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Must have seen a different movie.
dmbelafan16 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Saw an advanced screening - this was the most excited I've been to see a movie in a very long time. It appears I'm in the minority who found it to be, frankly, terrible. While the performances of the leads were enjoyable, I found the movie's writing and direction so flawed as to be practically unwatchable.

Gadot continues to embody WW laudably, if leaning at times toward overacting. Pine is effective as the "fish out of water" launched several decades into the future, even if some of his comedic moments with Gadot fall flat. Pascal plays a classically over-the-top 80's villain with enthusiasm - it seems he relishes every moment getting to play a bad guy. For me, Wiig gave the strongest performance of the first act - her comedic timing is given plenty of time to shine, and the audience has ample opportunity to empathize with her. Unfortunately, these four performances were not enough to dig this film out of the hole the writers created.

Written with an over-inflated sense of self-importance, riddled with clunky dialogue trying desperately to convey depth and universal truths, the end result is an endless stream of cringeworthy, eye roll inducing lines that are so on the nose I wonder how they made it out of the writing room. At no point does the film treat its audience with intelligence, opting instead to spoon-feed every concept. How do they convey that WW is not only an action hero, but an advocate for the humanity in all of us? By forcing her to deliver gems like "But Barbara, what about your warmth? What about your humanity?"

Further issues, presented as they occur to me as I tire of reflecting on this mess:

  • Why is the heist scene so intentionally campy? The movie is *set* in '84, not *made* in '84. Fortunately the remainder of the film abandons this style.
  • Their *most* creative way to sell Barbara as awkward but likable is to have her drop her briefcase of papers? Couldn't come up with something original?
  • All Smithsonian employees have access to an unguarded airfield? A WWII pilot can understand the controls?
  • No fully-fueled fighter jet has a range to fly DC to Cairo.
  • WW has only ever vanished a coffee mug in all her trying, but can suddenly vanish the jet "because she must".
  • "I know we're racing against time to save the world, but let's go fly through some fireworks. It'll look cool, promise."
  • One moment WW can effortlessly sprint pushing a disabled armored vehicle down the road, the next she can't push two of them apart with all her might.
  • The moment she rolls along the road with the two children in her arms is astonishingly poor CGI. Throughout the film, the most obviously CGI'd elements simply have no weight to them.
  • Don't play the audio of Steve's "how to fly" speech over the moment WW takes it to heart and learns. Trust your actors and audience. Show, don't tell.
  • Max didn't think to steal health in return for wishes until the end of the third act?
  • Cheetah has practically zero screen time to pose a real threat. One fight and she's dealt with handily.
  • Hundreds of nukes launched, and they don't vanish - they crumble in mid-air. This is somehow not a problem for the planet?
  • Returned to the white house grounds, Max somehow lands within yards of his son who has been wandering abandoned highways?
  • Linda Carter's cameo was *painful*. If she didn't actually smile and wink into the camera, it sure as hell felt like she did. I won't be re-watching to find out for sure.

I'm tired of griping. I wanted so badly to like this continuation of the DCEU. I'll be there for the next one hoping for better, but my god was this a disappointment. I saw the movie for free and the cost was still too high.
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cogatlin28 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I loved the first movie and was looking forward to the sequel. That being said, this was a disappointing convoluted mess. It's like a train wreck and a dumpster fire had a baby, then the baby puked and that puke became this movie. Seriously, what were they thinking with this script? So many talented actors and so much wasted potential.

So, because the script says so, Diana can make things disappear at will? She can swing from lighting with her lariat? She can block and catch bullets with her lariat? She can attach and swing from airplanes that are at cruising altitude while she's on the ground?! All of these exaggerated abilities while she's supposedly losing her powers? Another thing, her suit was supposed to be powerful, yet it crumbled like tinfoil during her five minute fight with Cheetah. What was the point of her wearing it then if she was back at full strength?

Max Lord's character was laughable. The stone wasn't crumbling with every wish, so why was he getting sick after granting wishes even though he became the stone? None of this lunacy made any sense whatsoever.

This movie was so bad that I walked out of my own house. Seriously, skip this and watch the first movie.
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Makes Justice League and Suicide Squad look Oscar worthy
sduncan1528 December 2020
I have low expectations for DC movies. Some have delightfully surprised me. This falls flat on its face after 15-20 mins and never gets up...or even TRIES!! It felt rushed through production (definitely not in watch speed...). It was boring when their wasn't action and when the action started it was so fake it was distracting. Gadot and Pascal try and maybe have moments that don't suck. Wiig was...well exactly how you would expect her in an action film as a villain.

To say the movie is disappointing is an understatement which is sad considering I had zero expectations going into it. Glad it was streaming so I didn't have to waste money on a movie ticket.
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Utter disappointment
jaimemedina-3628825 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I've been eagerly waiting for this. I made a great lunch of Christmas Eve leftovers and sat down - ready for a great movie.

This movie is utterly ridiculous. From the moment it starts it comes off almost as a parody. The open scene is very childish. Way too on the nose with its moralistic foreshadowing. The following failed heist is equally juvenile - taking place in a mall and is just plain silly. It's far from the grittier atmosphere that DC has been so good at recently.

The interpretation of 80's culture is completely distracting and strips away any gravitas. Pedro Pascal comes off as laughable and inane. Wiig fairs no better and cannot pull off the baddie.

It was hard to watch. I had hopes for DC but this one is a complete dud.
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Sorry Patty, you tanked!
msskrads27 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with the review "utter disappointment", I also read the Washington Post article. " really getting to do whatever I wanted" she said. And what a sad commentary that turned out to be. All of her characters, props and settings were ridiculous. Kristen Wiig injects one of her babbling SNL characters in her first scene. A super villian she's not, even for comic relief. And where is the strong empowered woman that encourages other women to use their own powers? Then there is that magic lasso, Diana might just as well sat and her desk in the museum and flicked it to and fro since it appeared to have an infinite length this time around. Placing the film in her memories of the '80s this might work for Coppola or Scorsese but one's sense of history needs to be able to look further into the past to develop a view. Was that President supposed to be Reagan, surely you could have found someone who actually resembled him. So much for '80s memories. The scenes of an injured and defeated WW were way to drawn out, and the computers of the day were only beginning to go beyond pixelated pictures. The technology of the day would not have been able to broadcast to the world. And Gal Gadots talents were never realized she just wasn't involved enough beyond window dressing, more attention was spent on the sets and locations. And what disappointment the release streaming and theatre distribution. Although I love theaters (I spent 35 yrsin the movie business) where I live they haven't reopened yet. THe streaming was terrible stop, stutter, freeze. fortunately the movie was so bad the pauses were a relief. I wonder what Bill Diehl or Roger Ebert would have had to say about WW84? I'm glad I watched the credits, I couldn't believe how many people were listed. But then Lynda Carter made an appearance. 15 seconds of Joy out of 2 and 1/2 hours.
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Shambles. Should have stayed in 1984.
Mwepad27 December 2020
One of the worst superhero films out there. Made no sense. The plot was shambles and the acting shambles as well.
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Just read the other review. All true!
steventonge27 December 2020
Why is Warner Brothers hell bent on destroying a potential gold mine, that is the DC franchise. I thought they had finally sorted it with WW and Aquaman. But no, normality resumes. This movie was terrible at everything. Story, dialogue, acting, cgi. Just sell the franchise to another studio and give us DC fans a break
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From hero to zero in just two WW movies
stevebarley19 December 2020
The 1st WW film was absolutely brilliant and had more ticks than a farmer's dog in my book. WW84 is, which truly saddens and maddens me, the polar opposite. It has a script so weak it should be classed as highly vulnerable, a plot that has more holes than my kitchen colander, and characters about as believable as a career politician. I did love the opening island scene where the girl actress playing the young Diana was superb, and apparently did all her non-cgi stunts. But then it went downhill faster than an illiterate skier passing a 'Warning - cliff ahead' sign. I won't go into detail over WW84s failings as I have a bus to catch...in a week, but I think I can reveal my favourite, jaw-dropping line from the film without it being a spoiler...

'... I want to be an apex predator!'

It certainly made me growl.
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Miserable! Patty stick to DIRECTING - you can't WRITE!
jkling-128 December 2020
The first WW was Fantastic. This is the polar opposite. Trite, predictable and an unintentional parody of a hero franchise.

How can they green-light $200 MILLION DOLLARS without the oversight to prevent such a disaster?! The screen play and concept are AWFUL!

If you insist on watching this garbage, just make sure that you wait until it is free on some streaming service, etc.

It gets 2 stars only as Gal Gadot tried very hard to do her job correctly, in spite of infinite hurdles of the screenplay and direction.

PATTY HOW COULD YOU?! This literally ruined the franchise!
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Actionhero movie with almost no action
the_real_smile1 January 2021
Writer, producer and director Patty Jenkins really did a give this movie a feminine/soap opera touch and by doing so destroyed everything that this movie could have been. The first WW movie was not that great, but Patty did not write that one, this sequel she did and it is worthless. I was wondering if I was watching a drama or a action hero franchise. First the movie is far to long, the dialogue's are pointless and boring, you can skip with ease them because the story is not that complicated. For the action, the effects are good, not worth the time to watch, but still well made, but there are not very much action scenes. If you look at the demographic of the votes you can see girls <18 years are the only ones who love this movie, and that should have been the warning that should have been given with this movie: only see this movie if you are a teenage girl.
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Not what I expected
martyk007-653-91638516 December 2020
Very long winded and quite soppy, I found myself getting quite bored. I m not really sure what this movie is trying to be, a drama love story maybe with a few action scenes. Disappointed.
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Oh when will this end....
jothamleeyishu20 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
First 15 minutes was the best, and literally did not contribute to the story... not one bit.

Ok where to begin...:
  • Lasso of truth? More like infinity flying power bulletproof magic Lasso
  • Main villian is a genie in a rock
  • Storyline is people wishing from said genie
  • Most climatic fight scene is in the trailer.... seriously.. its wonder woman fighting a leopard/ tiger thingy....
  • Main villian is defeated by saying 4 words
  • No emotional connection to characters, shallow and uninspiring. (literally if anyone died, you just wouldnt care.)
  • no consequence after saying those 4 words. things magically became normal
  • I dont get how is this even rated past a 5. Critics rating it 9?!?! Really suspicious. Must be some market manipulation.

I literally created an account just to write this... Dont watch this pls. I wasted my time and money, hope you dont make the same mistake.
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bash720026 December 2020
Really, really bad. Dumb plot executed over an excruciatingly long and boring 2.5 hours. Acting was fine but story, flow, and execution was really terrible. Worst superhero movie I have seen in a long time.
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Vastly Disappointing
mjpoehler27 December 2020
The first movie was great.

I wonder why Gadot agreed to do this one. I really wonder why with all the good things DC have been doing recently, they chose to do this to the franchise.

The film had a very few moments of grace, but then just let them all go. If you're keen to watch it, wait for one of the streaming services to pick it up.
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Too long, corny and boring.
hugomercante31 December 2020
The script is awful, the performances are cringe to watch, and the dialogues are very cheap, It´s like a parody but not funny. Don't waste your time and money on this..
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Patty Jenkins Sets Women Back w/ This Rubbish
rickgartshore27 December 2020
The first WW movie was amazing! It clearly demonstrated that a woman super hero can be strong, smart, funny and, most of all, can easily hold her own with her male counterparts. It was a monumental step forward for super hero movies and women in general and I couldn't wait for the sequel. It was very disappointing to see the direction Mrs. Jenkins took this character. The WW in this movie represents and displays all of the stereotypical cliches so many serious actresses have worked for years to dispel. In the first WW she was a badass who fought with passion against evil and stood up for her convictions. In WW84, when she's not pining for her lost love (because we all know a woman is lost without her man, right?) she's winking at little kids while she fights campy bad guys who are literally tripping over themselves to get caught. The female supporting cast isn't much better. Kristen Wiig is the embodiment of the frazzled, clingy stereotype that went out of style in most movies years ago. The only 2 strong women (Connie Nielsen amd Robin Wright) are gone after the first 10 minutes and we are left with weak, campy garbage. The WW in the first film was Christian Bale's Batman. In WW84 we get the Adam West Batman. Such a disappointment.
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One of the worst superhero movies I have ever watched.
marcusclestrade25 December 2020
I can't believe this movie was released, its like they don't care about making a good movie.
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Long and Boring .
Fibanacci18 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
  • The Cinematography is top notch .
  • The Score is good .
  • The chemistry between Gal and Chris was enjoyable .

  • Gal was at her worst . she did a decent job in the previous installement but this time she was way off the mark .
  • I love Chris Pine . He is an underrated actor and i enjoyed his previous movies but his comic timing in this movie fell flat .
  • The villains are cartoonish .They didn't get a good screen time to performe well but i can't blame them coz the writing sucks big time .
  • The CGI looks Really Bad .
  • The dialogues were cringe-worthy .
  • The action scenes were barely entertaining .

All in All . One of the worst sequels i heve ever seen and it's poorly written and directed . Save your precious time and watch the first wonder woman is more entertaining and fun to watch .
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Well well
david-504-3531503 January 2021
For me this was unwatchable really good actors who let the director turn this franchise into a joke
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Awful, really awful.
carlosmarcano-9574131 December 2020
The plot is amateur and full of holes. Bad acting, bad development, just a waste of time and money. How is that nobody in a group of people (including the actors/actresses) could say, ok we need to stop, this is nonsense?
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Wonder Woman 1984 is... A Wasted Concept.
NarniaIsAwesome27 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is gonna be a long one... here we go...

First, I'd like to dissect every character one by one, starting with Diana. I'll get right to it: she's boring. Seriously, she's awful. Gal Gadot makes a great Wonder Woman visually, but her performance lacks a lot. She's just not fun to watch. She has cool scenes and stunts, but she doesn't look like she's having fun. While the film has its serious moments, it does have the sort of wild epic-ness that warrants a more excited heroine. Even when the script tries to make her "have fun," she just can't. I understand that Wonder Woman is supposed to be a more elegant character in general, but something about Gadot's acting just makes everything fall flat. I don't enjoy seeing her be awesome, because she's not enjoying it either. She's going through the motions of being cool, and just comes off like a depressed and generic good guy. Aside from her personality, the position they've put Diana in doesn't make sense. I refuse to believe that Diana hasn't changed her name in 60+ years. Wonder Woman is perhaps the most invaluable superhero; she is quite literally a "god killer." One can only imagine that there are many other gods, goddesses, and immortal beings who would want her dead. I was honestly expecting us to find Diana living off the grid in a low-rent apartment, moving around and working odd jobs to make ends meet (when she wasn't stopping petty crime, of course). But no, we get a rich, high society Diana who works at a museum, flaunting her inhuman knowledge and qualities - basically a sitting duck for her enemies. But enough about her.

Next, we have Steve... oh Steve... you're just the worst. Now, Steve doesn't do anything wrong - he's simply dull as a blank wall. He adds nothing to the story - well, his presence does, but not him as a character. He's expendable; you could swap him out with anyone else and the effect would be the same. Also, Chris Pine has absolutely no chemistry with Gadot; he was clearly only cast because he's considered eye candy for the ladies.

Now for the villains... this is where it gets interesting... the bad guys are way better than the heroes. As I said above, Steve and Diana are painfully boring and blank. However, this movie has some of the best villains I've seen in a recent superhero film.

Max Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, absorbs the power of an artifact called the Dreamstone, which gives him the ability to grant wishes. However, he also takes something from whoever had their desire granted. Obviously, this goes horribly wrong, and eventually the world descends into chaos. Max (who is loosely inspired by J.R. Ewing from Dallas; change my mind) is a surprisingly engaging character. The actor did a good job portraying him; I know he sounds boring but he stole the show every time he was on screen.

Finally, we have Barbara, aka Cheetah. Her story starts a bit slowly, even invoking the age-old trope of a stereotypically dorky girl who becomes confident. But Kristen Wiig actually gives the character enough charisma that she is more likable than Diana. This is what I talked about earlier. Once Barbara becomes Cheetah, she is the kind of character Diana should've been. She's cool and fun to watch, she looks like she's enjoying the battle, she has spirit - even though she was supposed to be evil, I actually enjoyed seeing her beat up Diana! Yeah, I know that sounds awful, but this brings me to my final point: what I liked most about this movie was the film's biggest flaw.

If I'm rooting for the villains, that means the heroes sucked (which they did). Don't get me wrong, bad guys need to be interesting in a story, but the heroes also need to be charismatic and awesome. I wanted to see Barbara succeed, and once she did, she seemingly surpassed Diana's level. Therefore, it was easier to dislike Diana.

Now, onto my final complaint: why on earth was this set in the 80's? Both the title and the marketing for this movie made it seem like it was no mistake that it took place in 1984. Clearly it was for nostalgic purposes, but that's just it... there's no nostalgia. This could've been set in literally any other decade and been the same. Now, I'm not saying it needed to be heavy-handed, playing cliche and overused songs every five seconds, but there is absolutely nothing in this movie that utilizes its setting. There is one opening scene that takes place in a mall, but it's entirely pointless and could be cut out of the movie. There were just so many opportunities to make Wonder Woman even cooler with this, like playing rock/synth music while she fights or having her duke it out with Cheetah in a theater while 'The Terminator' is on the screen. But there is nothing of the sort. Now, this wouldn't be so much of a problem if the year 1984 wasn't such a big part of the plug. If it was just called 'Wonder Woman II' in regular font, who cares. But when you call it 'WONDER WOMAN: 1984' with retro colors and title style, the audience expects more clever nods to the decade.

I suppose I've went on and griped enough; in short it's an okay movie but it could've been a lot better. I like some of what they did, but the rest certainly isn't what I would've done with it.
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What a joke, a really bad joke.
GetTheNak27 December 2020
Fifteen minutes into the movie and I've writing this review while I'm watching the movie because I know I won't miss anything. Even the 70's WW series with Linda Carter was less campy than this movie. It's too bad, I really enjoyed the first Wonder Woman. As a matter of fact, I think stop watching this and go rent the 70's WW series. You should too.
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In quarantine, you'll buy anything.
jayg_581 January 2021
Very colorful, lots of money spent. Kristin Wiig was a masterpiece of miscasting. She wasn't funny; she wasn't scary, but great costume. The whole plot was a vehicle to resurrect Chris Pine, but there was no real chemistry between them. It made the lines of endearment quite awkward and the embraces seemed forced. All the usual tropes: WW loses some of her powers, so there can be suspense; she plays Spiderman and holds two vehicles apart. Just nothing new and Gad Gadot proves again that she's a glamour model and poses well. She can't act. Still - entertainment in a vacuum of good movies, so watch it and be distracted for TWO AND A HALF hours.
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It's pretty awful.
arnkp26 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I definitely think it deserves more than 1 star, but it doesn't come close to living up to the hype or the hope for a great movie. Beginning is fun when she competes as a little girl and feels like groundwork for the coming story, but then the rest of the movie has nothing to do with the beginning. The mall scene at the beginning is really, really awful! The other fight scenes are just okay but not terrible. The story is pretty bad, but there are far worse. I've never been a fan of the "superhero loses their powers" plot line. Steve coming back in someone else's body is super weird. You want him back somehow, but not like that. Cheetah is an interesting idea but they didn't utilize her like they could have. I was expecting an epic matchup between she and Wonder Woman at the end. Not there. If you blink you will miss it. It's just an okay hero movie. It's not great, but better than 1 star.
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Come on DC! What was that?!
chooper-3274028 December 2020
Don't waste your money. My family sat down tonight all very excited to watch. No more than me. All three of my children got up and walked away from the movie within first hour and my wife had a nap. I was determined to see it through. Pretty upset I wasted $30 on this.
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