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A decent action flick amongst the Nationalist themes
dziemke1 August 2017
As far as action movies go, this was pretty good. Director Wu put a lot of time and energy in this and it pays off. The fight scenes, chases, and suspense was well done and the movie never seemed to stop the action. Acting was not Oscar winning but sufficient. Throughout the movie is interspersed China feel-good themes that even Beijing would be happy with... national pride, respect of China from others, participant in international law, etc. But what country doesn't have their own feel-good flicks? US certainly has their share. Overall a big improvement from the first movie. Not sure this movie will be popular outside China but maybe that doesn't matter.
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A terrific action flick reminiscent of classic 90's Jackie Chan films
kamenhaven31 July 2017
Eschewing overwrought nationalistic propaganda in favor of non-stop, balls-to-the-wall action, Wolf Warrior 2 is a superior sequel that hits the ground running from the start and never lets up. From the opening Captain Phillips-inspired pirate underwater takedown, a convenience store fight, a jeep-chase through a shanty town to a factory gunfight at night and another at daytime, there's enough action here to fuel three Michael Bay films. The Russo Brothers (directors of Captain America sequels) apparently consulted on the action, hence its high production values. Other positives include Celina Jade as the female lead and Frank Grillo as the villain, a racially diverse cast respectful of its premise set in Africa as well as moments of levity and broad comedy that should appeal to a wide audience.

The film's biggest draw, of course, is Chinese action-superstar Wu Jing. As a leading man, Wu Jing is kind of a perfect package. He has the pretty-boy looks to draw the female crowd but also a natural, convincing tough-guy persona. As a trained martial artist he has the physicality of Donnie Yen and the on screen charisma of Jet Li. Most importantly, Jing plays the kind of action hero that's just all too rare these days, the one that takes just as much punishment as he dishes it. Yet he sells it with the kind of world-class commitment that is simply awe-inspiring, like Jackie Chan or Tom Cruise who repeatedly endanger themselves simply to entertain their audience. It's all rather impressive until you realize he also directed the movie.

Still, there are minor flaws. Like every other Chinese films of late, flashbacks and dramatic scenes are rendered like bad 90's soap dramas – cut to slow-motion with colored filter, bad sound FX and obvious sad music cues so laughably bad its beyond parody. Noticeable green screen work occur here and there, as well as some obvious bad CGI during explosions. However these are minor occurrences that shouldn't detract from the overall experience.

Modern action films have become too sophisticated for its own good. Plots are overly convoluted with unnecessarily complicated character backstories, bloated runtimes, headache-inducing shaky cam action chopped up into indecipherable bits, lead actresses have to be badass fighters to be a strong female and villains having overly complex motivations to be evil. Wolf Warrior 2 is a reminder of simpler times, where it's perfectly OK to have a straightforward story backed-up by identifiable character archetypes, damsel-in-distresses who gets saved by the male hero without being considered weak and inferior to them and cartoonish, two-dimensional villains who just enjoy being evil. Like, its OK if the male protagonist becomes a lone, one-man killing machine who takes out an entire army. It's not realistic but who cares? As long as it's fun. In a summer where we've had a loud, incomprehensible Dunkirk, a War of the Planet of the Apes without enough war and an insufferable Spiderman: Homecoming filled with obnoxious Marvel fanboy worship, consider Wolf Warrior 2 a fresh alternative - a perfectly satisfying old-school action film that won't tax on brainpower but won't disrespect your intelligence either.
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Where heroism meets nationalism
willShouldDid12 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As a Jacky-Chan style kung fu plus gun fight movie, in the most part it works OK. Still, the progress of the plot feels heavily cliché and thus very predictable -

1. almost unrelated opener fight scene just to grab attention.

2. illogical decision makings such as breaking into where the hostages are held in a car, which could just kill as many innocent people, including the key rescue target

3. left any other hostages to die, without proper explanations, leaving me in awe... And they did die horribly.

4. The biggest mid-cliffhanger might be how the protagonist restores his health. Alahhh, exactly The Last of US, only that the little girl was given no character.

5. Boss fight scene needs some extended featuring, thus the boss is such a good kung fu fighter. And yes exactly when he gained the upper hand and said something disrespectful, he was killed by our hero.

To be honest I'm good with the 2-hour length of action with some nice sparks of affection and light-hearted humor. However, I'm lightly fed-up by the strong nationalism in this film. As a Chinese, I would love to learn that China is improving in all aspects, but this fantasy film shovels the concept into your face.
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8 for those fans of Chinese-style action movies
yaoyinglun29 July 2017
A movie which might be regarded as Chinese nationalist propaganda but some scenes in the movie are based on the real world cases such as Chinese citizens' rescue and evacuation missions in Libya 2011 and Yemen 2015. Nevertheless, its action scenes are worth for rating 8 if you are really a fan of Chinese style action movies.
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One of the best Chinese-produced movies
melodygloriez31 July 2017
Went to watch the movie yesterday as I heard it was a big hit in China. I am not the biggest fan of Chinese movies, but this one really impressed me. I have watched Wolf Warrior which I would consider as a good movie, but II is way much better. It is the first Chinese movie that is built on the context of African country and actually shot in South Africa, bearing the risk of suffering the disturbance on the set. The way the plot unfolds and the courage and patriotism is delivered to its audience makes it more than a simple action movie. Love this movie and will go for it a second time.
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nabbimba8 May 2018
As an african watching this film, with many chinese friends and close associates, this was possibly one of the most cringey experiences i have had. Leave the constant referral to the natives as simply africans , as if they do not possess a nationality, leave the almost insulting pro-chinese propaganda( and yes, i hate pro-american propaganda films too, before anyone starts about that) , this would be overlookable if the film actually had good camera work and story. BUT NO. The camera work and story all look like something out of a cheap youtube sketch. The only thing keeping this thing afloat are the set pieces, which, due to the terrible camera work and almost laughable story, stop them from having any real weight. If this film was from anywhere else it would be rated lower than 5 for most people. Should you watch this , if you are looking for a good Chinese/ Asian action movie? No. There are literally tonnes of better ,do your self a favor and start off with something like "Infernal Affairs" and "Let the bullets fly" or if its not action, anything by Jia Zhangke who is a master of filmmaking in my opinion, and also Chinese

Dont watch this
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Awesome action, Propagandist pinch
khooyifeng31 July 2017
Awesome action, Propagandist pinch

Having been in anticipation of Wolf Warrior 2 since February, Wu Jing's work doesn't disappoint. Generous with the servings of choreographed close combat action, big guns (tanks) and firepower, Wolf Warrior 2 does impress!

However, that's when it got me thinking. Does it always have to be that loud to be eye-catching? The larger than life action while appreciated, deserves questioning for its hyper-realism.

Propagandist tinges, like the first, were clearly evident. There were scenes which were clear to me that was dedicated at stirring nationalistic sentiments, invoking pride, dignity and a sense of empowerment among Chinese nationals. Amidst the wide Chinese diaspora and prominence as a superpower, Wu Jing is not ashamed to chide America as a power of the past through this film.

Overall, Wu Jing certainly make this sequel louder and larger than the first. "Once a wolf warrior, always a wolf warrior." Nationalism, the centrality of China and her military/economic/political prowess were featured prominently. Firmly announcing "Watch out for China," Wolf Warrior does pinches at time, in propagandist tones.

Think less, enjoy the action :)

Pro-tip: Stay till after the end of the film. Bonus footage and trailer await.
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Stupid and boring
onlyanswer-3372421 February 2018
As a Chinese, I think it isn't a good movie, not a normal movie. I love Chinese movies, most of them are not recognized by people, but this one is just a government propaganda. I found there are many reviewers gave 10 score here, they registered their account when the movie released, and it is their unique movie reviewed. We Chinese are not weak, we don't need this method to approve our strong.
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Improvement on the original with more over the top action and Chinese nationalism
swilliky23 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The blockbuster sequel shows the global superpower flexing their military might and expanding the story of the Wolf Warrior. Leng Feng (Jing Wu) has left China after having trouble with the law when he beats up a greedy developer to death. He is on a mission to avenge his love Long Xiayun (Nan Yu) who was murdered in Africa. All he has to go off of is a bullet with a unique design. The opening sequence has Leng fighting off pirates in a decent underwater fight scene. Leng drowns his sorrows with beer even though he used to not drink at all. He has fallen into the Chinese wine trade with his helper Tundu (Nwachukwu Chukwuebuka), a young African boy. Their business dealings are stopped when rebels burst into the city and start killing civilians. Leng fights off the rebels and flees with Tundu to the Chinese embassy. It's not clear which African country the story is set in but there is a marked display of Chinese naval might.

The UN prevents China from acting in the African conflict so Leng Feng is forced to act on his own. He sets out first to save Dr. Chen, a scientist who has been studying a deadly disease known as Lamanlan. The physicians are held hostage by a ruthless gang of mercenaries led by Big Daddy (Frank Grillo). The evil Russian mercenary Bear (Oleg Prudius) interrogates the doctors and Dr. Rachael Smith (Celina Jade) tries to cover for Dr. Chen, but the Bear executes some of the prisoners. Athena (Heidi Moneymaker) is another mercenary who assist Bear when Leng Feng crashes in to save the doctors. Dr. Chen dies but he asks Leng Feng to protect his daughter Pasha (Diana Sylla).

Check out more of this review and others at swilliky.com
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Great Action - Horrible Story and Acting
mglenn-215 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Title says it. The action scenes are fantastic. Excellent camera work and effects that make things seem more natural for the fight scenes, with only 1 scene that I thought was over the top.

However, the story and the acting were abysmal! So corny and fake, I felt I was watching a propaganda film from 30 years ago. The story felt very unnatural and concocted, and the audio was terrible. The actors were trying way too hard, clearly with no direction at all.

In the end, the action scenes alone were not enough. My entire family was left with a horrible feeling, and we were left scrambling to find another good movie to get the bad taste out of our mouths.
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Great action movie, I love it
dingk-937975 August 2017
It should be the best movie of the Chinese movie I have seen. Great actors, great underwater scene, great tank drift, great theme. All my friends think it's a great movie. But, some bad guys rated this movie as a very low score to make their idols' movies' box office more.So, we can see there are more than 5.3% lowest score here. I have asked the administrator to investigate.
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Complete and utter garbage
ottawa_scuba_monkey19 March 2018
I had heard that this movie had rave reviews. It's one of the saddest and most brutal portrayals of Africans and Africa I've ever seen.

What a mess; between the poor writing and the poor acting, it seemed like the longest 2 hours of my life. There appears to be no plot; other than people are continuously getting killed in vivid technicolor. The good guy's kill the bad guys; then, the bad guys kill the good guys; and then, the bad guys kill the bad guys.

The propaganda angle in this movie is pretty blatant; with statements like "they're at the Chinese funded hospital" instead of "they're at the hospital". The original script for this movie must have been "enhanced" by CCP hardliners within the Chinese government before they decided to shoot the movie.

As for the abundant 10/10's I'm seeing on this site ... I'll assume that they're employees of the production company, CCP hardliners or friends of the actors.
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Badly acted, most overrated film of the year
Manic_Matt20 September 2017
Sadly, this is what passes as "high standard" in Asian cinema these days. Like a fool, I believed the over-the-top exaggerated claims of its greatness and came out feeling like I had wasted 2 hours of my life that I can't get back. The theme is silly and the acting is awkward, overall a amateur film.
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Don't waste your time...!
tempid-222 March 2018
When bunch of people in a movie industry are bored and have nothing to do, they come up with this kind of movie. The story line, acting is uninteresting and unimaginative. It looks like more of a propaganda video from Chinese government on many occasions. But let's be honest, it is not going to fool anyone.
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Garbage is always garbage, no matter what decoration it use to cover itself
DreamingDog20 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In fact this film is not that bad. For example, the actions and the pacing controls are just OK, comparing with other Chinese movies in recent years. I planned to give it 5.5-6 points in the beginning, but I changed my mind when I saw the response of Director Wu Jing to the negative comments.

It's something like this:

Some of the reviewers: The story of this movies is so phoney! Wu: Why don't you criticize the Hollywood movies that are as phoney as mine? My movie promotes patriotism. You who don't like my movie are bastards, traitors and go suck the cocks of your western masters!


Yes, Hollywood produces quite some garages every year. But even if EVERY Hollywood movie were garbage, won't prove that YOUR movie is NOT garbage. Even if the whole story is about to promote patriotism, there are plenty of good movies, but, unfortunately, not this one.
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A movie with a passion
comingforpeace7 August 2017
A movie with a passion.The pattern is much higher compared to the first part,If you watch the movie, I believe you will love it, or at least the week the global box office champion, the background of the story is based on a true story, the cruelty of war description is very real, but action is also very exciting, I recommend.
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Chinese Patriotism Story Telling
neranuhbarp18 February 2018
The 4-star rating is purely for the action scenes, which are way over the top but is what keeps the movie afloat. Apart from that, this is just China Propaganda masquerading as an action movie.

First off, China doing humanitarian aid out of generosity, without an agenda, is fiction. The whole China culture, historically, and persisting until today, is always about what actions benefit themselves. The naive may think China is generous with so-called investments to developing nations like African countries, but the underlying motive is to create jobs for Chinese workers who would revolt against the government as the domestic economy is slowing down over time.

Now that we understand the agenda of this movie, let's talk about entertainment value. The action scenes are quite well choreographed, with generally coordinated martial arts fights which are nothing new if you have watched many other Chinese-language movies. So are the explosions and dramatics which we have seen so often in Hollywood movies. With regards to the story, acting and script, these are the movie's weakest points. When you have one egotistical person with money to spend, writing, directing and acting without much high caliber professional supervision, you get a movie like Wolf Warrior 2. This is a movie that is a B- at best, and the box office success in terms of gross is misleading given the size of China's population to whom these types of propaganda movies are targeted. The rest of us, we see it as what it is. A mediocre attempt at showing China's rising influence through monetary means, but very little through sincere generosity. That is why Wolf Warrior 2 lacks foundation because the basis of China helping others is only fiction.
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China is Best!
robspunk9 March 2018
Oozing with propaganda this movie doesn't warrant a review. Just a poster of old time communism making every man women and child draped in red feel proud inside and hate for the outside. Disgusting
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Utter Chinese Propaganda, Nothing More
Andy_Aitken8 April 2018
Netflix in Australia must be clamouring for an audience with this garbage, would never have watched it otherwise. Bad CGI, bad acting and Frank Grillo is top billing even though he's only slightly in it and even then he just seems like he's there for a paycheck. (The crap an actor will do for $$$$) As well as China having huge pride in ridding the world of its endangered animals, it's human rights violations including illegal organ harvesting and its ability to convince the world they are peaceful I say no, stick your cheap movie where it belongs.
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LOL... Chinese Rambo
naushad-7978130 August 2018
The movie is filled with wannabe Rambo elements. Action is not even decent it's par below average except the first action sequence. The under water sequence looks pretty cool.
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unlimited action worse direction
themizzz11 March 2018
Allryt fella its not bad like old reviews u see its good movie with geat action but direction was bad i mean u knw its all about direction
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very similar to TEARS OF THE SUN
echoflower1 September 2017
As a big fan of action movies, I have to say the plot is very similar to TEARS OF THE SUN, but much worse storyline and stupid. I cannot tell whether it's a plagiarism or not.

It is good in action scenes, but the nationalism elements are too strong which makes it embarrassed.
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Non stop action packed that tops any Hollywood movie in recent years!
betamalehma11 August 2017
This was a well made action movie with original action sequences that is up to par and in some parts even exceeds any Hollywood action movie we have seen in years! It appears like your everyday action flick, but as you progress it feels fresh and nothing like you have ever seen before. You are taken on a roller coaster ride from start to end, deep into some unnamed African country.

I don't know why people necessarily brand this as propaganda and as a Chinese nationalistic movie. When did Hollywood ever not using nationalism in their action movies? It's full of it! When Hollywood does it, it's considered cool, but when China does it, it's called brainwashing propaganda? Thats a wee little bit hypocrite.....

Parts of the movie are based on live events as some African nations are indeed scorned with internal tribal wars and viral epidemics. As for China has numerous investments in Africa for the past decades, the impact of internal African turmoils on Chinese businesses is evident and real. Recently China even established a military base in the African continent, and Chinese navy patrols African seas regularly to protect commercial shipments from robbery.

So even though this movie is a popcorn over the top action flick, it is actually inspired by current day events and the impact it has on Chinese merchants in Africa.

But looking past the political backdrop, it is just a darn well made action movie that deserves its recognition and should run in mainstream theaters worldwide!
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American Action Movie Tropes -- ONE-UPPED & SUBVERTED!
Forestaller9 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Wolf Warrior 2"(2017) sets its tone perfectly with an opening underwater fight which is practically impossible but looks in every way realistically do-able (on account of being filmed underwater with real actors)! IOW, this film straddles plausibility (a historical event) and implausibility (over-the-top action) in a way that will tickle "woke/red-pilled" audiences and frustrate/confuse ideological purists to no end...

I mean, it features a Chinese man staring down a Chinese tank and a rebel army identified by their red scarves! Combined with jokes about the USA military leaving its citizens to die in Africa, it is clear that actor-director Wu Jing is out to "troll" western(-ized) film-makers and audiences who have lost their sense of humor and self-awareness to a climate of hate speech laws and political correctness.

Especially for those film-makers desperately trying to "insert" a flag or product wherever possible... It must be absolutely "triggering" to see Wu Jing unapologetically expanding upon a real-life premise where having a Chinese flag/ passport is completely natural and pivotal to the plot; as well as brandishing all manner of Chinese products (e.g. last generation armaments supplied to Africa).

So despite ostensibly being inspired by the numerous emergency repatriations successfully executed by the Chinese military in Africa (Libya 2011, Yemen 2015, etc.), this is a fictional and romanticized story (a la "Romance of Three Kingdoms") created to feature a series of larger-than-life characters, sly social commentary, and most importantly, action-movies set-pieces!

The 1st Act is almost a marvel of economical and visual story-telling in that it recaps the ending of Wolf Warrior 1, introduces the background to Wolf Warriors and summarizes what Chinese repatriates went through in Africa with minimal dialogue and maximum editing... It's clumsy but it works, if only because you can't look away from the relentlessly climbing body count.

The 2nd Act is where the fun starts as it nonchalantly (i.e. "blink-and-you'll-miss-it") ticks off every action movie trope it can squeeze in-- keep up with me if you can: car through wall-check, self-sacrificing adult-check, girl to save-check, bodybuilder throws people-check, hanging on car-check, bike on rooftop-check, booby trap wire-check, armed surveillance UAVs-check, wargaming with models-check, etc.; and whenever the action does stop to get on with the story for a few minutes, you should still hang on to see if you catch the jokes or commentaries Wu Jing has slipped in there.

The 3rd Act is basically one long, multi-stage, escalating action sequence (involving a crossbow, rifles, tanks, missiles and fists; in that order) where "story-telling by montage (or music-video)" takes over... And it's a marvel of action movie writing(story-boarding?) and pacing-- provided you can get over not knowing exactly how the rescue chopper was co-ordinated or the missile strike was executed, etc.. Much like the better kung-fu action movies, it arguably gets "one-up" over most action-movies by simultaneously being grittier (more practical effects, actors doing stunts, etc.) AND more stylish ("full-contact" close-ups, hand-held cameras chasing actors).

Data for online ticket-purchases in China seems to show that the audience for "Wolf Warrior 2" (2017) comprised almost 70% graduates (& above) with only 15% being in the teenager/ student demographic, i.e. the opposite of what would be expected of a pop-corn or blockbuster movie-- which I see as indicating that Chinese audiences have been waiting for a cheeky/clever (Chinese) subversion of the "American action movie"... so "laughing along with Wu Jing" is probably the best mindset to have for enjoying this movie!
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xavierdraco15 April 2018
..................................................................................................................................................................Utter crap ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
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