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This sequel is a loud and frantic mess
cricketbat1 October 2021
Much like the protagonist in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, I feel like there were two different screenwriters battling about what this movie should be, and they didn't really communicate with each other. This sequel is a loud and frantic mess, where superpowers can do whatever the plot demands, characters don't care about consistency, and the same jokes are repeated a dozen times. If you liked the first Venom movie, you'll probably like this one. I didn't, so I don't.
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The Art of Genetic Movie Engineering
Tweetienator4 October 2021
Marvel and DC these days remind me of those big players of the worldwide cheeseburger "distribution network" - the products always taste the same, because the ingredients are always accurately of the same nature and made the same way. Always. The same applies these days to those entertainment companies - you already know what to expect if a new show or movie leaves the factories of those big players of genetic movie engineering. Venom: Let There Be Carnage is not a candidate for the worst movie categories nor a total bore or fail, it is just a part of that endless and constant stream of "entertainment" these factories produce: easy to consume, easy to forget. Long gone are the times when I heard people talking about a new movie or show of those "big" players. Disappointed? No, it's just business as usual.
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Not even a turd in the wind; it's just nothing.
Pjtaylor-96-13804424 November 2021
At least 'Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)' is brief. That's pretty much the only praise I can send its way. I mean, it's genuinely terrible. Frankly, it's almost unfathomable how a team as talented as this can turn out something so amateurish. It honestly feels unfinished. Having said that, it's actually difficult to properly review, because it's just... well, nothing. It's not even boring. It's totally empty, a meal comprised of zero calories. It's also insanely forgettable. If you asked me to recount its plot beat for beat, even while the credits were still rolling, I'd seriously struggle to come up with a coherent answer. As I said, it's difficult to properly review. Perhaps that's because reflecting on it is like trying to remember a bad dream; by the time you try to articulate it, it has already slipped from your mind. Perhaps it's because it leaves you feeling totally apathetic, unequipped to even think about its events, never mind its shortcomings. Perhaps it's because the flick is genuinely less boring than many movies deserving of a similar, or even marginally better, rating, but also genuinely worse than most of those same movies. A bad movie is better than a boring one, I suppose, but a movie that leaves you feeling nothing, not even annoyance, is surely the bottom of the barrel. It goes in one ear and straight out of the other. It's awful, but I can't bring myself to get worked up about it. I'm aware that I haven't even begun to delve into its cavalcade of issues, but I just can't bring myself to do so. That in itself says a lot. I'm totally ambivalent about the piece. It isn't fun, but it isn't boring; it isn't competent, but it isn't offensive; it isn't anything, but it isn't... well, anything. In the end, it will leave you feeling like Venom himself: hungry for something with a brain. Heck, even a bar of chocolate would be more fulfilling. 3/10.
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A big pile of nothing
guskeller1 October 2021
Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a one trick pony that doesn't land its trick. The entire movie is filler stalling for its final battle, yet that showdown is disappointing. Yes, it is between two marketable comic book characters, but that's all it provides. The villain is underdeveloped and uninteresting, the imagery is sloppy and cluttered, and the choreography is nonsensical. Because there is no coherent style or vision, the sequence ends up being a big, ugly mess. Normally, the details of an action sequence wouldn't be so significant, but that's all this film invests in.

Everything about the story is rushed, repetitive, and uninspired. There are no intimate moments to allow things sink in because the script lacks substance worth meditating on. The humor is okay at times, Tom Hardy is talented enough to have chemistry with himself, and effort went into the CGI (though it was overused). However, besides that, this production is pointless. Even the violence is unsatisfyingly suppressed for that PG-13 rating. Undoubtedly, some fanboys will be content with a mediocre fight between two characters they recognize, but as a film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a noisy pile of nothing.

Writing: 2/10 Direction: 2/10 Cinematography: 2/10 Acting: 7/10 Editing: 4/10 Sound: 7/10 Score/Soundtrack: 5/10 Production Design: 3/10 Casting: 7/10 Effects: 6/10

Overall Score: 4.5/10.
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Carnage... More like Friendship
DongDiggity3 October 2021
Seriously, you call your sequel let their be Carnage yet make it pg13 which limits everything! Carnage has always been about violence and to a certain degree as is venom. It's bad enough they made venom "good" they sterilized carnage as well! I had such high hopes for this but was left saying what the F!

This film should be rated low AF but sadly people are so indoctrinated into crappy movies they no longer can make proper determinations.
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fun but disappointing
FeastMode1 October 2021
I had a good time with this movie. It's fun and pretty funny with some entertaining action.

It's also very messy with regards to the story, action and dialogue. The action isn't as good as the first and neither is the music. The story brings no value. And there were some stupid moments.

I also can't stand that it's not rated R. I could say that about the first, but it did a great job of pushing the limits while also not having too many moments where it was obvious it would have been better with blood. This movie has SOOO many moments where it could have been amazing if they went all out. It felt so censored.

I try to always have no expectations going into a movie. And I knew going in that even though I loved the first one, that doesn't make this one bulletproof. But looking back on it, a movie about carnage could have been so much more. It was underwhelming. Also I wish I got more development from Cletus and Carnage.

One more thing, Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis are awesome. But writing and directing are talents that very few have. I think it shows here and I would have preferred veterans at those crucial positions.

I'll caveat this review by saying I couldn't understand a lot of the dialogue, especially from Venom. We'll see if that changes anything when I watch it with subs.

Edit: I watched it again with subs. It didn't help. Still underwhelming. So many parts just feel off. And some scenes are straight up bad (cooking breakfast scene smh). Changing it from 6 to 5 stars. Sad face. (2 viewings, 9/30/2021, 12/11/2021)
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A Carnage Of Mediocre Elements and Action, Offset by A Venom Of Comedy
rgkarim1 October 2021

The Animation: I'll give them props on their design for making the symbiotes come to life, Sony's latest dive into Venom's creation is very good. Tight forms, great fluidity of the black ooze that makes him up, and those sensational teeth are perfect for bringing him to life. The movement is fluid, it goes super well during the movement pieces, and the tendrils acting out the comedy moments are awesome. When Carnage appears, that chaotic redness is not quite a vivid as the comics, but definitely has the blood element and chaos of the malicious symbiote. It's grimy and viscous, and has the sinew of the tendrils that offers a little more of the nightmare that Carnage is known for, including his devilish bladed arms.

The Music: I know a soundtrack for a Marvel movie is not the most noticeable feature, but much like the first film it's got attitude, beats, and some layers to it. Some symphony work goes alongside the fanfare sound effects to help make the inspiring pieces we love in super hero movies. It's the rap times though that really work and man are they awesome. Rap beats carry the harder attitude of the Venom world, with that no consequences edge that works to go with Venom's attitude. The end trailer song was my particular favorite and I liked given the sweet tones of the chorus and the verses bringing the hardcore beats.

The Acting: Certainly not the Oscar's level others have hit, but I enjoyed the performances of the cast on this installment of Venom's chronicles. Tom Hardy essentially acting with himself is certainly the highlight, with a natural flow to the chaos of the lines that he seemed to write for himself. Hardy as Eddie has the same nervous, loser attitude he conveyed in the first, that awkward atmosphere he brings doing super well to act as the moral compass to guide the ever aggressive Venom through the world. As Venom, he's hilarious, still acting like a newborn/toddler who can't take no for an answer and wants to eat everything he can for his survival. I loved the lines he delivered as Venom, I loved the joy, horror, and vulnerability he brought, and the commentary is certainly one for the books for voice acting. Harrelson still does his job well as the insane serial killer of Cletus, especially that eerie, unsettling longing that he seems to have with his darker roles. While not the most insane of a serial killer, he works well enough for the direction they took him, and they sort of corrected the hair for me so that's a win. I can't say he was my favorite villain character, so there really is not much I can say outside of a solid delivery for his backstory and that longing of something serial killer roles thrive on. Michelle Williams wins for a fun support, but again she is not utilized the best in this film and could have had more involvement on so many levels for me. The times she was on board, she was funny, a good nonverbal and verbal acting mixing to bring some of the more unique comedy moments I've seen in Marvel in some time.

The Comedy: Hands down the best part of the movie is the comedy and it is funny. Like the last installment, that dynamic relationship between Venom and Eddie is solid, a duo who play so well off of each other despite being the same voice. The aggressive personality bossing around the meeker personality goes super well, and Venom's mannerisms and taunts are a wonderful comedic tool. Then, they start using the internal monologue even better with Venom, showing that combative mindset distracting Eddie from answering normally, especially when Venom pushed enough to cause Eddie to outburst. Finally, when you see Venom get the driver seat a little bit, the writing works well with Venom exploring the universe a little more. His speeches, his jokes, and so much work with this new angle to Venom and again I was cracking up at the vaudeville humor he brought, alongside the commentary of the movie. And as I said, Michelle Williams does well in her roles, sometimes acting as a prop and other times a fantastic medium that blends all the styles together. There are a few things that Harrelson does that are funny, but they are in the backburner for me and lost to Venom's constant banter.

The Mid Credits Scene: Hands down the most exciting part, Venom's extra scene shows great promise for the series in so many ways. It's still got great comedy and chemistry you have been seeing for most of the film, but does not just act as the comedic finish Marvel likes to do. No there is some story behind it and then a nice surprise to set up the future of our dark symbiote. I won't say more to avoid spoilers, but Serkis and company get props for this one.

Dislikes: The Plot: My friend may have liked it, but for others like me, the plot is again a rushed mess that does not utilize the characters well. The focus on the comedy allows for development of Venom and Eddie's relationship, and though not massive improvements or anything revolutionary, it works well for the buddy comedy approach. Yet, where it really went wrong involved everything else in their lives when I was watching this film. Where Anne was a key factor in the first film, became more of a side piece in this, with her plot elements opening up some comedic factor, but little else past this. The whole Eddie moving on with life and trying to adapt to the new stakes, was kind of rushed and lame, even to the point of conflict that happens in this film. The story with Cletus was... okay, and a driving factor for the decisions of how to get to Venom, but I can't say it fit with the story I had envisioned for the psychotic serial killer I know Cletus to be. And for Shriek's inclusion, held promise, but as she was not a symbiote, so she was not too ingrained into the full story. Venom's second installment does not have the same cohesiveness that other Marvel film's do and it's a shame again due to what they could have executed.

Carnage feels a bit too controlled: If I remember several comics and cartoon shows correctly, Carnage was a force that was chaotic, deadly, and insane, hence why he was able to be such a dark and threatening force. In this movie though, I don't think his utilization matched that and in fact made him a little too logical. Certainly there are moments where that primal force of hunger and death seeking are seen, but I can't say I was impressed with the other ways they took the symbiote and his host. There was no impending terror of them hunting, no close calls and horrific sequences that haunt your dreams. As for his other powers, I guess I expected more based on what the trailers showed off, but that did not happen for me. The blades were more design than used and even the projectiles were minimized, which with Carnage minimal is not way they usually go. Carnage is one of those villains whose execution requires a lot of study and detail and the direction I took only somewhat filled that craving.

The Action: Or better yet lack of it. Venom's second film is still heavily comedy based and seems afraid to embrace the action that a dark tale could really execute. Looking at the movie as a whole, there was about fifteen minutes total that we saw of this film and that's sad when comparing to so much of the other Marvel films. Most of the scuffles are one sided displays of CGI slamming that really offers no suspense or horror, so I can't say it was that exciting for me. Then the climactic ending, was kind of bland for me, again given what I've seen in the other Marvel movies. A ten minute bout of a few punches and slams that, while appropriate as a start, did not use the powers that we as fans know these monster have. Where was the dance of crimson blades a crazy, scarlet symbiote could unleash? Where was Venom's strength utilizing the environment to combat those blades and use tricks to offset the strength of Carnage? Where was Carnage's mutations evolving out and further surprising us? The answer is not on the final cut, though I did enjoy the clever use of sound bringing more of the hosts out. The final ordeal is anticlimactic for me, and did not live up to the potential that these two titans are known to bring, and could have used about 15 more minutes at least or at a few other conflicts to break it up.

The VERDICT: Venom 2 was okay with me, but it's not the best comic book based movie to come out of the woodwork. Certainly the visuals and attitude of the movie are there and the acting brings that world to life and does well with the established dynamics. It's biggest strengths for me were again the comedy and the mid credits scene, the former being the biggest selling point for fun for this film. Yet, the movie's plot is still a mess and the handling of Carnage, while not the worst, there was a lot of potential they missed out on in his use. Look wise he's great, but the Carnage I know and the Carnage I got, did not match for what I had hoped to see. In addition, the action was very limited and did not really satisfy the buildup they were trying to make. As such, the movie is okay, and fortunately has enough special effects and music to get a trip to the theater for a see. My scores for this film are:

Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller: 7.0 Movie Overall: 6.0-6.5.
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A very bland movie
siderite27 November 2021
I've seen both Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson act their behinds off and it was great. I've seen humor and dark humor work wonders for DC. I've seen Michelle Williams look beautiful and amazingly desirable. None of these feature in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Instead you get a constant gay married couple bickering between Venom and Brock which is supposed to be insightful and funny, but isn't, a cardboard psychopathic villain that could have been sympathetic with just a few edits, a pointless villain girlfriend that has no influence on the plot of the film whatsoever, even though she has a superpower she is inconsequential, a pointless hero girlfriend who is there just to be a damsel in distress, copy pasted from the bad Spiderman films, a policeman who is there just to be the always late to the joke guy and... Dan? Who cares about Dan?! I swear the most interesting character in this film is the mean Chinese lady at the store. There is no chemistry between any of the characters. None!

But the worse problem is that there is no story, no tension, nothing to solve. The interaction between hero and villain is minimal yet stretching imagination and both their paths when separate are boring uninteresting bad writing.

Even the CGI fights feel pointless, as two blobs fight each other by hitting and throwing each other. Venom knows ALL the weaknesses of a symbiont and does nothing with it. Brock knows his symbiont and does nothing with it.

The more I write in this review the more stars disappear from the rating, so I will just stop. This could have been the exact same movie with ten times less budget, cheap CGI and unknown actors. No one would have noticed a difference. And there is one end credits scene that is more interesting in its implications than the entire movie!! Ugh.
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Venom: Let There Be Cringe
ashfordofficial27 November 2021
One of the most disappointing films of this year. A mind-numbingly tiresome entry in Sony's Spider-Man Universe. I can't figure out what is happening in this dumb-but-not-good-dumb sequel for a much superior predecessor. The big mistake they made was the shortening of the runtime to just 97 minutes, resulting in a jumbled mess of editing scrape.

Annoying scene transitions, an uneven storytelling, lazy and unconvincing performance by a talented cast and poorly written unfunny dialogues that made me cringe. Andy Serkis needs to take a break from direction. He's not suitable for this job. If he was an able director, he won't turn this film into a trashy nothingness.
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Not as good as first but similar
drpainters19 December 2021
It's not as good as the first but has some cool scenes and interactions of characters. Should of been like 15-20mind longer to fill in stuff at the start that just feels missed or cut short. How Harrelson becomes carnage I found stupid but rest of it I was fine with. Enjoyable sequel and looked forward to the next one.
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Venom and Carnage would hate it.
mrashtastic891 October 2021
Venom 2 was a mediocre sequel.

Andy Serkis had a directing style that was so in your face and bombastic that you wanted it to be over, the entire film felt like a music video.

And the villain wife character was so annoying.

And the film is so obnoxiously loud, I had to cover my ears like 12 times.

The musical score was amazing though, and so was Woody Harrelson.

But the film had unneeded melodrama.

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Should have been r rated and sorry WOODY SUCKS AS A VILLIAN!!!
joiningjt8 October 2021
I'm soooooooo tired of WOODY Harrelson in every fricking movie especially when he plays the villain. Hes just not intimidating he doesn't look like a villian come on hes made for zombieland. Those movies he is great but hes absolutely HORRIBLE in venom he is out of place his lines aren't villainous at all he is not intimidating or just plane old doesn't fit the part. Tom hardy is as always PHENOMENAL but this is venon it needs to be like deadpool it HAS TO BE R RATED!!!! It was just ok wait for it to stream see 007 instead.
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Complete waste of my time
confidential-678974 December 2021
Loved the first movie, this one felt like it was one of those made for dvd knock offs. It Was just terrible. 90 mins long and yet still felt too long.
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Toothless, No Sting in the Tale...
Xstal1 December 2021
... but as a piece of stand-up comedy it manages to assail. Alas the rest you've seen before, it will only make you wail. An anti-climax at the end, results in a big flail (quite a few as it happens) and if part three reveals itself, it will be, the final nail.
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Venom: Let There Be Carnage
JoBloTheMovieCritic4 October 2021
5/10 - god awful editing/pacing and such a weak story that I'm surprised Sony okayed it, Venom: Let There Be Carnage's only highlights are the plethora of aggressive visuals and its supporting cast.
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Not that Carnage, not so much fun and plenty of let downs
lareval13 October 2021
A disappointing and trashy sequel that not only makes the original movie even better now, but features an iconic villain who is vastly underused in here. The 90-minute runtime forces the movie to tell no important story at all (Venom does almost nothing). Even a fine post credits scene (that was completely leaked way before the release) doesn't hype me. An underused, joyless, absurd mess. Plus: almost no joke land here.
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Stop letting your nostalgia influence your opinion of this terrible movie
garabedian1234 October 2021
This movie is garbage..No it was not just okay. Stop saying that. Thats what we told ourselves about the first one. Oh it wasnt' that bad. But thats because we imagined it was better than it was. Yes we all love Venom and Carnage...but clearly this is not them. Not even only looks like them and is that enough to succeed. With that logic it could be venom and carnage having a pissing contest for an hour and a half and you would still love it?
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First one is better
Misss258 December 2021
First one is far more better than this one. It was enjoyable and fun to watch. But it didn't meet my expectations. I felt like dropping it in the half way.
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I enjoyed it more than I expected
Gordon-1117 October 2021
The story is pretty engaging, and the visual effects are phenomenal. There's comedy in the symbiosis. The story offers much tension too. I enjoyed it more than I expected.
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Not a good sequel
Xavier_Stone6 October 2021
2 stars for Tom Hardy trying to support this entire film. I liked the first Venom but this is nothing but filler. Woody gives it a decent shot but it's way off the mark and the plot is straightforward and expected.

There are tons of ways to script a sequel to a popular movie. These writers took the most obvious and easy way to complete it. It feels like a teen could have written this and was passed off as original.

Poor performances all around.
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Movi3DO2 October 2021
THAT guy....

Eddy Brock and his best friend continued to save the world. Let's be straight: the first Venom movie was not good, but I still enjoyed it because of the humor. However, this movie managed to take away a lot of that comedy and created a plot that was even worse than the first one. There were so many plot conveniences that rushed the movie forward. Our main villain is just another crazy dude, nothing more than that.

Of course they kept the PG-13 rating. Man Venom would be SO fun if there's gore. It pissed me off that these production companies wanted some good bucks instead of making a competent movie. The camera editing were just all over the place. I can barely comprehend what was going on. This made the action scenes messy with no fun.

Even worse, the relationship between Eddy and Venom evolved in such a cringe way. Not all the humors landed, which was disappointing. Their relationship carried the first movie, but this time there's just no way.

Obviously the post credit scene, which was surprising to many. However, considering how much of a joke Venom is, I'm not so optimistic about this decision.

Overall, just a messy disappointment. You can basically watch the post credit scene on YouTube or something and skip this movie. 3.5/10.

Go watch Titane instead, that's an actual good movie.
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It was something, alright...
paul_haakonsen23 November 2021
Well, if you enjoyed the 2018 "Venom" movie then you will also like the 2021 "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" from director Andy Serkis.

Now, I am not by any means a particular fan of the Marvel movies. Sure, I watch them because they are entertaining enough for what they are. But it is not something that is important for me to get to watch, as I have little interest in superheroes and such. But given the production scale and CGI of the Marvel movies, of course I watch them for the entertainment.

And "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" was actually a standard run-of-the-mill Marvel movie, with some back and forth in the first two acts, and then a massive CGI showdown third act. I guess the guys at Marvel have one formula that they make movies after.

Writers Kelly Marcel and Tom Hardy put together a movie that was entertaining enough for what it was, and something that felt like it fitted into the Marvel scope of movies. So on that account then "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" was doing well enough. However, if you look at the storyline objectively here, then it was a bit flaccid and lacking in-depth contents. It was essentially just flashy CGI and symbiote fights. And some attempt at sob stories with Brock and Anne.

In terms of characters then "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" felt somewhat lacking. The characters felt one-sided and one-dimensional, with the writers not doing much to let the audience submerge end delve into richly detailed character stories and archs.

Speaking of characters, then the Venom symbiote was the star of the movie, no doubt about it. And it was certainly fun to watch Carnage on the screen. I am not familiar with Carnage as I never read the comic books, but of course I know of the character as I am no strange to the world of comic books. The human characters in the movie felt like they were mostly just fillers. Personally, of the human characters in "Venom: Let There Be Carnage", then I found Mrs. Chen (played by Peggy Lu) and Frances Barrison (played by Naomie Harris) to be the most interesting in this movie.

I found "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" to be as the 2018 movie, watchable for the CGI and the action, but mediocre on the contents in terms of script and storyline. It is hardly a movie that I will be sitting down to watch a second time.

My rating of "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" lands on a bland five out of ten stars.
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Chickens... but turkeys would be more appropriate.
bob-the-movie-man16 October 2021
I was not a great fan of the original Venom, although I did find aspects of it to like. Unfortunately, for me, the sequel - "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" - delivered even less. And I found aspects of it positively distasteful.

  • While most of the cast seem to be doing sequel-paint-by-numbers, I thought Naomie Harris was superb as the shrieking 'X-woman-style' villain. (I'm embarrassed to say that it took me until the end titles to realise she WAS Naomie Harris!)
  • Some of the comedy lines between Brock and Venom made me chuckle.

  • My main beef was with the script and that came down to two primary issues:
-- Firstly, virtually nothing happens. It's not too much of an understatement to say that the whole plot can be summarized as a) a villain is introduced; b) the villain teams with another villain and c) Venom defeats them. It's just all so bland and linear, without any sort of discernible story arc.

-- For a movie pitched more at the comedy end of the Marvel spectrum, the script is unpleasantly violent. (And, yes, before Marvel fan-boys attack me with comments, I know that this Sony/Marvel offering is NOT part of the official universe). There are numerous points at which I thought "Ugh!" and a nasty taste entered my mouth: the butchering of a 'Family man' prison guard, pleading for his life; the brains of a very polite young grocery store boy being senselessly smashed in; and the massacre of a priest in his own cathedral. (Actually, I have no idea what happened with the priest during the "power-up" scene - - a cut by the censors perhaps?) My issue is that, tonally speaking, there is a horrible mismatch between these unnecessarily violent scenes and the lighthearted and flippant nature of the rest. It's like putting a vicious gang-bang rape in the middle of "Ant Man".

  • Sorry. I know he has a lot of fans, but I'm not a great fan of Tom Hardy's acting style here. "Legend" proved what class he could deliver. But this performance seems to be streets away from that. An acting colleague last week commented that he was looking forward to the interactions between Hardy and Harrelson. But I found both to be underwhelming.

  • I found the visual effects for the emerged Venom to be utterly unconvincing. There were times when it looked like nothing more than a puppet on strings.

  • I'm normally a fan of Marco Beltrami's scores. But I found the music in here to be intrusive and distracting. And that's before some (to my ears) pretty awful rap-based tracks over the closing titles.

Summary Thoughts on "Venom: Let There Be Carnage": You'll already judge from my balance of comments that this one just didn't work for me. Even as a "park your brain at the door" action movie, I thought it felt lazy and lacklustre. My advice? Save your money and go and watch "The Last Duel" instead.

By the way, there is a mid-credit monkey (end-credits scene in onemannsmovies speak), worth staying for, which ties this Marvel offshoot to another sector of the Marvel catalogue. However, note that there is NO post-credits monkey!!! Like a whole bunch of us in the cinema, you'll feel pretty foolish if you sit through the interminable titles just for the film to end and the lights to come up! (One Mann's Movies is pleased to bring you this public service announcement!)

For the full graphical and video versions of my reviews, please check out #onemannsmovies online. Thanks.)
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Not up to expectations set by the first Venom
lotekguy-130 September 2021
As I write this, 11 of 17 reviewers awarded 8+ stars, mostly declaring10s. Oh, how I wish I'd seen the same movie they did. I liked the first installment enough for a 7 that flirted with 8. Its mix of humor and action made my intro to these players quite enjoyable, creating eagerness for this one.

What I got was a huge serving of sequel dropoff. The Felix and Oscar feuding between host and symbiote seemed forced and grew more tiresome than amusing. The CGI action sequences were severely deflated by bad cuts and worse lighting, diminishing one's ability to identify who was doing what to whom. If a film is meant to thrive on carnage enough to make it eponymous, then SHOW IT IN VIVID DETAIL! We could have seen a lot more of it without blowing the PG-13the producers apparently coveted.
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How could they go so wrong.
The movie opened and 10 minutes in I found myself wondering what I was watching. I knew then this wasn't the same as the first one. I loved the first one, 8/10 for me. This movie was so off the mark. I kept thinking who wrote this, how did it go so wrong and why are these dumb things constantly happening. First one had great story telling, comedy and fantastic action. This had none of that.

Will sadly never watch again.
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