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Very good!
conall-wylde16 February 2018
At least, a good movie that I've seen from head to toe without a second of boreness, and with a stupid grin on my face. I'm tired of all those formated movies, where you know the end from the first image on, because it's so conventional and obvious, because you've seen it a thousand times already... Here, nothing of the sort. A funny story, a perfect interpretation, a cunning ending... No, really, it's been a long time since I had seen a movie that good. I'll see it again with pleasure !
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Great comedy, superb acting by the leads, weak last 10 minutes
adrian-4376719 May 2018
LE RETOUR DU HÉROS turned out far better than I had expected. Director Laurent Tirard is an unknown to me, but he does a competent job and the film generally flows, punctuated by some exceedingly funny moments, and others which reflect keen observation of human nature.

In addition, despite its palaces and smartly dressed people, the action and dialogue are firmly 21st Century. One of the highlights is the returning hero, played by Jean Dujardin, looking dirty and fallen from grace, accidentally spits on a passing baby. Dujardin, an Oscar winner with THE ARTIST, is in good form but it is Mélanie Laurent who steals the show with her intelligent eyes, beautiful face, and impeccably timed delivery, at times delightfully dry, at others quite ebullient.

The exaggerated accounts of Dujardin's "bravery," and the way Laurent lifts or deflates them, according to her interests, are a real pleasure to watch.

I think the film should have ended with the marriage, the last 5-10 mins are the weakest, but by then I felt I had had my money's worth. 8/10
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Good indeed
thessa18 February 2018
Fresh, funny, entertaining, with a couple of twists you wouldn't expect. And the acting is good.
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Very entertaining, funny and bizzare
DVR_Brale8 July 2018
I haven't seen more original movie in a long time! it seems to me that no one can beat French cinematography when it comes to that. Most of their movies I have seen are quaint but very entertaining and this one is not an exception.

This is a parody set in the early 19th century with Jean Dujardin (Oscar winner) playing ignominious war deserter who finds himself very comfortable when surrounded with casual acquaintances who believe he is actually a war hero. And the reason why they believe that is rather peculiar and has to be kept a secret at all cost.

This is most I can tell you without ruining your experience. If you're in for a good laugh, entertaining narrative and pretty solid acting check it out with some friends.
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Funny French period comedy with excellent interplay from the two brilliant leads
Red-Barracuda27 June 2018
Period dramas are not usually my thing to be perfectly honest and when I read that this movie may in fact be 'swashbuckling' I began to get very worried and hitherto horrifying suppressed memories of Johnny Depp pretending to be Keith Richards in a pirate hat came rushing back to me. So, it came as a great relief and surprise to discover that this film is not really swashbuckling in the least and features no characters pretending to be Bill Wyman while sporting a Bicorne hat. What it actually is, is in fact a rather successfully funny period comedy. The story basically boils down to a French army captain who goes off to war in Austria but neglects to subsequently send letters to his bride-to-be. This leads to her sister surreptitiously writing fake letters pretending to be him with ever-increasing lies and exaggerations. The problems start when this man returns as a vagabond after having deserted his regiment, leading to him adopting the fake heroic persona created for him by the sister, only increasing the tension between them as a consequence.

This one works in a large part on account of the acting performances from the two leads Jean Dujardin and Mélanie Laurent, who are both major French movie stars. Both of them are quite excellent and funny in their roles, with terrific chemistry. The script is definitely amusing and channels the early 19th century by way of 2018, where at one-point Laurent complains about a sexist comment with the line 'it isn't the Dark Ages, this is 1812!'. So, there is much great verbal interplay between the two leads but pleasingly, the film is not afraid to throw in the odd visual gag too, such as where Dujardin hilariously spits into a baby's carriage. Towards the end, there is an injection of morose realism with a well-acted dinner scene, where Dujardin for once details the true nature of his war experiences. But it has to be said, for the vast majority of the time, this one is very much for laughs. The beautiful period detail and costuming only adds a nice dose of colour and production value to proceedings too. But, the most important factor is that this is a very successfully engaging and funny bit of French comedy.
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Shrewd woman resists fraudulent coward
maurice_yacowar13 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This comic romance is set in the early years of Napoleon's heyday. The First Empire asserted France's new authority against Europe and promoted a new aristocracy, however seediy it seemed compared to the past. Against that heroic backdrop Captain Neuville plays a cowardly fraud who abandons his unit in war, abandons his fiancee, then returns to pretend to a false heroism. How rotten is he? The other stagecoach passengers can't bear him. Yet the entire society succumbs to his ridiculous bragging. The hard headed businessmen beg to be conned by him. His moral antithesis is his fiancee's older sister, Elizabeth Beaugrand. She and her family seem straight out of Jane Austen. The heroine stands apart in wisdom, insight and character against a family and society of silly, greedy fops. Even her sister's naive innocence betrays a sordid appetite. But Elizabeth too has indulged in fraud. To spare her sister's despair Elizabeth writes her loving letters in Neuville's name, maintaining his pretence to care and creating a heroic, widely successful version of the cowardly failure. Later she unleashes a series of schemes to defeat him, stopping only when his danger threatens death. Like so many Benedicks and Beatrices before them, the sprightly snipers end up together. For all the film's putative reference to its historical particularity, its satiric target ranges far more widely, of course, beyond 19th Century France, even beyond contemporary Europe. For, alas, the rampant spread of false honour, the seduction of the gullible, the grab for power by individuals or by states on the basis of false pretences - that is all quite too common in the current world. And that - not 19th Century France - is this satire's target. Fake heroes.
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A must see
mmgovern10 March 2019
Hilarious, stylish, French, quirky, it's a riot of laughs. Our hero is a total slimeball, but very likeable. A gem of a movie.
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funny and witty
myriamlenys9 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
When an officer is called away to war, his fiancee starts to pine. Indeed, her bouts of anger, ennui and sadness become so serious that her relatives begin to fear for her safety. Since no letters from the front are forthcoming, the fiancee's sister decides to write the letters herself, under the officer's name. As week follows week and month follows month, it becomes necessary to invent ever wilder stories about manly derring-do, secret missions and exotic expeditions...

A very funny comedy with enchanting lead performances and an inventive screenplay filled with twists and turns. (I had been fearing some pseudo-Jane Austen cr*p, but thankfully this was not the case.) The beautiful costumes and locations add greatly to the visual charm of the movie. Indeed, they are so good that they might feature in a "straight" history movie or historical drama about the Napoleonic era.

The sister's tales (and their later effects and side-effects) are used in order to mock or question concepts such as heroism, enterprise, manliness, colonial discovery and so on. They also serve to mock or question some of the clichés found in adventure movies, for instance about warfare or wartime derring-do. For instance, there is a rather good joke about the cavalry arriving just in the nick of time, which, of course, is a Cliché with a capital C. Remove this specific element from the history of cinema, and hundreds of Westerns will collapse... (If I remember my "Lucky Luke" comics correctly, there's an equally successful joke about the cavalry arriving - and discovering, with stunned disappointment, that it has NOT saved the day.)

Unsurprisingly, "Le retour" also lampoons the writing of war memoirs.

Well worth a watch - but beware, this is a comedy for adults, not for the whole family.
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nice French romantic comedy
eugene-vigoutov26 September 2018
Really light nice French romantic comedy with good acting. Nice evening for with your couple is guaranteed.
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andrebatucadabsb16 September 2019
Humor, drama, good acting and a nice ending. For me, when a movie hits a high score on this items, i give 10 with no problem! Is not about to compare with other movies, instead, the movie reaches 10 in what it sets out to do. Relax and enjoy it!
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A nice comedy...
Thanos_Karagioras6 October 2018
"Return of the Hero" is a Comedy movie in which we are in 1809, France where Captain Neuville is called to the front exactly after he asks her fiance to marry him. While time passes and Captain Neuville does not send any letters to his bride, her sister starts to write letters on his behalf to cheer her sister up. Everything changes when Captain Neuville reappears after returning from the war.

I liked this movie because I found it very funny and I believe that it had many hilarious scenes. The plot was not the best but worked just fine for this movie and the cast. I have to admit that the interpretations of Jean Dujardin's who played as Capitaine Charles-Grégoire Neuville and Mélanie Laurent's who played as Elisabeth Beaugrand were simply exceptional. The direction which was made by Laurent Tirard had some very interesting and funny moments such as when Jean Dujardin is returning from the war very dirty and accidentally spits on a passing baby. One thing that I did not like was the ending because I think that it was an unnecessary exaggeration and some scenes which were boring.

Finally, I have to say that "Return of the Hero" is an average movie with a few good moments and elements. I am sure that you will have a lot of fun either watching it alone or not and that's the main reason why I recommend it to everyone.
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