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Episode 905
bobcobb30131 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Curb is still great TV even if it hasn't been the same this season, but this was just a bad episode. A repeat of not just Seinfeld, but now Curb story lines throughout, an unfunny payoff with the mail carrier not really getting revenge in a clever way and some of Jeff's worst improv work since season one.

Just a dud of an episode.
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I Enjoyed It
cardboardmems19 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I love Curb, and there really aren't any bad episodes for me. Some are better than others, but this was pretty good.

The scene with the female mail carrier, who Larry asks to carry a package a couple doors down, without actually mailing it, that's the kind of humor I like. Larry's like, "What's the big deal?", "Don't be a stickler."

I also loved the scene where everyone was "thanking the guy for his service". Certainly veterans are, and should be appreciated and honored for what they do; but the phrase is so overdone now, it's almost trite. Like, "Have a nice day", when you couldn't really care less about their day. And Larry's right. Do you have to say it every time, to every veteran you come across? If that's the case, civilians may as well start saluting every time they meet a veteran.

When he starts thanking the host for dinner, and thanking everyone for every little thing, it kind of makes the point.

Plus, when the veteran gets all perturbed when he isn't thanked, I don't think any real veteran would expect a verbal thanks. They might very well appreciate it, but not expect it every time.
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