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Camille Chen: Joanna Miller


  • Jennifer Jareau : Joanna, the last thing I wanna do is give you false hope. There's been some developments. And there may be a connection between Chrissy and the recent missing women.

    Joanna Miller : I don't know whether to be upset or relieved.

    Jennifer Jareau : I understand. And there's something else. Did you know Chrissy was two months pregnant when she disappeared?

    Joanna Miller : What?

    Jennifer Jareau : We think whoever took her also took other pregnant teens and is holding them somewhere.

    Joanna Miller : Oh god. Well, what about the baby? Is it okay? Where are they? How could anyone...

    Jennifer Jareau : We're working to find out now.

  • Jennifer Jareau : Do you have any idea who the father could be?

    Joanna Miller : Maybe this neighborhood boy Parker. They were hanging out a lot.

    Jennifer Jareau : Does he still live in the area?

    Joanna Miller : No. He moved down south a week before she went missing.

    Jennifer Jareau : Okay. Did Chrissy keep a journal, a diary, a blog?

    Joanna Miller : No, nothing like that. Tell me, what can I do to help?

    Jennifer Jareau : You can go home. Try to relax, and please, just keep the TV off. I promise I will let you know when I hear something new.

    Joanna Miller : You promise?

    Jennifer Jareau : I promise.

    Joanna Miller : I'll wait for your call. And thank you for believing when no one else would.

  • Jennifer Jareau : Joanna, this may sound strange, but did Chrissy ever talk about the end of the world? You know, doomsday?

    Joanna Miller : Yes, but she isn't crazy. She's a little naive, that's all.

    Jennifer Jareau : And what would she say about it?

    Joanna Miller : That the end was coming soon, that we had to get ready.

    Jennifer Jareau : Where would she get that idea from?

    Joanna Miller : I don't know. She'd get high and binge watch some TV show about zombies. She became obsessed with anything to do with Armageddon. Does that have something to do with her disappearance?

    Jennifer Jareau : It might. Uh, could she have met someone that encouraged her to believe the end was near?

    Joanna Miller : She'd play her guitar on the street for money. Maybe she met someone there. Please, if she's alive, why haven't I heard from her?

    Jennifer Jareau : She may be under the sway of whoever has her. Look, based on our experience with deprogramming, it could be hard for her to step back into the life she once had.

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