Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019) Poster

Margaret Qualley: Pussycat



  • Pussycat : Want me to suck your cock while driving?

    Cliff Booth : [thinks for a bit]  How old are you?

    Pussycat : What?

    Cliff Booth : How old are you?

    Pussycat : Wow, man. First time anybody asked that in a long time.

    Cliff Booth : What's the answer?

    Pussycat : Okay, we gonna play kiddie games? Eighteen. Feel better?

    Cliff Booth : You got some I.D., you know, like, a driver's license or something?

    Pussycat : [laughing]  Are you joking?

    Cliff Booth : No, I'm not. I need to see something official that verifies that you're eighteen, which you don't have because you're not.

  • Pussycat : This was a mistake; you should leave.

    Cliff Booth : Way ahead of you.

  • [yelling after Cliff, who is leaving Spahn Ranch] 

    Pussycat : George isn't blind! YOU'RE THE BLIND ONE!

  • Gypsy : You can't see him right now.

    Cliff Booth : Why can't I see him right now?

    Pussycat : Cause he's napping. This is his nap time.

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