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Sex & Nudity

  • 6 explicit scenes of graphic sex scenes
  • a girls breast are shown for a long time when she is getting dressed and a girls boobs are shown in a sex scene
  • a guys brief penis is shown 3 times while being tortured
  • a mental girl masturbates for a short time you see her hands going to her panties also you see panties
  • a guy thrust a girl from behind in a room
  • a girl takes of her clothing she is shown in her bra and panties
  • a girl ties a man on a bed and gives him a blowjob her head is shown throbbing and sucking it
  • its implied that a guy is masturbation
  • a girl is thrusting on top of a guy
  • a guy thrusts a girl from behind again in a room her breast are shown
  • a girl takes off aguys underwear and gives him a blowjob on a video tape
  • a guy thrusts a girl from behind on a bed naked this butt is shown
  • a guy is tied on to a chair naked this penis is shown

Violence & Gore

  • people are shown on drugs screaming hitting and slapping them self
  • a guy naked is torture 5 times
  • on tv a few videos of people shooting are shown
  • a guy is shot offscreen
  • a guy is stabbing a girl on a bed blood is shown she dies
  • 2 guys get in a fight the 1st guy hits him with a stick
  • a guy tries to stab him but the other guy kills him with a knife
  • a guy shoots a guy and then he kills him with a statue blood is shown


  • numbers of curse words
  • 16 uses of the f-word 7 uses of Sh-t 5 uses of c-nt and more other profanity

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • the torture and drug scenes may make people sick also the male grooming scene may scare people

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