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We missed you James!
akerstrom_948 June 2021
NO SPOILERS! Weakest of the series and and I have to believe the missing piece was director James Wan. The scares were way too predictable, the script felt one note and even though I went in cold I could still see the ending a mile away. Solid turns by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as they have always done but still even they couldn't elevate this one.
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Change the director for the next part please.
ranapreet22554 June 2021
Least scariest out of whole conjuring universe.

Story line was fine, first half an hour was great, makes you hopeful, ending wasn't.

The movie is directed by the same director who directed The curse of La Llarona, I don't like it very much. Bring James Wan back, let him do his magic for the next part.

We love this franchise, therefore our expectations are always high. Don't disappoint us next time.
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Not terrible, not great
jakerz-744119 June 2021
Super predictable jump scares, not nearly as scary as the other movies, it's so easy to tell when something scary is about to happen but when it does it's not even really scary.

But I will say the acting is great and the story is told pretty well, this however has to be one of the most embellished of the movies yet. It's honestly more of an action thriller than a horror movie.
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Decent follow-up, but lacks tension
amonteirojr8 June 2021
Not hating on the movie and I'm actually glad they moved away from the haunted house formula, injecting a bit of other genres like criminal investigation but even though it's well paced, there's less of those nail bitting moments i love from the series. The cast still deliver the goods and the story, despite having a few weak spots was still engaging, but with far less memorable moments compared to the previous chapters.
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Where is the horror?!
dhirenjb3 June 2021
This movie is such a drag. So unlike the previous installments. There is absolutely no tension and you don't feel connected with the characters.

Put Wan back into the director's chair !
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Why it's called the best Film of the trilogy I'll never know!
krauza27 May 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry guys hate on me all you want but I booked VIP tickets to go and watch this film last night......

Sadly I was quite disappointed! Most of the jump scares were shown in the trailer which i found very annoying! The beginning was probably the most intense if I'm honest I was prepared for great things after the beginning took place.

Unfortunately the story turned out to be boring and lacked direction, once I'd realised it was a human cursing people no possession as such just basic curses that did it for me I was gutted! Sorry guys but compared to the last 2 conjuring films this one hasn't got a patch on them and correct me if I'm wrong we had witches in the first conjuring and possession came from their curse? So it's no different just seemed to be a tamed down version for teenagers instead. Some may disagree but I'm a die hard horror fan and this just didn't do anything for me!

Still can't understand how the victims were connected as that was never explained just didn't really understand the story it was more about Lorraine's powers.

Gutted I had to post this review as I've waited for this film to come out since I found out about it, but unfortunately it's not the best out of the 3 or any of the spin offs created.
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Without Wan directing it doesn't have that same detail and dynamic, but it does continue the Warren's adventures serviceably with solid story/scares.
tresm8728 May 2021
As I said, the film doesn't have the same power and unique feel as Wan's 2, but it is a nice continuation in the franchise with an intriguing story that does delve into the crime drama genre along with giving us the scares we come to know. You can tell Wan still was involved with certain camera works and scare concepts much like he was with the mediocre yet entraining curse of LaLlarona which this director Michael Chaves debuted on. While he doesn't fill Wan's shoes at all, he was able to follow a certain format for this particular franchise to move forward though at dragging pace at times.

The actors are all very good as usual and the duo of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as the Warren's are phenomenal bursting with emotion as always. They carry this film completely. The effects are decently executed and the cgi looks near flawless. Some of the scares are a mixed bag of ambition and some are tremendously cliche, but they all do their jobs for the horror aspect. The ominous settings are fantastic and add rich environment for the frights to flourish.

Overall it's an effort that felt satisfying to see the premier franchise continue, but there's a definitive void without Wan's genius eye.
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ToOo mUcH StORy
dsohn75 June 2021
Everyone who's complaining that they're too much story and not enough scares, are you kidding? Story and character is the reason why we care about the stakes-that's where drama, tension and horror comes from. If it was all jump scares and lacking in story (the movie Winchester comes to mind), I guarantee y'all would've been even more disappointed. But if that's your thing, you'll probably be just as entertained by a jack in the box. While remaining faithful to the Conjuring universe, I appreciated that this third movie explored new territory so it wasn't just a repeat. It is a quality addition to the series with good production value, and much more thoughtfully-written than the spin offs. It's a win for what it is considering the impossible task the writer and the director had of pleasing all these harsh fans who couldn't even tell you what they liked about the first two conjuring movies other than "it was scary."
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A decent sequel.... without the scares!
conn-5744126 May 2021
After watching the 'The Conjuring: Devil made me do it' at an early screening last night, I have to admit I was a little disappointed that it didn't live up to the expectations of the previous two films in the main trilogy ( however it stands tall over the spin offs, so don't worry there).

To start off with what I did like, the direction in this instalment is a nice change of pace. With the Warrens looking to save a man on death row after supposedly killing an individual while possessed by a demon. Without going into spoilers the plot shakes things up a bit from the previous two films with the likes of Satanic cults and more or a detective style approach.

I personally would of loved to see more of a focus on the court side of the case and the reaction of the defendants plea, it would of been a really refreshing direction for this film but what we get still isn't bad.

The Warrens are still great in this film with both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga having a real chemistry on screen and still being one of the most lovable protagonists in horror media in a long time.

However with all this said, I believe this 'horror' film does fail in one department, and that is in its scares.

It's a shame to say as I believe the previous two instalments had some unique moments of terror.

Whereas in this film most moments are so easily telegraphed to an obvious jumpscare that you can see a mile away, or more unique set pieces unfortunately spoilt by the trailers.

With all that said, this is still a decent sequel, just not the terrifying sequel I had hoped for!
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Just Ok. More story than scares and lack of suspense.
med-0108128 May 2021
I was looking forward to this film and the dreaded suspense and scares that this franchise has mastered over the years and was left disappointed. What we got was more story of the Warren's and their battle against evil and the played out snapping body part movements that the Japanese mastered 20 years ago. The first two conjuring films had suspense and scares galore where you would almost hide from the anticipation of what is coming but on this occasion i found it a bit lacking. It is still worth a watch and the story is decent i just expected a lot more from what has been some of the best modern horror films to date.
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The weakest, but still solid
PedroPires9028 May 2021
It's a different Conjuring, trying and innovating, not only in the story (no haunted house here) but also in the use of camera/direction, where we feel that we have a new director and with a different identity (good).

The scaries don't work as well as in the first two films and the new characters aren't as intriguing as The Nun or Annabelle, so, even if we still have very strong horror moments, we don't feel the same tension as we felt in the previous two. The Warrens do, once again, a fantastic job and I loved some references to The Shining or A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Personally, I still think the 2nd is the best Conjuring by a large margin (scarier, frenetic, fantastic direction, editing, atmosphere, London). The first one isn't as scary as the second, but it's really well executed with a very strong plot. This one is the weakest, but it's still interesting to see the couple in a different type of story and it's still a pretty solid horror film.
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Did the Devil make them produce this trash?
apoehler-706955 June 2021
Have never written a review until now because this movie was beyond dissappointing. First off, if you're looking for suspense, tension, demons, decent cinematography...all the goods of the first will not find it in the almost 2 hours of pieced together rubbish that is the conjuring 3. There is zero character development and by the end you won't even care that you don't understand what is going on. The special effects are laughable, as is the dialog and whatever the plot is. Plot holes, plot holes everywhere. James Wan, you were sorely missed! Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga deserved better.
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Not the same without James Wan
jharaldson-738885 June 2021
It's not a bad movie at all. I quite enjoyed it. I just went into the movie prepared not to like it as much as the previous Conjuring's or even some of the spin offs, so it did exceed my expectations on how much I liked it, the damn witch lady was creepy as hell. But it still isn't the same creepy as the other movies. Without comparing it to the other films it's actually good. But I just can't help but to compare just because of the name of movie. Basically the order of the movies is 1-3 with the first being the best and the latest entry the worst, I actually like the first two Annabelle movies more than the third Conjuring, but that's because those were more creepy and scary tone than this. But overall I will watch this movie again and did enjoy seeing the Warrens on another adventure to save the day. It's always a treat to see Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga acting alongside each other, good chemistry as Ed and Lorraine.
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Fell Asleep
amyemcdonald-916265 June 2021
Boring. Also Hollywood, just a tip...that cracking sound of a body distortion while possessed are bones cracking. A host could never survive that once the demon is gone so please tell better stories rather relying on this silly contortionist nonsense...
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No horror in this film...
jturiccki4 June 2021
There was nothing scary about this film, and the few jump scares it had were very obvious so not one for you if you like your horror films to be scary...
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The Devil Made Me Yawn
oi_ivan_oi8 June 2021
Seriously, is this even a Conjuring movie? The story is draggy, boring, not scary at all. I wasted 2 hours of my valuable time.
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Doesn't derserve to share the same name as the original Conjuring film
jtindahouse3 June 2021
I try to avoid trailers for movies but the 'The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It' trailer came on before a couple of movies I went to in the cinema and I was forced to see it. I could tell even just from the trailer than James Wan's absence was going to be noticeable and significant. I hoped I was wrong - but I wasn't. To be fair I think that this story wasn't strong enough for him to touch anyway.

The story here felt really forced. What would've been interesting was to focus on the court case and how the defense of "Demonic Possession" would have held up. That's the movie I would've liked to see, however I understand that wouldn't have fit in with the horror genre the fans come to associate with 'The Conjuring' universe. All of the horror in this movie was ridiculous though. All the subtlety the original film had is completely gone.

The movie felt incredibly safe too. The film attained an R rating, however it could easily have scraped in at PG-13. What the 'Conjuring' universe has become in my mind is introduction horror for teenagers. Not once during this film did my heart-rate rise.

The only thing that keeps the film afloat is the characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and more importantly their charismatic performances by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. Sadly though I wish I could've saved my $20.00 spent seeing this in the cinema and just have watched it on HBO Max tomorrow. A big let down.
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As scary as slapping yourself in the face.
tupkczavvn5 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It is truly god awful. Bad directing, bad writing, bad editing and utterly incoherent. I knew I was in for a tough trip when an they recreate the iconic Exorcist poster art for some reason and then proceed to berate you with the loudest exorcism ever. It's what you would imagine a low-effort, early 00s edgy remake of The Exorcist would play out. The Conjuring: Way Too Long of a Subtitle isn't just the weakest Conjuring, but it is not even in the same ballpark as the first Annabelle, let along the actual Conjuring movies. The only entry I can say, with confidence, is worse is The Nun. Even the Conjurverse's bread and butter, jump scares, all fall completely flat and you will see them coming miles away. Annabelle lived and died by jump scares, but at least all of those landed effectively. I always thought the Conjurverse was a mixed bag, but I never thought the second worst of the entire shared universe would end up being a mainline entry. I'm not even trying to be a contrarian. I was all for a lesser-but-fun sequel, giving a new director a chance to flex his skills. This was worse than La Llorona. At least that mess had a sufficient scary spirit/entity. This has none of that. This has no real demon or supernatural entity. It's just SOME LADY trying to piss off her dad. Even the lovable Warrens only marginally improve this movie, and poor Patrick and Vera look insanely bored. The Warren characters will derp around on 3 different investigations that barely connect while having more pressing issues. The characters have no development. You will not care or even fully be aware of what's happening. It'a just a lot of loud nonsense that legitimizes ridiculous legal defenses like demonic possession. No, a real person was murdered. The whole thing is a technically and morally bankrupt garbage fire. If you must watch, do it on HBOmax and then watch something that isn't terrible immediately after. Don't go to a theater to see it, even if you're over the pandemic scare. Watch it in your living room so you don't disturb the other patrons when you laugh at the horrific writing, dialogue and complete lack of sense for the 50th time.
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Really not good; pales in comparison to the first two...
kjc-322055 June 2021
This sequel should have been left alone. The story is so filled with inconsistencies and silliness that it is just hard to include it as part of the original Warren saga. The directing was generic and the plot was more like heroes versus villain rather than a good solid horror story or retelling of the Warren's cases. So sad to see good solid actors put in a movie where their talents are just simply wasted. Not worth seeing...
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Mixture of exorcism, gruesome murder and spiritual investigation!
tonykwok-8260530 May 2021
The film actually is very intense from the beginning till the end. Full of murder, mystery and suspense surprises with a bit of spiritual twist! However, I think James Wan is still an edge better in the making of the Conjuring.
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Different Director, Different Type of Conjuring Film
CasualReviewer20219 June 2021
I enjoyed The Conjuring 1 and 2, directed by James Wan. This film is directed by Michael Chaves. Compared to Wan's films, this one was very weak. The script was lazy, the horror elements were disappointing, and there was virtually no character development. This film did not attempt to tell an interesting story with interesting characters.

The Conjuring series has been successful because of its storytelling element. It reminds you of substantive, scary stories you would hear around a campfire. "There once was a woman who lived in an old house. She began to hear a noise at night..." Those kinds of stories. The one's that peak your interest and immerse you in someone else's fear. The Conjuring 2 did this brilliantly by setting the stage for the viewer. You learned about the mother and her family. You learned about the children and their challenges. As you began to get comfortable with the family, things start to change and you begin to feel unsettled. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It skips all of this and introduces you to characters you will not get to know, or care about.

The horror element is also seriously lacking in this film. In the Conjuring 2, we learned about the connection with the spirit inhabiting the house and the house itself. There were reasons the spirit tormented the children There was also a story that unfolded with the Warrens. In The Devil Made Me Do It, the horror element was not effective because the audience did not care about any of the characters. The antagonist in this film was very disappointing with no interesting story. There was no mystery to solve, because the audience was not given a chance to speculate. There were no interesting clues or foreshadowing for the audience. Things "just happened" in front of the audience, which made the story flat and emotionless.

It appears the director intended on developing more on the Warrens' story as a couple, but this aspect was very shallow. There were scenes where we received glimpses into the Warrens' relationship when they first met, but these glimpses totaled probably 90 seconds overall.

Overall, this film does not deliver the quality we've come to expect from the Conjuring films. It seems to be a cheap, weak, poorly written cash-grab.
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What scared me the most was the original recording of the exorcism that they put with the credits, I think that says it all.
alejandro-bonilla8 June 2021
What the movie lacks is originality, I don't think it's good for a movie that the viewer suspects what is going to happen and happens. When I saw the The Conjuring 3 I remembered the reason why I stopped watching the fast and furious movies, I could no longer separate one from the other, because each new sequel was exactly the same as the previous one, mediocre, it hurts because they really could do more . What scared me the most was the original recording of the exorcism that they put with the credits, I think that says it all.
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The Con-juring: The Money Made Me Do It To You
karima-158635 June 2021
This is the kind of convoluted swampy swill that could only have been conceived in the intelectualy vacant and vapid era of you know who. Presented in the gilt of cheap pretentious style befitting a narcissistic buffoon grubbing for attention with predictable lines and a sound and fury signifying exactly nothing, the murky meaningless mess of a so-called story leads the viewer on a seemingly endless journey into dullness. THE END IS NEAR, hopefully!
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Decent Follow Up..
jasongkgreen26 May 2021
I'm a fan of the Conjuring universe. You kind of know what your going to get. Well produced, slick horrors, with reasonable stories, jump scares and well timed discordant music. They are well done.

It seems the best is saved for The Conduring editions. Number 1 is a classic, 2 is decent and this, number 3 is a really decent love child.

The production and cast are excellent, Vera Farmiga I generally find a pleasure to watch, Patrick Wilson adds well and is comfortable in the role.

The film has some good pace, and a decent story, helped as always by the tenuous link to a "based on a true story" which always adds to these films. I think it could benefit from the tradtional horror, "no more that 1.5hrs", and felt a little long and nearly 2 hours, but not overly under-edited.

Overall if you are a horror fan, this will give you what you need, and I suspect will become a pretty popular, Horror in this excellent fanchise.

Recommendation: Decent watch for Horror fans.
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So boring
amity13825 June 2021
Not only did they make up even more lies for the movie to go along with the Warrens lies, but it didn't even mesh. It was so boring and pointless. I didn't know Wan didn't direct it when I started, and within 15 mins, I said to my friend there is no way Wan would put his name on this junk. Do not waste time on this. Just watch the first one again.
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