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It's not so bad I would want to cry, but not really good either.
Horst_In_Translation26 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In the title of this 5-minute piece we have here ("Guns N' Roses: Don't Cry"), you can read the name of the band and also the name of the song. This is from 1991, so soon 30 years old and even I as somebody who does not have a great connection with Guns N' Roses know the band of course and two or three of their songs. This is not one of them and after hearing it I don't really mind. It is not that great. By the way, this is the music video of course we got here and you see all the band members on several occasions. There is more of a story in here than usual for a music video and it goes beyond just two girls fighting for one guy, well actually one girl is really the aggressor, the other seems to be fairly convinced he is all hers. And at the end you see Axl Rose depidting his own tombstone indicating he died in 1990 already, but now almost 3 decades later is not only alive and well, but still making music. As for the "cast members" or the two directors, I cannot really say too much here. They weren't famous back then and aren't famous today. A bit surprised though that two directors worked on such a short movie. Anyway, overall I think it is a mediocre song and the video is slightly better and elevates the material, even if it is far from great as well. The scene with the green-eyed baby feels a bit pretentious at the end in my opinion. Still I recommend that if you wanna listen to the song, do so while watching the video. But beyond that, my suggestion is to skip it altogether. The 90s had more to offer music-wise than most people think. This is not a song to be remember fondly in my opinion though. Thumbs down.
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