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  • It is, in fact, well known that The Three Headed Two Eyed Badger God funds the production of movies such as "General Commander". As he feels nothing unless his immaculate soul daily devours at least one of what we know as "the worst case of movie-making, since an Ukrainian oligarch, Ivan Vomitarenko, while filming his debut original movie "Why mothers cry, oh god, why", accidentally kicked his own wife, who was starring in the movie while 7 months pregnant, in the face with a camera, breaking her jaw and knocking her out, putting her in a coma, a wheelchair and a slightly odd permanent cramped pose", he is constantly on the look for a "cheap action thrill" as he likes to call it, in order to stay alive and produce Golden Baby Ducks, the best known golden baby ducks cabaret dancers in the universe. Edit (Coming Soon)


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