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Could Have Been Much More
theord17 March 2021
This movie has several things going for it, but ultimately disappoints. The central idea is a good one, and the lead actor gives a strong performance. She's likely to become more well known soon. The cinematography is strong, and the score is good, as is the direction, which owes quite a bit to Kubrick. Where the movie fails is in the writing, and to a lesser extent in the performances of the supporting cast. The dialogue is sometimes trite, and the plot is thin with holes. The end is both predictable and yet somehow even more disappointing than one expects. I don't mean to be harsh; the movie is worth a look. Just be prepared to be let down a bit by it all, in the end.
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sleepy time
ferguson-611 March 2021
Greetings again from the darkness. Anyone who has experienced recurring nightmares understands how they impact not just the time you are asleep, but all waking hours as well. Anthony Scott Burns is the writer-director-cinematographer and is working from a story by Daniel Weissenberger. The film is blend of science fiction and horror, and Burns excels in creating an atmosphere of dread upfront.

Burns kicks things off by immersing us in the dark, troubling dream of high school student Sarah (Julia Sarah Stone, "The Killing"). She wakes up not in her bed at home, but instead wrapped in a sleeping blanket on a local playground. Sarah prefers to sleep in a park or at a friend's house, rather than at her own home for reasons we can infer. Desperate for sleep and rest, she answers an advertisement for a sleep study at the university.

Based on the cars, movie posters, and tech equipment, the film is set in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Even the synth music is of the era, courtesy of Electric Youth and Burns' own Pilotpriest. The music mirrors the film in that it's superb in the beginning, and less effective in the second half. The blue-gray color palette and icy cold weather perfectly complement the unorthodox sleep study, and those who are running it. Jeremy/Riff (Landon Liboiron, TRUTH OR DARE, 2018) is the creepiest while looking like a bearded Harry Potter, though it takes a while to unravel his story. Also present is Dr. Meyer (Christopher Heatherington), who does little more than quietly observe. Allowing this character to play a bigger role could have benefited the story.

The mystique of dreams is what's at play here, and the blinking monitors and concerned look of the scientists all serve their purpose. Unfortunately, it's the dreams that let us down. The shadow man associated with sleep paralysis is on display here, but his glowing eyes amongst the abundance of gray lacked the eerie imagery need to capture my imagination. In fact, I found the dream sequences to drag, even after the first one got my hopes up.

It's highly likely that Burns is a fan of filmmaker David Cronenberg, and we do appreciate the homage to Stanley Kubrick and Rodney Ascher. However, to be truly effective, a sci-fi/horror film, especially one dabbling in pseudo-psychology, must have more than the right look. Lead actress Julia Sarah Stone brings a unique appearance to the role, and she's the reason I stuck with it until the end. My gut feeling is this could have been a world class short film, and it seems probable that I missed a deeper message here. But neither of those was enough to overcome my feeling of boredom during the film's second half. COME TRUE will open in select theaters, digital platforms, and cable VOD on March 12, 2021 courtesy of IFC Midnight
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A Trippy Slow-burn
corpsevapour14 March 2021
There have been quite a few slow-burn type movies coming through the grape-vine and the majority have been boring or way too slow with minimal story (looking at you synchronic).

Come True was filmed in my home-town of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For those that live here you'll know that not too many films get made here and the ones that do can be subpar at best due to budget's being constrained or lack of vision.

Might I say that this film has an extraordinary vision looking into the deep recesses of the mind. It takes a deep look at nightmares and without giving too much away visualizes them in a trippy 90's CRT format that you have to see in order to believe. The renders and compositing that the VFX team did is beyond chilling to the bone and I highly recommend paying extra attention to those sections in order to get the most out the movie.

The ending is a bit weird though and I have to mention it seemed a bit rushed for a chase sequence. I would have loved to see this extended a bit with more added tension.

Case-in-point not every movie is perfect. Come True makes those imperfections work for itself and delivers a coherent and intriguing story about dreams and how they affect us. Highly recommend to watch while smoking a joint and letting the soundtrack take you on a trip.
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richardson-samueln14 March 2021
Snooze-worthy pace with few scares. Offers what initially seems like might be a strong ending, then overindulges itself with a feeble, recycled attempt at a twist. Notable performance by the leading actor Julia Sarah Stone.
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Show monotonous dream, return to real world, repeat.
whenyoureyeburns18 March 2021
There is an entertaining story to be told here, but the monotony of the some repeated scenes was wearisome.
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Finally, a movie about sleeping disorders.
aeongale13 March 2021
Well, sort of. And spooky dreams too. There's more to it, but you can discover that for yourself. Overall a good film idea with an average execution. It's well directed and Stone is a capable lead actor who I hope breaks through one day. Main problem is slow pacing at times and developments that never pay off. There's points where it gets interesting and then falls a bit too flat. Good effort though.
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Not all bad but don't delivers
paolozavatta5 November 2020
In my opinion is a decent film but not a good story. The aesthetic is pleasant with a retro vibe, the music also as a very 80 vibe with some retrowave in it, i also liked a lot the directions, there were a lot of scenes that were pleasant to watch and evocative. So why they low rating? It's simple: the story is slow, the pacing is off and the final payoff is dull and not very original. The film start with a good concept that could have been developed in something interesting, but from the midpoint on decide to stop building and run toward a mediocre ending with a very cliché closure. The main actress was very good at least. So should you watch it? In my opinion it is still worth your time, just for the good parts i mentioned, but still don't expect too much.
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Good, but I really wanted to like it so much more
kuarinofu13 March 2021
Come True is an interesting one. The title has multiple meanings, the ending message also seems to have them.

Yet I still wanted it to be so much better. All the visual substance I enjoyed quite a lot. The soundtrack was strangely recognizable but still good. The production design was very reminiscent of Posessor (2020), as well as some of the lighting choices were. Also, the CGI nightmare cut-ins were creative, they felt inspired by some dark art themes, some videogame inspirations even, like Dark Souls and especially Darkwood, or maybe something else I'm not aware of.

Story-wise it is somewhat messy, there is a justification for this, but sometimes it feels really disconnected. The twist felt surprising but in a weaker way. At some point, it becomes clear that they are building up to something they cannot deliver cause they literally have like 2-3 long segments of build-ups that lead to nothing. The problem is that the type of story that they are using requires vague hints or better understandable symbolism. I've seen a couple of similar films but I don't want to name them to avoid spoilers. The way they did it just doesn't connect. Also, the idea of merging the real world with the subconscious nightmare world was awesome, but they still messed it up with that awkward twist.

There isn't much in terms of characters or character development. Some of the dialogue is interesting, but as I've said the characters do not drive the story, they could've been doing anything else or not doing anything at all, the ending would still be the same. This concept is similar to the Evil Within game series, actually.

I really hope that I've just missed the bigger picture (and possible hints) and the film is better than I understood it, but when I re-think what I just saw, I just can't find more good stuff to endorse. Worth a watch.
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Nice try. But fail.
carlos-pires21 March 2021
Nice try. But fail. Flat on their ass. I guess whoever wrote the script got so entangled in it that ended up painting themselves into a corner, having no other choice than resort to that old friend of ancient greek theatre, the "deus-ex-machina"... in the form of one of those old and battered gimmicks of american scriptwriters, making you jump from your seat and yell "What? Come on!... Really?!!" What a terribly frustrating disappointment. I hope whoever wrote this script never writes a paragraph again.

If you like your expectations being stolen from you, this will do. I give it 10 stars just for the (extremely high) aesthetic quality, and -7 (seven below zero) for the movie as whole.
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sometimes budget is...
ops-5253513 March 2021
Alfa omega to be able to make a spooky sinister sci fi movie, and this flick lacks lots of it.

i'm a man of dreams, real mean dreams i dream, and these mean dreams keeps me swimming, basicly always under water( i'm a serious sleep apnea patient using c-pap whenever i close my eyes), but the way this was made was a real disappointer.

its a sleepy film about a sleep science project, where they are on the hunt for people that has really nasty dreams in their sleep, to try to collect and extract the beasts into physical beings( i might be wrong), or something like that its an allround dull project with a slain story and not much fright nait..

so if you like sci fi about unatural naturals, e.g the direct opposite of me the grumpy old man that couldnt stay awake hypnotized by the weak wake musical score of repetitive rythms and chorus lines, then its a go for it. from my part its at the nay-side of the recommend scala. too slow and too utopian if not doing ecsacy , LSD or shrooms on a daily basis... so sweet dreams to y'all, your not hired
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Had potential but ran out of steam
SpareMeTheCrapMovies13 March 2021
The thing that bothered me the most about the film was that it would at times try to hype up the horror at certain points where you thought something really bad was going to happen and nothing materialized. This happened way too often.

Then there was the long dragged out scenes that added nothing. This movie could have been done in 90 minutes or less.

About the only nice thing was the soundtrack from Electric Youth. As far as Im concerned, this is just another poor film produced by Canadians in a long list of poor quality films. Canadian film makers just don't seem to get it.
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sophieryan-4220715 March 2021
Took me 2 nights to watch this, fell asleep the first night. Tried again the second night and again I fell asleep, but forced myself awake to finish this. The movie is about dreaming, I would've had a better time dreaming than watching the rest of it. Don't bother guys, if you're watching it for the thrills and horror you will be left disappointed.
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A film that develops all the way thru
thatleoguy18 March 2021
A slow film that develops into a great ending. I went from not knowing what to think to really liking the film by the end. Great ending . Good editing and acting by the full cast
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redn_path0119 March 2021
This is an unexpectedly interesting movie that contains actually new things compared to the horror(ish) movies from the last years.

It has a lot of damn COOL gritty dark dream scenery that is intriguing and relaxing to watch, not to mention beautiful in its own sense. I have to say that I enjoy dark things though!

The combination of retro screens + UI elements and modern tech works really well here as well. The VFX blend quite well with real elements, I have a hard time to tell which is which at times.

Also the movie has a really good soundtrack.

There are a couple of things I don't like. One stereotypical sex scene that one could sense coming from a lightyear away (I don't think the personality of the characters needed that to be included!), and the ending kinda pulls the foundation away from all the nice spooky stuff by supplying the viewer with ... an unsatisfactory cheap explanation. Felt like a let-down.

That being said the movie is definitely worth watching, and if you watch it with friends you can have some good discussion at the side too! Looking forward to the bluray release so I can check out the making-of!
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hbamf17 March 2021
This is one of the absolute worst movies I've ever been subjected to.. just absolutely terrible with no redeeming qualities. The premis was ok but the movie itself just was long and very boring! I'm amazed that there are so many ratings over 1! Never reviewed a movie before but felt I had to say something.
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I loved every minute!
rasul197614 March 2021
Everything about this movie is exactly what I wish for. A spellbinding story. You have to use your brain. Dreamlike music. Great actors. Amazing scenes. Different! I absolutely loved this gem!
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suttercane-8357927 March 2021
Bad acting. Bad direction. Non existent script. Was this a first draft?

It was cringe from start to finish. The ending!?!? WTF

Felt like there was a decent idea but just soooo bad in its execution.
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Nightmarish at times but not horror and what's up with the songs?
kastrino18 March 2021
To be fair this is a good effort from the director. It has an interesting premise that is difficult to make a whole film out of and that turns out to be the film's biggest flaw. After a while it becomes repetitive and without anything much new to offer. This happens after about an hour into the movie where the scripts abandons the tight storytelling it had before and dwells on typical drama added to most modern horror fair. Until then we have impressive visuals with the dream footage being excellent and backed by equally great music but the inclusion of a few indie pop songs ruined the atmosphere for me in the most crucial moment. Anyway, while surely it is not a perfect movie, COME TRUE is a worthy 1 hour and 45 mins for dark fantasy fans
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Very disappointed
nancyhotz15 March 2021
When I read the premise and initial reviews, I was anxious to see it. I looked into the director's first film Our House, streaming on Netflix. Very mediocre reviews, but I watched it. Really pretty good. Not great, but good. So high hopes for this much better reviewed film from a director who has some experience. Sadly, it was not good. Absolutely NO background on the protagonist. No one really has any character definition. Vague, silly. They certainly went all out on costuming the "evil" (sarcasm here) is a sorry waste of time.
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what kind of film did I just see?
dromasca9 January 2021
'Come True' (2020) based on a story by Daniel Weissenberger and written, directed and filmed by Anthony Scott Burns is one of those films about which at the end of watching you wonder 'what did I actually see?'. It is, of course, a horror film, following many of the rules of the genre, at least until a certain point. Above all, however, it is an oneiric film, a dream on several levels: because at the objective level the script tells a story about sleep, dreams and especially nightmares, because of the way it is made and filmed, and because the final explanation that provides a kind of key to what we have seen, a key that we can accept or not. Of course, I will say nothing about the end, so as not to commit the sin of revealing anything that would rob the viewers of the pleasure of surprise. I will only say that this film has good chances to please both the horror genre lovers and those who look for smart movies without minding if they are strange.

The film debuts as a psychological thriller about coping with sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and the nightmares caused by them. Sarah ( Julia Sarah Stone) is a college student who spends her nights in parks or at her friend's house, in restless sleep, haunted by nightmares. The proposal to participate in a scientific study of sleep disorders, which provides her with a comfortable bed at night, seems to answer exactly the problems she faces. But what exactly is this clinic, with its immaculate white walls and slightly retro-technical monitoring devices? What is the purpose of the research? The nightmares return, they amplify, the worlds of dream and seemingly objective reality begin to multiply, to mix. The nightmares do not stop with the awakenings.

Why does 'Come True' attract and captivate? First I would mention the cinematography. The representation of dreams, including nightmares, has a rich tradition in the history of the film from Buñuel and Hitchcock to mention two illustrious predecessors. The solution to visualising the dreams proposed by Anthony Scott Burns is not looking for the spectacular but for the psychological impact - his dreams are dark and cloudy, just as we feel when we have a bad dream. The lead actress, Julia Sarah Stone, creates a fantastic role. I rarely throw superlatives, but here I can't help but notice that she is also perfectly distributed physically, and that her expressiveness is at the Academy Awards level. At the age of 23, she proves that she has a ton of talent but also experience, with 38 films in her filmography already listed by IMDB. Compared to her, the other interpretations fade, including that of Landon Liboiron, in the role of the researcher in the sleep study clinic who provides support to the heroine in critical moments. I also liked the ending, although I read it being criticised by other commentators. I think it has the great quality of not trying to explain everything we saw, leaving us to keep thinking and asking questions. Just as intense dreams continue to accompany us after waking up. Recommended viewing.
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brenzbrenz22 March 2021
I felt like for the most part I was watching a 1970s horror movie. Just seem to drag on and on and was so slow moving! It had an interesting storyline but not what I was expecting for the ending.
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Amazingly trippy movie, sure to be polarizing
MovieQween-3362214 March 2021
Now I don't want to give away any spoilers. But I do want to say that the ending and some sequences throughout the film can all be taken differently based on what you think as a viewer. What each part means and what Sarah experiences. I do want to say that I loved the concept of this film, taking certain similarities to inception although maybe explaining less. Overall, great sci-fi, thriller, horror with an insanely odd ending. I will say I did guess some of the ending based on some hints throughout. This will definitely be a very polarizing film with people either loving it or hating it. I really liked it, my mom, and fellow horror movie buddy, not so much! LOL
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What have I just watched?
blackwida28 March 2021
I have lost time... yes I know it was a weekend when the clocks went forward - but seriously.... Had potential but didn't know what it wanted to be.

On another note, I found someone who had worse hair than me... bonus!
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tempted to stop watching
jessebogdan23 March 2021
Multiple times i wanted to stop watching, but realized i paid for the movie and dammit, I had to finish. plot makes no sense...such a tease with a cool premise.
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Could've been better
cristiansouthside28 March 2021
The movie started engaging and relatable, especially to those interested in the dream experience. The last scene ruined it for me, essentially deeming the plot pointless.
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