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Hate it but not cause it is bad.
z-knipp5 April 2020
I hated this movie because it hit me so hard. Lost my dad a while back and never dealt with all the things from that but this movie kinda drop kicked my feelings into the focus. Hard to watch a film with tears streaming down your face
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Great film that doesn't have issues of other films
brigid1344 March 2020
The dead parent trope might be overused for Disney movies but Onward doesn't make the mistakes of those movies. The siblings fight like siblings though out, not just at plot critical moments. Their single mom has a boyfriend who is not an evil stepparent trope, and their mom is actually proactive during the events of the film, but the adventure still belongs to the boys. I've been tired of plots that have parents oblivious to what their kids are doing. I came for the DnD references but I cried for the well-rounded characters.
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Movie for boys where the price is love - bravo Pixar
alffastar-261-2887157 March 2020
Doing a fulfilling movie for boys where the price of the quest is emotional wholeness and found love is a rare sight and not an easy task. Pixar succeeded by providing rich brotherly relationship, adventure, magic and finally love. It is much more a common message in movies for girls like Frozen, but I think that the magical combination of all the ingredients achieved by Pixar is important and entertaining at the same time. Wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone :)
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I very much enjoyed this movie
MR_Heraclius23 March 2020
WOW, Pixar is really moving onward with creativity and originality. While the story itself and plotting may suffer a few issues like predictibility at times, amazing animation and stunning visuals, along with beautifully designed characters and great chemistry beetween actors who voiced those characters perfectly, make this movie great, enjoyable and worth watching. The way they've used a mixture of real life elements and fantasy elements from Dungeons and Dragons universe is also great and worth mentioning. While, at first look it doesn't feel like a Pixar movie, the more time you spend watching it, you will get all feelings and heart you expect from your average Pixar movie. Dan Scanlon did a great job this time.
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Onward - Movie Review
alexpitt-345-97169929 February 2020
I was excited going into Onward because Pixar are one of the only studios making movies today that consistently deliver. Not all of them are as great as some of their classics, but I have never had a bad experience watching a Pixar film and almost all of them are great. Some of them are down-right masterpieces.

Onward isn't a masterpiece, but it's close to being one. At the heart of the story are two brothers, voiced excellently by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. Their voices brought to much energy to the characters, and the dynamic between the two of them was electrifying and engaging.

The overall story of Onward is nothing ground-breaking, but it is immensely entertaining and there was never a dull moment. This isn't my favourite Pixar film, but it's definitely up there. The musical score was heart-pounding and added to the tension in all the right places.

All of the characters, especially the two brothers, have a very significant arc in the film and it was a pure joy to watch on-screen. The ending is also the most emotional I have been in a Pixar film since the inferno scene at the end of Toy Story 3, almost a decade ago. When you understand what the actual message of the story is, behind the road-trip adventure they go on, it will move you and grab you by the heartstrings.

The pacing didn't always flow as well as I would have liked in the first act, and there were a couple of real-world elements which I had to suspend too much disbelief for, but overall this is an absolutely incredible film and I can't wait to see it again.

SCORE: 93%
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Magical and emotional
Alexander_Blanchett22 February 2020
Really beautiful and emotional movie. It won me primarily over by its absolutely fantastic and very detailed animations, look and use of colors. Truely magical. It had so much time to develope so many different characters even if its just little extras. I would actually watch a TV series based on the lives of those fantasy characters in the suburbans. A very creative idea to actually tell a very simple and common story. The film convinced me because it just touched the right buttons and activated them with the story structure and the relationship between the two leading characters. There is some great voice work, most noteable Tom Holland and Octavia Spencer but also Chris Pratt meets the right tone. One of the best Pixar movies that came out the last years and one of the most creative and magical ones (more in design than story) for a very long time. It got me close to tears at the end and that means something for a animated film. Kudos to Pixar, they know how to bring magic back t the cinema.
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siljethomsen22 February 2020
It made me cry The movie was also magical it is a really good family movie please see this i really like this movie great cast great humor great movie
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Great adventure
masonsaul29 February 2020
Onward isn't one of Pixar's best but its still a great fantasy adventure about rediscovering magic that's fun, funny and emotional. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt are both incredible and have perfect chemistry. Octavia Spencer and Julia Louis-Dreryfus are both great. As usual the animation is incredible and consistently stunning. The music by Mychael Danna is really good and Dan Scanlon's direction is great.
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Awesome adventures experience
UniqueParticle29 February 2020
Very heartwarming blast of glorious adventures and spells! Glad I got to see an advance screening today, it was nice to see adults by themselves and kids. Had several epic parts along some sad stuff too. Onward is delightful especially Chris Pratt I love his character! I highly recommend this cool well done kids movie to anyone when it's actually out. I have Asperger's syndrome can you guys chill with the dislikes!
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You got a heart you'll love this
believeinflight3 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Made me cry 3 times and full of emotion throughout. Deals with loss, love and happiness and helps a boy come to the realization that who he had in his life acted as a fatherly figure. Top 5 Pixar film for sure.
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One of the beat animated movies of the decade
guybendavid30 March 2020
Enjoyed it so much. Funny, heart warming , touching and exciting.
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azaugg-9747025 February 2020
A funny, beautiful film. It's not top-tier Pixar, but I definitely recommend it. The chemistry between the two brothers is the highlight and can be relatable for both siblings and people who've lost a close relative.
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Not bad, but not great. Flat, predictable, cliche.
tepig-945408 March 2020
This movie was so flat. I felt forced to laugh at the slightest bits of "comedy" given throughout, no genuinely funny moments I saw. A cliche "dead father, race against time, almost get it but 'you learn something all along along the way'". Exposition was TOTALLY rushed and gave no backstories or reasons to like these characters or care for them. The Ian character is your typical average teen character with a voice that nearly got on my nerves. Barley (what is this name lol) was okay but not developed as fully or focused on he should have been. Manticore was just Miss Fritter from Cars 3, mother reminiscent of Squishy's mother from Monsters U. No real chance of any character (not even Ian!) to be fully developed for me to grow a connection to them. It was rushed, cliche, and predictable. Ending was an attempt to pull me in, and almost did, but it just wasn't enough.

And no, it was not even close to being like Frozen besides the "only having each other" cliche despite these two having their mother. But would definitely recommend over it.
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Mediocre Pixar movie
ol-112 March 2020
After seeing "Onward", I do hope this movie is no indicator for the quality of Pixar's productions after the departure of John Lasseter. In my opinion, "Onward" is the least inventive and entertaining Pixar movie since "The good dinosaur".

Yet, the basic idea has potential: Once there was magic, but by and by it was replaced by civilization. This civilized world looks a lot like some random US provincial town - except that it is populated by magical, mythical creatures like Elves, Fairies, Centaurs, Dwarfs, Trolls and so on. No humans! This has the potential for a lot of gags, e.g., a Centaur (named "Bronco"!) as police officer - in a car. On the other hand: This is no new idea; similar parodies on Smalltown America has been seen in "Chicken Little", "Planet 51", "Antz" or "Bee movie", to name only a few CGI movies. There is nothing really new and inventive here as, e.g., the land of the Dead in "Coco".

Most obvious would be a comparison with "Shrek", which features also a world of magical, mythical creatures. Yet while "Shrek" has a satirical, cheeky approach to its world and its 'people', "Onward" shows a more sentimental, sometimes even corny approach. The 'magical' times are introduced as some kind of lost, yet golden age - which is strange somehow, since all the ingredients of this magic age are still there.

Another problem of "Onward" are its main characters, the brothers Lightfoot: Elves with blue skin and pointy ears, yet otherwise completely just like some average teenagers of 16 (Ian) and 18 (?, Barley). Great, two more moody teenagers! And there is another stereotype: They are half-orphans, since their father has died even before Ian's birth; since then, Ian seems to long for his lost father. His brother, on the other hand, is shown as a screw-up, role-playing and driving an ancient bus. The most likable person in the family is their hands-on mother.

As in "Coco", "Onward" tackles the contact to the hereafter. But while in "Coco" Mexican traditions and myths are used, in "Onward" it just feels creepy: In the beginning, Ian summons (more or less by accident) his father - but only up to the waistline! Does that mean that the rest of him is still somewhere in the afterworld?

Anyway: Barley and Ian have to hit the road to summon also the rest of their father, since for some reason they have only 24 h for that. This way, we also get a road trip, and while this is probably the most entertaining part of the movie, it is also no new, inventive idea; far from it.

Don't get me wrong: "Onward" is not a bad movie; is has a lot of funny moments, and the visuals are great. But in my view, it is not very memorable.
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Daveb170229 February 2020
So many fake reviews before official release, unreal
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Onward is decent
o-7578821 February 2020
I like the originality in this movie, nothing special imo, i definitly didn't mind watching the movie. Voice acting was really great though, the movie definitly got some laughs out of me. Go watch it if you have younger children, nothing special for adults and teens though.
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It's ok
joannabarker-048231 March 2020
I've heard people compare this to Frozen, but for boys. It's not that good. The dead parent thing has been done to death (pun intended), and I did go in knowing the theme, but it was just a bit, boring. Chris Pratt clearly wasn't let loose in the script or acting and was a bit of a disappointment. The visuals are good.
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Not what I was expecting
darkzatara1 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I saw the movie yesterday at a pre release screening. While the animation was very smooth and enchanting as was the voice acting the story was flat. It's a coming of age story that you wanted to have a sweet happy ending.

As the movie progressed it became increasingly sad. The whole hauling around the fathers legs was a bit much for me, and every time Ian tries to interact with his dad just made me feel more sorry for the character. The brother was an annoying character and was also a bit hard to like. All the other characters in the story were just thrown in with very little depth. To me the ending was just not what I wanted from this movie and I left the theater feeling depressed. Just could have been more wonder in this movie than there was. Too bad as it could have been much better.
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martinrobertson30048212 March 2020
"Onward" is it's own worst enemy really. Having elves and ogres and the like in a modern city setting, must of seemed like a good idea. But having characters thinking that magic and fancy spells are lame makes it look like they are.

The movies emotional moments work but it lacks in imagintion, its humour doesn't work and the characters are more annoying than not. The action picks up towards the end but by then I was thinking more about how great previous Pixar efforts were.
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On a quest, the clear path is never the right one.
jehpark13 March 2020
"On a quest, the clear path is never the right one."

However, the plot of Onward took only the most clear and easy ones.

In fact, movie feels formulaic at times, plot can be easily guessed (or, for those that couldn't be guessed - unnecessary), further dragged out by the lacking tempo of the screenplay, especially in its first 30 minutes.

Overall, this film feels like it's released on a due date - not because it was ready to be released.

This movie does feature an ever-so-great character animation, the genuine theme and the settings of the Pixar Studios. But unfortunately, the magic inside the film never bursts out of the screen.
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Viewers may want to "move onward" from watching the film
thesimpsons-5225128 February 2020
The film here seems like it is missing something . The story is alright , not super developed (pretty straightforward) . The characters don't really grow on the audience much. I was hoping more from this, the film kinda makes the viewer want to move "onward" from watching the film. A bit boring in my opinion. Don't recommend.
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Disappointed in Pixar/ Disney
dahgrdonut1 March 2020
This movie had no point in ever being made. Disney/ Pixar really aren't living up to the name. The movie is plain boring and dull. Awful.
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Pointless journey leads to bad Pixar movie
popculturefandom27 February 2020
This film has some creativity to it, but the theme of death seems to have the whole film under a gloom. The story is not well developed and the characters in the film just seem to exist in order to learn a important lesson (kind of obvious lesson) . The film seems to lack in terms of cinematic experience. This would have been better if released on DVD or Disney plus . Too much is lacking here. Don't recommend it.
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Not your typical "parents are dead" story. This is real and raw.
christianiaversano8 March 2020
Inspired by the writers' personal experience with the loss of his own father at a very young age, this movie follows the quest of two brothers as they journey to bring their dad back for only one day.

Having lost my dad at a fairly young age myself, I related SO much to the hope of seeing my dad again, and the raw emotion of this film.

It is genuine. And it tells a beautiful story. I went in thinking I would cry but I was not ready for just how much this movie would make me feel.

Oh and there were lots of funny moments as well! Our whole family loved it. 10/10 !!
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Dissapointed... Not up to the Pixar Standard
booksrbest1310 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this movie, especially when the story line centered around finding magic, adventure, and spending one last moment with a dead relative. It's a movie that had true potential, but it is not up to the standard of a Pixar movie. No magic, great animation, and horrendous story production. The movie seemed rushed, timeline did not make sense, no positivity in the family dynamic, and the brotherly-love was only too short-sighted. Here are the issues that I have seen:

  • The boyfriend/step-father dynamic. Rather than having a positive representation of boyfriend/step-father dynamic, Pixar chooses to go the same negative route as everyone else. To have a dynamic where the boyfriend/step father views their step children negatively. But not only does Barley get mad at Ian for essentially telling him he's worthless - but Pixar refuses to mediate the hostility between the boys and the boyfriend. They also choose to let Barley and Ian say terrible things about the boyfriend. You know what would have also made a good story line? Is to talk about the journey of moving on and acceptance. These boys need to grow up see that they can still remember their father and accept someone new. Someone dropped the ball on this, and I am extremely disappointed.

-The Manticore scenario. So, you're telling me that her place burned up in a fire and feels no ill as to what happened. Also, she's not angry anymore, considering it would be 30 minutes or less on the Onward timeline. No transition to the curse, terrible writing.

-The timeline. So you travel for up to 18+ hours, yet it takes you 4 hours to get back where you started (with magic help, of course) and filled with 10 minutes of screen time. Also, the "adventure" part was ridiculous, too many things they had to do to get back to the High School. The whole trip didn't make sense.

How did this story even get green-lit? Maybe because the team felt they had to prove themselves during the transition of the new Director, Dan Scanlon from the executive producer, John Lasseter. I truly hope that the magic did not disappear when Lasseter left, but at this rate, Pixar's new upcoming movie, Soul, also looks just as disappointing as Onward. Nevertheless, I feel Pixar is going on a downward spiral, being subpar in every way possible. Specifically with Dan Scanlon leading the way, as he's been behind Incredibles 2 and Monsters University (which, in my opinion, were also sub-par films) and only one great film, which was Inside Out.

I truly hope that Pixar can find other great directors to lead the way, and find innovative story lines to tell. However, being mediocre is not going to be acceptable for long.
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