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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some strong language, disturbing material and suggestive references

Sex & Nudity

  • In an animated flashback, a cartoon woman's (backside) buttocks and breast (from the side) are shown.
  • A dead man is shown in his boxers in a short scene.
  • There are two kissing scenes and two characters were about to kiss but But it was too little
  • Long kisses

Violence & Gore

  • Several gory depictions of characters getting eaten, beaten, stabbed, hanged, strangled, impaled, shot, and poisoned - all in a supernatural context.
  • Extremely frightening imagery and transformations with blood and gore detail.
  • Most of the eponymous carnage occurs in such dim lighting that most of the gory details are hard to see, significantly reducing the grossness component.
  • Eyes are gouged.
  • A headless body is seen.
  • Venom bites a head off, with a very brief spurt of blood.
  • Has several severe depictions of gore. Heads to being eaten off, in graphic detail (they are either usually very brief or some can be offscreen).
  • Carnage uses two of his tendrils to brutally impale two prison guards. He is also shown killing guards by throwing them around, biting their heads off, and brutally impaling a guard with his tongue. Very little blood shown, but still pretty intense
  • In the supernatural context, carnage can create large holes in his bodies which is graphic.
  • Carnage is saying "I'm a killer." many times.
  • While driving in a newly stolen car Cletus talks to Carnage in the rear view mirror, and they make a deal to help each other. Carnage then extends tentacles from Cletus and picks up a truck in the lane beside him and throws it off the bridge out of the way. A man and woman scream


  • 1 use of "fuck", 12 uses of "shit", 2 comedic crude uses of "pussy" and other uses of "dick", "ass/asshole", "crap", "hell", "bitch" and "damn"
  • Middle finger gesture is used by one of venoms tentacles, when venom leaves Eddie with another host.
  • There were almost 2 uses of the f-bomb. One was fully used, and one was about to be used but the camera cuts to Eddie and Anne.
  • 1 god

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man stomps out a cigarette butt, wine and beer are consumed.
  • Mentions of drug deals

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Cletus Kasady is a deranged serial killer whose presence and manner are really creepy and unsettling. When he bonds with Carnage the film becomes really dark and intense.
  • a prisoner tells a woman he will cut her face off and wear it to a party
  • Carnage's has a violent nature within his appearance.
  • Venom is extremely frightening as a character
  • The occasional comedic moments lower the intensity of the film.
  • One or two jump scares but you can tell they are coming
  • The film has strong violence, strong language, some drug use
  • Too much frightening scenes. The entry scene of carnage is intense


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Anne seduces Venom in a scene to convince him to go back to Eddie. Nothing explicit.

Violence & Gore

  • An animated flashback sequence shows a child pushing his grandmother down the stairs as well as killing his mother in a bathtub with a hair dryer.
  • Venom bites off Cletus Kasady's head off after being defeated by Eddie Brock/Venom
  • When Venom and Carnage have a fight in the church carnage bites off the priest's head, although there is no blood.
  • Being controlled by Venom, Eddie slaps Dan TWICE. All for comedic effect though.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is one point in time in the movie where Cletus kasady Writes a letter to Eddie Brock and he writes about his story about pushing his grandma down the stairs and throwing the hairdryer into a bathtub. (Personal opinion deleted.)
  • There's one scene where Carnage cuts Venom's leg, stabs his shoulder then rams into him launching him into a glass clock. He screams "Let... there... be... CARNAGE!" in a loud unsettling voice echoing while a lighting bolt shows in the background. Small strips of Carnage's skin point upwards when saying this, as we get a close up of his face.

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