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MPAA Rated PG for action/peril and some mild thematic elements

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Story centers around main characters' deceased father (who died of unspecified illness) coming back to life for one day. Parental death, a common element of children's films, can be upsetting to some viewers. The boys' dad does come back, but only from waist down. His half-body might initially scare really young kids, but it becomes a funny and bittersweet situation. Both Barley and Ian experience sad moments. A climactic fight sequence involves a giant, fire-breathing flying monster that destroys everything in its path, endangers several characters. But (spoiler alert) no one dies or is seriously hurt except for the father (who was already dead). Some peril/tension and creepy settings, including sequence with skeletons, flying arrows, attack by deadly gelatinous cube. The brothers literally choose the Path of Peril at one point. Chase scene in which motorcycle-riding pixies pursue the brothers, sometimes wielding weapons (like a broken-off glass bottle, a mace). Pixies jump on Ian as he tries to drive; van ends up crashing. Characters use a sword. Ian nearly has a fatal fall. Cory the Manticore wrecks her restaurant when she loses her temper, destroying things, spewing fire. A character paralyzes a pawnbroker. Yelling, accusations, arguments.


  • One use of 'Son of a...' but the last word is cut off.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some beer drinking is shown.
  • After Ian and Barely get pulled over by the police, their dad's legs stumbles clumsily out of the van, leading the police to believe that he is intoxicated and and one of them asks the legs to walk in a straight line. Played for laughs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some scenes can be emotional
  • Halfway through the film, there is an intense, but short, car chase. It involves Ian and Barley being chased by dozens of Sprites. Many crashes, but no one is badly hurt.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A dragon menaces the town and our heroes in particular. It is sliced up by a side-character but it is made of rock so there is no gore.
  • Some skeletons are seen in a sequence where the heroes have to outrun several traps and a giant gelatinous cube.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A dragon threatens a town, and the main characters in particular.
  • A group of pixies chase and attack the heroes.
  • A mythical creature snaps and burns down her restaurant.
  • Some skeletons are seen in a sequence where the heroes have to outrun various traps. This includes a gelatinous cube, which is shown to disintegrate whatever it touches.
  • Some scenes dealing with grief and the death of a loved one.
  • When Ian and Barley return to New Mushroomtown, Ian gets into a full-blown meltdown at Barley for a wild goose chase. He calls him a "screwup". This can upset some viewers.
  • One hour into the movie, there is another short car chase. Police chase after Ian and Barley. A bit more intense than the last one, involving some destruction.

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