubles up as a source of entertainment for the owner and his bratty son. He is also a family guy currently living with his parents and his wife (Anushka Sharma). His marriage is as uneventful as his terrible job but at least his boss garners pleasure from his work, an idea that his family members have not heard of. It is when Sharma's wifey character - made to look like a cardboard in a shooting range - drills wisdom into Mauji's head that he decides to put his own shop, a dream that he shares with his easy-come-easy-go father. Director Sharat Katariya is a master of rural household storytelling, which is as conspicuous as Sharma's discomfiture throughout the film. The bulbs of comic drama that unfolds between conversations and actions in Mauji's family is when the first time you will feel that all the running to the theater was worth it.

Dhawan's Mauji is content with his life as he does not seem to disrupt or even question the status quo because at least the food is on the table. But when Sharma's character's sudden smartness and sarcastic vein erupts on that same table, Mauji shifts gears, which ultimately flips the controlled domesticity of his family. But writer Katariya wants that to happen, as his fast-paced yet repetitive storytelling keeps on honking the pros and cons of starting a small business. Mauji's characterization, in a way, is translative to the class system of India, which is highly prevalent even as we are about two decades into the century. Sui Dhaaga starts by highlighting the division between classes by showing the financial and political limitations in Mauji, and just when you think it's done, you stand for a surprise. Notice the tagline "Made in India" and you can sew together the happenings on-screen with those happening around in the neighboring Asian country.

There's a nice, lighthearted feel to Sui Dhaaga, which constantly awards me as I consume Katariya's smooth writing and edible direction. The production value is top-notch and made me forget to look at any anachronisms considering that it never mentions what period it is set in. The Usha and Raymond brands check out but that does not give me much to process either. What does, instead, is the nod to the growing startup culture in the country. Mauji starts his business without any funds or tools, similar to how a majority of the real startups are today, not only in India but elsewhere around the world. I'm sure this would also make the Indian government's "Make in India" campaigners very happy but I'm not going to talk about propaganda more than mentioning it once in this review.

And the audience a bit less happy because exactly at the 40th minute, Sui Dhaaga says goodbye to realism and starts treading to a path of convenience previously seen in R Balki's Padman where Akshay Kumar's character goes on and on with his idea of providing low-cost sanitary napkins to the needy. The difference between these films is tiny, and that has to do with how far they are from realism. Katariya's cinematic liberty is ultimately forgivable because he then starts talking about perseverance and self-sustenance, two topics that seem to have taken Bollywood by storm. Take a good look at the top-performing films in the past 18 months, and you will see why there is a need for comparison, an action that is hardly justifiable in a case other than this.

Yet, director Katariya succeeds in concocting a social story that also has a strong chemistry between his lead character. Dhawan, as I have noted earlier, is at the top of his game. Anything above this would immediately put his name among the young greats of modern Bollywood. Sharma is only let down by her character, which is mostly a supporting one. There's something uncomfortable that you sense in her actions which makes you focus solely on Mauji and his relatable parents. Raghuvir Yadav and Yamini Das play his parents with so much energy and truth that it acts as an icing on Katariya's immensely powerful storytelling. You almost put Sharma on the side skirts and focus on them, who are again supported by talented players like Namit Das, Bhupesh Singh, and Siddharth Bhardwaj. The oldie setting matches its characters and even the clothes that they wear, elevating Sui Dhaaga's appeal as a drama above anything else.

Anu Malik's music is calm and melodious at the same time and ties with Andre Guerra's incredibly catchy and forward-driving background score. Papon's "Chaav Laaga" and Divya Kumar's titular track are both great to sing along as you watch and dig the happenings on-screen. Although I had issues with the repetitiveness in the plot in the second half, Katariya stumps again by reminding us that he's not done. The final moments highlight another social issue related to the class division. The line between the tasteful glam world and the brutal, non-fashionable real world is hauntingly large yet bridge-able as Sui Dhaaga eventually comes around to making its most important point. It's not what you wear or how you present yourself. It's about perseverance, the support of family and friends, and a sheer will to live beyond the mediocrity.

Sui Dhaaga transforms into a motivational tale that warms your heart with its pleasantness and a lovely play of characters. It is a film that will make you smile all the way - either through the natural humor or the comic drama that it cultivates with brilliance. It might even make you chase that business idea that you dusted off during college days because hope is audacious as ever, much like Mauji and his optimism. Sui Dhaaga is also the first film in a long time where I didn't mind the ad placements by Usha and Ramond because it felt real, much like most of the film. TN.
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Everybody Must Watch
agnihotrisanjay3 October 2018
First time I got impressed by Anushka. Varun is excellent as always. Sui Dhaaga is must watch film. In one sentence the direction, screenplay, story, editing, dialogues just superb but in last few scenes camera angle can confuse you.

Sanjay Agnihotri Novelist
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Made in India
mchinni-4299911 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The struggles that our fellow countrymen go through on a daily basis is sometimes so easy to forget, staying in a metropolitan, sitting in front of our devices, binge watching, and Instagram surfing. Just to be heard, just to get their basic rights, which they should've gotten without asking, but for which they have to go through hell to receive. Until and unless we appreciate working men and women of this great nation, and empower them, because all they need is people to help them up, if not that, at the least not step on their progress, we will not go anywhere as a country. Show some appreciation to every person who has put some thought and effort behind the things that they have done. Look at the people around you, your cleaning maids, your carpenter, plumber, tailor, and appreciate their work when they done a good job. Because artisans and workers can only flourish in a society that supports them and lets them grow. After watching this movie, I looked at the dress I'm wearing, and was wondering how much effort must have gone behind stitching the flower on my skirt, using four different colors of thread. And that is the success of this movie.
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sit back and enjoy.....
Manish19895 October 2018
It was throughout an ride of feel good small moments by sharat katariya( it was expected because his last one was dum laga ke haisha )while watching this movie i was keep appreciating his direction things was so light as well as realistic that i was smiling throughout,definitely it was bit slower then dum laga ke haisha but while watching it i never wanted it to end because it was so smooth.let's talk about acting which was as good as direction and screenplay varun was amazing he was looking good in his character you can feel sad and happy for him in his parts and no doubt about skills of anuskha sharma she was very believable,casting was amazing every small or big character was doing needed justice to there role so in conclusion i want recommend this movie you hardly get this kind of movies in bollywood.......
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Warm and beautiful
divineflame0629 September 2018
'Sab Badhiya hai' is the mantra that Mauji (Varun Dhawan) lives by. Even if his life is plagued by a disrespectful job, a father who considers him good for nothing, a stuck up relationship with his wife and to top it all a poor & meagre lifestyle. Par Sab Badhiya hai, the dominating theme on which the entire film rests. The indomitable spirit, optimistic and never say die attitude which makes people successful through their hardships.

Mauji works as a helper in a shop that sells sewing machines also doing odd jobs for his bosses which includes playing a dog to entertain people at his self respect's behest. Mauji is married to Mamta (Anushka Sharma) but their relationship is stagnant because life and in laws constantly come between them. Mauji has a sweet mother(Yamini Das) who lingers around and a father (Raghubir Yadav) who is always taunting his son. A simple small time family of everyday life set in a big city. One sudden evening at a party Mamta witnesses how Mauji humiliates himself to earn some extra bucks. Saddened by the disrespect Mamta hints Mauji to start something of his own as he is a good tailor. That's where the endearing story of struggle, pain and hardships begin.

Varun Dhawan is once again exceptional and now I double dare people to call him an over the top actor. After his performance in October, Varun treats us with yet another amazing performance. Anushka plays the quite & subdued wife but she is the brains behind Mauji. She does not guide Mauji but hints and directs him and Mauji takes care of the rest. Anushka lets her expressions do most of the work and is good in many parts. Yamini and Raghubir play their parts to perfection and lend solid support.

Directed by Sharat Katariya, remember Dum Laga ke Haisha? Yes, he is the same director. Once again he comes with a sweet and simple story of everyday life and endears us. His direction is so grounded to reality that it's almost unbelievable at times. It's those little moments in the film that steals the cherry on the cake. The pacing of the film which I found to be a bit slow in the first half does much much better in the second half. The characters are so well written and grounded to reality which helps immensely to the film's cause. Sound is one very important aspect of this film to show the struggles, the little happiness, the tension in between characters and it doesn't let down. The film does not have over the top motivational dialogues or melodrama to get its point across. It uses its characters simplicity do the talking. The movie just hints at how the artisans of our country always gets the raw deal and they need recognition. But does not go any deeper. It's centred around the protagonist Mauji's life and how that affects him and his closed ones. The movie also shows the beauty of a marriage. It busts the myth that 'behind every successful man there is a woman.' It shows that beside every successful man there is a woman walking side by side with him matching steps with him and supporting him in his hardships. But still takes the backseat guiding her man at important junctures.

Sui Dhaaga is a warm and beautiful film. It tells us to keep fighting and to not get bogged down by the hurdles that life throws at us. Watch it for Varun's amazing performance and the simplistic and realistic portrayal of everyday life.
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Sabh Baadiyah! Beautiful heart touching movie with laughter
bollywoodking9876 October 2018
Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma bring a masterpiece which is much underrated. This movie is just purely beautiful, comedy and heart touching. The movie is just so heart touching and reminded my parents and I where we came from my. True Story. Must watch.
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very unrealistic view of reality
RebuildLoop29 September 2018
This, movie exist on the cross section of reality and fiction but it bend fully on the side of fiction. This is by no standards a realistic portrait of Made in India. Please try to do a better job next time. Since, I will grand that Made in India is an Interesting topic to pick in the first place.
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